First anal date cum inside my ass

First anal date cum inside my ass
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It all started when I was 10 and my brother was 12.

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We grew up being very close to each other. We were only under 2 years apart, and had a great relationship. We did the typical brother things, espeically horseplay. One day though, the horseplay turned into something different. We spent the entire day in the pool, and my brother got out first. I followed about 1/2 and hour later. He had already taken a shower and was in his room with the door closed. I walked in (no, we never bothered to knock), and saw him with his dick in his hand. We had seen each other naked just about every day of our lives, so this was nothing new.

I had seen him with a hard on, and he had seen me with one, no big deal. This time though, he was yanking and cranking on his dick while looking at a book. He looked suprised, and tried to cover what he was doing.but it was quite obvious. I jump on the bed and asked what he was looking at. He showed me a torn and nappy looking book with pictures of women naked.

I said, "Cool, let me see too!" I started looking and instantly had a hard on. I had played with myself before (actually quite a bit), but did not fully understand the meaning on my dick yet. My brother asked me if I liked playing with myself. I told him yes, but that I did not do it often. He told me that he did and asked if I wanted to see how he did it.

He uncovered his massive hard on again, and started rubbing in on his arm (yes, on his arm.

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he would rub the head of it back on forth on his arm, and to this day I have never seen anyone else do that). After he would rub it a bit, he would grab it and yank hard. He stopped after a few minutes, and took his hand to instruct me on the corrent methods.

It felt so good having his hand jerking me off I was amazed. He asked if I wanted to try it on his and I was excited to. I grab it with both hands and worked it (a little too hard at first I think). Looking back now, his cock was beautiful. No hair, a good 5-6 inches and so soft and silky. No hair at all either, just a beautiful shaft. I felt the "tingling" down below about the same time he did. We turned on the TV and watched a few cartoons aftewards. He asked if I wanted to try something else at night, and I said "sure".

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After dinner that night we went down the basement to the den while our mother was out on the deck with the neighbors. Even though it was light out, it as fairly dark downstairs as there were only small windows up top, and he turned the lights off.

The TV was on and that was it. He asked if I wanted to try something cool. He told me to take my shorts off, and I did quickly. He then turned the TV off and I could barely see. I quickly felt something warm, soft and wonderful on my still soft cock. Even though it was not light, I was still able to see my brother had his mouth on my cock! WOW! This felt great! I asked if I could sit down and he said sure.


I sat on the couch and he knelt between my legs. Now my cock was not quite as big, maybe 4 inches or so, but he was going all the way down. I never felt so good in my entire life. I could see the shadow of his head bobbing up and down on my cock. After only minutes, my body got stiff and I shook all over. It was amazing. My brother came up and kissed me and sat next to me. I pulled my shorts back up, and noticed he just took his down. Again, there he was rubbing his cock on his arm.

I asked if he wanted me to lick him like he did me. I said, "if you want to only." Of coarse I did! I loved my brother deeply, and felt I needed to repay him for his service.

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I got between his legs, and put his cock in my mouth. WOW.

it was amazing. Warm, smooth as silk and pulsing.


He had a faint scent of musk, and he moaned LOADLY when I took him in my mouth. He told me to watch the teeth and just enjoy. I was able to suck the head mostly, and not much further down. He gently held my head as I loudly slurped away.

It tasted so good, and it was making me horny again. I could tell it felt as good for him as it did for me. Within minutes, he started to tense up a bit, held his breath and then let it out with a big sigh. I continued to suck him until he started to giggle and said it tickled.

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This was a 100% true story, and I would love to continue with other stories about my brother and I as it progressed, even including a friend of his.