Naked hunks use the cum drum to delight with endless anal scenes

Naked hunks use the cum drum to delight with endless anal scenes
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WARNING: This story involves a lot of watersports, do NOT read if you are not into watersports, toilets, or urinals. All characters and locations are fictional. The following links are to youtube videos (there is no porn in them): Example of the urinal 1: Example of the urinal 2: I have been going to a men only indoor pool for several years ever since it was a former public pool in the city park district.

I see Daniel every time I went; he was a large and tall 6' 4" blonde hair guy with wash board abs, and broad shoulders. He wore a red swimming trunk, but you can easily see a nice size bulge. I have spoken with him numerous times after my swim sessions and establishing a good relationship.

I usually do the following during a typical session: I change into my suit, piss into the urinal, shower, swim, and then I shower again and change to leave. The routine was very efficient use of the time. On this particular afternoon, I didn't take my usual piss as I didn't need to; which sometimes occurred. There were a few guys in two of the five lanes the pool has; talking in between their laps, otherwise it was not crowded. I did my usual twelve continuous laps. I finished the session early, so I figured I will take a long shower.

So I went into the locker room area and, I took the swimming trunks off and stored it in the locker.

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By this time I did need to piss, so I went to the area where the urinals and toilets were. I stepped up to the left urinal of the two there and pissed for a half of a minute, during which I heard the pool side door opening and closing. I finished pissing and watched the urinal flushing the yellow liquid down into the drain and then refilled with water.

I turned and there was Daniel watching; he asked "Is there something wrong with the urinal? The leak was fixed last week." I said "Nothing wrong, I like to watch it flushing after I finished peeing into it.

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It looks like it might feel nice to have all that water splashing against the white porcelain." Daniel look down at his trunks and then back at me and said "Yeah I keep this area nice and clean ever since I replaced the old broken fixtures that were here when I bought the place.

You should go ahead and feel the urinal." I said it would be nice as I look into the water filled bowl. Daniel moved forward a little and said: "We have known each other for some time now; can I ask you something sexual, if it wouldn't offend you?" I said "No go ahead." Daniel asked: "Can you feel the urinal now; I want to pee on you?" I smiled as I placed my hand above the water towards the front of the urinal and said "Daniel, please go ahead and pee on me." Daniel stepped up to the urinal, untied the trunks string, pulled the front of his trunks down, and pulled out his massive thick 5 inch soft cut dick.

He aimed at my hand and said "This is the bulge you been seeing in my swimming trunks; you like my thick penis?" I nodded in agreement.


He relaxed, started to pee a thick wide stream, and then he looked up for a few seconds. I let the pee push my hand under the water in the urinal, causing the pee make loud heavy splashing sounds.

His pee stream was powerful enough that my hand was pushed down to the bottom of the urinal right in front of the toilet style drain. Daniel looked down and saw my hand was following a nice cloud of yellow pee, he then said "You like getting peed on by my penis?

How does it feel in the urinal?" I said "Yeah it feel great, the water in the urinal is getting nice and warm, and your pee cloud is reaching the back of the urinal. Daniel, whenever you want, just let me know and I will let you pee into the urinal with my hand in it.

The porcelain is nice and slippery. Your penis is a nice 'showerhead' providing hot 'water' for me in the urinal." Daniel chuckled and said "Thanks, here why don't I make a little shower against the back of the urinal for you," as he aimed his penis so the pee sprays under the rim against the back of the urinal.

I feel the nice powerful cascade of the "waterfall" he is making with his pee. I let my hand float toward the front of the urinal while saying "Daniel, you are peeing a good strong stream, it like there a current in the bowl of the urinal." He chuckled and aimed his pee stream at my hand while saying: "Nah, you should play in my toilet after I have drunk a few beers; the water gets nice fluffy white foam." After over a half of a minute, Daniel finished peeing by squirting four powerful jets against my hand as it lay submerged in the warm yellow water of the urinal; with my hand partly in the long channel that runs from the front of the urinal to the drain.

Daniel shook his penis a few times and then let it hang outside his swimming trunk, and looked at me while saying "OK, I have to flush you and the pee down the urinal." He reached over and pushed the handle; water started spraying from every rim jet holes, in the back, sides and front of the urinal. My hand was first pushed over edge of the channel and the jets from the front of the urinal started pushing it towards the curtain of water in front of the drain; while I said "Aww yeah Daniel, I am being flushed down the urinal by you; and I like it." He nodded as the urinal empties with a toilet like gurgle and started to refill.

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Daniel asks: "Now that you have been flushed down the urinal, how does all of that water feel like?" I said "I was right it does feel nice in the urinal, it like a cool 'rinse cycle', especially after a hot pee from your penis. Daniel I want to be peed on by you as often as possible;" as let my hand feel the back of the urinal as the water trickles down.

Daniel chuckled and said as he looked at where my hand is at: "Thanks, I do want to pee on you often, in fact you should come over to my place and I will froth up the toilet for you. I am going to flush you down the urinal again." As he puts his penis back into his trunks, and walked over to the sink next to the urinal and push the flush handle again. The urinal flushed as I said "I am being flushed down the urinal by you again.

I like the way the channel feels as the water cascade over the edge and empties out; it like a miniature toilet bowl" During this time the pool side door opened and shut again. Crawford entered the area, he stepped up to the urinal on the right and pulled the front of his trunks down but stopped and look at me and my hand still in the left urinal feeling the porcelain and making some splashing sounds.

Crawford said "Dude, you have your hand in the urinal. Daniel did you piss on him? I thought you were just joking." Daniel nodded as he finished washing his hands. Crawford, a short 5' 8" heavy black guy with a nice round chub belly; quickly move over to the urinal with my hand in it and aimed his thick 3 inch long cut cock into the urinal.


Crawford said as he started to piss, "Dude, I am going piss on you with this black dick of mine." He pissed a nice narrow, fast stream; making a light yellow piss cloud that is travelling down the channel in the bottom of the urinal.

Crawford noticed my hand moving with his piss and said "You like my dick pissing on you? That is what you get for playing in the urinal. Enjoy a fat black man's fat black dick pissing on you." I looked at his pissing dick and then at his face while saying "Crawford, please piss on me with that hot fat black dick of yours, bathe my hand with your golden water." Crawford pissed for a short 20 seconds and finished up with just a few squirts.

He looked down in the urinal and saw my hand resting in the channel with his piss while the surrounding water remains without any color; then he put his dick back into his trunks as he said "Dude you really like that piss my dick made in the urinal; here give me your other hand." He took my dry hand and put it on his wet swimming trunks so I can feel his dick through the fabric. He said "Go ahead dude feel that hot dick of mine, while I flush the urinal" I felt both the flushing urinal and Crawford's penis through his blue swimming trunks while saying "It feels nice to be flushed down the urinal while playing with a black man's dick.

Every time I see that dick of yours my hand will go into the urinal, and I going to feel the hot piss against the porcelain, as I know I get a nice toilet style rinse afterwards." During the time I heard another guy entered from the pool door. I took the hand off of Crawford's dick and let the one in the urinal float up and against the side rim.

Crawford sees this said "No you don't back into the bottom of the urinal with that hand;" and flushed the urinal. I said "Aww, I being flushed down the urinal by you again Crawford; I want to get pissed on by you. I want to be washed in the urinal." Daniel looking on from the doorway said to Crawford: "OK, Crawford there is no reason for you to piss into the pool anymore." Crawford said "OK boss; I'll piss on him instead" even though he does not work for Daniel.

Crawford and Daniel both went back to the pool as I continued to play in the urinal. I heard a locker being closed in a hurry; and then a blonde hair guy who was 5' 8" tall entered.

He was only wearing black t-shirt; stepped up to the urinal and aimed his 4" uncut cock, and almost immediately started pissing a nice modest arching stream against the back of the urinal. He said: "Aww, I had to piss really badly." I felt the cascade against my hand and then began to follow a cloud of piss down into the channel.

He looked down and stopped pissing when he saw my hand in the urinal. I said "No, keep pissing." He smiled and continued pissing while saying: "Fine, I'll piss on you." He aimed his cock down at my hand, making the water splash with his jet. He continued to piss for nearly 50 seconds.

He said as he finished pissing with 4 small squirts: "Thanks, I enjoyed that. I have to flush the toilet." He pushed the handle and watch as my hand get "washed" by the jets of water, as it slide down the channel toward the drain. He said as the urinal refilled: "Touch my cock with that hand; I want to feel the water from that toilet. I wrapped my hand around the flaccid cock. He smiled and moved back and forth to wet the whole shaft. He gently slides my hand off his cock, and held it above the urinal.

He let go of my hand with a slight push towards the urinal, so I let it drop into the water with a nice little splash; he immediately flushed the urinal again saying: "Down the toilet again; I like you, here." He kissed me on the cheek and rubbed his cock against my stomach.


Once the urinal finished refilling he went to wash his hands and said as he was leaving: "I am glad you didn't say anything when I just came and started pissing; I always wanted to piss on someone;" he then left.

The sound of another locker being shut softly could be heard. Peter who is 5' 6" with black hair and moustache, he had a nice golden toned chest and legs; has entered the area completely naked.

Peter aimed his four inch uncut penis and just started pissing a modest stream against the back of the urinal just above where my hand was floating. I let my hand follow the cascade of piss down and into a nice little river of golden water along the side of the urinal and down into the channel.

I look at peter and smiled as he said "I overheard that you don't mind this, so I figure I just go ahead and urinate on you, and judging by that smile you like that." I said: "Yeah Peter, that why I have my hand in the urinal; I want to be urinated on by you." He then said "I thought so; I am going to be urinating for a while.

Let me know what you think." I said ok and Peter continued urinating turning the water a nice dark golden color; he noticed that I was slowly sliding my hand back and forth in the channel as the water gets darker. He reached over and flushed the urinal while saying: "Sorry but I got to flush the urinal; I want to see your hand." He continued urinating against the back of the urinal as it flushed and emptied out. I said: "Peter, I know when I am being urinated on that I have to get flushed down the urinal; please keep urinating on me, it feels nice and I want to follow a new cloud of golden water against the nice slippery porcelain." I place my hand against the back left corner of the urinal bowl where his urine was cascading down into the water.

Peter urinated for almost two minutes making the channel a nice rich golden color against the rest of the water in the urinal. Peter lowered his penis towards the front of the urinal and squirted five jets of piss into the water directly making loud drop splashes in the urinal.

Peter said as the last drops dripped out: "Glad you like that; does this mean I can aim my penis at you and urinate on you?" I said: "Yeah, you even decide if you want to urinate on me in the urinal or in the toilet bowl, as long as I get flushed when you are done." He said: "That is great in fact let go into this stall and check out the toilet." I entered the stall and immediately stuck my hand in the toilet bowl as Peter then flushed.

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My hand swirl with the water and dropped into the jet spraying into the drain as I said to Peter: "I would love to have you aim your penis, urinate into the toilet bowl, and then getting a nice flush from you, it is like a Jacuzzi in this toilet bowl.

It is like taking a 'bath' in the toilet." Peter explained that he is unable to get hard or cum but still like to play. We exited the stalls and I told him to go ahead and wash first as I placed my whole wet arm in the urinal while I wait. Peter pushed the lever, and flushed me down the urinal then washed his hands. I said: "Thanks Peter, I deserve to be flushed down the urinal again. I love the way it feel being washed in something people pee in.

It is a nice way to play with guys." He thanked me and went to the shower. I splashed in the urinal for a little while, and then felt the back of the urinal for several minutes. I hear the shower stopped, and then a few seconds later a dripping wet Peter entered, pushed the flush handle while saying "Are you still playing in the urinal; OK then, I am going to flush you down the urinal again.

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You will be flushed every time I see you playing in the urinal." I said "OK, I will try to remember to shower in here first, as I want to be urinated on and flushed by you Peter." I washed my hands as Peter rubbed his penis against my thigh while saying: "Yeah you're going feel this penis urinating on you a lot." He then went to get dressed; I then proceeded to shower and get dress to leave. Next installment will be posted soon. I hope you enjoyed this story.