Horny amateur twinks spoil each other with awesome head

Horny amateur twinks spoil each other with awesome head
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I heard her scream as I pulled into a truck stop and saw her come running around a corner, she was a little under 5'3" with light brown hair, full, perky tits, and firm round ass. Three ragged looking half dressed men with makeshift weapons where chasing after her, so I opened up the throttle and drove the truck into them, putting a wall between them and the girl, two of them stopped short but the third was taken out at the ankles by the plow on the truck trapping his leg under it as I lowered the blade.

The braver of the remaining two slammed his bat into the metal grating over my window before I kicked the door open and sent him sprawling.


I dropped from the cab of the truck with a heavy thud, and leveled my rifle on the man with the bat and blew him apart with a heavy burst of automatic fire. The other guy rushed me with a machete so I flung down my rifle and pulled my own blade, a roman style short sword and blocked the strike locking him in a grapple.

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He grunted with strain and I roared my furry i less then a few inches from his face before smashing his nose with a head-but and as he stumbled back he caught my left forearm with a lucky swing drawing first blood, so I hit him with an under cutting strike opening him up from crotch to sternum.

as I rounded the hood of the truck the girl shouted at me to stay back, then opened up with a small pistol.

The first two shots missed and I kept walking, three, four, and five, bounced of my ballistic vest, causing slight involuntary jerks as I shrugged off the rounds. I had though she was done when six hit me in the forehead, thank god for ballistic face masks. I roared like a bear about to charge and drove my boot through the trapped mans skull. "Do not!

Fucking shoot me!" My voice was dark and angry. "I'm sorry!" Her voice was a squeak. "The holy fuck girl? I save your ass, literally, and you shoot me? In my fucking face!" "I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!" "Quit that." I realized I had scared her worse then I meant too, "I'm not gunna hurt you, just, don't shoot me anymore ok?" She sniffled, she was gunna cry I think, "Ok I won't, I promise." she smiled softly and wiped her nose and eyes.

"Thank you for saving me, I know what they would have done." "Well they ain't doin' shit except feeding scavengers now girl. Whats a girl like you doin' out on your own anyway?" "I was with a group from my emergency center, but they sold me to those guys." "They fucking sold you?!" I couldn't keep the growl out of my voice when I asked.

"Yea that was this morning, they kept talking about all the things they where gunna do to me when we stopped for the night." She gave a visible shudder as she told the story and I felt for her.

"Wish I woulda known, I woulda killed them slower. Look, it ain't safe for a girl like you to be on her own, I'm headed west, you can tag along if you want." "Why?" She smiled lightly.

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Her response knocked me on my ass and I laughed softly, "I've been on my own a while now and it gets lonely moving between settlements like I do, it'd be nice to have somebody to talk to," I tipped my mask back and gave my best charming smile, "and besides pretty girls make the best company." She blushed slightly and bit her lower lip in the cutest way, I would latter learn I was the first guy to call her pretty, and then she said "Ok I'll come with you." "Then let's hit the road." I smirked as I walked around to my door retrieving my rifle as I did, and climbed inside, she climbed in and locked her door right away.

As I pulled back out onto the road I look over at her "Relax this things a fortress, bullet proof glass and panels, steel grating on the windows, reinforced locks, it would take a tank to crack this baby open." I stroked my hand slowly over the dash.

"Your sure?" She seemed nervous still. "Your safe as a bunny in a Mack truck." She looked out the window into the black of night, as I cranked the radio, and Guns and Roses filled the silent air.

"Ohmygod!" She squealed suddenly "I love this fucking song!" I gave a short laugh and turned the radio up louder, as she started to sing along. "She's got a smile that it seems to me. Reminds me of childhood memories." Her voice was soft and sweet but enough to over power the voice on the radio, and I don't know why but I felt the need to add my voice to hers, "Was as fresh as the bright blue sky. Now and then when I see her face, She takes me away to that.special place, and if I stared too long I'd probably break down and cry." And I smiled as we sang together, "Oh sweet child O' mine, oh sweet child of mi-ine!" She giggled and I laughed as we sang together.

The song wound down as we ate up the high way, and as the radio played out the greatest hits of a forgotten time we captured just a sliver of what the world had lost. We where just two companions, no longer the hardened killer and the frightened girl, simply two people watching the highway disappear.

We road in that happy way for an hour or so as the world flew by us, and eventually I saw her give a deep yawn.

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"Feeling sleepy little lady?" "Yea a little." She blushed as she adjusted her self in her seat. "God I miss real beds." She jokingly whined.

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So I reached over behind me and pulled aside the curtain that separated the front and back seats, reviling my bunk, I had torn out the rear seats and stacked a few thick cot mattresses on the floor, then I stuffed it halfway to the windows with all sorts of blankets, pillows, and even a few thick, warm, furs for when it got really cold.

There was a shelf for my few little nick-nacks and what not. "No way! No fucking way!" She was ecstatic.

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"I'm gunna drive a little longer, why don't you grab some rack time?" She smiled huge at me "For real?!" I jus nodded as she jumped in back and bear hugged a pillow. "Oh. My. Fuck! Real! Fucking! Pillowwwwwwwwwwwsssss!" Her voice was a soft boom inside the cab of the truck. I laughed and she blushed, "sorry it's just been awhile since I slept in a real bed." "It's fine, go ahead and get some sleep." She was chewing her lip in that adorable way as see reached for the hem of her shirt and pulled it off over her head witch made her ample chest bounce, giving me a chance to see her rather perky DD's try to bounce free of the strapless black bra she was wearing.


I did my best to keep my eyes on the road but as she pushed her jeans past her hips I got a glimpse of her amazing little ass and the black thong she was wearing. I'd like to think it wasn't my fault that couldn't help hitting a pot hole and watching her tits bounce as she sat back down.

"Um. would you mind sleeping with me? I don't wanna bother you but, I don't think I'll be able to sleep much otherwise." She was blushing heavily and biting her lip witch only made me harder in my jeans. "Sure, I'll sleep with you anytime you want." I shot her a playful wink.

She blushed even more red but smiled sweetly, "Thanks, I'll feel much safer with you next to me." I felt my chest swell with the pride a man gets only when a women tells him how safe he makes her feel. I tossed my shirt aside and grabbed another smoke as I went to climb into the back leaving my boots on the seat.

"You shouldn't sleep in jeans." She caught me a little off guard with that, "why?" She giggled, "Because it's weird." I took my jeans off and tossed them up front, all the while doing a passable job of hiding my growing erection. Once I had a blanket over my waist I stretched out on my side and propped my self up on my elbow as her eyes wondered over my collection of scars. She reached out and traced a slightly curved scare that ran under my left pectoral "Whats this one from?" I smiled, loving the feel of her touch, "Knife fight up in Ontario." She ran her hand acrossed my hard stomach to a small round scar over my belly button, "What about this one?" She smiled back.

"Sniper in down in Arkansas." I reached a tentative hand to her earlobe lightly touching the little diamond stud there and she turned her head so I could see both ears where pierced "You got any others?" I asked curiously. She blushed softly, parted her lips and stuck out her tongue showing a little silver stud near the tip. I felt my eyes widen and knew I was blushing slightly, "You know what those are for don't you?" She gave me a confused look, "No?" She phrased her answer as a question.

"They make you better at uh. Well oral sex" she blushed beet red and bit her lip as she looked away, so I tried to explain hoping she wasn't to uncomfortable "yea the metal stays cool but your tongue is hot and the alternating from one to the other makes the guy more sensitive." When she looked up she was smiling and her cheeks where a cute rosey pink "Maybe we should, uh, like, test that?" Her eyes where smoky and brimming with a soft lust.

I looked back at her, "what?" She leaned in closer "I said you should let me test that, I haven't given a blow job since way before I got the tongue stud and now I wanna know if it works." She winked as she pushed the blanket aside cupping my cock through my boxers "Pretty please sir." She pushed her lower lip out in a pouty way, and I slipped my hand down her panties stroking my fingers over her wet slit, "Is that what you want, pet?" I added the last word on a whim and felt a new serge of wetness gush over my fingers.

I moaned as she fondled my cock, "ahhh fuck!" I cupped the back of her head and kissed her deep and hard wrestling her tongue into submission with mine, "Do it pet! Suck my fucking cock!" She moaned into my lips as I let her go and she moved in between my legs kneeling as she yanked my boxers down and my cock sprung free lightly smacking her cheek, and she rewarded me with another whimpering moan. She looked up into my eyes and stroked my cock softly making me moan loudly as she licked a drop of precum off the tip of my cock, making me shudder as the cold metal and then her hot tongue rubbed over the sensitive head of my cock, her voice was husky and soft "Your so big, I don't think you'll even come close to fitting into my tight little throat sir." she was stroking me faster and faster and as I felt my precum drip down my cock I moaned out "Don't make a mess pet." I smiled hungrily down at her.

She swirled her tongue stud over the head of my cock before wrapping her hot wet mouth around it and started bobbing up and down, slowly taking my throbbing cock deeper into the heavenly cavern of her mouth, her nimble tongue and that icy stud stroking around the ridge of my cock head, and along the sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft on the bottom of my cock making me moan and tighten my hands in her hair as I started to guide her up and down my shaft at a faster pace.


I pressed down lightly coaxing her to go deeper as I pumped my hips in time with her rhythm. She went deeper, gagging softly and I let her up, when she pulled away she hollowed her cheeks around my cock pulling off it with a loud wet pop.

"Fuck you taste amazing Master!" I lost it when she said master and I used my hand in her hair to push her back down onto my cock. "Take it deep pet." She moaned around my cock, no doubt turned on by my commanding tone, as she pushed to the point of gagging softly then bobbing up and down as her hand stroked the part of my shaft she couldn't fit in her mouth "You like that?" I asked "You like being controlled pet?" She pulled off my cock slurping loudly and then swirling her tongue over the swollen head "Yes Master!" Her hand was stroking so fast it was a blur on my shaft.

I moan loudly and slightly arch my back "I'm gunna cum!" I used a hand in her hair to hold her head in place as I thrust foreword fucking her mouth for a few quick deep strokes, "Don't spill a drop pet!" I moaned loudly and she hollowed her cheeks and assaulted the swollen head with her talented tongue as I made it a point to paint the inside of her mouth with my hot, salty cum.

She looked up into my eyes as she gave a soft happy moan, then smiled and swallowed in a single loud gulp, then opened wide for me to see her mouth now empty.

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"Did it work master?" she smirked at me. "It was amazing!" My breathing was heavy and my voice still dripped with lust, "But now it's my turn pet!" I didn't hesitate to trap her mouth with mine as I laid her down, kissing her deeply as I popped the hooks on her bra lose and tossed it aside. I took one hard nipple into my mouth and swirls my tongue over it before sucking it gently, and then tugging softly on it with my teeth making her moan and squirm "Oh Master!" I smirked up at her, "I wonder do you taste sweeter the lower I kiss?

Guess I'll find out." I didn't let her answer as I started kissing, licking, sucking, and even biting my way down her supple young body, moaning and growling into soft, flawless skin as my hand slipped into her panties. She gasped as my finger slipped into her tight, hot, dripping, pussy and I looked up at her in surprise as she blushed and looked away, "You mean your a virgin?!" "Yes Master" her blush deepened "I've never been with a man before." She was chewing her lip, humming and mewing out her moans as I explored her virgin tunnel, then she practically screamed in pleasure as my thumb found her clit and my finger brushed her g-spot.

"Ohmygod Master! I'm gunna cum!" I kept pressing down softly on her clit as I stroked her g-spot in a come hither motion, "Not yet pet." I quickly slipped her thong down her legs as she bucked her hips into my hand, desperate for release she could not yet have. "Please Master! I'm so close Sir!

Please let me cum!!" She was gasping and shuddering on the very edge of her sexual abyss, fisting her hands in the blanket as she begged for that final push.

I grabbed her left leg behind the knee and put it over my shoulder, biting her thigh hard enough to leave my mark as a second finger entered her pussy, "Cum for me pet." My voice was little more the a commanding whisper moments before my hot tongue began lapping at he gushing pussy, throwing her over the edge into the blissful free fall of her first orgasam.

I lapped at her sex like a man dying of thirst moaning loudly at the sweet taste of her juices before sucking her clit and flicking back and forth with the tip of my tongue sending fresh waves of mind numbing pleasure crashing through her body as she was rocked by another orgasm. Her finger nails digging into my scalp, her thighs wrapped tightly around me as she screamed out her pleasure thrusting her hips, fucking her self wildly against my mouth and fingers as she covered my tongue and face in her sweet, sticky cum.

As she hit her peak she gushed one last time flooding my eager mouth with her juices as she screamed out "Oh god Master!!!" and as she came down from her pleasure high I slowly, licked her thighs and slit clean of her juices. Looking up at her with a grin as I wiped my chin on the back of my hand and then licked it clean, "I was right, sweet and juice as a peach." I winked at her as I pulled my fingers out holding them between us as I moved up for another deep, passionate kiss before offering my fingers to her lips, "Wanna taste?" Her answer was to run her tongue over them once before taking them all the way into her mouth and sucking them clean, "mmmmm your right Master!

That is very sweet, but I like your cum better!" She gave me the single greatest "blowjob eyes" I'd ever seen as she pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear and bobbed her mouth up and down my fingers teasingly.

I pulled them out and kissed her hard dominating her mouth with mine as my hard cock came to rest on her slit, the head leaving a light trail of precum where it rested on her flat tummy. She nibbled her lip in that adorable way that tugged on my frozen heart strings, "Please Master, make yours." her voice was a whisper carried on distant breeze. I moved one hand to her hip and the other to cup the back of her head, lifting it slightly as I pressed my forehead to hers, looking into her beautiful luminescent blue eyes, "Are you sure love?" I dropped my dominance for a moment to be sure she wanted what she was giving into.

To be continued?