El Maravilloso rico y enorme culo de mi mujer listo para una clavada

El Maravilloso  rico y enorme culo de mi mujer listo para una clavada
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Charity Jones here again, sending you back in the time tunnel to the sexploits of my wonderfully misspent youth. The year was now 1990 and the eighties were officially over. Big hair would stubbornly cling to life for a couple more years, but it was in it's death throes. Cassette tapes were going the way of the dinosaur and cd's were the big new thing. And I was half a year away from graduating. The rest of the year was mostly sedate for the most part; Beeder's departure for some reason took the winds out of our wildness.

Don't get me wrong, I was still fucking up a storm every weekend. But gone were the random new adventures, elaborate new plots or funky new bed buddies. I was pretty busy with my stable of studs and sluts anyways.

Hope was a train wreck, the last thing a goth needs is something to actually have a legitimate gripe about. Where once she mostly wore black, she solely wore black now.

Except for cheerleading, I had to put my foot down there as Captain. We were not changing the school colours to black on black for any reason. She no longer sucked and fucked with us on weekends and would take off once the clothes came off anytime Momma brought folks home.

The only exception was the monthly football gangbang, where she still limited her role to cocksucking now. She was like a sexual camel, swallowing enough cum to last her another month. Faith was Faith, still selling pot, still drinking still cursing. She did surprise me though one night with a confession when we were talking about Hope's depression. " I'm jealous of her heartbreak", she said puffing on the always at hand joint as we lounged in my bed.

" You're jealous of someone's guts being ripped out", I said still cooing from a good session of her eating me out. " I'm jealous because" she sighed, " I've never had someone to love enough to make me feel that way." I suppose that was true.

Faith knew only three kinds of men; ones that wanted her pot, some that wanted her cunt, and some that wanted both. I always thought of Faith as a reverse Patti; Patti was a secret cockslut that lived by day as a lesbian. I just thought Faith was a secret lesbian with me as her " girlfriend" and lived by day as a cockslut. The truth was just a tad bit more sad. Faith had just never been in love. January turned to February, February into March, and March into April.

I continued working my two jobs, doing my drudging work for school council, leading the cheerleader teamdating my wonderful beau and still putting out regularly for a very small circle of men. In short all was well. In April Hope finally came out of her funk during our monthly football gangbang. One moment she was sucking cock and the next moment she was lying on the floor of the almost finished swimming pool taking cock in her pussy and ass next to me.

Welcome back Hope. She decided her grief was done for now and was time to slowly move on. It was wonderful to have her back. The three of us even decided we were going to travel to the Mexican Riviera for an entire month after school ended as a celebration. We even went to get our passport photos and were truly prepared. April turned into May and the end was pretty damn nigh.

Finally May turned into June and high school was only 3 weeks away from ending forever for me. I was in an insane flurry of activity then so my sex life officially ended. As Class President I had to help organize the Prom, as Captain of the Cheerleading team I had to arrange pep rallies.

Final exams were coming. And finally the Cougars had made it to the play offs so there were a shit load of games to perform at. It was high school madness. I had gone nearly three weeks without sex when the Big Game against the county rivals the Creston Cowboys came looming in a few days. The Cowboys were a killer team, they had crushed all opposition on their way to this final game and the Cougars had barely managed to tie the series off by scant points to bring it to a final game.

So I was stressed and Chet was stressed and we only saw each other at games pretty much at this point, or maybe a sporadic couple hours here and there. I'm a sex junkie and Chet and I never had sex, but you could tell I loved him crazy because all that spare time was spent with him. He was a wreck, the Cougars had choked in the last two seasons just trying to reach the finals.

This was the first time in 6 years that they were playing a State Champion game. If he won, he would leave this school a hero and a huge football scholarship just dangling before his eyes. He just didn't think the Cougars had enough drive left, that the Cowboys had crushed the last of their stamina in the last game. This meant the world to Chet, and since Chet meant the world to me; something had to be done.

I couldn't very well put on helmet and pads on charge onto the field myself, and my bouncing on the sidelines doing kicks wasn't going to intimidate them either.

But there was one thing I knew how to do very well; fuck men into exhaustion. Our monthly parties with the football team were always a few days before or just after a big game.

Fucking them the day or night before usually left them a bit tired and/or sore, so they would end up losing.

There's a good reason coaches tell atheletes not to have sex before a big game, I just wish they would listen sometimes. I explained to my sisters-in-sin Faith and Hope my oh so cunning plan at my home just a couple of days before the Big Game. The Championship was to be a home game so the Cowboys were coming to our town. They would arrive the night before and then come and crush our dreams of winning the trophy. I was to have none of it, so we had to formulate a plan fast.

The Cowboys were staying at the very same No Tell Motel that I typically got my fuck on with Patti and George.

That was good news because I knew where and when, the bad news was that they had hawk of a chaperone in their coach. He needed to be eliminated. The jailbait routine wasn't going to work on this guy, so I had to figure out a way to deal with their coach.

A way that would leave us all night with the boys. It would have to be one hell of a distraction. Momma had been making us dinner of grilled cheese sandwiches ( a fine chef she was not) and had been listening in.

" How 'bout ya girls let me handle this here sitshy-waytion", Momma drawled in her thick Texan accent. " We don't want you getting into any trouble Momma", I said chewing on a golden corner. "Aint no thing. I fer one am tired of them Cowboys lording the Championships, it would be my pleasure ", Momma eagerly retorted.

" Thanks Momma" I smiled and she gave me a big hug. " That still does very little to actually accomplishing our goals:, Hope reminded us. " Big Tits McGee could always smack him unconscious with a boobwhack", Faith said pointing to me. " True, I would have suggested 'Momma' but she would probably shatter his skull", Hope concurred in her droll fashion.

" I might shatter your little skull if ya'll don't mind your mouths", Momma teased. " Can we get back to actually having a plan?", I interrupted.

The three of us girls went back to munching on our grilled cheese and nibbling on pickles. Getting past a born again coach to screw our arch rivals, was turning into a bigger pickle then anything we were munching on. Even if we did, he would still do a bed check and that would more then likely find us quite literally in a compromising position. Momma wandered back in from our living room ( all of 5 feet away in a doublewide) and said she got an idea from one of her " tv stories".

Hope rolled her eyes and winced as Faith stomped on her foot. At this point I didn't care what the heck it was, as nothing had come to us.

" I just gotta ask y'all." Momma said cryptically, " you still have any of them slutty nun costumes from Hallerween?" Momma's idea was ridiculous, something that could only work in sitcoms, and that was what she was counting on. We see through obvious scams and pranks when we see them on tv, not when they happen to us. Especially if its done to us by pretty girls. Momma was going to play the part of a nun, taking us 3 religious school girls on a trip across the country.

We would just happen to be staying the night at the hotel. In her role as our chaperone she would distract the boys chaperone. Momma was convincingly comical in her outfit. Not the full nun penguin suit, just the universally recognized black and white wimple covering her head and throat. She dressed conservatively and plainly, but she made sure her blouse was tucked in extra tight to still show off her G cups.

As try as one might, ones eyes would be drawn there, especially due to the crucifx she had hanging between them. The rest of us girls were dressed as school girls, not our standard slutty ones but actually serious ones. Mostly. Momma borrowed a couple schoolgirl blazers from work and spent the day sewing some generic crests she bought from the sewing depot in town into slutty schoolgirl blazers she borrowed from the Zebra Club where se worked as an exotic dancer. In the end the three of us were dressed relatively conservatively, Faith even surprised me by bringing out a pair of glasses.

The redhaired tramp had been secretly wearing contacts the entire time I had known her. Naturally I decided to follow suit and borrowed some fake horn rimmed glasses from one of Momma's slutty schoolgirl ensembles.

We pulled our hair back straight and into a neat tight ponytail. Faith and I in glasses, Hope's new braces also helped complete the image. We were the epitome of wholesomeness and American purity.

The final touch was Hope borrowing her dad's station wagon, which we filled with suitcases to finish the mirage. We actually added a couple little props to the whole deal, not to mention a couple little details Momma and I added on our own secretly, but I'll come to those later as I feel I've already given up a lot of the goodies. We rehearsed and prepared and our room was rented. The night came and the fun started. We knew the boys were out for dinner so we waited outside in the station wagon for about ½ an hour before the school bus with the Cowboys came back from a local family diner.

We got out of the car and followed Momma's lead. Momma went and laid out a map of town on the hood of the car and bent over to read it. She made every intent on facing the school bus as it unloaded its cargo of the Creston Cougars. The coach of the team counted out the boys as Momma pretended to fret over the map. " Oh dear oh dear, I just cant figure these things out for the life of me", Momma exclaimed out loud.

The coach turned his head as he counted towards the voice and almost did a double take when he saw Momma. There she was with the wimple and crucifix, but also with the astounding rack she was hiding behind her tight fitting blouse. He just couldn't seem to connect a nun to big tits.

" Oh dear girls, I just don't know what to do if we don't find that church tomorrow, we may have to drive back all they way to Utah", Momma said with a dramatic sigh. " Oh no Mother Mary Margaret Helen!", Faith exclaimed in fake shock.

Momma shot the redhead a look, she clearly didn't like the name but was now stuck with it. She sighed dramatically. " Fret not little… Gertrude.

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The Lord shall provide us with succor in this hour", Momma replied. Ha! Gertrude. That was funny. " But whatever shall we do if we do not, if we don't win that choir contest they may close our church", Hope sighed.

Nobody ever closed a church for not winning a choir contest, assuming churches held those. But the coach didn't know that, and that was what we were counting on. " Excuse me, Sister", the coach said walking up to us, " I couldn't help but overhear" " Mother, ", Momma corrected, " Mother Mary Margaret Helen, of Saint Jezebels School for the Future Brides of Christ" That was a nice touch.

Nuns in training. " A pleasure to meet you Mother Mary Margaret. I'm the coach of the Creston High Cowboys" " Isnt that thome thort of football theam", Hope said adding a hilarious lisp.

" I certainly hope so, otherwise they might be chased by Indians", I said in nasal voice, honking a snort of a laugh at the end and straightening my fake glasses with a finger. " Shush girls, or you get the paddle!", Momma declared I almost saw Faith about to add a smartass remark, but I quickly stepped on her toes nipping it cleanly in the bud.

' What appears to be the trouble, Mother?", the coach asked smiling at our 'innocence' " we have come all the way from Utah to compete and cannot find the church we are supposed to arrive at first thing in the morning, and the girls so desperately have been trying all year to be their best." " Well, I am a stranger here myself, so I don't know how much help I can be", the coach said sadly.

" Oh please good sir" Momma said stepping right up to him, " we are in desperate need of aid" Momma took his hand in hers and pressed it to her breast in what appeared to be earnest. She stepped close and held the coach to her. He kinda sputtered as he could feel his arm pressed up to her giant rack.

" I just, well, I don't know if…", he said turning a bit red. " Oh lord above us, we are but lost lambs, give this man the strength to aid us", she said looking up to the sky., hand held firmly against her in an act of desperation from Momma. " I guess I could look at the map, I've always been good at them", the coach sheepishly said. " God bless you sir, god bless you sir!" Momma said wrapping her arm around his neck and pulling him into a deep hug.

Momma is an old hand at this and she pressed her body right up to the nervous coach. She mashed her big boobs right into the coach, and since she had 2 inches on him and was wearing three inch hells; she was squeezing her bust right into his face. " Praise jesus! Praise jesus!", Faith exclaimed. " Amen ", I chimed in, snort. " Thallallueah", Hope lisped. Momma broke away from the befuddled coach and he stepped up to the map on the hood and started trying to mull out directions.

Momma leant down beside him, almost over kneeling so that her bust was still dangling no more tan a foot from his eyes at any given time. This had the coach with his back to the school bus and we three girls stepped softly to just out of his line of sight. The boys were mulling around the bus bored, but a couple of them were jostling each other and pointing at Momma's butt which was bent over facing them.

I then smiled and waved at the boys, they just kinda nodded and smiled back at us three " boarding school geeks". So I then lifted my skirt and showed them my bald pussy and waved cutely. That grabbed their attention. Faith did the same by lifting her skirt and then rubbing her finger up her bare slit. She then stuck that same finger in my mouth and I sucked it like a little cock. Hope also did the same, but she raised her skirt with one hand and squeezed one of her boobs with other.

The Cowboys definitely appreciated this, and the high school boys were nudging each other and pointing. They didn't know what to think. One guy grabbed his helmet and bobbed it before his crotch like he was facefucking a pantomime girl, that got a laugh fro all of them. " Hey, quit fucking around", the coach said turning. We dropped our skirts back and instantly transformed into chaste virgins.

It took all of half a second and the coach didn't see a thing. " Such language!", Momma said admonishingly. " I'm sorry Mother Mary, teen boys just need a strong hand, I sometimes just lose my tongue", the coach apologized. " All is forgiven, I understand all too well, we are trying to banish the devil of lesbianism from Gertrude here", she said nodding to Faith. Faith shoot an evil look back, then smiled" innocently". " Now are you certain, it's on this side of town, " Momma said distracting the coach again.

The three of us then turned our backs on the boys, but our show wasn't over yet. Faith and Hope had now flanked me, and let their toys slip out of their school blazer sleeves into their hands. Both Faith and Hope now had a dildo in their hand, which they showed behind them. I squeezed some lube out my pocket onto my hands and rubbed them up and down the length of them, then snuck a hand and rubbed the rest up and down my slit and backdoor.

The two girls then proceeded to push these toys into both of my holes, I gripped their backs for leverage as they the two fake cocks pushed into me. Faith was in my ass and Hope's "dick" in my pussy. They then slowly but surely fucked me right there in that parking lot, as I stood no less then 6 feet from their coach's back.

The guys were losing their shit, but in that paralyzed way. None of them could believe what they were seeing, but no one also wanted to alert the coach who would have killed the scene. The girls fucked me for about 2 minutes, slowly and surely before finally pulling out.

Damn, and I was really getting into it as well. Good thing we did though, as Momma's distraction of finding the church was coming to an end. The even funnier thing was, she was making him scour the map to giver her directions to the church we went to every Sunday. " Oh thank you kind sir, the Lord will truly bless you for your boundless kindness", Momma said squeezing his hand back against her breast. " Wasn't nothing, just good ole fashioned Texan hospitality", the coach blushed again.

" Please let me thank you personally for your kindness if you wont take my blessing then." " Sorry Mother Mary, it wouldn't feel right taking money from a nun" " Oh it was nothing like that, I am a Bride of Christ, that doesn't mean I can't indulge in certain pleasures, " she smiled taking out a mickey flask from her trousers.

" Ha! I guess I could join you for a drink, that seems right" " God bless you sir", Momma smiled. " But that still leaves my boys", coach sighed, " I need to keep an eagle eye on them till lights out, you know how boys can get." " Then let my girls watch over them!", Momma declared. The coach laughed, " Leaving teen boys with a bunch of teen girls is always a disaster. " For shame sir, these are Brides of Christ to be, all have taken their vows and chastity pledges.

Plus Gertrude here is still a lesbian" The coach did seem a touch embarrassed by this. Second guessing a nun in the Bible belt was probably a direct ticket to Beezelbub to many.

" I'm sorry for second guessing you ma'am, I just don't want the boys getting any fool notions in their heads", the coach blushed. " I assure youthese girls are above reproach and are from the finest stock in this great country of ours",Momma said, " except for maybe Gertrude, but she does try her dickens out". Another evil glare from Faith. The coach hummed and hawed, " I don't know." " Plus the girls need to practice their vocal work, and I'm sure your boys would be a rapt audience for uplifting hymns" " I reckon your right, hearing the Lords good words would certainly steel their spines for tomorrows big game" " God bless you sir" momma said hugging him again tight into her huge tits.

" Now girls, go unpack your things and show these young brave men the word of our Lord and Saviour." " Yes, ma'am" we asserted, even Hope with that funny fake lisp. The coach then marched the boys off to their rooms, which we had managed to bisect with our two rooms between them.

Being a regular patron here, I had managed to wheedle this deal. We needed enough distance away from the coach's room for him to not hear anything. When we got to our room, we quickly turned on a boom box we had already set up.

We slapped in a huge casette tape with 4 hours of girls choir singing. Plus the machine was made to play the other side when one side was done. So essentially we had eight hours of praising Jesus to waft in through the walls to next door.

We then stripped out of most of our geek attire, and into slutty schoolgirl attire instead. Gone were the fake glasses and braids, gone also were bras too. We smoked a joint and had a beer while we waited for our cue from next door where the coach was.

" Yes! Yes! Oh coach, your tongue is making scream out the holiest of holies!", I heard my Momma's cry from next door. I looked at my watch.

15 minutes.

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She had gone from nun to slut mode in record time, and it sounded like our coach wasn't complaining one bit either. " Game time ladies", I said to Hope and Faith. We cranked the volume of the choir up a bit and headed out next door. You could hear the boys before you could see them. They were sharing a double room, but they were inside whooping and hollering. The three of us stood outside their door and prepped each other for a second. I undid a couple more buttons on my top.

Faith ripped off a couple inches from her skirt. Hope put on a dog collar with the word " slut" dangling from it. Then we knocked. The room went instantly silent and a couple seconds later, the door opened an young man with freckles poked his head out. " Yes?" he asked politely He saw us and his eyes bugged out. Faith dangled a quintet of beer from an empty hoop ( the sixth beer in her hand.

I just jutted my tits proudly forward. " You boys looking for some company?", I smiled impishly. " Oh hell yes!" he smiled He opened the door and let us in " Hey guys, it's the Catholic girls!", freckles said leading us in. There were easily 10 guys just in this room, and when he hollered out we were here, the adjoining door opened and another 10 guys wandered in.

" And we brought beer!", I said raising another sixpack over my head. Hope was relegated to bringing the cooler, and she opened at their feet. It was fully stocked with at least a couple dozen more. Not to mention the tequila. " Woo hoo!!!!! Alright! Radical!! Awesome!!!!", came the cheering. The room was now packed.

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There were about 20 boys and it was standing room only. " I think we might have bitten off more then we can chew", Faith whispered to me. " We can take them", I whispered back relishing the challenge.

They turned on the tunes and soon the beer was flowing free and even. Faith even passed out a few free joints and soon the place was hopping. Some guy was wandering around with a video camera, watching the guys show off and jump and down on the bed.

The air was thick with testosterone, sweat and marijuana. I found myself dancing between a couple guys to some hip hop, and they grinded deep into me. They were hard through their pants. Naturally they took off their shirts because how freaking stuffy in here it was. They had some godamn nice bodies on them too. Hot young ripped flesh, Yummy.

Faith was getting the same, but she pulled away and made a quick dash back to our room for the rest of the beer, seeing as our plan had worked. The boys kept grinding into me as we danced. They would push the joint between my lips for a drag, or make me slurp down some beer. Hope was getting the same treatment too, and by the time Faith got back the boys were already pawing me. My top was off and my big tits were out I had two mouths sucking my nipples and a tongue down my throat. Hands were gripping my ass, and a pair of fingers was probing deep in my pussy.

Pot and tequila always make me horny and the anticipation of this gangbang was driving me wild Hope was on her knees when I was given a chance to breathe. The goth girl had a cock in her mouth and was jerking off two guys. Another beat his meat waiting his turn. Faith was on one of the two beds. A guy on each tit and another one eating her trimmed red snatch. She had a lovely grin on her face. I was pushed to my knees and was soon surrounded in dick, which I sucked on hungrily. It was a calvacade of them.

Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones. I would jerk off a couple while sucking one, then switch off to another. I was in cock heaven. The guys took turn filming us and I smiled up at the camera when I could, or at least tried making love ot it with my eyes. " Lets get this bitch on the bed!" some guy said. With that I was grabbed by a dozen hands and picked up and carried overhead and laid down on the bed beside Faith.

The boys then pushed the two beds togetherand Hope was also picked up and brought over to lie beside us. We lay there all completely naked surrounded by a room full of hard horny young men. I had never seen so much dick in my life. Even our monthly gangbangs with the Cougars didn't bring out the entire team. At most we fucked a dozen guys. Even at the Zebra Club, my record ( and that was sharing with other girls) was 14 men.

This was easily 20 of them. This would be the biggest gangbang I would have untill I left high school. I almost squirted.

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The Cowboys were not subtle about it either. Soon each of us girls in our unholy trinity had a football jock between their thighs pushing their meat into us.


Another would come along side of one of us and stick their cocks in our mouth. The boys would pound away furiously until one of them came or tapped out or got tagged out by one of the other guys Big cocks little cocks, fat cocks and skinny cocks all banged into me that night. Their hands kept squeezing my tits and I couldn't really see much of the action going on around me with a dick in my mouth most of the time. The few times I did come up for air for a couple minutes break, I I could look over and see Faith and Hope with their feet pointing at the sky as a jock rammed away home at each one of them.

I would have some beer and smoke a few drags of a joint. Then another guy would come along and push me back on to my back and spread my thighs wide. It was intense. I lost count at around the 7th load of cum that was dumped into me and about my 3rd swallow of seed. There was a small pool of cum forming between my ass cheeks at the excess of it all. Shocking to a cock queen such as myself, I only had managed to cum 3 or 4 times ( and ony around the truly thicker dicks).

Normally the thought of multiple cocks was enough to send me close to the edge. I imagine it was the lack of imagination in positions combined with no action with any of the other girls; that and the guys were more like a train then a bang. This went on for at least 3 hours the assembly line fucking. It was really fun it just wasn't as raunchy as I hoped it would be. I was just wondering if these guys were ever going to finish as we would have get home and actually get some shut eye in order to not be tired for tomorrow's big game either.

That's when the cavalry arrived. The party for some reason came to a crashing halt. The music went off and a blanket was thrown over us. The murmur was there was a knock at the door. The lights went off and so did the video camera.

All was quiet. The door creaked open and a shaft of light from the parking lot seeped in. " Howdy boys, ya'll got some room for another horny gal?", came Momma's distinctive voice. The door opened and exclaims came from the boys. Momma's nun costume was gone. Now she was dressed up in full slutty cowgirl attire. Thigh high fuck me boots in white leather with tassles. A white string bikini top which barely covered more then her nipples.

A slim white belt with a couple of toy plastic guns in holsters and a big white cowboy hat. Nothing else. No panties no jacket. And a smile. " Hot damn! Holy shit! Look at those tits!Shit her pussy is bare! That's one sexy bitch!" came the many whoops from the boys as Momma strode in confidently.

" Save a Cougar, ride a Cowboy! Yeeeehaw!!!!!!"Momma said firing the cap guns. Momma dropped to her knees right away and pushed her tits free of the barely there bikini top. " Alrighty which one of you boys wants your dick sucked first?", Momma smiled. The guys wasted no time taking her up on her offer. Momma was in prime form tonight and soon she had a circle of boys around her. She would bob her head up and down on one furiously while jacking off two more.

Then she would switch to another cock and double treat another pair with her hands. She was a whirling dervish of slurping and sucking. The Cowboy's had pretty much forgotten about this when Momma arrived. Boys and shiny things after all. And who could blame them, we were dirty school girls; Momma was a walking talking porno movie.


" Make some room chickies", Momma called on as she took a cock in each hand and led them to the bed. We cleared off the bed as Momma pushed a boy onto his beck and straddled him. She had a couple guys stand on the bed so she could suck them off while riding the first. Momma went crazy on the boys riding them hard, her juicy ass bouncing up and down hard on every thrust. The three of us stood for ahile and just watched Momma go crazy.

Some guys came to play with our tits, but their eyes were clearly on Momma. She rode them, took them doggy style, the works. We decided it was time to clear outso we quietly dressed while the Cowboy's were thoroughly distracted.

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As we left I looked back and saw Momma on her back. A cock deep in her pussy, a cock in her mouth, two cocks in her hands and another fucking her tits. Five guys.

Now that was a trooper. I called Chet from a payphone and he drove us home. Not once did he ask about the smell of booze and pot and sweat and spunk. He had been dating me long enough to know I'd give him all the details later. He completely trusted me even when he knew I was being a slut. Is it any wonder why I married him?

I slept like the dead until morning. Amazingly enough I was fresh as a daisy when I woke up. I was then thankful there had been no dp or anal the night before. There was no way I would have been cheery for the Big Game. Momma had made it home some time in the wee hours and was passed out on the couch, having had no energy to even make it to the bed. She was still wearing her fuck me boots, but nothing else. To my great relief, the video camera from the party was there as well on the floor beside the couch.

I took the tape and put it in the vcr to watch while I ate some brekkie. It was the gangbang show from last night. And a lot of dumb commentary from the boys. Lots of whooping and hollering etcetera. The tape would randomly cut out and there were different time stamps for when the camera came went on and off.

The shots of the three of us fucking were not the best and there seemed to be always a boy blocking some of the view. There was a lot of emphasis on my tits and Hope's cum guzzling though. I fast forwarded through more untill Momma showed up and let it roll. Momma did indeed have a wild night. She took on those boys every which way.

She was crazy hungry for cocks. She would cream for them to fuck her harder and harder, and they sure did try. She would took cumshots to the face and keep sucking. The guys would dump a load in her and she would push him out and cry out " Next!!!". She even coaxed them into fucking her ass I noticed as I began to watch it in fast forward. She even got a few clumsy dp's. The camera would always zoom in after a guy blew a load in her or on her to look at her creampie or it glistening on her skin.

It was kinda hot. I actually didn't even watch then end of it because I had to get to school for practice. The game came and the bleachers were filled. It was the game for the ages for us. The three of us were in prime form and the rest of the team keep our spirits zinging. The same couldn't be said for the Creston Cowboys though. While the Cougars rushed onto the field led by Chet to the roar of the crowd; the Cowboys kinda just jogged out. Their coach looked like he was nursing a huge hangover too.

I would like to say it was a tough game. That it all came down to a hail mary as the clock ran out. But it wasn't. Hell, it wasn't even fair. The Cowboys had a good first quarter, struggled through the second. But when they came back for the second half, they were toast. The Cougars slaughtered them. The final score was 63- 13. When the clock ran out I swear the entire school rushed the field. It was a madhouse. Chet was buoyed up on the backs of his team and the trophy was passed up to him as he waved it proudly.

Our coach got drenched in Gatorade. It was pretty awesome Chet climbed down and pushed through his admirers to find me struggling to get to him. He picked me up and twirled me in the air before planting a wet kiss on me. " I love you baby!" Chet told me Then I was up in the air and so was half the cheer team as we got bodied surfed.

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A few hands tended to linger mind you. George offered his home as a party pad for the team. Chaperoned by a few respectable parents like himself, Momma and the preachers wife Mrs Parsons. Ha! If they only knew.

It was pretty wild and we all got drunk and crazy.


Lots of the guys had girlfriends there so no orgies broke out. But as the night wore on they took their girlfriends home. When the last of the girls went home some of the guys came back. That's when the orgy started. Almost had you, didn't I ? It was our last naked party with the Cougars. But this time Momma and GeorgeMarcus and Consuela joined in on the fun.

The party went into the wee hours as the last of the boys grew tired from fucking all our holes. In the end the last fuckers standing were Momma, myself, Faith, George and Marcus.

Hope had given up halfway through still feeling a lingering loss knowing this was the last place she and Beeder were together. In any case, the night ended with Faith and I sharing a facial from George and Marcus dumping one last sperm delivery up Momma's ass.

One week left till Graduation and the day after was the Prom, our final night as high school girls. Go Cougars!