Young Latinos Matias and Sebastian Bareback

Young Latinos Matias and Sebastian Bareback
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It was a grey and mundane day as Celia Hanson walked out of her boarding school. Celia was a average eighteen-year old girl with short and choppy dark blue hair, dark blue eyes, white as porcelain skin, painted red nails that are so shiny it is like looking in a mirror and seeing your reflection, fat thighs, D-cup breasts, and a thin stomach.

Celia was walking in her usual attire, a dark-denim skirt, a white blouse, and black boots with red undies and bra. "Damn I can't believe that cunt rat me out" ena said snarling and kicking a pebble to the side. She just got suspended from school for ten days just because she roughed up a classmate. She was stumbling on the street weak herself. She got a little bit beat up in the fight also.

"Hey are you alright?" A tan man yelled to her as he rode up beside her within his car. He had shaggy brown hair, a slight beer belly, a little chubby, muscular, and had bland brown eyes. "I am not sure. Would you mind giving me a ride?" She asked him blandly. "Of course I will, hop in." He said smiling at her and unlocked the door.

"Would you care for a drink?" He asked offering her Tequila. He, of course, mixed a rape drug in it before asking for a ride. "Eh, what's the harm!" Celia said gulpling it down.

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Celia was not the smartest person in her school. She made decisions based on impulse rather than reason. Her head started feeling light as her eyes became heavy.

She drifted asleep. "Stupid little bitch." The man said as he drove to the house. His house was a run-down trailor with a messy lawn. He dragged her into the house and tied her ankles and wrists together throwing her on the coush like an object he was done with.

He sat there watching television waiting for her to wake up. A couple hours passed and she woke up.


"Ahh the little street rat is awake. I would like to introduse myself, my name is Andrew. You will address me as your master and do whatever I say. If you do not, punishment will follow." Andrew said as Celia looked at his black wife beater, boots, and light blue jeans.

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"Haha, very funny! Let me out of here your house smells like shit and you act like a fucking clown!" She blurted out caustically with, for the first time in a long time, fear in her eyes. She struggled trying to get out of the binds. Andrew took off his belt. "Come on now slut.I am not a clown. I am your master. I will destroy your body if I have to just so I can prove it to you." He lifted the belt and slammed it on her skin. He did it continuously.


Hearing it smack against her skin as she welped and cried was music to him. He planned on brutalizing her and making her fear him because he had a feeling she was stubborn. "Stop it please" She screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks and writhing on the groud as her back stinged. "please stop it hurts so much i'm going to vomit" "Calm down, you aren't even naked yet.And you want who to stop.?" He said teasing her.

"It is amazing what just my belt can do to keep a bitch in her place." "I am not a bitch please let me go.Master" She said defeated and sad.

More tears gathered in her eyes as she sniffled. "Poor girl.


I am not that bad." He went to get a pitcher of water and a glass. "Here have a drink, we don't want a sweetie like you getting dehydrated" He poured her some water and pressed it to her lips.

"NO! You probably poisoned it again" Celia said pulling her head back. Andrew slapped her "I didn't poison shit now drink up your insides are probably more nasty than your outsides." He presses the glass to her lips as she drinks and he fills up another cup and makes her drink that one too.

"Please, i feel like I need to vomit, or Piss" She said feeling full and her bladder tickling her. Andrew layed her on her stomach pressing his boot on her bladder. She clenched her teeth trying to hold it in. He untied her wrists and ankles. "Don't you dare try to escape.

Pull your skirt up and spread your legs." Andrew said leading her outside to his front porch.

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Celia lifter her skirt up and hesitated for a moment. "YOu know what to do dolly. Piss yourself and on your clothes." She closed her eyes and teared up again as pee began to soak her panties and the ground. "What a filthy tramp." He went to her and pulled off all her clothes. He tied her wrists to the patio table leg as she sit on her knees on the dirty ground. Andrew took a hose and sprayed her. The water was freezing on her skin.

Celia screamed and rubbed her chubby thighs on her body but resistance was futile. "Your nipples are so hard from that.Did you enjoy it?" He sprayed her one more time making a noise like a whip.

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"I don't like it." She said sitting there motionless and her eyes dialated from fear on what will happen next. Andrew untied her and raised her by the nipple "Nice udders slut." he said bringing her inside and throwing her on the couch.

"Touch yourself you nasty parasite. I want to smell that dirty hole. Spread them wide." Celia started fingering herself as she looked at Andrew who was staring eagerly in her vagina. "What a whore.You are already really wet and your nipples are just begging to be played with." "Please let me go" Celia said whispering and looking at Andrew with her puffy eyes.

Andrew rubbed the tib of her nipple and pinched it as he put her on his knee. "Grind your sloppy cunt on my knee like a horny bitch would" Andrew demanded slapping her ass like an animal.

Celia rubbed her cunt on him as he raised his knee up to put more pressure on that whore hole of hers. "I see your an excited little bitch. You shouldn't be pleasuring yourself though. You should be pleasuring me. I am hungry, go make me something to eat. If it is good and you are still wet I may surprise you." "Yes, Master." Celia said obediantly rubbing her breasts and heading to the kitchin.

"I have to make theis about.Spaghetti!" Celia thought to herself and put it in the microwave. When it was finished, she put cooler spaghetti sauce on it from the refrigerator and brought it to him at perfect temperature. Andrew took the food and looked at it.

"Listen, bitch I am not five years old. Lay on your back where a whore belongs, I have a surprise for you anyways." Celia layed on her back with her cunt in the air.

Andrew took the spaghetti and pushed it in her vagina. Hearing the airbubbles and sloppy noises emerge from her vagina. "How disgusting. Your letting some stranger put nasty slop in your vagina. I guess it is just what you expect from a run of the mill whore. Celia moaned and moaned as she felt her vagina ooze with food. "I am just glad I can put that rotten food where it belongs.

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In the trash." Andrew fed the rest to her mouth while some of it was still in her putrid vagina. Andrew then pulled down his pants and started stroking his cock. His shaft had to be about eight inches.

"I want to destroy that nasty pussy of yours." He slammed his cock inside her and groaned at her tightness and pounded at her pussy as she moaned ans screamed. "Shut up you bitch and taste your pissy panties" He took her panties and stuffed them in her mouth to muffle out her screams. His balls slapped her ass and she jumped from eash spank from them. Her cheeks were flushed red and her hair covered her face. Tears streamed down her face and to the floor.

Andtrew took her by the neck and hit her head on the ground and using her hair to clean up the tears. "stop making a mes youpiggy-bitch!" Andrew yelled. He took her panties out "tell me how much you ike this you fucking whore." "It feels.terrible please stop I hate tasting myself I feel like I am going to pass out I want to die, I want to die, I want to die!" Celia cried and screamed.

Andrew stuffed the panties back in her mouth and squeesed her neck watching her face turn almost purple. "If you hate it you suicidal little bitch.then why does your body enjoy it?" Andrew asked lifting his hands and took his cock out.

"If you hate it that much, then how about we try something new? You may like this better." Andrew took his cock out of her fish cave and stuffed it wituout mercy in her ass hole.

She squealed like a pig and started twitching and struggling from shock. She almost fell down but Andrew had her bend over the couch still. :Wow bitch, your ass is so smelly that I might need you to clean it afterwards." Andrew giggled and he brutally fucked her corn-hole. Andrew started to get hard and grew larger in her. "Oh bitch, your favorite part is about to happen." He took out his cock and threw her dirty panties to the floor. He pressed his cock in her mouth and throat fucked her feeling her tight throat milk his cock.

Andrew watched her make faces from tasting her feces and sweat mixed with her precum. "Poor Celia." He said while groanign and cumming into her mouth.

"Swallow it." Celia swallowed it without putting up a fight. "Aww are you sad you didn't get to cum?" Andrew said carrying her to his bed and tying her spread eagle.

"Here you spoiled little cock-sucker" he slapped her breast and got a small bullet-vibrator. He put it on her clit and moved it around furiously. Celia moaned and squirmed while huffing and her body began to tense. Her pussy became excited and her clit was red and erect. Andrew turned off the vibe.

"Please.put it back on my clit" Celia said shaking her hips from side to side.

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"Not until you tell me how much of a gross, ugly, stupid whore you are. Beg for it like a bitch in heat" Andrew said tracing her pussy lips and watching her shiver. She glared at him and she felt warmer. "Please master.I am have a dirty twat hole that needs to have a delicious vibrator into it. I am a nasty dog who pisses herself and cannot do anything right. I want to cum please let your horny fat cow cum.

I love the way it feels please." she starts crying knowing her body has betrayed her. It just felt so good.

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"You can cum once you little bitch. I want you to leave afterwards though. Never speak a word of this to anyone and we will never speak again. I will drive you to your house after this." He placed the vibe on her clit and she gasped as her cunt opened more and Andrew fingered her a little and wiped his fingers on her thigh. She shaked and moaned loud and as the orgasm was over, he dressed her and took her home. The End. Please leave a comment!!!