Big tits on the stairs

Big tits on the stairs
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Amanda Adventures 2 : Amanda introduces Toby to Katie. Amanda and Toby parked the car and proceeded to the shopping centre (meadow hall) and met Katie there. Katie looked gorgeous and extremely sexy she was wearing a summery floral print dress which hugged her figure and attenuated her slim waist and exaggerated her already ample tits. Her eyes lit up when she saw Toby, has did his when he saw her. My wife Amanda also looked stunning, she wore a grey flannel skirted suit which was very tight.

The skirt was just above the knee and she wore very high heeled shoes. They looked an odd arrangement, two absolutely stunning sexy women with one scruffy looking black dude, they drew a lot of attention, I suppose most people looked with disdain assuming the two women where prostitutes or call girls with their black pimp. What ever, Amanda was enjoying the attention, no one would know her here and she could flaunt as much as she liked.

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They took Toby in to a man's fashion shop and got a lot of distasteful looks from both staff and other shoppers when they had sent Toby into the changing room and BOTH kept going in to check on his attire, or more often than not, lack of it.

They spent most of the day there and Amanda spent a lot of money on Toby, they had a meal there and by mid afternoon were on there way back to home. I was having a business meeting at home with a couple of clients in my study, this was next door to our gymnasium/ summer room.

I heard the car pull on the drive, I looked out of the window and saw the two girls with Toby. Moments later they came past the study door to go into the summer room, Amanda popped her beautiful head through the door and said "hi". I introduced her to my two male clients who's eyes nearly popped out when they saw how extremely sexy she looked especially when she had to bow down to them to shake their hands and she gave them an eyeful of her plump cleavage!

Amanda joined Toby and Katie in the summer room, she served them some drinks and they sat chatting. They had had a sexually charged morning at the shopping centre and Amanda noticed that Katie was particularly clingy and flirty with Toby. They engaged in small talk for a while about various subjects until Katie broached the subject of Toby's incarceration at her majesties pleasure, "so! Why were you sent to prison then Toby"?

"It's a long story but basically I fucked a married woman who had been wanting it for ages, after the event she got really anxious and guilty about it and cried rape"!


"Thing was, she had been pestering me for weeks, flirting and giving me the come on, you know you have to be very careful when your black&hellip.fucking white women…especially gorgeous ones". Toby smirked, and then there was a pause for a moment. "what's all this Amanda tells me about you being a Nubian" Katie broke the silence. "Yes that's true, we have been bred over many generations to have large cocks. In our tradition a man with a big cock is looked upon as someone superior to others, in fact our chieftains have the biggest cocks of all" Toby replied."Our women worship big cocks and they choose their mates based purely on the size of his penis, not on his facial features or his wealth" "That's very interesting" Katie replied whilst licking her lips.

Amanda said "I've got a movie in the DVD machine with a Nubian in it, would you like to look at it Katie"?(Amanda loved pornography, it really got her in the mood and didn't really require any effort from anyone, it was the best aphrodisiac she knew of). "Oooo yes please, I'd like to see that" Katie replied Amanda pressed the play button on the remote control, the tv screen flittered onto an interracial porno featuring two big titted blondes and a huge black (this one was her personal favourite).… Within a few minutes the atmosphere in the room had changed, it was now highly charged, Toby sat sprawled on the sofa with Katie close on one side, Amanda was on the other side.

Amanda reached around the back of Toby and tapped Katie on the shoulder so as not to draw Toby's attention. Katie craned her head back and Amanda mouthed silently whilst pointing, "look at his cock", Katie nodded her head and mouthed back "I know".

Toby's cock was almost fully erect and bulging down his left leg, almost to his knee. Amanda, who was sitting on his left, placed her hand on his knee and started tracing little circles on his leg just below where his big cock head was. "Toby" she said, "I've been telling Katie all about last night"! "Have you" Toby smiled and looked at Katie. Amanda circled her fingers a little higher so that she was stroking across the head of his knob.

It jerked a little a grew another inch, it looked now as if it was fully erect and bursting to get out. "Only Katie said she didn't believe me when I told her how big your cock was, she said she'd have to see it to believe it".

Toby looked straight at Katie and said" well if you want to see it just ask". Katie smiled and reached over and started stroking the full length of Toby's cock and said, "can I have a look at it please"?

Toby adjusted his posture and slid down into the sofa a little more and said "sure, have a good look". No sooner had he finished his words when Amanda was frantically undoing his zip and Katie was unfastening his belt and trousers. Within seconds they had him completely naked. He sat there in between them with his massive 10" cock fully erect against his body reaching almost to his chest. Katie stared at it mesmerised, "fuckin hell" she said, " that is a fuckin BIG cock".

Amanda took hold of it with her left hand and started to wank it, she pulled the skin back over the huge flared dark purple head and immediately there was a strong overpowering smell of cock. Katie had noticed it as well as Amanda, they were both sniffing away filling their lungs with this potent powerful odour.

Amanda offered the cock to Katie " here Katie, have a go" she pointed it towards Katie's face and the big titted blonde accepted and grabbed hold with both hands. She started to wank Toby's very long thick cock. Amanda was very happy to sit there and watch. After a while Katie looked at Amanda and said "does it taste nice"?

"gorgeous" replied Amanda, " why not try it"? Katie craned her neck over and stopped just short of Toby's cock, she breathed in deeply through her nostrils, his pheromones where already reacting with her brain, her clitoris was inflamed and her nipples were puckered and erect. She stuck out her tongue and squeezed the big cock head between her fingers and thumb which opened the slit in the end and formed it into a round hole, she poked her tongue into it, she could just taste remnants of spunk and cunt fat, she then licked all around the cock head.

Toby put his hands behind his head and with a smug grin said "aaahhhh, a slut who knows how to clean cock". Katie who held his cock with her fist just below the bulbous head lifted her head and said "er do you mind, I'm not a slut" she then continued licking the head whilst wanking his cock.

Toby looked at Amanda and grinned at the irony. Amanda felt a little jealous at hearing this, she had spent hours on his cock and hadn't received a word of approvalKatie had literally only just started minutes ago on his cock and she was already receiving acclaim.

Amanda knew she must learn from Katie, she had to develop and improve her cock cleaning and fucking techniques. While Katie was lapping away at Toby's cock, Amanda realised what a true friend Katie was and that it was Katie who had tried for years to get her onto black cock, only now did she know what a fool she had been and she could only imagine how many massive black cocks she had missed out on.

But that was all in the past now, my wife's aim was to catch up as much as she could and get as much big black cock in her as possible. She bowed her head and started to lick and clean Toby's massive bollocks, she was impressed at how quickly they had filled up again, they were again fully bloated and hard.

My wife started to work her way around his balls and up his long thick black shaft, Katie was working her way down it. Eventually they met in the middle, their tongues clashed and they inevitably exchanged saliva with each other. Toby reached over and squeezed Katie's big tits, "I want both of you sluts to take your clothes off" he commanded them.

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Seconds later they were both naked and had resumed their positions and duties. Toby asked both girls to sit upright and take it in turns rubbing his very large cock head against there nipples, both girls duly did this and it had their nipples fully puckered and sticking out erect like cocktail sausages.

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Toby instructed my wife Amanda to lick and suck Katie's nipples, she did this without hesitation, he was in control now and all she was going to do was learn.

I was in my study (next to the summer room) trying to conduct a business meeting with two German clients, we could all hear muffled groaning and sucking noises coming from next door.

I apologised to my two clients and excused the noises has my wife and her friend having a personal trainer and that next door was our gymnasium and that they would be conducting a rigorous workout, I off course knew different. After a while one of my clients a German known as Hans Schneider asked if he could use the bathroom, I gave him instructions where to find it and he left his colleague and myself discussing our business deal.

Hans having left the study sneaked in the other direction towards the summer room, he very slowly and quietly opened the door enough to peer through, the sight that greeted him almost knocked him onto his back side. There in full view was two blonde goddesses knelt either side a big black man with an enormous cock which they were rubbing their nipples with, Hans developed a very rapid erection and decided this was far more entertaining than a stuffy business meeting, he leant against the door jam and made himself as comfortable as possible, he placed his hand down the front of his trousers so he could massage his own cock and concentrated all his attention on my wife's 'work out'.

Toby instructed Amanda and Katie to kiss each otherthey obeyed and leant over and kissed passionately their tongues entwined inches above his cock, they both had one hand each on his cock slowly wanking it and one bullock each gently needing it.

After a few minutes Toby said "I think its time for Katie to mount my cock now, but first tradition dictates that the hostess, (he looked at Amanda) must prepare the cunt for fucking"! Amanda was a little taken aback by this development, she loved cock but had never really had any other sexual tendencies towards other females, but she was erotically fully charged and she was here to learn and Toby and Katie obviously knew best. "What do I have to do"? she asked. "You must clean and lubricate Katie's cunt hole with your mouth and make sure it is ready for the entry of my cock"!

Toby instructed. "Ohh okay" Amanda replied She walked on her knees around to Katie, who was already laid on her back with her legs wide open. Amanda nuzzled her moist cunt area which was cleanly shaven, she could smell and feel the heat of Katie's cunt. Katie reached down and stretched her cunt open with her delicate feminine well manicured fingers and through gritted teeth she said "lick my cunt slut"!!

Amanda winked an ironic wink at Toby and said "I'm no slut" and then stuck out her tongue and attacked Katie's cunt hole she licked around her clitoris and nibbled it between her teeth and then plunged the full length of her tongue into Katie's cunt hole.

She spent 15minutes there licking and sucking Katie's cunt, Toby just laid at the side watching whilst wanking his long cock off.

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"Okay that's enough now I think that cunt's ready for fuckin" ordered Toby. He lay back down on the sofa and Katie straddled across his giant cock, Amanda held it upright and stationary whilst Katie positioned her cunt lips around the head of Toby's black cock, before she lowered herself down she looked around at my wife and said "I think it needs a little more lubrication" My wife licked and spat at Katie's cunt as it was perched just over Toby's cock She then lowered herself down his massive hard thick black shaft, Amanda licking and sucking all the way down.

Katie proceeded to ride Toby's cock, she instructed my wife to continue licking and to make sure the cock was well lubricated with her spit. "Oooohhhhh fuckin hell its sooooo fuckin big" she kept repeating whilst she was siding up and down on it. Toby was very impressed at the relative ease the full length of his cock entered Katie's cunt, she slid down right to his bollocks, the large head of his cock easily entered her womb and he could feel her ovaries with the end of his cock, it was obvious Katie was no stranger to very large black cocks.

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Periodically she would disengage her cunt from the black cock and twist her torso round to instruct Amanda on how to clean her cunt fat off Toby's cock.

After a good while at this the two girls exchanged places and Katie did the cunt preparation work and aided the entry of Toby's black cock into my wife's very hot wet cunt, it slid in easily…"ooohhhh, fucking hell, that's fuckkiiinng gorgeous" Amanda rode his cock like a demon, They swapped places many times and Toby fucked them both thoroughly in many positions.

Katie showed Amanda how to enjoy cunt fat from deep inside her cunt, Amanda was a very willing pupil and she was happy and enjoying herself more than she could ever remember.

The German peeping tom was also enjoying the spectacle, he had dropped his trousers and was wanking himself off!! He couldn't last any longer, he shot his load all over the summer room door. Hans returned to our meeting looking pretty flushed, I asked if he was okay, he replied he was fine… He then said something in German to his colleague "Schlampen saugen schwarze Hahn" or something and his friend made his apologies and quickly disappeared to the toilet.

Back in the summer room Toby was getting ready to cum, his bollocks were throbbing. "Now Amanda, I'm going to shoot my spunk deep into your cunt hole and I want you, Katie, to catch any spillage in your mouth, remember girls this stuff is very precious and your not to waste a single drop"! "Ooohh your in for a treat Amanda" Katie said, "you'll love the feel of hot fresh spunk spraying your ovaries" Amanda was already bent over in the doggy position with Toby fully inserted in her and banging her pelvis back against his "but I haven't taken any precautions, I don't want to get pregnant"!

"That's okay" replied Katie, "I've got some 'morning after pills' just let Toby spray into your cunt and enjoy it"! Toby started to thrust wildly into my wife's cunt hole, she couldn't help but scream, we could here this very clearly in my study.

"I'm fuckin cumming now" Toby yelled!!


His cock erupted into my wife's cunt, she could feel the hot spunk jetting against her ovaries, it was just has Katie described, incredible. Katie was licking away at Amanda's cunt which brought her into a fantastic orgasm, her body started shaking like she was having an epileptic fit "oooohhhhhhhhwarrrrr fuckkkkkiiinnnn hhhheeellllll" she screamed!!

Katie held her position open mouthed and caught a large mouth full of hot fresh spunk mixed with delicious pungent cunt fat, she drank half of it and retained half in her mouth for her good friend to share. Toby stayed on with my wife and Katie for another 4 days, he fucked them relentlessly two or three times every day. Amanda learnt many new techniques in fucking, sucking, cock cleaning and cunt preparation.

I watched most of the stuff going off in the day time but wasn't permitted to share the bedroom with them at night. After a few days there was signs of tensions growing between the two girls, on one occasion I heard them arguing in the bedroom, when I intervened I learnt that the dispute was over the amount of spunk Katie was swallowing, according to Amanda she was being a "greedy bitch" and Amanda wasn't getting her fair share!!!!

I later discussed this with Toby and he admitted he had underestimated the insatiable appetite of these two women and he wasn't sure how long he could keep it 'up'. He may need to call on reinforcements! On the fifth day Amanda came down stairs and found a note left on the kitchen table from Toby, it simply read Had to go, family problems, will be in touch soon, Thanks… Toby! Amanda was very sad when she read this, but thanks to Katie was soon perked up when she told her she would introduce her to some of Katie's black friends…… The German business men seemed delighted with our meeting and duly signed a 12month contract, but insisted on all future business meetings to be held at our house!!!