Perfect Glamour model Lucy Li has explosive Orgasm

Perfect Glamour model Lucy Li has explosive Orgasm
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Crystal Moves Forward It had been three years since Crystal made Kristina her sexual sex slave and the mind controlling drugs and the occasional electro shocks had taken their toll. The other day while Crystal was having oral sex with her, Kristina's bladder empty itself involuntarily. Crystal was so enraged and she ended up kicking and punching Kristina until the girl stopped breathing. Crystal had no remorse for what she done to the girl, she knew Kristina had fulfilled her duties and it was time for her to take her place in the vegetable garden with the rest of Crystals victims.

Over the past three years Crystal had approximately a dozen victims but not one of them held a candle to Kristina.

Crystal turned twenty four last month and her new playmate needs to be no older than 18 and be nice if she was younger than that.

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Packing her bags with enough clothes and accessories for an extended weekend, Crystal was planning on taking the hundred mile trip north to Cleveland. Cleveland was a large metropolitan area and far enough from Crystals home town to make it the perfect town to try to find her new toy and hopefully another victim or two to take home also. Crystal would check into a local non chain motel on the seedy side of town. Most of the young women who were either homeless or had little family to worry about them would be hanging out on this part of town.

The theater smelled like stale piss and cigarette smoke and even before the lights went down it was hard to see well enough to find your seat. Sitting in the back row Crystal was hoping a young girl or girls might come in hoping to find a man to take them home.

The xxxx rated film houses were noted for call girls and or wayward women just looking to get out of the cold and perhaps one would show up this evening. Just as the film began a man came to the back row and sat next to Crystal. Within minutes he was touching her and no matter how many times she would move his hand from her leg he didn't seem to get the message.

"Come on honey, the only reason you are here is to find a big cock to suck or jack off, so why are you being so difficult." The man asked Crystal as he squeezed her knee again. Taking his cock from his jeans Crystal couldn't help but noticed it was long and thick. Finally it was either to suck or jerk the man off or get up and leave, so Crystal put her hand on his big pulsating cock and slowly stroked him.

"I'm going to give you the best hand job ever and when you cum, you'll have a sensation that you've never felt in your life" Crystal told the man in very thick sexy voice. Stroking his thick and eight inch long cock like a pro, Crystal kept whispering in the stranger's ear, relaxing him more and more. "That's it baby, close your eyes and let this Angel take you to paradise" Crystal cooed as his cock grew even thicker and harder.

Running her hand slowly from the very base of his cock and upward to where her palm covered it's flared mushroom head, Crystal had the man moaning non-stop within a couple minutes. Licking his neck all over then blowing to create a cool sensation, Crystal's step father taught her well how to take care of a man and make him shoot the biggest load possible. The vein as pulsating with every heart beat and Crystal squeezed her thighs tight with arousal when the pulses increased drastically.

She knew the man was getting close to orgasm and her hand squeezed and milked him faster and with more pressure against the vein. "Oh, oh, aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,,Shit, I'm cumming" the stranger moaned and just as the first explosion of cum shot almost to his chin, the knife smoothly slit his throat from ear to ear. His cum gushed violently, spraying everywhere as Crystal released his cock from her hand. The man's hands went to his neck and simultaneously, the last spurt of cum oozed from his cock with the last spurt of blood from his neck.

Kissing the dead man's forehead Crystal whispered. "I did promise to take you to paradise after all, you fucking pig". Tomorrow will be another day and Crystal was sure she would find the young woman she was searching for.

The man in the ticket booth didn't even look up as she walked by and left the theater, blood staining her top and a wet spot in the crotch of her panties where she orgasmed with the man. She had been watching them from her motel room window for the past couple of hours.

The two girls were probably eighteen or nineteen year old thug types and probably no real family to worry about. Whenever someone walked past them, they would harass and from Crystal's view looked as if trying to bum money. They were drinking something from a bag and Crystal figured it was most in likely a bottle of cheap convenient store wine. Viewing with the binoculars, Crystal could tell they were both around five foot five or six and maybe one twenty to one hundred thirty pounds.

That was good, since if the girls were junkies they would most in likely be anorexic looking. Crystal could see having some fun with one or both of the girls but she didn't see herself keeping one around as a sex toy.

Their thuggish look alone was enough to turn her off, but they were also on the very upper end of the age she was looking for to train as her own. Crystal was about to call it a night and turn in when she saw the younger girl walking towards the pair.

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Just like all the others who passed the two girls stood and began to hassle her. Crystal paid close attention and the new girl couldn't be any older than fifteen and was about five foot two and one hundred pounds. As Crystal was assessing this possible slave, one of the older girls grabbed her bag while the other one shoved her to the ground.

As soon as the girl hit the ground, the older ones began kicking her. Crystal ran from her room and as she neared the trio, the younger girl was curled in a ball and trying to protect herself while the older ones continued to kick. Hearing the foot steps, the older pair dropped the bag and took off running and disappeared as they turned the corner. Crystal went to the girl and helped her up and then with arms around her shoulders Crystal led her back to the room. Her name was Mindy and she was fourteen years old.

Her father had just moved to Cleveland the month before. Her mother abandoned her and her father three months ago and since then her father became an alcoholic. He quit his job and they moved to Cleveland and now he collects unemployment and drinks seven days a week. Crystal convinced Mindy she was a social worker and would like to take care of her until her father could turn his life around.

With no mother figure in her life and a father who didn't even know she existed Mindy welcomed Crystal's help. Crystal told Mindy she would call her father in the morning and set up a meeting. Crystal ran a nice hot bath for the girl and while Mindy bathed, Crystal washed the girl's hair. God, she's beautiful Crystal told herself as she gazed at Mindy's small budding breasts and a cunt with a light coating of peach fuzz.

As she was gently rubbing the deep red bruises on Mindy's chest and sides she was becoming more enraged each passing minute. Those two bitches would have to pay for what they done to this sweet girl and Crystal was just the one to sentenced them to pain. As Mindy slept peacefully while Crystal lie next to her stroking her hair and smelling the clean fresh scent, she kept one eye on the park bench where the two older girls had been earlier.

It was just past midnight when Crystal heard raised voices from the direction of the park bench. Looking out, she saw the two girls back and they were harassing another couple this time. The man finally just shielded his girlfriend or wife and pushed pass the thugs. When Crystal approached them earlier not only was it dark, but the girls took off running before she was close enough for them to recognize. Walking across the street from the motel, Crystal bought a bottle of wine then went into their bathroom and opened it.

Dropping enough sedatives to knock the girls out for at least twelve hours, Crystal replaced the cap tightly and walked around the block and towards the bench and the girls. "Hey bitch, what you got in the bag" one of them spat at her as she was about to pass them.

Grabbing the bag from her hand and looking in, the same girl said they would take that and asked Crystal if she had a problem with it.

"No, you can have it and here's all my money" Crystal said as she pulled a twenty from her jacket pocket.

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The girl grabbed the money from Crystal's hand and told her to turn around and get the hell out of there before she kicked her ass. Smiling knowingly, Crystal turned around and walked back to her motel.

Watching from her room, Crystal saw the girls move to the alley behind the park and as they leaned against the fence they drank the wine.

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Crystal was parked no more than one hundred yards away from the girls and sat patiently waiting for them to pass out before pulling up next to them. Popping the trunk of her Lincoln, Crystal was pleased with the job she had done a couple years ago to completely sound proof it.

With both girls neatly tucked away in her trunk with the hands and ankles tied and a ball gag in their mouths, Crystal whispered. "You fucking bitches will pay for your actions and I'm going to love to carve you both up." She would inject them with another sedative in the morning before heading back home, giving her time to get Mindy settled in before taking the girls to the chamber. Crystal slept soundly as she held Mindy in her arms and felt the girl snuggle even tighter to her as the night went on.

Crystal was confident she would be able to seduce Mindy and turn her into her private sex toy without any pain or drugs. She welcomed the idea of having a loving young girl to mold and who knows, as time went by, Mindy might even become her associate. Crystal took photos of the bruises the other two girls had inflicted upon Mindy and she planned on using them to keep her adrenaline pumping while playing with the older pair.

When Mindy awakens in the morning Crystal would tell her she had already talked to her father and he agreed it was the best thing for his daughter for the time being. At a later date she would write a letter and convince Mindy it was from her father. It will say he moved on and got remarried and it would be best for her to stay where she was and make something out of her life.

While Mindy is bathing, Crystal gets the two girl into the chamber and after hanging them spread eagle from the rafters she cuts their clothes off and shocks them to bring them back around. Showing the first girl the pictures of Mindy's bruised body, Crystal broke the girls fingers on her left hand using a nut cracker. As the girl tried to scream around the ball gag, Crystal ensured her the pain she felt from the crushed fingers is mild to what she'd be experiencing later, once Mindy is asleep.

Going to the other girl hanging next to the first one, Crystal studied her for a couple minutes first and then without warning, Crystal took the nut cracker and twisted the girls big toe from side to side until she tore it from the girl's body. Taking a blow torch, Crystal seared the stub to stop the bleeding while the girl's tears dripped onto the floor in front of her.

Smiling triumphantly at the girls obvious pain and distress, Crystal repeatedly punched the girls in the ribs until she was satisfied she had cracked or broke every one of them. Telling them she'd return later that night and start showing them what real pain was, Crystal left them hanging from the rafters as she locked them in the chamber.

Mindy's hair was long and silky and as Crystal brushed it out, she kept leaning in and smelling the girls natural aroma. She had insisted Mindy leave only wrap a towel around herself after bathing. She would find something for her to wear to bed tonight and then tomorrow they would go shopping for a new wardrobe. As Crystal brushed Mindy's hair she moved the towel down and marveled her breasts. They were perfectly formed and her and her silver dollar sized areolas were a nice darker shade of pink.

The stiff nipples stood erect almost beckoning Crystals mouth to suck on them. Mindy's legs were smooth and well shaped for a girl of fourteen. After brushing her hair out, Crystal led Mindy to the bedroom and together they chose a sheer night shirt for her to wear.

When Mindy asked about panties, Crystal assured her there was no need for since it was just the two of them in the house. Crystal and Mindy spent the rest of the day and evening getting to know each other and looking online for clothes that suited Mindy's taste.


Lying with their heads next to each other's, Crystal began to let her hand roam over Mindy's body in her luxurious king sized bed. As she ran her hand softly over Mindy's young soft legs and gently kissed the girl's forehead, Mindy would move in closer. Lifting her face to hers, Crystal kissed Mindy tenderly on the lips and when Mindy didn't move her head or pull away, Crystal kissed the girl again, but with a little more vigor this time. As Mindy purred softly, Crystal continued to kiss her softly while her hand was caressing Mindy's firm small ass cheeks.

"Do you like my hands touching you?" Crystal asked the young girl. "Yes, it feels special and no one has ever been so nice to me." Mindy answered as she initiated the next kiss on Crystal's lips. With slow and calculated caressing and soft whispers in Mindy's ear, after a half hour or innocent touching Crystal got Mindy to open her legs and turn more onto her back.

Mindy's upper thigh area was warmer to the touch and as Crystal's fingers brushed the girls untouched virgin pubes, the shiver of anticipation that cursed through Mindy's body brought a genuine smile of relief to Crystal's lips.

Tonight she would only massage Mindy's little budding clitoris and let the waves of multiple orgasms overtake the girl. Each time Mindy reached the point of release, her body would tense up and she would grip Crystal's wrist tightly. Kissing her full on the lips with each passing orgasm, Crystal finally satisfied the girls young libido fully and Mindy drifted off in a deep sensual sleep with a smile on her lips.

Crystal however, was so keyed up with sexual aniexty and was looking forward to her workout with the older girls strung up in the chamber. Walking up to the first girl, Crystal shoved her hand between her own thighs and brought up, covered with her juices. "You see that, bitch?" "That's juices from that younger girl Mindy getting me so hot." Crystal screamed into the frightened girls face.

"Do you know what I do to relieve my sexual tension when I can't release it with sex?" Crystal continued as the girl was beginning to struggle against the restraints. As Crystal stood back and kicked the girl squarely in the cunt she yelled "I take my frustrations out with physical force." As the girl's head slumped from the precise kick Crystal delivered to her cunt, with the pointed toe of the boot connecting with the girls clitoris, Crystal kicked her again, loving the sounds of the muffled screams behind the ball gag.

Taking the gag from the girls' mouth, allowing the teen to scream, Crystal laughed and struck the girl twice in her already bruised and broken ribs.

"That's it, bitch, scream all you want, it only turns me on more." Crystal spat in the girls face as she continued hitting the girls' ribs with vicious blows to the bruised area. When the girl began coughing up blood and then passed out from the pain, Crystal just moved over to the girl's friend.

Removing her ball gag, the girl began immediately begging Crystal not to hurt her anymore. Her cries for mercy and her trembling body only intensified Crystals desires and she leaned forward and bit the side of the girls right breast so fiercely, she came away with a half dollar sized piece of breast in her mouth. While sucking the blood from the piece of tissue before spitting it out, Crystal was twisting the newly mutilated breast with her thumb now digging into the fresh wound.

The screams were like a stimulant to Crystal and she covered the girls mouth with her own and kissed her hard and brutally. After pulling her mouth from the girls, the girl spit in Crystal's face and called her a fucking bitch.

Crystal might only weigh 120 lbs and be less than five foot six inches but she has a very powerful punch. The girl's nose flattened instantly as the right straight jab caught her and the second jab closed the girl's eye almost as quickly.

Moving down to the girl's cunt, Crystal shoved her hand into the girl and once her entire hand was inside she balled her fist. With solid short jabs, Crystal demolished the girl's cervix and pummeled her womb as the girl twitched and convulsed violently. Screaming and cursing with a barrage of profanities drove Crystal on.

While jabbing deep as she could, Crystal would alternate driving her fist forward and into the young woman's battered womb and using an open hand to let her fingernails rip the tissue and perforate her uterus. This damaging jabbing continued until the girl passed out like her friend. Having experienced a satisfied orgasm while fisting the girl, Crystal locked the chamber and went and showered, before climbing in bed with her young lover.

Crystal and Mindy had been shopping most of the day and the trunk of the Town Car was filled with bags of clothes from Saks, Macy's, Victoria Secrets, etc. Crystal geared the clothing to show off Mindy's fourteen year old gorgeous legs and her small but firm budding breasts.

Now on the way home, it was Mindy who brought up the subject of how Crystal caressed her for so long the night before and how it made Mindy feel warm and funny inside. Crystal tried her best to explain to the young sheltered girl about the female orgasm but after a few minutes, Mindy said she knew all about orgasms' but just never had another person touch her like that.

Turning on the seat to face Crystal more directly, Mindy put her hand on Crystals exposed thigh and asked bluntly if she'd like for her to touch her the same way. Crystal opened her legs a little and slid Mindy's small hand on up her thigh and rested it against her hot wet cunt. As Mindy leaned against Crystal in a loving mother daughter way, her fingers were rubbing Crystal's cunt and when she felt the wetness coat the panties, she looked up at Crystal and told her she was glad she could make her wet.

Pushing the panty leg opening to the side, Mindy's fingers softly if not clumsily worked their way between the older woman's puffy cunt lips and for the first time in her life, Mindy felt the wetness of another woman's cunt coat her fingers. Every now and then, Crystal would move Mindy's hand and instruct her how to rub a certain way or in a certain place.

As Crystal concentrated hard on her driving, she loved knowing Mindy wanted to be a sexual partner with her without any drugs or punishment.

There will always be someone in the chamber for Crystal to use for her evil and dominating sexual release but for Mindy it will be a loving relationship and at least for now, the chamber while not be revealed to her. Squeezing her thighs against Mindy's small hand as she felt another powerful release, Crystal kissed Mindy on the top of the head as Mindy purred her complete contentment with her new found friend and mentor.

Crystal was confident when the time came for her to write the letter from Mindy's father it wouldn't affect their relationship and probably would even bring them that much closer. Back at the cabin, Mindy had a large amount of clothes to remove tags, sort and put in the closet so Crystal told her she had some work to do on the property and would be back in an hour or so.

Feeling a little generous in her mood, Crystal allowed the two teens to take a quick shower and promised them afterwards she would give them something to eat. After the first teen (Lauren) finished showering and had removed the dried blood from where her toe used to be and the crusted remaining blood from her right breast, Crystal forced her to her hands and knees and gave the girl a dog dish containing her food. As Lauren crawled to the bowl and began eating, she felt Crystals fingers probing her virgin asshole.

After the punishment she endured the night before after cursing and spitting on Crystal, Lauren grit her teeth and didn't try to resist. After a few minutes of fingering and lubing the girls ass, Crystal grabbed Lauren's long hair and as she bent the girls head back violently, she shoved the twelve inch strap-on dildo she had put on all the way into Laurens ass. Lauren screamed in pain as your ass walls were being stretched and torn from such a thick long invasion.

As Crystal fucked the girl's ass hard and rough, she told her maybe from now on she'll learn to not sass and definitely no spit on her. Lauren's screams brought the other girl (Sherrie) into view and as soon as she saw her friend being ass raped she just dropped to her knees and wept. She wanted to go scratch the eyes out of the woman who was fucking Laurens ass but knew with the control Crystal was holding would activate the shock collar and she didn't want anymore pain.

Crystal told Sherrie to get into the end cell and pull the automatic locking door securely shut. Directing her attention back to Lauren, Crystal pulled her hair even tighter, stretching the girls neck and causing her to grow faint. Slamming her cock into Lauren and hearing the girl gasp for air was stimulating and the juices ran down Crystal inner thighs as a fantastic orgasm woke every nerve in Crystal's body.

Shoving Lauren off her dildo then kicking her in the cunt, she told her to get her ass to the cell next to Sherrie and lock herself in. Looking Sherrie's way and seeing the girl was just finishing her bowl of food, Crystal opened the cell door and with Sherrie crawling like a dog, she made the girl get on the metal table and lie on her back.

With her legs and arms positioned perfectly, Crystal hit the button and leg and wrists irons closed around the girls' limbs, rendering her helpless. Crystal told Sherrie it was somewhat unfair that the only real punishment she's had so far are the broken ribs and fingers. Poor Lauren on the other hand had broken ribs, a missing toe, a piece of her breast eaten and a completely destroyed inner cunt that no one would ever want to fuck again.

The terror in Sherrie's eyes as she realized this mad woman wanted to inflict more pain on her, was like a powerful aphrodisiac and the warmth filling Crystal's insides felt devine.

Crystal asked Sherrie if she ever ate cunt and when she said no, Crystal said it was about time. Sherrie felt a slight sense of relief, realizing sucking Crystals cunt was better than being beaten or tortured.

That feeling lasted less than fifteen seconds and when the scalpel sliced through her outer cunt lip Sherrie screamed with so much pain that Crystal orgasmed immediately.

Taking the half inch wide and three inch long strip of cunt lip in her hand, Crystal told Sherrie to open her mouth. When Sherrie refused to obey, Crystal clamped her fingers around the teens neck and began choking her, not caring whether the girl opened her mouth first or died. Sensing her peril and by the look in Crystal's eyes, Sherrie knew she only had one chance of remaining alive. Opening her mouth, she let Crystal drop her own cunt lip and slowly chewed as she tried valiantly to keep her own vomit down.

Crystal took the scalpel and cut the same size from Sherrie's other cunt lip and walked over to Lauren's cell. Dangling the meat through the bars she ordered Lauren to crawl over and take it from her hand like the fucking dog she was.

As Lauren began to chew on the strip, Crystal laughed and as she walked back to the table she told Sherrie that her friend loved eating her cunt. Ensuring Sherrie not only chewed the lip but also swallowed it, Crystal cauterized the cunt with an open flame. The smell of burning flesh filled the room and Sherrie's agonizing screams broke the silence. Being satisfied the girls were hurting a lot and no longer in need of food, it was time for Crystal to get back to her Mindy.

Over the next week Crystal continued to rape Lauren and Sherrie's cunts, asses and even their mouths and each time it would be with a longer and thicker dildo or strap-on. The only solid foods they were allowed during this time was the flesh Crystal would feed them from each other's cunts and breasts. Their final resting places were prepared in the vegetable garden and tonight after Mindy was asleep she would end their pain and torture. She had a two P.M. flight tomorrow for her and Mindy for a two week vacation in Paris, and couldn't take a chance of leaving the girls alone that long.

While still savoring the afterglow of having oral sex with Mindy, Crystal walked into the chamber and told Lauren and Sherrie she wasn't going to make them eat anything tonight. Feeling especially wicked she told them, one of them would be walking out the door tonight and the other one wouldn't be.

Taking a twelve foot rope Crystal had the girls tie one end around each other's waist with approximately seven feet remaining between them and yet keeping them close. While Crystal took a seat and sipped a glass of Merlot she told the two teens they would have to fight to the death. When they looked at her in total shock, Crystal said either they fight to the death or she would kill both of them right there and now.

Lauren being the larger of the two, being two inches taller and about fifteen pounds heavier than Sherrie, took the first lunge and caught Sherrie in the mouth with a right hook. Staggering but keeping her balance, Sherrie countered by gouging Lauren's eyes and cheeks. As the two teens fell to the floor biting and hitting, Crystal sat patiently and fingered her wet cunt and egged the two on.

Lauren was sitting on Sherrie's chest and beating her face with both fists and Crystal was sure it was over, but somehow Sherrie ended up on top of Lauren and immediately pushed a thumb into her left eye. With a blood curdling scream Lauren shoved Sherrie backwards but Crystal could see the empty cavity were the eye used to be.

Undaunted by the pain and the loss of sight in one eye, Lauren flailed her fists wildly, connecting half of the time. Finally getting close enough to grab Sherrie's hair, Lauren held Sherrie firm in her grasp while she bit her nose off and spit it out.

Crystal was beginning to wonder if either teen would have the strength to walk out the door but she was hoping one would.

After five more minutes of of clawing, biting and punching each other, Sherrie managed to get the rope around Lauren's neck and was pulling it as tight as she could. Lauren's hands was flapping, trying to grab Sherrie's hair but Sherrie managed to elude her grasps until finally Lauren's arms fell limp.

Crystal warned Sherrie about easing up, telling her she had to make sure Lauren was dead and not just passed out. Sherrie was determined to walk out of the chamber so after removing the rope from around her friend's neck she bent down and bit a huge piece of Lauren's throat out and chewed it like a piece of meat.

Staggering to her feet, Sherrie headed to the closed door leading to freedom.

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With a short blast from the collar, Crystal told her not so fast. While keeping the shocking activated, Crystal attached the leash to the collar and then told Sherrie she could now walk out. As the night air hit Sherrie in the face she took a deep satisfying breath and as directed by Crystal slowly walked down the path. Crystal convinced Sherrie her freedom would be at the end of the path and when the path ended at the open grave, Sherrie turned to look at Crystal.

As Crystal began shocking Sherrie as she pushed her into the grave, she told her the promised had been kept. Sherrie was allowed to walk out of the chamber and her freedom from pain ends now.

While the shock collar kept Sherrie immobilized, Crystal retrieved Laurens body from the chamber and lie her on top of Sherrie face to face. While pushing the dirt back in the hole using the battery operated and silent bobcat dozer, Crystal left the shock collar activated until such a time where Sherrie's arms were completely buried by the earth.


As Sherrie tried to scream out in pain, Crystal hand shoveled dirt, covering the girl's heads and watching the eyes of Sherrie until no apparent life was left. Finishing the job with the dozer, Crystal whistled as she imagined the next two weeks in Paris with Mindy. Right now, only Mindy existed in Crystal's world, but how long would sweet sex alone satisfy Crystal??