Busty latina schoolgirl rides a fat member pornstars cumshots

Busty latina schoolgirl rides a fat member pornstars cumshots
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Frank Delgado pushed the door to the guest room open. The room was currently being occupied by his new "grand daughter", his son had just married the girls mother and due to other plans falling through the sixty seven year old had volunteered to take her for the two weeks that the new couple would be gone on their honeymoon. He hadn't actually met her until the day of the wedding and the girl was not at all what he expected. As he'd approached her from behind, his son just ahead to make the introduction, he noted that she was very tiny at least from the back.

When she turned to face him he almost choked.

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She had enormous tits, if they hadn't been attached to the body of a young (he wasn't even sure she had started highschool yet) and he knew very overprotected teen he wouldn't even have believed they were real. His mouth began to water as visions of what those watermelons would look like naked flashed through his perverted old mind.

His cock stiffened as he reluctantly drew his eyes to her pretty face.


"Call me grandpa honey", he said smiling and pulling her into a tight grandfatherly hug. That had been last weekend.

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Bridgette had been here for three days now and grandpa was dying to get after those giant titties. He'd tried earlier that day. He had her dusting the shelf above the couch where he had been conveniently sitting. As soon as her lucious knockers had gotten close to his face he'd grabbed them and playfully "motorboated" her.

She shrieked and jerked back, smacking him in the side of the head with the can of pledge she was holding and ran to her room.

Not before he had felt her nipples hardening through her bra tho. He knew that he was going to have to relax her a little bit before he could play with her giant titties. He wanted to make her feel good, to teach her how to enjoy her young body and his old one.


He'd ended up leaving her alone for the rest of the day leaving her dinner on a tray outside her door. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes and gravy with a half a valium crushed up into it. She ate every bite, he noted with satisfaction. A while later he made her some hot cocoa with the other half of the pill dissolved into it and took it upstairs. Bridgette was lying on the bed, propped up watching tv. Her eyes were red and swollen and she blushed furiously when he entered the room.

He sat next to her on the bed and handed her the cup of hot chocolate, wondering how affected she'd been by the first half of the valium. She took the cocoa and mumbled a thank you and he stroked her long dark hair away from her face.

"I'm sorry if I embarrassed you baby. It's just that your boobies are so big and firm and pretty and they were right in my face. I thougth maybe you were teasing grandpa i thought maybe you knew that i just really love boobies." She blushed even deeper and sipped at her cocoa, not looking at him, "It's ok grandpa".

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"Haven't you ever had your titties sucked on honey?" Knowing full well that she hadn't. Her mother had home schooled her and monitored everything she watched and read. She'd told Frank herself that her daughter was completely naive about sex.

She shook her head and turned almost purple. "Oh I can't believe that princess. Titties like those were made to be sucked and teased. When did those things grow so big anyway?" He waited for an answer, "Princess? When did your titties get so big?" She buried her face in her hands and he could barely make out when she said "Last summer" "Hmmmm, what size is your bra?" Still mumbling she said, "30JJ". "Oh goodness that's very big, I'll bet you've thought about having them sucked on haven't you?" She didn't answer just continued blushing.

He thought his cock was gonna tear through his pants it was so hard. He kissed the top of her head and stood up deciding to let the whole pill kick in, let her doze a little bit. He thought he'd better go jack off, he'd get to suck on those big beauties just as soon as the other half of that valium kicked in "OK sweetie, please don't be embarrassed about having big giant titties.

grandpa really loves them and grandpa would never hurt you ok?" She nodded and he left the room. He returned thrirty minutes later and as he hoped she had fallen asleep.

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She was lying on top of the blankets flat on her back which was just the position he wanted her in. Quietly he slipped over to the bed and carefully raised her arms above her head where he tied them to the iron bars of her headboard. Her big firm titties were like beach balls straining under the fabric of her thin tank top.

Grandpa leaned over and stroked her face, he was dying to see those tits but wanted her awake and aware. It was a huge turn on to think about seeing her face when a man was looking at her naked breasts for the first time. He softly kissed her neck and allowed his hand to lightly caress one of her juicy mounds.

She moaned slightly and moved her body. He continued kissing her neck and cheek, his hands stroking one big boobie and then the other. She moaned louder and tried to move her arms. He smiled as she realized that she couldn't and her eyes flew open, terrified. "What's happening?" she was dazed. Grandpa continued playing with her breasts, squeezing them and gently cupping her hardened nipples and kissing her neck and face. "Mmmm don't worry baby, you're ok". "Grandpa why can't i move my arms?" tears began to well in her eyes.

Smiling down at her he said, "I wanted to make sure you wouldn't hit me again so i tied your hands. Don't worry princess, grandpa wants to play with you and make you feel good." She began crying, "Please untie me grandpa, i'm scared" He shook his head, "Hmmm mm sweetie, i need to make sure you know how important it is to keep your hands to yourself.

Just relax baby." He bent his head toward her titties and gently bit down on one of her throbbing nipples and then the other causing her to arch her back and cry out. "Are you ready to show me these big knockers honey?" She shook her head, "No grandpa, please untie me, please!" Sighing he lifted himself from the bed and looked around the room, quickly spotting her laundry basket.

He retrieved a pair of cotton panties (the pair she'd worn yesterday) and stuffed them into her mouth, saying firmly, "Now no more of that, you are not going to be untied until i am finished with you and that's that." He sat down next to her again and pulled the thin straps of her tank top down her shoulders and arms until her lucious teen tits were completely exposed.

They were more beautiful than he imagined. Watermelon sized, creamy white mounds topped with enormous pale pink and at the moment completely engorged nipples. He moaned, "Let me suckle you princess, oh my God" His mouth closed around the taught flesh and he began to gently suck on it, flicking his tongue across it and biting all at the same time.

Bridgette moaned loudly through her gag and moved her hips.

Grandpa kissed her big juggs and began gently sucking the other teat. Bridgette began moaning and writhing like crazy. This went on for several minutes until suddenly her young body stiffened and then began shuddering uncontrobally with her first orgasm. Grandpa kissed her full on the lips, slipping his tongue into her mouth, "Did you come princess?

Did granpa make you cum just sucking on those gorgeous beach balls? My, my you have very sensitive nipples. Oh yes sweetie and those juggies were more than ready to be sucked and teased weren't they?" She just stared up at him her eyes wide and unblinking.

He smiled at her, standing up he began to remove his pants. "Have you ever seen a cock baby?" She shook her head furiously as his pants dropped to the ground. Stepping out of them he climbed back on to the bed, this time straddling her, his big and very hard cock creating quite an impressive underwear clad "package".

"I'm gonna titty fuck you princess, you'll like that a lot" he moved forward postioning his nut sac above her face, "but first i'm gonna rub my nuts on your face.", he said as he began doing just that.

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Grabbing her on either side of her face he slowly began gyrating his heavy ball sac over every inch of her innocent looking young face. He reached down and pulled her underwear out of her mouth, "suck on my nuts baby" He moaned loudly as he felt her warm mouth through the thick cotton of his briefs.

"Suck them baby, suck my balls into your mouth", he pushed downward filling her mouth with as much of his tennis ball sized nuts as he could. She moaned and began to suck on them softly.

"Mmmmm", he pulled his underwear down, enjoying the sight of it springing out and bouncing off her face. He grabbed his 9 in rod and lightly smacked her mouth a few times before removing his underwear completely and positioning himself above her quivering funbags. His throbbing pole landed between her tits with a thud as he grabbed them from the sides and wrapped them around his thick meat and began sliding it back and forth.

She moaned, "grandpa, grandpa.oh yes" He squeezed her boobs harder and began thrusting faster. "Open your eyes and look at grandpa honey, look at me while i'm fucking your beautiful boobies." Obediently she looked up at him and he was overwhelmed with the urge to watch her sucking on his cock. Placing his thick cockhead on her lips he commanded, "kiss it" she did as she was told giving him a light peck that caused a shiver to run through his body.

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He smacked her mouth with his cock again, "Keep kissing it baby, use your tongue, oh yes princess lick grandpas big fat cockhead." Bridgette was moaning and kissing and licking his head eagerly.

"Oh you're such a good girl honey, suck it now baby, pull your lips down over your teeth like this", he pulled his lips over his teeth making an O, showing her what she was to do, "and keep looking at me honey", She followed his example and he plunged his anaconda into her mouth, she moaned loudly, vibrating his cock.

"Oh fuck yeah, I'm gonna feed you this cock baby!" He began slowly thrusting his cock down her throat, slapping her lightly on the cheek when her eyes began to close, "Look at me Bridgitte, look at grandpa frankie. Suck on it while i'm feeding it to you honey, suck it as hard as you can" Moaning the young teen did as she was told and begans sucking on the old man's cock vigorously as he began fucking her face harder and faster.

It was all too much, the innocent blue eyes opened so wide as he watched her pretty mouth sucking at his meatpole, the slurping and gagging and moaning sounds combined with the pure pleasure of feeling her hot wet sucking mouth caused his balls to tighten, "Oh baby!", he cried, "Here's your treat princess, mmmmmm here i cum baby get ready to eat your first load" She could feel his cock begin to jerk and throb in her mouth and then tasted the saltiness and grandpa began to shoot thick creamy loads of jizz into her mouth.

She tried to let it dribble out of her mouth but grandpa smacked her cheek, "You swallow me baby, swallow that load" Finally after the last little load had dumped in her mouth he made her open it so he could see that she had swallowed it all. He leaned down smiling and slowly sucked her tits again.

"Mmmmmm Bridgitte you are a good girl. Time to get some sleep now sweetie" and never bothering to untie her he picked up his clothes and left the room.