Wild teens facialized after tugging hard cock

Wild teens facialized after tugging hard cock
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Becoming Daddy's Good Girl Chapter One: Sinning on Her Knees By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 "That's it, whore," Daddy grunted as he rammed his cock into me from behind after bending me over the dining room table.

Through the swinging door that connected this room to the kitchen, I could hear my mom humming as she worked on breakfast, oblivious to the naughty acts her husband, my preacher father, performed on my eighteen-year-old body. "Daddy," I squealed, bucking back into his thrusts.

"What are you doing?" When I set the table for breakfast, I hadn't expected Daddy to come up behind me, yank up my skirt, rip down my panties, and bend me over the table before I could even realize what was happening. And then his dick rammed into my pussy. And that hot, wonderful, wet thrill went through me despite Mother being in the next room.

My daddy, Reverend Gary Powell himself, was in my pussy. His incestuous cock pumped in and out of my wet depths, making me shudder as my face pressed into the placemat.

"Mother's in the other room," I groaned, the table creaking as Daddy worked his dick in and out of my cunt. "This is so depraved." "You wanted to be treated like a whore," he grunted, balls smacking into my clit, sending sparks of pleasure through me.

"This is how whores are treated. They're fucked." My eyes rolled in my head as pleasure surged through me. I was a sinful, slutty preacher's daughter. As scared as I was of Mother catching us, I couldn't deny how hot the cock reaming my cunt made me feel. Ripples of bliss shot through my body. I groaned through clenched teeth, not wanting to make too much noise. But it was hard. He was hard. My daddy's cock was in me. I loved it.

My hips rotated, pressing my ass back into his thrusts. His strong hands gripped my hips. I glanced at him over my shoulder, savoring how strong he looked in his dress shirt, his dark tie dangling long and thick towards the cock reaming my cunt.

His face was chiseled, his black hair short with sexy wings of gray sweeping from the temples. He was so authoritative. In control. He wanted to fuck my whorish, sinful cunt. So he did. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned, my gaze casting to the door, staring at it, listening to the hiss of bacon on the stove, the bustle of my straitlaced mother. She would be apoplectic if she caught us.

"Fuck your naughty daughter," I groaned anyways, savoring the thrill of illicit, incestuous sex. "Oh, yes. You're such a wicked preacher for raising such a whore." "Controlled by the sinful hole wrapped about my cock," he grunted, dick sluicing through my wet snatch.

His voice had the baritone cadence of a sermon. "Yes, you are. A wanton harlot. Eve frolicking in the garden, defiling the world with sin. It springs from this very hole." "It does," I panted, my juices dripping down my thighs. I was so wet. His cock felt amazing. He slid so deep in me, stretching my tight hole, sending shivers of bliss rippling through my body. "Tempting men into fornication and illicit congress. It drove you to seduce your own father." "Uh-huh," I groaned, shuddering.

"Cum in me, Daddy. Hurry. Before Mother catches us." His hands squeezed my hips. This was a fast, hard fuck. No time for foreplay. No chance to take our time and enjoy each other. It was focused, direct. It was all about cumming. My nipples ached in my bra, rubbing against the material as they were pressed into the table. I rocked and bucked, the friction building the pleasure in my depths. Daddy's thrusts were so hard. He loved my pussy.

I hoped it was the best cunt he had ever experienced. Wet and tight and young. So young. Eighteen. This was so wonderfully taboo. I loved my daddy's cock in me. I couldn't wait for the spurt of his cum in me. Hot and thick and salty. So wonderfully taboo and delicious. And Mother was in the next room oblivious. She had no idea her upright, preacher husband was a fornicator. A dirty cheater. A man fucking their daughter. A tremble went through my body. The thought raced down my spine and into my nethers.

My back arched. I let out a low moan and came. "Yes, you sinful harlot," Daddy grunted as my pussy milked his cock. My flesh writhed about his thrusting dick. He rammed it into me so hard and fast.

The friction sent ripples of pleasure through my body. I groaned, stars dancing before my eyes as I savored how wonderful it felt. Fucking.

Wonderful, sinful fucking. I was so glad I embraced it. Mother's humming increased.

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She was almost done with breakfast. My body heaved, the fear of being caught only increasing the bliss washing through my mind. A bold part of me hoped we were caught. To see the shock in Mother's face when she realized I was a sexual being, that all her whispers of denying my urges, of avoiding even masturbation, would make me a good person and keep me from burning in the fires of Damnation. She wanted to keep me from this bliss. It would serve her right to catch us and see she failed.

"Cum in me, Daddy." "Harlot!" He thrust into me and grunted. A huge smile burst across my lips. Hot, salty cum pumped into my body. Incestuous seed filled my pussy. I groaned, a tingle of delight racing through me. My orgasm died down to a buzzing bliss as I wiggled, savoring his spurting dick.

He shuddered, cock sliding in and out a final time then withdrew. And dropped a silver dollar coin on the table.

My pay. If I acted like a whore, then he would treat me like one. I snagged it as it danced on the table, clutching it in my hand as I heard Daddy zip up behind me. I savored the cold feel of the coin in my palm as his seed leaked out of me. His hand smacked my ass before walking to the head of the table. "Thank you, Daddy," I panted as I sat up. I reached down and pulled my skirt up my thighs as my mother backed through the door, holding breakfast.

My heart thudded faster, fear striking cold. Without the thrill of daddy's cock in me, I was so aware of my flushed face and my hands pulling up my panties against my sloppy cunt. Already his cum leaked out and soaked into my panties. I ripped my hands out from beneath my skirt and smoothed them as Mother turned around, a big smile on her face.

"Morning, dear." She gave Daddy a kiss on the mouth. "Morning, Alexandra." "Morning, Mother," I said, trembling, my hands clasped before me as she set three plates down on the table. "Would you fetch your father his coffee?" Mother asked, giving me a smile. Even though it was only breakfast, she already had her haired perfectly coiffed into the short styled favored by the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy.

"Yes, Mother," I said, speaking polite, the way I was raised.

She nodded her head as I rushed into the kitchen, my Mary Janes sounding so loud on the hardwood floors. Daddy's cum made my panties squishy.

I could smell the scent of his jizz wreathing me like a perfume. She would smell it. I rushed back in with Daddy's mug of black coffee, setting it down on the table before him. He gave me a fatherly kiss on the cheek, just brushing the corner of my lips which sent an excited thrill through me. I took my seat on his left across from Mommy, my breakfast of bacon and western omelets steaming and ready to eat. "What is that smell?" Mother asked, her nose wrinkling.

"Something musty." My cheeks warmed. "I'm sure it's nothing, Mother." "I'll have to open the windows and air the room out." She sighed. "Well, shall we say grace?" I took Daddy's strong, warm hand, a flush shooting through my body, then reached across the table for Mother's.

Daddy said grace. You could hear no hint of hypocrisy as he asked God to bless us. He had just fucked his daughter on this table, the scent lingering in the room. His hypocrisy was what led to my sexual awakening. Two weeks ago, I was working on the garden outside our church, Thousand Oaks Methodist, when I discovered Daddy fucking Donna Paxtor, married to Deacon Bill, over his desk.

Watching my father, who had always preached against sexual immorality, made me realize the adults had lied to me. That sex was amazing not something to be avoided. I masturbated watching them and had my first orgasm. So I set about seducing my father.

Last Sunday, Daddy fucked me in the dark baptismal changing room at our church, popping my cherry. I had hoped to set it up so Daddy didn't know it was his own daughter he was fucking, but he figured it out. And he didn't care. He was such a hypocrite, he hungered for incestuous congress. A sexy, hunky, wonderful hypocrite. I came so hard. All last week, we had been fucking in the house or at the church.

Whenever Daddy could get his hands on me, he would ram his dick into my cunt. And he always paid me a silver dollar or a crisp one. It was only right. I had told him I wanted to act like a whore. And I loved it. I had to be the most sinful preacher's daughter who had ever lived. After grace, Mother and Daddy talked about the space program which I rolled my eyes over. Apparently, another one of the Mercury flights was coming up in May.

The last one, which had my dad excited. And then the talk turned to me. "And how are you planning on spending your spring break?" Mother asked. I blinked. We had talked about it already. Before I could say that nothing has changed and I planned on working on the flowers at the church—and fucking Daddy any chance I could—he said, "She'll be helping me with the outreach in Los Angeles." I glanced at Daddy, my mouth open.

I quickly closed it before Mother admonished me with one of her aphorisms like, "An open mouth invites flies." "Oh, that's nice," Mother said. "It is good to know she's diligent in her faith." "She's very diligent in her faith," Daddy said.

"Very obedient. She is understanding her place in the world." I nodded my head, wondering what outreach program was in Los Angeles. I couldn't remember hearing about one. We lived in the suburbs of Thousand Oaks, a short drive from the city. Sometimes my friends and I would drive out to Los Angeles to see a movie. There were several great drive-ins. Places my last boyfriend always wanted to fool around.

It was a shame I hadn't had my sexual awakening back then, or I would have fucked him and still be going steady with Ricky. It really didn't matter what we were doing in LA. I was just glad to be spending the day, and maybe the week, with Daddy.

I was sure he had all manner of wicked things we could do. He had taught me about pussy licking, and I learned even more about blowjobs from Daddy than I had from Deacon Bill. Which Deacon Bill appreciated last time I blew him. I even let him feel my tits. Next time, I would let the Deacon fuck me.

Which would be very wicked. I squirmed with excitement all through breakfast, and not just because my panties were a sodden mess. I couldn't wait. So I was thrilled when we finished breakfast and we could get going. Only we weren't leaving right away. Daddy had work at the church. He told me to be there after lunch. Which left me helping Mother with the spring cleaning around the house. We polished the silverware while I stared at her and shook my head.

She didn't like sex. And poor Daddy had to find it from other women to satisfy the desires awoken by sinful harlots. If she would just be a whore, like me, then Daddy never would have cheated on her. But then I never would have learned all about sex and how wonderful Daddy's cock was.

So maybe it was for the best that she was a tight ass, as Deacon Bill put it. Finally, lunch past, I was at the church and climbing into Daddy's Buick. It was an older car my parents bought in the early Fifties when I was a kid, but Daddy took great care of it.

I sat on the passenger seat. There were no seat belts like on the newer car, and I sat perched with excitement as we drove into Los Angeles. And to a seedy part of town. I had heard of the Sunset Strip before. Boys whispered about going down there and buying nudie magazines.

And I could see why. Between the bars, there were shops advertising XXX magazines and burlesque clubs promising "Live Nude Go Go Dancers." It was all so sinful. "Daddy, what type of outreach are we doing here?" I asked. "Are we trying to stop all the sinful fornication?" Daddy glanced at me, his face stern. "This is where whores go, and you want to be one." "I do, Daddy," I grinned.

"Do you want me to dance at a burlesque show and reveal my naked body to all the horny men?" "Does that make that sinful hole between your thighs wet?" "So much, Daddy. Want to feel? I cleaned up from earlier. So all the juices are mine." "You are a wicked temptress." I reached over, rubbing his bulging cock straining his dark-brown slacks. "So wicked, Daddy." If the gear shifter wasn't in the way, I would lean over and suck on him as he drove.

But it was, so I just rubbed him until he parallel parked before a movie theater called the Sunset Playhouse. An arrow lined in blinking, yellow bulbs flashed around a sign promising "Adult Movies." I blinked. "What is this place, Daddy? I didn't think we were going to the movies." "They show stag films here," he answered.

"Stag films?" My eyebrows furrowed. "Blue films." I shook my head. "I have a lot to learn, Daddy." I swallowed. "Are they.pornographic?" He smiled. A wicked, hot thrill shot through me. I shuddered and squeezed his hard cock. Pornographic films. I didn't know what made them stag or blue, but I was eager to see other people fucking. It was so hot when I watched Daddy fuck Donna Paxtor.

I licked my lips and hopped out of the car. A hot shudder ran through my body as I stepped into the warm day.


I moved to Daddy, hooking my arm in his as we headed into the seedy theater. A bored man in a rumpled, red uniform, manned the desk. His eyes flicked to me and something stirred in them. He straightened, eyeing my youthful, schoolgirl looks. I bet not too many girls looking like me came in here. What did the man think my relationship to Daddy was?

I bet he thought I was his escort. His prostitute. I was Daddy's whore. "Silver dollar for you," the clerk said to Daddy. "She can get in for free.

Matinee special for the ladies." The way he spoke made me shiver. My nipples ached in my bra. He stared at me like I was meat. Hot, hungry, succulent meat he wanted to feast on. I wiggled in my skirt, my pussy growing wetter and wetter. I wondered what his cock was like. Was it hard and thick like Daddy's? Would he love to feel my lips wrapped about his dick? I gave him a smile, full of all my innocent and wanton lust.

He groaned, hand clenching tight on the counter's edge. Daddy slapped down a silver dollar coin then swept me past the man into the theater. There was a disreputable lobby. Everything looked worn down, far past its prime. In the thirties, this must have been a beautiful place with velvet curtains and gold walls, but now it looked so sad.

From the door leading to the theater, I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a woman's passionate, throaty moan. A muffled, "Yes, yes, yes," came through the door.

My excitement peaked. The movie had already started and there was fucking going on in there. Daddy put his arm around my shoulder and led me in, pushing open the door. There, on the screen, was a woman being fucked from behind, her face twisted with passion, her breasts jiggling beneath her. The man's body thrust hard, his hands gripping her waist. "Take it, whore.

Take it all!" the man growled. "Oh, yes! Oh, fuck!" The theater was dark, but I noticed scattered men throughout it, watching the screen. Many wore suits like Daddy, businessmen on their lunches enjoying a cheap thrill, and others had the look of beatniks and even one with long hair like a hippie. They were focused on the screen.

A few men's arms moved, and as I walked past a row, I could see a man jerking his cock, eyes locked on the screen. A hot thrill shot through me as I studied his cock. Daddy led me into the middle of the theater. We moved down the aisle then shuffled down the row to find our seats, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

The screen was so large, the sex filling my vision as I sank down onto the seat beside Daddy. The woman's face twisted. She was cumming. "Wow, Daddy," I gasped, my eyes drinking in the filthy sight. My thighs pressed together, rubbing, trying to take the pressure off my aching clit. Then the man ripped his cock out of her. The woman rolled onto her back and the man jerked his cock.

I gasped as his cum erupted, painting the woman's soft breasts. She moaned, squeezing them as the man spurted lines of white across her tits. She panted, massaging the creamy mess into her tits. And then a new movie played. A man and woman kissed before a bed. I shuddered, eyes locked on the screen as clothing came off.

The woman slipped down before the man, her tits exposed, and pulled his cock out of his slacks. He wore no boxers beneath.

"Oh, wow," I gasped as the woman practically inhaled his cock. She bobbed her face so fast, sliding up and down his shaft. I squirmed worse. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. My breathing quickened. My nipples ached. I wanted to free my breasts and play with them.

My hands, resting on my knees, gripped them, palms sweaty. If I let go of my knees, I was afraid I would start masturbating like the gentleman I saw. The woman sucked harder, louder. She bobbed her mouth, saliva dripping down her chin. Then the man seized her hair and fucked her mouth hard. He grunted, balls slapping against her jaw as she somehow took all of his cock into her mouth. "Daddy, how's she doing that?" I gasped. "Deep-throating," Daddy answered, his voice thicker, more gravelly.

"She relaxes her throat and swallows his cock." Daddy shifted. He must be so hard, too. I understood. My pussy was on fire, making me wiggle in my seat. "You keep squirming. Does it make you hot?

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Do you want to touch your sinful hole, harlot?" I nodded my head. "Why aren't you?" My eyes widened. I glanced at Daddy then remembered the gentleman. He was masturbating. He wasn't denying himself his pleasure. He embraced it. Why shouldn't it? Even here, in this place, where strange men could watch me. I smiled. Strange men could watch me. My pussy clenched even harder.

I leaned back in my seat and spread my legs wide, my left knee touching Daddy's right. My hands slid up my skirt as I stared at the screen. The man grunted every time he fucked his cock into the woman's mouth. My pussy clenched, growing hotter and hotter as I reached my panties. I debated shoving my hands in them or taking off my panties entirely.

It was simple. I was a whore. "Daddy," I asked as I peeled off my panties, "can you hold onto these for me?" I pulled my panties off over my black Mary Janes and dropped them onto his lap. The cool air of the theater washed over my naked sex. As Daddy lifted my panties to his nose, inhaling my tart musk wreathing the delicate cloth, I shoved my hands between my thighs and frigged myself.

Pleasure shuddered through me as I rubbed at the folds of my pussy and teased my clit. I squirmed, bitting my lip, watching the man in the movie rip his cock out of the woman's mouth and erupted across her face. "Oh, yes," I moaned, my pussy growing even juicer. It was so humiliating to the woman. She had cum dripping down to her naked tits.

I licked my lips, envying her as I rubbed harder at my pussy. The next film started up, and there were two women with one man. And the women were kissing, their lush lips meeting. Lesbians. My eyes widened. I rubbed even harder at my cunt as I watched the two women kissing each other and then the man and then they went back to kissing each other.

Their hands rubbed at each other's breasts through their skimpy lingerie. They leaned back on the bed. One woman's breasts appeared and the other leaned down, sucking on her nipple while the man ripped off her panties and licked her pussy. "Yes, yes, yes," the woman being pleasured by the other two moaned. "Oh, my Lord," I gasped, watching in fascination of one woman sucking another's nipples. I had only the vaguest idea that women did things like that with each other.

I had heard lesbian or dyke whispered a few times. My pussy dripped juices down to my skirt, forming a wet spot. I shoved a pair of fingers into my depths, reaming them in and out as I watched the women more than the men. They kissed and licked each other, including between their thighs. They licked each other's pussies. They both enjoyed the mutual cunnilingus while the man took turns fucking them.

I rubbed my clit all through the movie, wondering what it would be like to be with a woman, to lick her pussy and have her lick mine. Would it feel different than Daddy's mouth and tongue? Would she taste different than mine? "Pair of dyke whores," the man fucking them grunted. The women were both licking each other's pussies, one atop the other, while the man fucked the woman on top's cunt. "Licking each other's twats." "Dykes," I groaned, my toes curling.

"Oh, wow. Oh, my, Daddy, that's so sinful. Look at them lick each other." His hand touched my knee, stroking it. I shuddered, his touch sending an immediate rush of pleasure shooting down my thigh.

I groaned and squirmed. I bit my lip as his touch built the growing pleasure in my pussy. "Do you want to lick another woman's cunt, whore?" "I think I do, Daddy," I gasped. "Does that make me even more of a sinner?" "Yes." His hand squeezed. "Oh, Daddy," I gasped, my face contorting and my orgasm burst through me. My pussy convulsed on my fingers.

Hot waves of bliss shot through me. My gasps echoed through the theater as I trembled. Hot, wonderful pleasure billowed out of my cunt. It was so sensual and blissful. My eyes rolled back in my head. I shuddered and shivered and shook. My eyes were locked on the screen. The woman on bottom was orgasming, too. The lady on top had her face buried into the cumming woman's snatch, lapping up her juices.

I bet they tasted wonderful. I ripped my fingers from my pussy and sucked them into my mouth while I frigged my pussy with the other. I needed to cum more. I savored the tart flavors as my eyes were locked on the screen. Daddy kept stroking my thigh as I worked myself towards another orgasm.

The man pulled out of the woman on top's cunt and both women moved, pressing their faces together. He came on them, painting both their faces. And then they turned and licked each other clean. "Oh, Lord, that's sinful," I gasped, shuddering, imagining what it would be like to taste Daddy's jizz on another woman's face. "Oh, Daddy. Oh, yes." "Are you going to cum again, little girl?" a husky voice asked from my right.

I gasped, seeing a man jerking his cock sitting two seats down from me. He stared right at me as I rubbed my pussy. His eyes hungry, his dick hard. I groaned, my pussy clenching on my fingers. He was watching me. "Yes," I gasped, my head arching. "What a tasty whore," another man said. "Cum, whore," a third said. I gasped. The men in the theaters had gathered about me, watching me frig my cunt.

I shuddered and felt so wicked. I threw my legs up high and planted them on the backs of the chairs before me. I rubbed my fingers so deep into my pussy. I switched hands, plunging the fingers from my right back in so I could savor the flavor staining the fingers of my left. "Shit," the man two seats down grunted and then his cum erupted, painting the back of the chair. Which was such a waste. "Yes, yes, cum watching me rub my cunt," I moaned. "You are such a sinful whore," Daddy growled, clutching my leg possessively.

"I am!" My pussy convulsed on my fingers. Pleasure exploded inside of me.

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"I am a sinful preacher's daughter! I'm cumming so hard! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" My chair creaked as I thrashed. My second orgasm boiled through my body. I gasped and moaned, my pussy convulsing about my fingers.

My eyes rolled back in my head. I whipped my blonde hair around as I shuddered. My breasts strained my bra. They were large and round and I wish they were bare so all the guys could see how lovely they were.

My orgasm peaked. Men groaned around me. A few applauded while others called me such vile names. I groaned at each one as I slumped into my chair, breathing heavily. The applause grew louder. I drank it in as I pulled my sticky fingers out of my mouth. And sucked them into my mouth. I loved how I tasted. I wanted to find out if other women tasted just as good. And then Daddy stood up. He seized my arm and yanked me to my feet.

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"Daddy," I gasped in shock as he led me to the aisle. "What's wrong, Daddy?" "My daughter is a whore," he growled. "And she needs to be taken into the bathroom and fucked!" "Oh, yes, Daddy," I groaned in utter delight. "Daddy?" one guy said. "Holy shit, is she really his daughter?" "Fuck, that's hot." "The bathroom. Use the last stall, man.

She'll enjoy it. Slut like that. Oh, yeah." "I know," Daddy said. "The whore's earning her keep today." All these men knew I was about to be fucked by my father. I beamed at them as Daddy dragged me along at a hurried pace. They stood, following, watching, their eyes hungry at my skirt.

It swayed about my knees, my bobby socks clinging to my calves. I put a sway to my step and blew them kisses with my free hand. It was bright in the lobby. I winced and and stumbled after Daddy. He yanked me into the men's room, the door swinging shut behind us. He marched me to the last stall, just like the others suggested. It appeared twice the size of the others. I guess more room for fucking.

"Oh, you are just eager for my sinful hole, Daddy," I purred when we entered the stall. I held up my fingers. "There's still some juices left." I groaned as Daddy sucked my fingers into his mouth. It made me tingle as he savored the flavor of my cunt. Then I pulled them out and kissed him hard. His lips were strong. His hands went around me, gripping my ass, pulling me tight into his bulge. I melted into him, tasting traces of my tart cunt on his lips as I humped against him.

I moaned throatily as I ground on him. The bathroom door swung open. I could hear the men from the theater enter, voices echoing.

They were eager to hear us. I broke the kiss and arched my neck, moaning, "Oh, Daddy, I need your cock in me." "When I'm ready, whore," Daddy growled, his hands unbuttoning the blouse of my sleeveless dress.

"Yes, Daddy," I groaned, eager to bare my tits. They were bigger than Mother's. Nice, round, Double D's, the envy of the girls at school. He exposed my bra.

His hungry hands pushed the cups over my tits. They bounced out, and he bent down, latching onto a nipple. I gasped in delight as he sucked, the pleasure shooting straight down to my pussy. He squeezed my other breast as he suckled, loving my nipple.

I leaned back and bumped the toilet. Off-balanced, I fell down on the seat. Daddy followed my tits down. He sucked back and forth on my pink nipples as I leaned against the toilet, my blonde hair spilling out behind me. My pussy itched, eager to be filled, but Daddy wanted to love my body first. "Oh, yes, Daddy, suck my tits," I moaned, my head lolling. The toilet wasn't centered in the stall. It rested closer to the divider separating this stall from the next one. And there was a hole in the divider.

The hole was about the size of my fist, drilled through to the other side. As Daddy suckled, I stared at the hole. Why was it there? And then, in answer to my unspoken question, a hard, thick cock thrust through it, the tip beading with a drop of precum. It was fleshy and thick and aching. A dollar bill came along with it, waggling crisp and green at me.

I blinked in shock, staring at the dick, wondering what was going on. "Daddy?" I asked. He popped his mouth off my nipple long enough to moan, "You're a whore, figure it out." A dollar bill. The man wanted to pay me to do something with his cock.

I reached out and took the bill, then I seized the cock. I stroked it with my left hand and moaned, savoring the wicked thrill. I had no idea who the man on the other side was. He could be anyone. It was like the anonymous trick I tried with Daddy in the dark baptismal changing room, only it was my turn not to know who my lover was.

"Fuck," the guy on the other side groaned as I stroked him. His voice sounded so hot and throaty. He loved my hand. It made me feel so wicked while Daddy kissed down my stomach, pushing my dress off my hips.

I groaned and shifted as he nuzzled my bellybutton. I gasped, the toilet seat creaking beneath me. I knew where Daddy was kissing to.

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"Are you going to suck my cock or not, whore?" the man on the other side growled. "Didn't pay you for a handjob." My eyes widened. I glance down at Daddy.

He stared up at me, eyes hot.


And then I realized he knew about this hole. He brought me here to show me off in the theater and then to suck men's cocks through the hole like a whore. "Sorry, sir," I gasped, leaned over, and licked the cock. "Fuck," the man groaned as my tongue slid up the tip of his dick and gathered his precum. "That's more like it, whore. God, you are good. Put that young mouth to work. Suck me. Lord, I'm going to dump my cum right down your throat." "Ooh, you're such a wicked man," I groaned.

"I'm only eighteen." "Shit." I sucked the tip of his cock into my mouth as Daddy pulled off my dress completely. I was naked, save for my shoes and socks. He kissed up my thigh as my mouth bobbed and my tongue swirled about the stranger's dick.

I put to use all I had learned sucking Daddy's and Deacon Bill's cocks, my pussy growing juicier. I moaned when Daddy's lips reached my wet pussy. He nuzzled into my golden curls as I bobbed my mouth faster.

It was so hot. I had a cock in my mouth while Daddy licked and nuzzled at my pussy. His tongue flicked up through my folds and caressed my clit. I moaned about the dick in my mouth, my hand fisting his lower shaft. "Shit," the man grunted. "Oh, God, this is too much. Lord, what a hot mouth. Fuck!" Cum spurted into my mouth. I groaned, swallowing the flood. It was so thick and creamy. It warmed my belly. Flutters of delight raced to my pussy, warming my cunt and making me squirm even more.

Daddy's tongue was wonderful as he licked through my folds. He tongued me faster and faster. The dick in my mouth withdrew. "I sucked his cock, Daddy," I groaned. "I drank every drop. It was wonderful." Another cock thrust through the hole, this one a little darker and fatter. A dollar bill wiggled beside it. I snatched it, holding two bills crumpled in my right hand, and leaned over, licking and swirling at the tip, teasing the man.

"Shit," he groaned. "That's it, little whore. Shit, that's nice." "Uh-huh," I moaned, trembling on the toilet. "Daddy's licking my pussy while I lick your cock." "Fuck.

God, that's hot." I giggled then sucked his cock into my mouth. I shuddered and sucked hard as Daddy's lips nuzzled at my clit. My thighs tightened about his head as he licked and sucked. The more he pleasured me, the more enthusiastic my blowjob became. I sucked and moaned and swirled my tongue over the man's cock. I loved every second of it. It was so wrong and nasty. I savored the feel of his dick in my mouth as I humped into Daddy's licking tongue.

He was amazing. He sent pleasure flooding through my pussy as he devoured me. He loved me. The dick in my mouth spurted.

Wonderful, salty cum, a little stronger in flavor than the last guy's, flooded my mouth. I gulped it down, my orgasm growing closer and closer.

I let out a wanton moan as the second cock withdrew from my lips. "Thanks, slut. Needed that." "Me, too," I moaned. "So yummy." Daddy growled and jammed two fingers into my cunt, fucking them in and out hard. I bucked on the toilet. My entire body shook. He was so aggressive with his pussy licking. My clit ached as his tongue lathed it. A third cock thrust through the hole, but it was too difficult to lean over and suck on it as rapture erupted from my pussy.

I was cumming. "Yes, yes, yes, make your little girl cum so hard, Daddy. Oh, Lord, yes. Oh, yes. I'm cumming so hard." "I don't fucking care how hard you're cumming, slut, suck my dick," growled the third man. "Just.just." I tried to speak, but the pleasure roaring out of my pussy only let me gasp and moan. Daddy's thrusting fingers stirred me up while his licking tongue made me ache. I trembled and writhed.

The pleasure burned through me. It was amazing. My legs thrashed while my eyes stared at the waiting dick and the crisp dollar bill.

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My body heaved a final time. I groaned, Daddy's fingers slowing as my pussy stopped spasming. I shuddered, breathing in deeply. The wonderful, buzzing delight of my orgasm sank through my body. I licked my lips.


"Sorry, sir," I moaned, grasping his dick and taking his bill. "I was distracted by my daddy." "Just suck my dick, slut," he groaned. He sounded like he was in pain.

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I really had to help him then. I sucked his dick into my mouth as Daddy stood up, face smeared with my cream. I smiled about the cock in my mouth, glad I drenched Daddy with my orgasm. He undid his belt and unzipped his slacks.

His cock came out, hard and aching for my cunt. "On your knees, slut," Daddy growled. I didn't let the wonderful cock in my mouth pop out as I slipped off the toilet seat. I knelt on the cold tiles, bracing my hands against the stall divider.

I bobbed my mouth as I wiggled my ass at Daddy. Saliva ran down my chin and neck, mixing with the cum already staining me.

Then Daddy fell behind me and buried his dick into my dripping snatch with a single thrust. My pussy rejoiced. Fingers were wonderful, even Daddy's fingers, but they were no substitute for his cock. My cunt clenched down on his girth. I moaned, sucking even harder on the dick in my mouth as I humped back against Daddy's thrusts.

"Oh, shit, her father's fucking her," the man I blew groaned. "Lord, that's wrong!" His cock erupted a moment later. He fired so much cum, it overflowed my mouth before I could swallow it all. Lines of cum dripped down my chin to my throat.

I groaned, savoring the feel of his jizz working towards my tits as I rocked back and forth into Daddy's hard thrusts. The cock popped out of my mouth, allowing me to gasp, "Yes, yes, fuck my cunt, Daddy, while I blow all these men." "You love working the glory hole, slut," Daddy growled, his dick driving so deep into me. My eyes widened. Glory hole. What a wonderful word for this amazing hole that provided cock after cock for me to suck.

A fourth one already thrust through, pink and aching. I sucked it into my mouth with an enthusiastic moan as my answer, my hips bucking back into Daddy's thrust. It was wild. Daddy fucked me hard. His balls slapped over and over into my clit, driving my pussy wild. My mouth sucked so noisily. The men I blew never last long. The thrill of a barely legal girl blowing them while her daddy fucked her from behind was too much for the men. Hot, salty, wonderful cum pumped over and over into my mouth.

I savored each man's cum. I loved hot it tasted, different from the last. Some stronger, some sweeter, some thicker. I gulped them all down, my mouth and throat coated in the creamy treat. "What a whore," Daddy grunted as I sucked the cocks. "Working that harlot's mouth up and down their dicks. How much money have you made, slut? Five, six dollars. How many cocks will you suck before you're done?" I wanted to scream, "All of them." But I had a dick in my mouth that I was too busy sucking it to answer.

I lost track of the number cocks I blew and loads of cum I swallowed. My right hand clutched an ever-growing fistful of money. More cum ran down my chin to my tits. I loved the nasty feel of a man's cum dripping off my nipples as I rocked back and forth, impaled on my daddy's cock.

And that made it so intense. My preacher father fucked me as I sinned so much. My pussy gripped his dick, drinking in the friction as the very idea of what we were doing sent shudders through my body. I was a whore. Literally. I had a fistful of dollars and another cock in my mouth to prove it.

My orgasm was intense. I moaned so hard about the dick in my mouth. My pussy convulsed and spasmed about Daddy's dick. My hot flesh milked his cock, eager for more of his taboo cum to spill into my depths. "Sin churns your cunt to a froth, harlot," groaned Daddy.

"My little Alexandra is a whore. She loves sucking cock and drinking cum." His words kept the orgasm burning hot through my body. I slammed my hips back as I guzzled down another load of cum. My belly ached, but I kept swallowing. I didn't care. I had to drink as much of it as I could. And then another cock took its place. It was all so much. The pleasure rushed over and over through my body.

Cum spurted down my throat. My knees ached, and I didn't care. I just had to keep sinning. Daddy's cock thrust so deep into my pussy. He kept fucking me harder and harder, keeping my cumming and moaning and sucking cock. And then he grunted. He slammed into my depths. His dick spurted while the cock in my mouth erupted. Both men groaned, calling me a whore as their jizz spilled into my body.

I received it from both ends. Hot, incestuous jizz in my cunt. Warm, salty cum in my belly. My orgasm intensified. I shuddered, my screams of passion muffled about the dick in my mouth. And then it withdrew and I gasped, "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy. Cum in my cunt.

I love it. I love it when you do that. I'm your whore, Daddy. Your naughty, sinful harlot." "Yes," he grunted and thrust a final time, his cum spilling into me. I sucked more cocks after that. I satisfied every one. When they were finally all satiated, I had thirty-one dollars. Daddy took half. "Whores have pimps," he told me as he pocketed the money. I nodded my head and stumbled out of the bathroom.

I couldn't believe how much of a mess I was. My face was sweaty and flushed. Cum stained it. It dripped down my lips to my tits, the older jizz already dried. I swiped up globs of it, bringing the salty treat to my hungry mouth before I washed myself off at the sink while Daddy watched.

"Do you still want to be a whore, slut?" Daddy asked. "Yes," I nodded. "Yes, I do, Daddy. I love it." He stared at me when I said that while I used paper towels to wipe off the combined jizz of over a dozen men—I was fairly certain I sucked each cock at least twice. He watched me, thinking. I wondered what was going through his head as I dressed.

We drove back home in silence. I was sleepy from all my orgasms and cock sucking. Daddy had fucked me a second time while I blew those cocks, and I lost track of my orgasms. It was wonderful. I think I even fell asleep for a bit, rocked by the car, because I didn't remember most of the return trip. Just Daddy parking before our house.

"Come on, harlot," Daddy said. "We're home." "Mmm, I hope dinner is ready. I'm famished." "Didn't eat enough?" I giggled, patting my belly. "It was delicious but not very filling. I could use more." I arched an eyebrow. "Care to top me off, Daddy?" He shook his head. "Lord, what a sinful, wanton temptress you have placed in my life." He climbed out of the car and headed for the front door.

I followed, beaming with satisfaction. Dinner was just being finished when we walked in, Mother wearing her apron over her dress, a huge smile on her lips. "There they are. How did the mission work go?" she asked.

"Well," I beamed. "I think we helped a lot of men out. I heard so many praises today." All those men gasping God and Lord as they came in my mouth.

"I think I really touched them." "That's wonderful." Mother gave me a quick kiss on both cheeks. She had no idea they had cum on them only an hour ago. "Well, I bet you worked up an appetite." I did.

And I couldn't wait to keep sinning with my preacher daddy. What else did he have in store? Dancing at the "Live Nude Go Go Dancers" burlesque?

Or maybe he wanted to see me sin with another woman? Like Donna. That would be hot. To be continued.