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Amateur petite teen bigcock creampie
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"Hey!" the priest yelled at her, pointing the gun. She looked over. There were several ways to deal with this situtation. She could cast a spell, run and wait for him. She suddenly smelled a demon not to far away.

The demon no doubt smelled her hot juices. On her plane if a demon had a chance to fuck a devil, it usualy meant a trap, but they would risk it anyways, at least half the time. Now that she was on earth she knew it was coming for her. But what type of demon, she wondered perhaps the spirit demon from the house?

Who could tell. She booked it forward as a shot rang hitting the back wall harmlessly. He stood up and chased her out when the walls busted in behind him. He colapsed to the ground as a demon charged in grabbing him by the head it lifted him and bit into his spine. He screamed in terror as his spinal fluids were drained by the demon and was then flung to the side quite dead. It had black skin that looked like burnt charcol. An edged brow pointing down with blood red eyes.

It had two horns that rose alittle and then dropped to just above eye level and then went straight outward, shiny and smooth. Black at the base and slowly turned white as perals. It's chin narrowed to a point with three jagged edges. It's massive arms were jagged with shell like skin along it's forearms and judded outward three times at the elbow.

It's gauntlet like hands were sharp at every point and had fingernails three inches long dripping with fresh blood. It's mouth wide enough to fit the entire mans head inside of it, and enough pointed an jagged teeth that easily ripped through the man soft back. It's large black wings were too like charcol. With a long tail with a large spike at the end the creature spoke with an extremely low pitched voice with a rasp on the tip of his vocal chords.

"Kill not my prize lowly human." "And prize you shall recieve demon." she said walking from around the corner strutting along sliding her hands up her thighs then up the side of her ass, lifting it a little showing her tight red apple ass and then rested her arms on her hips. "My kind had always found you demons to be lesser beings. I however have always found you fun. Any creature that can throttle me like that is equal in my mind.

Sadly I haven't been able to find a demon that doesn't think I'm not going to kill it. Or one that doesn't try to kill me." "Who says I won't try to killest thou afterward?" it said honestly. "Because you won't be able to, sexy." it suddenly occured to her, demon don't take challenges lightly.

Especialy when one says, "Challenge accepted." Lilith stood adamat in front of the hulking demon. Her joyously sinnful eyes glittered around the room looking for some way to fight. She wasn't a fan of fighting a demon one on one.

Iribis had accepted the devils challege. Being a demon, he nevered lied. Decieving is one thing, but lying was unheard of among demons. Honor bound, humans would make sure wright contracts that they would follow. Almost everytime a demon would find some kind of flaw or loophole. He was ready to tear this devil to pieces now. Lilith took a few steps to the side while looking at the demon. Wearing 6 inch high heels that she was able to handle like flip flops, she eyed the demon.

Wear a catholic school girls uniform, whose skirt was too short and blouse to tight revealing her large red cleavage. Her skin, was pure red, smooth, soft.

Her hair a soot black that seemed to drown the light of the room. Two horns on her head jutting upward two inches. She smiled mischiviously at the demon with large black wings.

"Your move hansome." she said deviously, all the seeming of hells inerno dreaming in her curving upwards lips.

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Iribis roared lurching forward with claws brazed. Lilith casted a spell quickly as her entire body rose off the ground and the demon tackled the floor below her. She landed harmlessly behind the demon keeping that same smirk upon her face.

The demon spun around whipping a bookshelf at her. Lilith lifted her hand as the bookself exploded in a mass of flame. Her pure black eyes glittering villianous thoughts. The demon charged again swinging it's arm. Lilith twisted her body ducking under the massive arm and then twisted using the her bladed heel to leave a large gash in the demons leg her tail whipped to her side stabbing his other leg.

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The demon roared in anger. It spun around trying to mash her with it's tail in a frenzy. Lilith was beginning to get bored.

She lifted her hand stopping the tail dead in it's tracks with the use of telekinetic powers. She jumped onto his tail and climbed up his back with haste. She stood up and jumped once ramming her heels into his shoulders, her tail stinging his neck.

The powerful demons hands came up trying to bash her off. Lilith rolled from shoulder to shoulder. The nine foot colossus roared ever louder in shear anger. Lilith jumped off with a tuck and roll.

The demon followed her to crush her. She stood up and spread her hand forth as the entire demon was flung back with the devil screaming, "ENOUGH! You are beginning to annoy me demon." She said as the demon stared off dazed. No creature had ever taken Iribis on like that.

No demon nor devil in hell was capable of such a feat. Lilith hopped on the demons chest and put a victorious foot on his broad chest looking down upon him. "You can't beat me. Born and raised in a place where faith is your only tool by humans who know more about tactical fighting then devils or demons.

If you remember faith it what drives us off. It could be a cross, badge, in my case, myself. I am too much for you to fight. She slowly bent down to his face, her ass in the air as her arc supported the rest of her body. She placed a gentle hand on his face. "But, I think you'd be too much for me in other ways demon." she said with a chuckle.

Her forked tongue slithering out and slowly riding up his face. "Thou art a demon hunter?" Iribis asked, She gracfully nodded, "That is an acceptable way to loose." he said, one of his hands gliding up her thigh, his black claws pressed against her skin while going up.

Iribis suddenly grabbed her by the waist and jumped up, pinning her against the wall, his hand pushing the back of her head against the wall. His other hand lifting her skirt seeing her beautiful ass. Lilith made an arc with her back protruding her ass out. Iribis grabbed one her ass cheeks with one hand groping it, the smell of her juices was driving him crazy. He pulled his massive thirteen inch member that was big and fat.

Iribis pressed it firmly on her soaking wet and hot lips. His head pushed. Lilith moaned feeling the large member forcing it's way inside of her. Iribis' mind nearly exploded feeling the devils steaming hot juices, and the extremely tight embrace of of her silky vagina. One of his hands reached around greedily ripping the front of her shirt and grasping one of her large C-cup breasts that were ample and firm.

Lilith moaned hard feeling his claw pintch her nipple, goosebumps rose from her skin as her body temperature increased, her breath visable due to it's heat in the already higher seventy degree weather. Iribis roared into the night air as he started to pulverize the devils tight flower which lathere his dick in nearly boiling hot juices. He lifted his hand with all of his might her slammed her ass. Lilith cried out in pleasure beginning to grind the demon.


Lilith, no longer having the hand pinning her head, licked the wall of the virgin Mary painted on it. Her fingers danced around her belly as her tail wrapped around the demons dick sliding up and down it.

The demons balls slammed her clit, the massive member slid in and out so fast she had already had three orgasms and it had not even been a minute yet.

The demon pulled out of her lifting her into the air by the waist. He opened his maw lowering her to his mouth. She spread her legs wide being set on it's mouth. She felt his tongue slide in between her folds rapidly spinning and licking. Lilith moaned almost angerily. She had nothing to do. Her tail cut into her leg, her nails dug into her breasts as she clentched her teeth with all her might not being able to grasp anything, the pleasure was driving her insane.

The demon lifted her off bringing her down to eye level. The cuts had already began to heal. Iribis came forward as they kissed deeply.

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Liliths fingernails dug into the demons back, her tail whipped her own ass. "Please," she begged, "don't stop." she pleaded in a whisper in his ear. Iribis impaled her roughly on his member, her pussy completly tight and just like a virgins again.

She moaned harshly feeling herself stretch to accomadate his massive member all over again. She grinded his dick feriously, one of the demons hands on her back, supporting her. His other on her ass with one claw inside her asshole.

Her two sharp canines piercing into his hard as stone flesh. Black blood started to draw from the wound. Her tongue licked the blood as she had another orgasm. Her pussy having never been so wet. Iribis lifted her waist and slammed her down on his cock. He wanted her body so bad having it right now wasn't even enough. He wanted her so bad his cock ached, feeling the embrace of her soaking almost boiling juices. Her piercing black eyes looked up at him with an almost desperation.

She cried out an orgasm with such force her body temerature went to a level that made the demon uncomfortable.

The orgasm shattered the lustful devils world. Claws at her breasts side, a claw in her ass, this rock hard, massive member going in and out of her with such ferosity and speed no human or devil could match it. She knew this was work only demons were capable of. She was lifted from the member, twitching every second from the member sliding in her pussy. Her head spun with such force she had a slight trouble breathing.

She was pressed against the wall again, this time by her body. Her massive tits pressed up against the wall. Her entire body limp. Ever sense of her besides touch, clouded. Her fingers touched the cold wall, her pussy twitched in overwhelment. She took too deep of a breath, her pussy twitched in overwhelment.

Iribis dragged a claw over her ass.

Her legs twitched. He forcfully spread her ass cheeks pressing his drentched dick on her asshole.

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His jaws clamped down on her shoulder at the same time he forced his way inside tight ass. She cried out in pain and pleasure, the sharp teeth puncturing her shoulder, the dick busting through her asshole. He savagly pumped in and out as the devil forgot how to breath to the point of almost becoming unconscious.


Iribis' pelvis rammed her firm ass. Her asshole was warm and every thrust more inviting then the last. His head surrounded by soft skin having it surround his dick skintight. He rammed her harded as she struggled to keep up with breathing.

Her head knocking to and fro. Her eyes rolling to the back of her skull. She suddenly shrieked an inhuman screech as his hot jizz filled her asshole still pumping, but slowing. Her fingers grasped the wall side slowly breaking into the painting of the virgin Mary. The demon released her as she fell to the ground.

She looked up still trying to regain her composure. "It may take time devil." he said picking her up, "I shall take you to a safer inclosure 'twhere you might recover. Thou hath proved thouest better then I in battle.

But I hath won the war canst thou see. I shalt not harm thee, thou wilt be treated with only greatful treats." Iribis promised the devil whose hand lifted weakly still trying to regain her composure. (My next story, this may not be the finished intro) A hand emerged from the ground.

A decayed one, a merciless one, a deadly one. Another hand emerged, this one had a dagger in it's hand. The face of the deceased murderer rose from the dirt.


He toon in the stiff cold air with a devilish smile with revenge on his mind. He looked around and saw a woman wearing fishnets and leather short shorts and leather blouse. Her cleavege hanging out, her face pretty and having bouncy black hair. Her legs shaped, her lips were lick rubies.

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"Times have changed indeed." he said with a vicious smile, "Revenge can wait." he said with an echoing laugh as he emerged from the soil of London. "The Rippers back!" he declared with a manical laugh, "And he's going to have the time of his unnatural life."