Strumpets enjoy thick wang therapy

Strumpets enjoy thick wang therapy
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When you enter the barn, my mattress is against the far wall. I am still chained to the wall so that I can't escape but I can lie on the mattress rather comfortably. Above me on the wall hangs a riding crop, a leather strap and various bondage equipment. I am trying to get some sleep but this huge dog is nosing around trying to get between my legs. I keep pushing him away but he keeps coming back. I didn't hear anyone come into the barn but I felt the hand in my hair yanking me up into my knees.

afraid to move, I stay on my knees as I hear someone taking one of the implements off the wall. The next thing I know, my ass is being beaten by the leather strap. The beating keeps going until there are tears streaming down my face. I am scared and confused as to why I am being beaten until a female voice I hadn't heard before tells me that good bitches never turn down a chance to carry out her duty as a bitch.

She pushes my face down into the mattress and presents me to the dog who was molesting me. He sniffs my ass and then immediately jumps on my back and starts to hump wildly. She guides his dick into my cunt and he starts fucking me hard.

The massive dog is pounding me like the bitch I am. It hurts so bad as his knot grows inside me that I start to cry out. The woman in charge of this session slaps me across the face and tells me that bitches don't cry.

I struggle to keep quiet but it hurts so much. His knot is huge. The biggest one that has ever been in my tight cunt. He is fucking me hard and fast. I am nothing to him except a bitch to mate with. It hurts so much that I cry out again and each cry gets me slapped hard across the face.

I still have not looked up to see whoever is in charge today since I have kept my eyes averted for fear of being beaten again. The thrusting from behind stops as I feel my pussy being filled with hot dog cum but the dog and I are still tied together. He swings his leg over so that we are ass to ass. My eyes are closed when I get another slap across the face. I open my eyes to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.Of course she is naked, no one here wears clothes.

She has long, flowing auburn hair with beautiful blue eyes and tells me her name is Jazmin. She is everything a man could want in a woman. Even though I have never had lesbian tendencies, I wanted to touch her, feel her, taste her.

My mouth watered and my pussy got wet just thinking about the things she could do to me and I would be helpless to stop. And I don't believe I would want her to ever stop.

She asks me if I had ever licked pussy before because bitches are good at licking pussy. I am too scared to tell her no but my lack of response angers her and she starts beating my ass again.

The knot has not gone down enough for the dog's cock to leave my pussy so anytime she hits me, the dog tries to pull away but can't because we are locked together. I have never felt anything like this before. The leather strap comes down so hard and the dog is trying to pull his cock out. Both actions hurt me immensely.

I want to scream my lungs out but i am so scared. She keeps pounding on my ass the entire time the dog and I are knotted. My ass is so sore.


Red and abused like a bad bitch deserves. Finally the swelling goes down enough and the satisfied dog walks away. I dare not move. The beating slows but gets harder. I can feel the welts growing and am pretty sure I am bleeding in places. Finally her arm gets tired and she walks in front of me and squats down and pulls my face close to hers and tells me that I have great promise to be a great bitch. She takes the lock off my chain holding me to the wall and leads me to a table in the corner.

She orders me to lie down on my back and I do as I am told. She straps my arms down then spreads my legs as far apart as they will go and straps them down. I am trembling, terrified of what comes next. Jazmin takes the riding crop and begins to beat my tits.

It hurts so much that tears stream down my cheeks. She squeezes my nipples to get them hard and then beats them with the riding crop. Holy fuck it hurts. But I don't let as much as a whimper slip past my lips. She beats me for a good 5 minutes all over my chest. As she starts to slap my exposed cunt with the riding crop, someone else enters the barn.

It is the one that I have pretty much figured out is the father of the boys who captured me. I now assume that this sadistic young woman, Jazmin, is his daughter. Father stands to the side with his dick in his hand as he watches his offspring abuse the bitch.

After she finishes lashing my clit, she goes to her father, drops to her knees and engulfs her father's cock. She gives him a blowjob that was so incredible it did not take him long to cum in her wanton mouth. She asks her dad to watch me while she runs into the house to get something. He comes over with the leather strap and starts beating my tits and clit. He is hitting me as hard as he can just because he wants to.

I can see the welts swelling up on my poor tits and my cunt is just on fire. He reaches behind him and grabs the first thing he wraps his hand around. It is a hammer. He takes the handle of the hammer and shoves it into my cunt.

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He fucks me hard and fast with the hammer until Jazmin returns with a cooler. She watches her daddy fuck the bitch with the hammer. This site gets her horny so she climbs on top of the bitch and sits on my face backwards so she can see what her beloved daddy is doing to my cunt.

I tentatively lick her pussy at first, but she grabs a nipple and squeezes hard telling me that she wants to cum not just sit there. I start licking fervently. She asks him to fuck me with something bigger. He grabs a beer bottle and tries to shove it into my cunt but it won't go. She leans over and pulls my pussy as far open as it will go.

It still does not want to go in but he pushes harder and harder. Finally it goes in a little so he takes the opportunity to slam it all the way in. He fucks me with that beer bottle as hard and deep as he can. I am still licking her cunt like my life depends on it, and I am afraid it does. It doesn't take long for her to get tired of watching her father fuck me with the beer bottle so she starts yelling for him to fuck me with something bigger. He leaves the bottle inside me and goes looking for something else to fuck the bitch with.

He was searching and searching when he came across an aluminum bat. When the daughter sees the bat, her excitement grows.Father removes the bottle from my cunt. He doesn't immediately fuck me with it. He first grabs the leather strap and beats my cunt with it. The pain is excruciating and I can't get away so I just take it while I lick the first pussy I have ever licked.

I am enjoying the feel of her clit on my tongue and wish my hands were free so that I could stick my fingers in her wet pussy. Father then takes the bat and places it at the entrance of my cunt. The bat is huge and does not want to go in but he twists and pushes hard. It only goes in an inch or so at a time, but it is so thick I feel like I am being ripped in 2, but nothing could stop me from licking this sweet cunt.

My tongue keeps flitting all over it and I suck it into my mouth and suck on it nibbling ever so slightly. Farther still the bat violates my pussy. It hurts so much but I am distracted by the pussy in my mouth.

Finally she grabs my nipples hard and cums all over my face. She grinds her pussy into my face and then squeezes my nipples so hard that I cry out.


She climbs off me and slaps my face several times because I cried. The bat is maybe half way in but can still go deeper. She joins Father at the bat and together they get the bat shoved in as far as it will go. I feel so full.

Then they start fucking me fast and hard with the bat. I am in excruciating pain but I do not make a sound. The woman walks over to the cooler and opens it. She takes out 3 large pieces of ice. She places one each on my nipples and my clit. Holy fuck that hurts. Still I am silent as Father is fucking me with a bat and Jazmin makes sure the ice stays in place.

She will lift a piece of ice every so often checking to see if it is numb. Of course this test is her pinching my nipples really hard. The first time I do not grimace in pain, she knows that I am ready.

She grabs a huge needle and what looks like a gold hoop. She removes the ice on one of my nipples, pinches my nipple and rams the needle through it. It is a large gauge needle and she has to push it really hard to get it through.

As soon as the needle is through, Jazmin puts one of the rings through the hole. She repeats on the other nipple. Now it is time for the clit.

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The baseball bat is still deep inside me as she removes the ice from my clit. She pinches my clit to see if it is numb but it isn't. She decides she doesn't care and not so carefully forces the needs through my clit. This makes me scream but Jazmin just keeps pushing the needle through since I cannot move anyway and she enjoys the screaming.

Finally the needle pushes through and she puts the ring through the hole. She then loops a chain through all 3 rings and yanks on them. I grimace but don't let out a sound. She snaps a lock on the new chain and attaches it to my main chain. It is very tight but not as tight as it will be when I am being lead around like a dog. Father fucks me with the bat even while Jazmin was piercing me. Father slams the bat in as far as it will go and then undoes my straps. He orders me to turn over and I obey.

He is holding the baseball bat into my pussy as hard as he can as I roll over. He straps me again but this time face down. He rams the bat in and out for several minutes then he tells Jazmin to come take over. She gladly takes over the duties and fucks me as hard as she can with the bat.

Father tells Jazmin to fuck me from the side and below. She sits on the floor and jams the bat in and out of my cunt with both hands.

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Father positions himself behind me and aims his cock at my asshole. I try to struggle but it does no good with the straps holding me down. Father shoves his dick into my ass as hard and fast.

I have never felt so full in my life. Father starts fucking me in and out while Jazmin fucks me in and out with the bat. It doesn't take long for Father to cum in my ass but it seems like I will forever be fucked by the bat.

Jazmin is enjoying inflicting pain on me. She is the most sadistic woman I have ever met. She tells me what a bitch whore dog I am repeatedly.

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She never uses my name, or anything that would ever make me feel as if I was worth anything other than being a bitch. I may deserve this because of the life I have led.

I was not the nicest person in the world. I am beginning to break. I am starting to realize that this is the life I deserve. Coming to believe that all I am good for in this life is to be used and abused.

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I am becoming what I have long desired but denied. I am becoming a bitch. My place on earth is to be nothing more than a vessel for someone else's enjoyment. I will never again deny a dick be it man, dog, horse, bull, pig or whatever kind of cock you can think of.

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I will be more than happy licking the clit of any animal but I prefer Jazmin's cunt rubbed in my face. Another thing I want is to just be used as a fuck doll.

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If you want to fuck a girl with a cucumber, any size coke bottle, candle, jar of any sizes, basically if you want to know if it will fit in a pussy, I am your cunt. I want to be your whore bitch. I want to be a vessel for your pleasure.