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-Part One- Hey, I'm Jacob. 36 years old. My daughter turned 14 three days ago. She's Lexi. Her and a few of her friends were walking home from school one day, and that's where it all started.

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Lexi's Point of View----- We laughed. It had been a while since me and my friends all walked home. About half way there, a man in a truck pulled up to us. "Hey, you kids need a ride? Your fathers sent me over to get you, they're stuck at work." "Our dads don't even know eachother, they wouldn't send anyone to get us, either!" I screamed.

We all ran away. I knew what he wanted. Sex. We had done a whole unit on that in health ju"st over this past week. Finally it was Friday. A whole weekend with my dad. How bad could it be? He doesn't embarasse me, and since Mom passed away, he's been rather fun. "What would have happened if I'd gone with him," I thought. No. Bad thing to think about.

But now I couldn't get it out of my head.

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I thought of what it would feel like. I've played with my breasts a it in the past, just to see what it was like, so I pretty much knew how that goes. Not bad. When I got home, my dad called me in, and my friends had to leave. "Damn," I thought, "now that I've thought about that, I notice the little things." I looked at my dad and noticed a slight bulge in his pants. I also noticed his chest, which looked more muscular than it normally does.

Jacob's Point of View----- Lexi walked in. I noticed she was a little pale. She stared at me blankly. "Hey, honey, you look like you've seen a ghot!" I gave her a small laugh. "Dad, I need to talk to you," she softly said.

"Of course, you can talk to me about anything." We sat down on the couch. She told me about the man that pulled up to her, and about the thoughts she'd been having. "Well, it's perfectly normal to want to have sex around your age. Hell, I even did." She gave a small sigh and her face flushed. Lexi looked down for a moment, then looked back at me.

"Do. do you think that. we. could have sex?" She slowly asked. I just looked at her. It wasn't until then when I realised that my little girl had become a woman. I just noticed the slightly large for her age breasts, and how short skirts I was actually allowing her to wear.

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"I don't know, Lexi. It's just not right at your age." "But you said it was perfectly normal!" "To want it." Later in the day, Lexi brought out her computer-to-television cable. She spend a while on her laptop without plugging it in. That night at dinner, she plugged it in.

"Dad, there's a video I want to show you. It's aout 40 minutes long." I figured 40 minutes couldn't hurt. She turned it on, and about five minutes later, I found out I was watching a porn video. She smiled at me the whole time, with her hands around her breasts. I wanted to yell at her, but it sort of made me want to have sex with her at this point.

"Do you really want sex this bad?" Part Two I carried Lexi into my bedroom. She was laying on top of me, legs spread over my pelvis. We were making out deeply, with tounge. She started licking my neck, and I slowly rubed my hands on her back and worked my way down to her ass. I slapped it a few times. She gave a little yelp each time. "Dad, I don't wanna go through the ten minutes of kissing or anything that the pornstars do, I just want sex." I was fine with that, honestly, I didn't really enjoy the whole kissy-feely thing either.

Lexi raised herself. She quickly took her top off, exposing her pink bra. It must've been a D-cup. Slowly, and hesitantly, she took her bra off. She smiled at me. Her nipples were hard. She came back down laying on top of me. I turned her around so her back was on me. I grabbed her breasts andshe moaned lightly. I moved them around a bit and the moaning increased. I moved my fingers over her nipples and toyed with them a bit, moving my fingers fast.

This nearly turned the moan into a yell. Now I combind the two. I moved her breasts while playing with her nipples.

She was satisfyingly yelling. Lexi arched her back as I felt her pussy get really wet. She was enjoying this. I moved her off of me.


I took my shirt and pants off. Lexi smiled doen at my boxers. Without warning, she yanked them off. Seeing my little girl like this made me hard. She toyed with my dick a little. She laid back down on me, her shorts by my face.

I took them off, surprising her. She started sucking my dick. I licked her pussy a bit, and she moaned really loud. Her pussy was small, let me tell you. Maybe I could fit up there.

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Lexi dcided she was done sucking, and put my 6-inch between her breasts. She moved her breasts up and down, giving me a titjob. I felt myself about to cum. "Stop!" I warned her, and she slowly stopped. I tld her to stand. Lexi got up and off me. I went over to her and pulled her panties down. She looked down and smiled, touching herself a bit.

I laid down on the bed. Lexi got up on top of me. Slowly, she lifted my dick and put it in her pussy. Flexing her legs down, she moaned in pleasure. She went up, and stopped right before the head. And back down. Lexi got a bit faster each time. I was surprised how much ease it took to get my dick in there.


Her blond hair was moving each time she moved. Faster, faster and faster. It felt so good, I couldn't help but give off a small moan. She started screaming in pleasure.

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"Dad, I feel something coming!" "I do too, honey," I said back. The next thing i know, she has her first orgasm, there. The bit of blood mixed from her virginity made it warm trickling down my chest. As she had it, she screamed. I took myself out of Lexi. I pointed my dick twoard her breasts and jerked out until I came on them. She curiously played with the cum I just sent out at her, maybe a few tablespoons. Lexi covered her breasts lightly in a layer of cum, came up and kissed me.

"Let's not let things be weird, 'kay?" She asked. I nodded.