Collg life long sex stories bf

Collg life long sex stories bf
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This happened when I was 18 years old and had just started highschool and was very curious about sex, like every other teenager. Me and my two friends entered class and walk to our usual sit places in the back of the class room.


This was the fourth Spanish lesson so far. It was early on the autumn, middle of September.

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So we walked over and sat down and opened up our laptops. Although we didn't really need them, but Facebook was more interesting than hearing our teacher speaking bad Spanish. So class began and she began talking about what we were going to do today and checked if we had done our homework. But I couldn't hear a word, as usual. I was looking at her, more staring than looking though. Because she was so beautiful.

She was probably in her early 30's but she looked like she was 25. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and a great ass. She was quite short, about 155CM perhaps. She had a big ass(for her size) and two small breasts, probably B-cup. Although I couldn't see them too much. Time went on and I glanced at her as often as I could.

I think she noticed because sometimes I couldn't help myself from staring. I had a huge hard on, but since I were sitting at a desk it wasn't visible.


I hoped at least. I was just wearing sweatpants so it was hard to hide if I were to stand up. But I was sitting at the desk when she was helping someone in the row in front of me and then she turned around and dropped her pencil.

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She bow down to pick it up and she saw my big bulge. After a few seconds she rose again and looked me in the eyes and blinked with her left eye. Then she walked away to help some other student. I was stunned. After a few minutes more class was over, this was the last class of today as well so everybody were relieved, and since it was Friday as well, people were talking about the plans of the weekend.

I stood up last of everybody and held my laptop-bag at my groin to try to hide my bulge. - Peter, you may stay. I need to talk to you about the test we had. She told me. I froze up and stood still. She's going to notice my cock now I thought nervously. Everybody left the classroom whispering about how bad my result must have been.

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She walked up to me looking straight in my eyes, grabbed my laptop-bag and put it away on the table. - I've noticed your glaring, Peter. She said teasingly. And then looked down on my groin. - That's a nice bulge you got there, Peter.

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She said and moved closer to me so our bodies met. I stood there speechless with my hard cock aching. She then kissed my quickly. And looked me in the eyes. Then she kissed me long, our tongues met and we french kissed. I put my hands on her back and moved them down to her ass, squeezing it carefully. She moved her hand down to my sweatpants and pulled my cock out.

Then she began stroking it slowly.

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She then unbuttoned her blouse and bra and threw them on the floor. I stared at her beautiful perky breasts and couldn't help myself from sucking on her nipples.

She moaned quietly as she unbuttoned her jeans. She took off her shoes, blue jeans and her panties. She now stood there, in front of me, in the classroom, all naked. She had a little bush on above her pussy. I had never been so horny ever. She spat on her fingers and began touching her pussy.

She got surprised when she noticed how wet she was. I stood there like a fool with my cock straight out in the air and stared. Then she bent over a desk, with her perfect ass pointing at me. - What are you waiting for? I moved up to her and grabbed my cock and tried to direct it into her wet love-hole. After a few tries I managed to squeeze in and she moaned a little.

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This was the best feeling ever! I began fucking her wet cunt slowly. - Ahh, faster please. She moaned out. I tried to pick up pace but it was hard. It was my first time.

But I managed to pick up pace a little and she began moaning quite loud. My balls were slapping against her pussy as I was fucking her fast. It splashed from her wet cunt and we both were close to cumming. I could feel her pussy shaking. - Don't cum inside me! She moaned out with heavy breathing. Then she came violently, her legs were shaking and she cried out "OH MY GOD!", several times. But I kept fucking her. Then I noticed, that I were going to cum any second now.

- I'm gonna cum! I shouted and pulled out. She quickly turned around and was going to take it in her mouth but she didn't make it. I shot a huge load over the face and tits. She looked at me and tried to give me an angry face, but then we both burst out in laughter. She then took my half-flaccid cock and sucked out the remaining.

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- Look at what a mess you did! She said. I look at her face and chest. There really were cum all over. Hearing steps in the corridor, both our faces turned quickly. - Someone is coming! Get dressed! I ordered both of us.

I put my dick inside my pants again and picked up her bra and blouse as she put on her jeans again. I threw her the bra and she turned around. - Quick!

Button it for me! She commanded. I did as she said and on the same run I helped her with the blouse on. She grabbed some book lying on the table and opened it, then she wiped it over her face removing as much cum as she could. - Hello!

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Is anybody in her? We're about to lock the school now! The principal shouted through the door. - Yes, I was just talking to a student. She answered and smiled at me. - Lets go. She said and smiled. I grabbed my laptop-bag and followed her, with a big smile on my face. **To be continued. ;)**