Wet hotty gets pussy licked gives head and gets cunt nailed

Wet hotty gets pussy licked  gives head and gets cunt nailed
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I woke early the next morning and Tom wasn't in bed. I was a little disappointed hoping that I was going to get to fuck him before I got out of bed. So I decided to get up (naked of cource) and get some breakfast. I walked downstairs to find Tom at the kitchen table with breakfast and coffee ready for me to eat.

"Did you sleep well?" "Ya, a little strange sleeping in someone else's bed but I got use to it quick" "Well eat and we will talk about what we are doing today" I sat down next to him and put some eggs on my plate and poured a cup of coffee. "So you got big plans today for my ass?" "You could say that." "So what do you have in store for me?" "Well, today you are going to make me some money.

I have set you up to be a prostitute for the day and anyone that comes over will be using you" "Ohhh really, and does that make you my pimp" "Something like that" "Any specific rules you want me to follow?" "Well I have some. 1. You will do whatever the customer wants. 2. You will wear whatever the customer wants. 3. I am going to video tape everything and sell them to each guy if they want it. 4. Everything will take place in either the basement or Guest bedroom " "Basement?" "Ya I have set up a bit of a dungeon down there." "What is down there?" "Well places to tie you up, whips, paddles.

you know all the normal stuff" "Sounds easy enough so when do I start?" "After you are done eating and washing up. I am going to be the first customer, I don't want to use your sloppy pussy after everyone cums in it." "Sounds good to me. "Meet me in the guest bedroom when you are all finished. By the way my name is Sir today" "Ok, sir" I finished my food and went to the guest bedroom to check it out.

All of my clothes were laid out on the dresser for guys to pick from. The bed was a 4 post bed with lengths of rope attached to each post and about half of my toys were sitting on the night stand next to the bed. I got into the shower and did the daily ritual of scrubbing and shaving. Being in the shower is the only time that I actually get to think uninterrupted.

I start to day dream about what is going to happen to me today.

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Thinking about how so many men are just going to use me however they want. I CAN'T WAIT. I step out of the shower and dry myself off. I walk into the closet and start to thumb through something to wear.

I look down on the floor and see my black plateform 6 inch heels. I step into them and fastening the strap around my ankle.

I think well this is a good start. I start looking through the clothes to find something to wear and someone grabs me by the hair and pulls me out of the closet. I get thrown onto the bed. I look up and Tom is standing in front of me, wearing no clothes and cock as hard as I have ever seen it. "What would you like sir?" "Shut up slut!" Tom walks over to the bed and grabs my hair and lays me on the bed on my stomach.

His cock is a couple of inches from my face. I open my mouth and my throat gets impaled by a nice big hard cock. As my throat gets pounded I hear Tom saying, "Ya slut suck on my cock.

You are going to get a lot more of this today whore.


You like my big cock in your throat? Ya gag on it slut." I am gaging but that just makes him fucking my mouth harder. Spit on drooling down my chin and off his cock. Tom pulls his cock out of my mouth "You are making a fucking mess" He rubs his cock all over my face getting it wet with all of my spit.

I try to grab his cock and get it back in my mouth, but my hands just get slapped away.

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"Grab your heels bitch!" I reach back and grab each heel with my hands. Tom grabs two lengths of rope and ties my wrists to my ankles so I can't let go even if I wanted to.

Tom walks back in front of me and I look up at him. "Do you have something to say?!? It better be something I like." "Sir, use me, abuse me, all of my holes are yours to put whatever you want in." "Ok lets see how much you can take." "Sir it doesn't matter how much I can take, I will take what you give me.

Tom walks over to the dresser and grabs the double sided dildo and sticks it in my face. "You better get this wet before I stick it in your ass." My mouths opens and the dildo gets shoved in. I am getting it as wet as possible. Suddenly it gets pulled out and Tom walks around to the other side of the bed. He grabs a fistful of hair and pulls my head back and plunges the dildo into my ass. I scream. I think it was more out of surprise. I feel the dildo getting bent and the other side get pushed into my pussy.

It goes into my pussy a lot easier since I am soaking wet. I feel full and I love it. "Sir, slap my ass, I need to be punished for screaming" Still pulling my head back Tom's hand comes down hard on my left ass check. It stings for a second, but it gets warm. I yell "HARDER" A second hand comes down onto my ass and it is harder. It is more then stinging this time. "You like that you slut. He is another for the dirty slut on the bed" WHAM another comes down on my ass.

Another 5 slaps connect with my ass. My ass is on fire. Tom walks back to the front of the bed and shoves his cock back into my throat. He is fucking my throat like I have never been gagged before in my life.

His cock seems bigger and longer then before. All of a sudden I hear Tom say "Hey, come over in a couple of hours, I'll give you a discount" I feel Tom tense up and his cock gets pulled out of my mouth. He grabs my hair and holds my head still.

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I know what is coming so I close my eyes and wait to get splashed in the face. I get slapped and Tom says "Open your eyes. You are going to want to see this cum slut" I open my eyes and I get sprayed in the face with his great white cum.

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It hits me in the forehead and drips down my face. I have my mouth open trying taste any that happens to fall in my mouth. I get untied and my face wiped off. I sit on the side of the bed recovering. "Did you enjoy that" "You know I did, I love getting treated like a whore" "I have decided to make a couple more rooms, each room is going to have a theme." "Ohh ya what are they" "Well this room is just going to be sex, whatever they want they get, the basement will be anyone who wants to dominate you, whipping and things like that.


The master bedroom is going to be people that want you to dominate them. The second bedroom will be for gangbangs, and finally the kitchen is going to be for couples that want to watch you fucking their their husbands or wife" "Sounds good to me. When are people coming?" "Well should be now actually." I hear the doorbell ring.

Here is the first of many.

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This is going to be fun