Vintage Lesben 70er Jahre

Vintage Lesben 70er Jahre
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It was a Thursday night, I had just gotten off work and was on my way home and as usual I stopped at the BP station to grab a cold drink and talk to Jim and Kelly for a few minutes before heading on home. Jim was a life long friend and Kelly was his 22 Year old daughter.

They are usually doing their closing checks when I get there but tonight Jim wasn't there and Kelly smiled when I walked and said, sure glad to see ya. Dad had to go take mom to the ER. She cut her hand pretty bad washing the dishes so I told dad I would close, to go on.

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I knew you would be by and I didn't think you would mind staying till I get locked up. I smiled and told her no problem, be my pleasure baby girl. Kelly was about 5'10 with long dark hair. She was a curvy young woman,a little wider than average in her hips with a sexy round ass, Her waist was slim and she was a very firm, full C cup. She seldom wore makeup, she just had a natural, wholesome beauty that didn't need improvement.

Tonight she she was wearing a long, loose fitting white cotton skirt and a denim shirt with the the top few buttons undone. I had noticed every thing about her in the last few years and I had often had less then honorable thoughts about my friends little girl but I couldn't help it.

She is just so sexy and I don't think she even knows it. The phone rang and she answered. It was Jim just checking in. She told him that I was there and she was locking the door to count the till and she would be be going straight home after. She told him bye and hung up. "mom is fine' just getting a few stitches now go lock the door, I gotta count the till" We were talking as she worked and it got a little flirty between us as it sometimes did when her dad wasn't around.

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Just a young girl teasing a forty something year old man. She was almost finished when she dropped a twenty and it floated under the counter "Damn that went all the way to the wall" I laughed, "guess you'll be twenty short tonight. She slid her stool back a little and asked if I would see if I could reach it. I squatted down between the stool leg and the counter shelf and tried to reach it but had to literally crawl under the counter to retrieve it. I heard Kelly slide the stool again and assumed she was moving over to give me a little room to get out but was I wrong.

As I started to turn and back out she said, "while your on your knees and all. how about helping me out by licking my pussy".

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she had slid the stool back over and had her skirt pulled up around her waist and her legs spread wide with a foot resting on a shelf at each side of me.

She was totally smooth and wasn't wearing panties. I could see the dampness on her flesh. Her thick dark lips were swollen and her clit was hard and pink, It was large and defined, looking almost like a little penis.

OH MY GOD YES was all I could get out as I twisted around and moved my mouth to her wet smooth pussy. Her scent was intoxicating and then My tongue found its way in between her engorged lips and I slowly and gently licked upward toward and across her plump clit.


She let out a deep moan and a whisper .YESSS. Her juice tasted almost sweet and I started eating her like my life depended on me making her have an orgasm.

I never thought this would happen. I know I would have never made a move on her, but here I was with my tongue dancing through Kelly's sweet young slit.

I was in heaven and she was starting to squirm and twitch just a little. My tongue flicked up across her clit and she moaned "right there baby" I started working her clit with my mouth, sucking that little cock and flicking my tongue all around it. Her body tensed and she started to convulse.Her pussy started flowing with a thick stream and all she could say was "OH GOD, OH GOD" over and over. She pushed my head away and said stop.

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She couldn't take it any longer. She was glowing and had a big smile on her face.

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I have wanted you to do that to me for years, she said. I made my way from under the counter, my face was glazed and my mouth was covered with her juice.

As I stood she pulled my lips to hers and pushed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me deep and purred a little. She pulled back a little and started licking my lips, getting a good taste of her own pussy.


MMMMM I taste much better on you face then on my fingers. She giggled a little. She looked down at the outline of my hard cock in my jeans and said " looks like you're a little excited. There is a very big wet spot right there" as she reached out and ran the tips of her finger across the length of my covered shaft stopping and swirling her fingers around the head where the slick wet patch of fabric was.

Then she put those fingers to her lips and tasted. MMMM that is sooo good. If we had more time I might just return the favor, but Dad will be checking on me so we need to close up and head home. If you are good and can act normal around Daddy and me in the future then there just might be more fun to have.

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She made me leave with a hard cock and sexy thoughts of what might happen in the future.