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Unzensierte japanische Porno Star nami hardcore Video
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Chapter 11 *** Hi guys and girls.

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I'm sorry for taking so long to write this installment of my story, but I've been on the run for a couple of years. Some really nasty people closed in and nearly caught me a couple times.

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They want what I can do for themselves, for what reason I cannot fathom. Over the last couple of years, I've lived as a dog, a horse, even a dolphin at one point, as well as assorted people. Crazy, huh?*** The urge to throttle Dao-Ming, while powerful, was gone almost before I recognized it. All I felt were her delicate hands kneading desperately at my breasts. I could feel her grinding herself into my ass cheeks. Her lips left a trail of fire along my spine as she kissed along my neck and between my shoulder blades, pausing now and then to graze her teeth along my skin in playful nibbles.

It was exhilaratingly paralyzing. When I could take no more of her teasing, I twisted around to face her, our bodies never breaking contact. I cupped her pert breasts in my hands, gently pinching her nipples between my fingers as I fondled them. A quiet whimper escaped her as we kissed, deeper and more passionately.

Goosebumps enveloped my body as Dao-Ming grabbed a fistful of my hair and gave it a gentle tug as her other hand made it's way to my soaking wet pussy. A finger parted my swollen lips as her thumb stroked my clit ever so lightly. I reached my own hand down to return the favor but was shocked to discover a growing and hardening cock exiting her crotch just above her wet pussy. It twitched as I wrapped my hand around it. She broke off the kiss, moaning as she turned me towards the bed.

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"Bend over, my dear," she whispered in my ear. "It's time to give you what you crave." I did as she asked, although it seemed more a command than a request, shuddering with equal measures of fear, anticipation, and longing.

"What the hell was wrong with me?" I wondered. My mind was swiftly losing it's "masculine" side, as it were, but I had no chance to ponder that thought further as I felt the head of Dao-Ming's cock split my folds before she pushed slowly into me. I whimpered, grunted, moaned as inch after inch slowly penetrated my tight, wet pussy.

Even as lubricated as I obviously was, it was still painfully pleasurable (which isn't to say that I get off on the pain, just that at that particular moment, it felt GOOD). I thanked the heavens above that she was being as gentle as she could with a monster that large. As it was, she still brought tears to my eyes as she slowly, finally bottomed out inside me.

I moaned loudly as an orgasm radiated through me, ripples of pleasure bringing gooseflesh from my head to my feet. I could literally feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up as wave upon wave of exhilarating and excruciating pleasure encompassed my entire body. Dao-Ming stood stock still behind me, hands on my hips as she physically felt my pleasure at her intrusion.


She chuckled lightly as I shook through my orgasm. "I am aware that this is new to you, at least while you're conscious, but it feels fantastic, does it not?" she asked.

"Better than being a man, at least to my mind." I could only nod weakly as I started to push back into her, trying to get every last millimeter of that wonderful beast inside me. I could feel Dao-Ming start stroking in and out, gradually pulling further out each stroke, never letting up but always gentle. I could feel my massive breasts start to sway as I began to meet her every stroke with a push of my own.

I could feel every bump and vein as the walls of my pussy clenched down on her magnificent member. (It was then that I realized that I would never willingly live as a male member of the human species again, except as circumstances necessitated. I just knew I'd never again be satisfied by the limitations of copulation as a man.

The strength, the persistence, even the ease of achieving orgasm as a woman was just too good to voluntarily give it up. Of course, this was my first time as a woman, and I had so much to learn.) We both began to speed up our thrusting, animalistic grunts filling the room as we transitioned from gentle love-making to fucking, our bodies slamming together in a frenzy of lust.

Although neither of us cared at the time, I'm certain that we could be heard throughout the hotel; indeed, even the passersby on the street below undoubtedly got an earful, albeit somewhat less clear than the other guests in the hotel. Dao-Ming's mighty thrusts were steadily driving me to successive, crescendoing, seemingly persistent orgasms, each more intense than the one before, stealing my breath as I came.


Never before had I felt anything even remotely resembling what I felt that day, and seldom since. And yet my orgasms ramped to an even higher intensity when I felt her reach around and start rubbing my slick nub.

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I was shaking, sheathed in sweat, my hair plastered to my neck, back, forehead, cheeks, grunt-moan-screaming as Dao-Ming pummeled my pussy mercilessly. I don't know how long we mated and mating it was, as we had long passed any semblance of "love-making" - that day, for time seemed to stand still even as it flew by.

I felt a transcendent orgasm crash through and over me Dao-Ming shuddered through her own as she shot her load deep within me, sheathing her cock to the hilt in my sopping wet pussy. I could feel every twitch as shot after shot filled me. I collapsed face first onto the bed, pulling her down with me as my snatch refused to release that magnificent beast. I could feel her wonderful breasts and those luscious nipples sliding a little on my sweat-soaked back as she pushed aside some of my drenched hair to nibble on my earlobe.

She giggled a bit as I gasped for breath, the last of my orgasm rippling through my body even as her beautiful beast, still buried inside me, twitched its last.

"Let's draw a bath and get cleaned up a bit," she whispered, finally withdrawing from me.

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"It's time for a serious talk." Even as I was enjoying the post-coital bliss, I had many questions for Dao-Ming; questions that I would demand answers to, but one in particular. WHY?