Hot Cam Girl Strip And Fuck Her Pussy Live On Webcam

Hot Cam Girl Strip And Fuck Her Pussy Live On Webcam
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It was a quiet Friday evening as supergirl flew her patrol around the city when she heard with her super hearing a woman scream for help. Quickly locating where the woman's scream had originated from supergirl flew there landing in front of a group of five gang members that had a young woman cornered in a dead end alley.

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Stop and let that girl go supergirl told the men. As one the men turned and the leader laughedsupergirl we are ready for youthis book we found taught us the magic to use to defeat you. I think defeating me will be tougher than you reading a book supergirl replied. The men stood aside and let the young woman go and she rushed over to supergirl who told her to run to the police station and tell them to come pick up these thugs.


The young girl said yes supergirl thank you and reached a hand out as she went past supergirl. When the girl went past she touched supergirls wrist and supergirl felt something encircle her wrist and heard a metallic click. She suddenly felt weaker and dizzy almost falling down.

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The girl said oh I'm so sorry supergirl they made me do this they have my mother held captive. The girl started to leave when the leader of the gang said where do you think you are going. Home she replied to wait for my mother you promised to release her unharmed if I did as you told me. Yes and you did an excellent job but you need to do one more thing he handed her a fancy video camera and said you will record what is about to happen don't worry the camera will automatically upload to a special web site specially prepared for this.

Okay she said and stepped back as she pointed the camera at the five men and supergirl and started to record. Two of the five men grabbed supergirl and forced her down to the ground holding her arms up above her head two others grabbed her legs and after removing her boots forced them apart.

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Now spread eagled on the ground the fifth man moved forward as he pulled out a pair of scissors, now to deal with that costume supergirl.

Supergirl said lots of luck this suit is made from cloth from my home planet is itself nearly indestructible. That doesn't matter to those shears they are magically enhanced and can cut through anything which he proved by kneeling down between her legs and cutting her skirt off of her body.

When she said no stop that don't do that but he only laughed and cut her golden belt in two then slid the scissors up her shirt slicing it apart. Supergirl now lay before the men naked the pieces of her uniform lying on the ground around her.

Oh please she begged don't do this I'm still a virgin I'm saving myself for the right man. Well the leader replied your in luck you found five of the right men. No please she said trying to convince them to leave her intact but the leader just stood up and stripped down until he was as naked as supergirl. He then proceeded to run his hands up and down her inner thighs. I think we can do better than this don't you guys we like are sluts willing and enthusiastic.

Mike you got that vial we stole from star labs medical. Yeah boss right here one of the men holding supergirl down said. Get it ready and inject this super whore with ityou got it boss.

He pulled a small vial out of his pocket along with a needle and slid the needle into the top of the vial then he looked at his boss and asked how much should I give her. How the hell should I know fill the needlewhich the thug did and slid the needle into supergirls clit.

Supergirl immediately felt her pussy start to tingle and warm upthe warmth and tingling sensation spread to the rest of her body causing her nipples to grow and harden to nubs of steel. Her pussy lips became swollen and very sensitive as did her clit. She started moaning as waves of desire coursed through her young body. What did you do to me what was in that needle. Laughing the leader said this is a drug star labs was working on a concentrated form of Viagra for women but even better because it will increase your desire for sex.

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With the amount you were given you will probably have sex with anything for oh say the next eight hours or so. One of the men asked can we fuck her bossof course but I'm first I don't like sloppy seconds or especially fourths. He knelt down placing his stiffened cock at supergirls virginal entrance that had started to quiver and eject precum as it poured down her thighs wetting and lubricating her anus as it went creating a puddle between her legs. The leader breached the lips of her pussy with his fourteen inch long cock that was as thick as an average man's fist.

Supergirl screamed as she felt real pain for the first time in her young life laughing as he thrust himself deeper into smashing through her hymen and continuing on into her cervix and passing into her womb the four watching men who had stood up not needing to holder her down watched in fascination as they could see their bosses cock sliding up and down the skin over her stomach.

Supergirl continued to scream as he raped her but then the pain turned to pleasure and parts of her body became enflamed with desire. Yesyes she started to scream fuck mefuck me harder and faster you four what are you doing just standing there you have cocks too and I have a mouth and an empty asshole and two hands get busy. Yes ma'am they replied and quickly stripped and did as she had said one of the men slid beneath her as the boss continued to fuck her putting his hardened dick up her now well lubricated anus.

Another of the men forced his penis passed her lips and down her throat which he had to do because he was larger than supergirls mouth and throat could easily handle but because of the drug they had given her she could take it.


Now down her throat he started push into and out of her mouth at a rapid pace barely giving her a chance to breath. The last two men knelt down on her left and right sides and she took their engorged members into her hands and started masturbating them.

It didn't take long for the five men to pour cum into her and all over her outsides. The five men then switched places and did it again until all five had each had a turn at each place.

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As the men cleaned themselves up using wet wipes they had brought for this purpose the leader laughed and said to supergirl enjoy the next five hours until the drug wears off oh and by the way for your information we could last so long because we took a diluted injection of the same drug we gave you and with you the drug made you easier to impregnate and it made our sperm more capable of impregnating you.

Who knows who the father will be maybe one of us or maybe one of the people you will fuck over the next five hours. How ever it happens the world we see you with new eyes after today you will be the superslut. Oh and we arranged a pleasant surprise for you across from the alley in the park a bus load of 9th graders from the local high school is having a school trip and another bus load of senior citizens is enjoying an outing from their retirement home.

Let's hope you don't end up giving too many heart attacks supergirl have a ball. Laughing the five men left the naked supergirl lying on her back her body still filled with her need for more sex. She slowly dragged herself to her feet and followed the men out of the alley where she soon located the two buses across the street. She started walking across the street to the park and it didn't take long for the two groups in the park to notice the beautiful young naked woman walking towards them but what happened next is another story.