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CHAPTER 8 Old Friends Part 1: Memories of Mount Gloria Mount Gloria is an old area of the canyon where Hunter and Jake became the best of friends. Most people say it's a cursed place, so no one goes there… Except boys who don't believe in fairy tales. As Jake approached Mount Gloria, his mind began playing tricks on him, showing some of his memories in each part of Mount Gloria where Jake had been.

Specially, the tallest spot in the area, which had a beautiful sight during sunset. The orange sky, and one could see Lucy Street and much more from there. Quite a sight to behold. One of his memories triggered when Jake approached a spot in Mount Gloria, a huge rock. He recalled when he was laying on his back on top of that old rock, and Hunter was sitting right beside him. It was late in the night, the boys could see the beautiful dark sky, filled with stars: "Hey look Jay! A shooting star!" screamed Hunter.

"Nah… Must be an airplane." Said Jake, with his hands behind his head. "Ya know… You can be a real pain sometimes, Jay." "Sorry… Look, maybe it was an UFO." "Gimme a break, Jay!" "All right, it was a shooting star, then." "I heard I could make a wish when I see a shooting star in the sky." "Too late for that." "Well… I'll just wait for another one…" "I don't think there'll be another shooting star, Hunter…" "Look, another one!

Told ya!! 'Kay… Gonna make my wish now…" The boys were silent, and Jake was surprised that another shooting star had appeared. The boy looked carefully at Hunter, who had his eyes closed. Then, suddenly: "There… I made my wish." Said Hunter. "What did you wish for?" asked Jake. "Can't tell you, or it won't come true." "Oh, gimme a break, Hunter!" "Sorry, it's the rules." Said Hunter with a smile on his face, then he layed on his back, next to Jake: "Don't worry, Jay… When it comes true, I'll tell you.

Promise." "Better not take too long, then." The images disappeared, and Jake found himself looking at the old rock, and noticed it was almost sunset.

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Jake continued on his way to the spot where he would meet Hunter. Part 2: Jake and Hunter Jake arrived to the spot, and saw Hunter, with Seth and Gary holding a tied up boy, knocked out boy. It was Fabio. "Don't worry about him. He's just asleep. I'm a freakin' genius." Said Hunter, looking at Jake coming closer. Hunter walked closer to Jake, and punched him staright in the face: "I was thinking… Maybe I'll just beat you up until you can't even stand up.

Or maybe I'll just beat you up until you I feel you have suffered enough. Whichever happens, I don't really care." Said Hunter, and punched Jake in the face again.

The boy fell to the ground. Hunter kicked Jake, putting him on his back, and sat on his knees on top of Jake. Hunter grabbed Jake by the hair and gave him another punch to his face: "Oh, I remember this…" said Hunter, "Don't you remember, Jay?" Jake's memories triggered again. Jake remembered being in that same spot, with Hunter on top of him, naked.


Jake was fucking Hunter, and Hunter was moaning really loud and sweating a lot. Jake came in his ass, and Hunter layed on top of Jake and devoured his lips with passionate kisses. Both boys were hugging each other, pressing their bodies on each other.

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His memories faded away when Hunter punched him again. "It was a nice fuck I had that day… Too bad it was with the wrong guy, though." Said Hunter, as he got ready for another punch. When he was about to punch Jake again, his arm was stopped by someone who kicked him in the face, pulling Hunter off of Jake. Hunter tried to stand up and recover from that kick, when he looked behind him, he saw Kiyan trying to help Jake stand up. Shawn was behind one of the trees, away from the scene.

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"Well, well, well… How cute. Nice to see you again, Kay. That was a nice kick." "Shut up, Hunter." "I told you not to bring anybody else, Jay…" "I came here on my own, Hunter." "You two are so dead now." Said Hunter, taking out a knife from his pocket. Hunter went closer to Kiyan, who was walking away from Hunter, away from the knife. Not looking to where he was going, Kiyan tripped on a rock on the ground and fell. Hunter got closer and was about to stab the boy.


A huge scream was heard in Mount Gloria. A huge scream of pain… But it wasn't Kiyan's… It was Hunter's. Kiyan opened his eyes, and saw Hunter on the floor, with a knife stabbed on him. Kiyan tried to stand up and figure out what happened. Shawn came next to him: "You ok, Kiyan?" "What happened?" "The guy was about to stab you, 'till Jake pushed him away, one heck of a fight, Jake has a few scratches from that knife, and he stabbed it on Hunter, after taking it from him." "Jake was on his knees next to Hunter, looking down at him.

Hunter was slowly opening his eyes, the boy was filled with pain. He was looking up, and saw Jake's face. A lot of things went through Hunter's mind. Most of them, being the moments that proved to him Jake was his best friend… Memories Hunter had forgotten, until now. "You'll be all right, Hunter. Just hang in there. Seth and Gary ran to get some help, you'll be all right soon." Said Jake. "W… why? Why did you abandon us…?" asked Hunter, with a whisper, filled with pain.

"I never abandoned you, Hunter. You said my mom told you I never wanted to be your friend… I never said that. My mom never liked you, anyway, so… I guess that's what happened." Said Jake. "All of this… When we could be friends…?" asked Hunter, with his painful whisper.

"It was an accident, Hunter. I didn't mean to stab you… You'll be all right, just hang in there." "I'm… Sorry…" "Forget about it. We can be friends again, if you want. I'm sure it was just my mom trying to take you away. She never liked you, I don't blame her. You really got on her nerves… I liked that about you…" "So… We're still… Friends.?" "Yeah, of course… I don't wanna fight anymore.

Never wanted to in the first place…" "Ya know… Jay… My wish… It came true." "Your wish?" "Yeah… The one I made… That night, remember?" "Yeah, what did you wish for?" "I… I wished… That we would be friends for…Forever…" Kiyan sit next to Jake, looking at the injured boy on the floor.

Kiyan saw the injury caused by the knife. The knife had been taken off, and it seems Jake has done everything he could to aid Hunter. Now it was all up to Seth and Gary to find help. Hunter looked at the boy sitting next to Jake: "I'm sorry…" whispered Hunter. "It's ok, Hunter… I just hope we don't have any other problems now." Said Kiyan. Jake put his arm around Kiyan and spoke: "I guess you weren' properly introduced. Kiyan, this is Hunter, my best friend.

Hunter, this is Kiyan… My little guardian angel." Part 3: New Memories Fabio spent a couple days at home, and told his parents the same story made up to protect all of the boys involved: Seth, Gary, Hunter, Fabio, Jake, Kiyan and Shawn went to Mount Gloria to have some fun together. Hunter had found the knife, and was goofing around and stabbed himself by accident.

Some might not believe the story, but none of the boys made up too many details and they all told the same excuse. Hunter spent a few days in the hospital and was allowed to go home, although he couldn't go to school or do pretty much anything until he was fully recovered.

After being taken to the hospital with Kiyan and the boys, Shawn found out his parents had passed away, the boy had no family, so Kiyan asked his father if Shawn could be adopted and become Kiyan's little foster brother.

Seth and Gary never pulled any bully actions in school again, both boys spent most of the time wih Fabio or Kiyan and Jake, awaiting Hunter's big return to school and reform their little "gang", bu this time, Hunter had decided to hang out with Kiyan and Jake more often, and try to work a bit harder in school, although he had missed too many classes to advance to 10th grade.

Jake didn't change his mind about going back to Hollywood life and be home-schooled, the boy had decided to finish school with Kiyan, and advance to a career as an actor in a few years, after finishing college.

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With his mom's help, he would surely return to Hollywood… Who knows. Kiyan looked back to his life before meeting Jake. He was quite the shy-type. With barely any friends, Kiyan used to watch Jake on Tv.

Now Kiyan works hard in school, with the help of his best friend, Jake Warsavage. Kiyan sat on the stairwell that had become their special hanging-out place. Kiyan sat there, with Jake by his side: "So… You busy tonight?" asked Kiyan. "Maybe. I think I'm gonna sleepover at an angel's house. Since tommorow is Saturday, I thought maybe he wouldn't mind if I spent the weekend there too." Said Jake, with a smile. "Heh… Did you ask him yet?" "Noo… I'll ask him now… " Jake looked closely into Kiyan's eyes, and then, turned his gaze towards Fabio, who was with some friends, "Hey Fabio!

Can I spend the weekend at your place?" "Hey!" shouted Kiyan. "Never mind that Fabio! Sorry, buddy." "I thought you were serious." "Sorry…" "Wanna try again?" "Ok… Can I spend the night at your place, angel?" "Sure!" shouted Kiyan right away. "Cool." "Jakey?" "Yeah?" "Wasn't Hunter supposed to be back in school today?" "I think so. Why?" "Haven't seen him since that day…" "Forget about it.

Hunter's a friend now." "I know… Just wondering where he is." "Then, stop wondering!" said a voice behind them. It was Hunter. "Don't do that!" said Kiyan, after standing up and noticing who was the boy behind him. "Sorry. I'm here now! It's party time!" said Hunter. "What? There's no party for you, Hunter!

Not until I hear a doctor say that you're 100%." Said Jake. "You wish! If I think it's party time, then it's party time! C'mon, let's go have some fun!" "What about our class?" "Mr. Robinson won't be here today, so we don't have class." Explained Hunter. "How do you know?" asked Kiyan. "Cuz he's Gary's old man.

Gary told me his dad is feeling sick today. Is that enough for you loverboys? Can we go have some fun now?" "We'll think about it." Said Jake. "Wha.!?

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Gimme a break, Jay! I just came back!" "Exactly. You just came back. Now Kiyan and I are gonna be tortured every recess now." Said Jake, with a smile on his face. "Yeah, yeah… Let's go, Kay!" "Going." Said Kiyan. "What!? You're going?" asked Jake. "Duh!

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Of course! Hunter just came back! I say we have some fun together, just the 3 of us. Unless you don't wanna." "I was thinking we could go to your house and make out…" said Jake. "Heh, tough luck, buddy! Life isn't all about sex!" said Hunter. "That's not what I meant." Said Jake. "Hey boys. Can we go now?" interrupted Kiyan. Kiyan's life changed forever, and for the better.


The small group that swore to forever be the best of friends: Jake Warsavage, the superstar of the group… Hunter Lawrence, the tough guy… And Kiyan Roberts, the little Guardian angel. The End