Mature freak plays with his submissive slave in the dungeon

Mature freak plays with his submissive slave in the dungeon
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Alexia smiled at the bus driver as she left the bus. She had been traveling for quite some time.

Her chocolate eyes sparkled, and in the light flecks of green dotted them. They seemed to not be able to focus, looking this way and that way, her pupils slightly larger than normal. Her rich brown hair, long and curly cascaded down her back. Her lips were lustrous, and painted a cherry red, puffed ever slightly in a bee stung pout.

Upon her head she had those cute headphones with the cat ears, that moved, in a shade of pink.

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She wore a short skirt, that just barely covered her cute little nerdy panties. A mario crop top adorned her chest, leaving little to the imagination, nipples clearly poking out, and trying trying to escape the fabric. Her tiny belly lay bare, a butterfly navel ring predominantly displayed. Her legs covered in black thigh high stockings, held up by a lacy garter belt.

Her feet were protected by cute little Mary Jane style shoes with a 4 inch heel. The bus driver couldn't help but stare as she skipped away from the bus, throwing a backpack on over her back. Her skirt bouncing ever so slightly, revealing a deadpool face on the back of her panties. A slight bulge visibly showing in his pants.

The smell of her perfume still lingering from when she walked by, making him feel dizzy and very turned on.

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Luckily, this was his last stop, and as he closed the door, headed back to the bus depot, to go home, and deal with his sexual frustrations. She wasn't sure why she had come to this city. Only that The Agenda had commanded her, and she was only happy to comply. They had been sending her all over the place, and had she not been back to HQ for a while.

Alexia didn't care. She only had to obey, and ignore the small silent voice in the back of her mind screaming at her to run away. Behind the techno music she was skipping along to listening to, was a very silent subliminal message telling her where to go. Alexia was blissfully unaware of these silent commands as she skipped down the streets of Austin. The Agenda had recruited her months before. She couldn't remember much before she had joined, only that she had to follow their orders, which made her very happy.

When they found her she had been a depressed, boring, studious, straight A medical student. After many months of conditioning and work was a bubbly girl, eager to obey. Her clothes were all now cute and risque, her lips had been pumped into a perfect bee stung pout.


Her face was always made up perfectly, and her breasts: which had already been large; bounced hypnotically while she walked,sitting perky and large on her chest. A perfect girl to ensnare more minds for The Agenda. A seductress. A perfect sex toy. One that could do nothing but obey. And her instructions were to seduce, and recruit. A small part of her remembered. The girl that was once Michelle. Trapped in a small part of her mind screamed to get out.

The sky was quickly going from twilight to night as she found her destination. Climbing the fire escape to a top floor of an expensive condo building she knocked on the window, and put her headphones in her bag.

Schooling her face to one of innocence she waited. Her target was the vice president of ENeRCY. A small company growing quickly. He was the main opponent of the company against the Conglomerate of corporations known as The Agenda. Not for much longer.

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He liked nerdy girls, and she was prepared. Her lips were coated in a hallucinogenic lipstick.


And the perfume she wore was a special pheromone concoction, that smelled different to every man she met. It always had the same effect. Leaving them slightly disoriented, and inhibitions lowered.

A man, about 5ft6 got up from his expensive leather chair in the living room of the condo to investigate the noise. He stood straight and proud, his curly dirty blonde hair cropped short and, kind grey eyes framed by thick lashes and tan skin.

He wore an expensive grey suit, white shirt, and a solid blue silk tie hung undone from the crisp collar of his shirt. He looked confused as he saw a figure behind sheer white silk curtains.

He did a momentary double take; as he moved the curtains out of the way; at the girl outside. Being the gentleman that he was, Michael was having a hard time looking to look at her face, and not her chest. The character on the shirt kept drawing his gaze down to her breasts.

He opened the window, eyes wide, taking some effort to look at her in the eyes. She was stunning, but her wide pupils had him edge. Was she on something? What possessed her to come up the stairs to his top floor condo. One hand on his phone in his back pocket to call for help, he cautiously spoke to her.

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"Hello." Michael said, his voice sounding calmer them he actually was. "Can I help you?" Alexia smiled sweetly at him, "Hi. I'm Alexia. I live a few floors down from here. I accidentally got locked out of my condo. I was just watching the sunset, and the wind closed the door on my balcony. Some fluke must have locked it or something." she told him, the words tumbling out of her mouth. Her voice was soft, and sweet. Her perfume scent wafted through the window,a mix of cinnamon and vanilla, was deliciously intoxicating.

"Hi Alexia." he said. "Um, come in." and he opened the screen of the slider. "I'm Michael." "Its nice to meet you Michael." she replied, giving him a dazzling smile. Michael was becoming enamored with this girl. He had been single for a while, and a thought flashed in the back of his mind about sleeping with her.

What is wrong with me. He thought to himself. Yeah she is really cute, and incredibly sexy, but I dont think like that ever. She stepped in, her eyes looking around widely. The floor was a deep mahogany. The walls were painted black, with expensive paintings hanging here and there. In the background a very large flatscreen Tv droned on. "And in recent news, the Top CEO for the up and coming tech company Andron, has joined The Agenda. Originally Tom Speckler was against joining forces with largest corporation in the world, but for some reason changed his mind recently…" "I, I'm sorry to be a bother." she said looking at the floor.

Alexia was trying to stall for time. Letting the perfume work its magic. She patted herself looking for her keys, as he lead her through his condo. "Shoot." she said. She smiled demurely at him. "I must have left my keys on the table…" She started to look frantic. "and and maintenance has gone home for the day.I dont know what to do&hellip." He looked at the girl, his mind racing. She looked so sweet. Her perfume was making him feel dizzy.

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He wanted to kiss her for some reason. "It's ok."he paused not sure what to call the girl. "Alexia" she replied, using that dazzling smile on him "Ok Alexia. You can stay here tonight.

Tomorrow we will get you home." Why didn't he just help help her home now? He could have gotten maintenance to come back. His head was cloudy, and it was late.

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This wasn't like him. "My name is Michael." he said smiling at the girl. "Are you hungry?" She shook her head.

"Just tired." she replied, wiping frantic tears away. She took his hand that he offered, as he led her through the expensive apartment, to a very large guest room. He flipped the light on, and in the center of the room was a large canopy bed. He went to leave, but was held back by her hand holding his. He stopped and looked at the girl.

His eyes on her very large eyes. He glanced at her lips, and against his better judgement, leaned down and kissed the girl.

His head, already foggy for some reason, lost all sense of reason. He started to caress the girl, he couldn't stop himself. His hands playing with her breasts, nipples hard against the fabric of her shirt. She looked at him, and led him to the bed.

She had him sit down on the expensive mattress and stepped back from him, standing in the center of the room. She slowly started to gyrate her hips, and take her clothes off. Starting with her top. Her breasts came free, as she pulled the top off, letting go of the fabric. her hips always moving. She slowly ran her hands through her hair, down her neck, caressing her breasts. Michael couldn't take his eyes off her, his head fuzzy. He didn't even try to resist.

A hardon, clearly forming in his pants. Slowly her hands moved down to her tight tummy, and then to her skirt. She unzipped her skirt, and it to fell to the floor. Last was her lacy red panties, and as she leaned foward to take them off her breasts stood almost in his face. She stood up, their eyes locking and her bee stung lips smiled.

She herself was just as foggy as he. A small part of her trying to escape. She ignored the small voice, only relishing in the pleasure, orders and programming as she moved forward and straddled her prey.

She ran her hands through his hair. And peeled off his shirt. Kissing and nibbling his ears. Her hands sliding down his bare chest. She got off of his lap, and kneeled before him, taking off his belt, made of rich dark expensive leather. She then slowly removed his pants, and boxers.

Her eyes met his. A small part tried to tell him to run with her eyes, but he was far far too gone. Her luscious lips kissed the tip of his cock. He was rather well endowed. And then she went to work. Her lips felt like heaven to him. Her mouth was the most wonderful thing he had felt. She kissed, sucked and then his mind shattered, when she took him all the way down, his cock bulging in her delicate throat. After a few minutes of this, he was so close to cumming, she stopped, and stood up.

And pushed him onto his back. She straddled him, and plunged her wet mound over his cock. If he thought her mouth was heaven, it was nothing compared to being inside her. She rode him hard, her mouth open, both of them moaning.

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Both of them in a fog. Faster, harder, until she screamed out, clamping and tightening around him, and he came after, never had he so cum so hard. He did not feel feel the headphones the she somehow slipped over his ears at that moment. His eyes closing, as a deep trance took over him She got up, as he was under. A part of her wishing she had not done that. The rest of her smiling in the afterglow. She gathered her clothes, and slipped out of the room silently closing the door.

Her headphones back on, as she gained new orders. The Next day the news showed a women on the screen talking. "Today in a shocking change of events, Michael Johnson vice president of Enercy has pledged his loyalty into the Agency. An investigation is ongoing, as The Agency appears to be gaining supporters that previously was against a major conglomerate corporation…" Turning away a tall man in a suit smiled, his hand placed on the head of his favorite pet.

He glanced down at her, big eyes staring into his. He helped her up, and took off the purple cat headphones from her ears, leaned down and whispered…"Good Girl." She shivered. To be continued.