Lesbian squirting festival 2 von 2 zensiert

Lesbian squirting festival 2 von 2 zensiert
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(Sorry about the spelling and grammar, hopefully you understand enough to get the story lol :) ) Part three Anya's Desire It had been a month since the faithful day Anya had been 'raped' by James, since then she felt like she had been in a great big bubble of happiness.

Each day James drove her to school and kissed her goodbye, if she closed her eyes Anya could almost feel his tongue on hers. But then she opened them again and the math's work in her book was right where she left it, and James was back at college. Sighing Anya did her work the best she could until the bell rang, racing out the classroom she practically threw her books into her locker before streaming out the school and into the parking lot.

As always James's 1967 Chevy Impala was waiting, its engine slowly purring like a Great cat. Opening her normal door Anya didn't think to look before she sat down, only to find herself in the lap of a guy she had never seen before. Stammering out a hasty apology Anya tried to get up, only to have her arms pinned by a giant hand and the door slam shut next to her.

Crying out Anya grappled with the hand until she noticed James in the driver's seat, only he didn't look upset with her predicament, he was smiling. "J…James?" whimpered Anya as the still faceless man she was sitting on shifted his arm so his hand could fondle her breast.

"Anya this is my cousin Thor, his going to help me 'play' with you" said James as he placed a hand high on her thigh. Trampling down the sudden desire that filled her Anya renewed her struggles, as much as she loved James she didn't think she could do this with him and his cousin. "Is this what you do James, rape a girl in a school then invite your cousin along when you realize she… she liked it?" stammered out Anya, the only way she could get out of this was if she got him mad enough.

"You where right James' the chest under her rumbled under her in laughter, making it impossible for her not to feel the hard muscle underneath his shirt. ' She really does have a mouth on her, but I think we can put it to better use" Anya's face was tilted and a hard hot mouth was forced on hers. Refusing to open her mouth to the wet tongue probing for entrance Anya instead bit down hard on Thor's lip.

Cursing he pulled his head back and raised his arm, flinching Anya instinctively made herself as small as possible.


But before the hand could reach her it was stopped by James. "Don't hurt her in that way. If her family sees the bruises we are both dead" growled James, his fingers started making lazy circles on her thighs. Fury filled Anya, how could she be so stupid? All this time he was just playing with her, he never loved her.

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After the fury instant sadness overwhelmed her, she felt like she was going to throw up and cry all at once. Swallowing deep Anya blocked the feeling of betrayal deep inside of her; she could deal with it once she got away.

"You bastards, very clever James making me think you… you loved me. But a sadistic prick like you would enjoy building a girl up and then making her break from the inside out, and the Neanderthal behind me better get the idea of my mouth giving him anything but pain out of his head." Taking a deep breath Anya jumped when the man under her growled in anger, but he didn't raise his hand to her again.

Instead he tightened his arm around her waist, instantly gasping for breath Anya felt her head being turned again and this time the mouth simply slammed down on hers.

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Her lips smashed against her gums and she cried out in pain, the lips instantly softened and slowly stroked against hers. Moaning softly she stroked her tongue slowly against his, soon it felt like she was being eaten alive.

Where James's kiss was possessive and loving, be it fake love. Thor's was demanding and thorough, she could feel his tongue slip along her teeth and throughout her mouth, like he was searching for something she didn't think she could give him. As if realizing she was going along with James's betrayal, Anya kicked Thor in the shin.

"Fuck" pulling his mouth from hers Thor spun her around and held her legs around his; shoving on his shoulders Anya glanced quickly over at James. He was driving along the back roads to his house like nothing was wrong, and she wasn't being assaulted in the seat next to him.

One hand suddenly clamped down on her wrists and Anya's last defense was taken away. Gasping she watched Thor flip out a switch blade and point it towards her pussy, stilling instantly Anya watched helplessly as Thor cut of her shorts, leaving her in stupidly chosen black lace underwear.

"Mmmm" whispered Thor as he ran his finger over her clearly visible lips, pushing down where her clit was Anya bowed her body backwards to get away from the far too enjoyable feeling that shot through her body.

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Rumbling deeply in laughter, he quickly removed her panties despite her protests. But rather than go right ahead and force himself into her pussy, he stilled the knife at the tip of her lips. Strangely Anya didn't feel fear the knife; she merely felt a jolt of pleasure at having something so dangerous that close to something so sensitive.

The knife was flicked away suddenly and Anya watched helpless as he started un-zipping his fly, his cock sprang free instantly. It was huge, and that was saying something considering James's length and girth. "I know baby, pretty impressive yeah' laughing James sheepishly rubbed his own not so small cock. ' We used to call Thor the Hammer in school, three guesses why.

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But don't worry, you can handle it. She's super tight at first Thor, so go slowly. I still want my turn, but then there are other places to enter I suppose." Realizing he meant anal Anya began struggling like a mad women possessed by demons, but she was quickly quelled by Thor. One hand still holding her wrists he pushed on her lower back, forcing her lower section to align with his cock.

Helpless Anya felt Thor moved his mouth slowly on hers, like he was thanking her for not screaming out for help.

The pressure on her back became too much for her to handle and she felt herself being lowered onto his cock. Whimpering in fear Anya felt his cock slide slowly into place, grunting Thor adjusted Anya and began forcing her down. Unable to stop she cried as she felt him tear her apart, it felt like he was shoving a batten into her pussy.

"Shhh" whispered Thor against her lips, he pulled out a little way and went in further. Sobbing Anya resigned herself to the fact that nothing was going to get Thor out of her, arms going limp she felt him slip a few inches more into her. Suddenly another hand appeared between hers and Thor's bodies, James wasted no time in playing his finger slowly over her clit.

Gasping she felt his finger move sideways and hit the spot that made shocks flash through her body, legs shaking from the effort of keeping herself above Thor. She felt her legs weaken with every one of James's strokes, unable to help herself she sank down further onto Thor, they moaned in union as she was flooded with moisture. "ahhh" cried out Anya as with combined pressure from Thor's arm around her lower back, and James pushing down on her shoulders.

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Forced her body to fully swallow Thor, screaming Anya threw her head back as Thor strummed her G-spot that she thought only James knew how to stimulate. Blinded by pleasure Anya moved her waist in a circle to forces James's finger to hit her clit. "Oh god, please…please" begged Anya as the arms around her refused to let her move.

"Do you want us baby?" asked James his lips on her ears, Anya panted when his tongue licked the outside of her ear. "Yes please… James… Thor&hellip. Please…" moaned Anya twisting and turning her hips, desperate to get some sort of stimulation. "Do you want me to let Thor fuck you pussy? Then do you want us both to fuck you at the same time, maybe he can have your mouth while a fuck your sweet little pussy?

Or do you want me in your arse, while Thor fucks your pussy" growled the voice in her ear as it grabbed her breast and twisted a nipple. "James please" cried out Anya as she felt everything build up around her like lightening was going to strike. "Please what" asked the torturous voice. "Please fuck me, I want it all… everything please" whimpered Anya in defeat.

"Good girl" growled James, turning her face he slammed his mouth down on hers and invaded her mouth as Thor pulled her hips up and shoved her down onto him. Crying into James's mouth as Thor fucked her pussy Anya could feel her muscles inside trying to force Thor to stay.

But he was relentless slamming her hips down and twisting slightly so he just tapped her G-spot, keeping her in a permanent state of arousal, unable to slip over the edge. Screaming into James's mouth she bit down on his tongue as she finally slipped her hips from Thor's powerful grasp and slammed down onto his cock, crying out as that push finally sent her over the edge.


Pulling her mouth from James's she screamed in the air as Thor's quickly grasped her hips and holding her in place and pushed up into her like he was a man possessed. Each hit from him sent her higher in the sky until Anya felt darkness seep into her vision and she passed out, unable to consume all the white hot heat slamming into her from all sides.

What must have been minutes but felt like hours, Anya slowly floated back down into the Chevy Impala. Sighing she laid her head on Thor's chest, grunting he closed his arms around her and carefully turned her.

Vaguely Anya realized that they had stopped driving, she had no idea how long ago though. "Well baby if you enjoyed that, you're going to love what happens next.

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After all you begged for it" laughing James stepped out of the car and came around to Thor and hers side. Not even grunting under her curves James easily picked her boneless body up from Thor and started towards his house.

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Too exhausted to move Anya let him take her into the house without a fight, and tried to ignore the little voice inside of her screaming for her to run before it was too late. Seconds later the time to run was gone as Anya watched the door slam shut behind her, locking her inside the house of a man she thought loved her and one who she barely knew. Both who were intent on fucking her in all manner of ways, helpless Anya closed her eyes as exhaustion finally took her body, leaving her at the mercy of two aroused giants.