MzGripDat Twerk To Tap Out

MzGripDat Twerk To Tap Out
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I open the front door after a long day at work, and glance at my watch. You should be home from school by now, I think. I take off my shoes, hang up my jacket, and walk upstairs. As I get near your door, I hear a moan.

I think it's a little odd, I've never heard you make that sound. I walk into the doorway and freeze. There you are, your white cotton panties around your ankles, your red plaid skirt hitched up around your waist, your white shirt slightly unbuttoned, your red tie astray.

You're masturbating. My little princess is sitting there, propped up on her bed with pillows, rubbing her clit furiously.

I get nervous, but notice your eyes are tightly closed. Your mewling moans and groans of pleasure are like music to my ears, and I feel my cock twitch. I feel sickened by myself for a moment. I should NOT be aroused by my daughter.

But my dick gets harder, and I reach down to stroke it through my pants. Little alarms go off in my head, but I ignore them. I watch as your right hand continues rubbing your little clit, and your left hand moves to your opening, your index and middle fingers sliding in and out of your young puss.

Your breathing starts to go faster, your moans becoming more high-pitched, and as you repeat, "oh god, oh god, ohgod," you climax, a little squirt of your juices trickling down your thigh. Your right hand keeps going for a minute or so, as if you're riding the feelings out, and your hips raise off the bed as you slightly hump the air before they plop back down on bed.

Your eyes open, see me, standing in your doorway with a pecker harder than a metal baseball bat straining at the fabric of my pants. You quickly pull your skirt over your shiny wet puss and yell at me, "Daddy!? Get out!!" I quickly run to my room and shut my door, my heart racing. I shouldn't have continues watching, but you're so deliciously innocent, my angel, and I've never seen something I make sure my door is closed, undress, and walk into my bathroom, turning on the shower and looking at my naked body in the mirror.

I've never thought I was movie-star attractive, despite what your mother said, but I know I was gifted with some nice equiptment. Six inches of thick Portugese American sausage, a bit longer when I'm this hard. I reach down and stroke my dick, closing my eyes and thinking about the moaning sounds you made.


Soon enough, I'm making quiet sounds of my own. But then I stop, and take a cold shower, trying to figure out what's wrong with this picture, and I know there will be a talk to be had.

I finish washing the day's sweat off me, and step out of the shower, drying myself off, my dick finally done being hard. I put on my blue faded plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt, then go into the kitchen, grabbing a beer and sitting down at the table. I glance upstairs, your door is closed. As I drink my beer and read today's paper, my mind keeps wandering to what happened. A couple hours later, I'm sitting on the couch, watching porn on my laptop, when I hear your door open. I quickly exit the porn tab and open up a dating site, which doesn't seem much better.

You come down the stairs in one of my old workshirts, which reaches just under your young behind, and sit next to me, cuddling up and making me put my arm up. "D-Daddy? What was that in your pants when I was." you trail off and I turn red. Here we go. "Why do you want to know, princess?" I ask, keeping the nervous tremble from my voice. "I was thinking about it after you left." you state, and I feel the need to let you know it's wrong.

I wordlessly pull you onto my lap, stomach down, and give you five swift hard spankings. I had to pull your shirt up to do so, and noticed the same panties you were wearing earlier. I can already see the red handprints through your underwear, and you sit back down, whimpering.

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"Babygirl, you're not supposed to think about stuff like that. That was my penis, my cock, and it was erect." I explain, looking the other way as I feel it twitch.

Spanking you turned me on, and I have to look away to keep from thinking too many dirty thoughts. "Erect?" you question, and I nod.

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"Erect, meaning hard. It happens when I get aroused, like you were when you were in your room," I tell you, and then glance at you. The look of confusion on your face is so innocent, so deliciously innocent. "I didn't know that it gets hard.


When I babysit and change diapers, the little boys don't get like that," you say, completely confused, "can I see one?" My eyes widen and I quickly utter the first thing that comes to mind: "Don't they show you that stuff in sex ed?" You shake your head and remind me you go to a Catholic school, which I enrolled you in myself.

I sigh and grab my laptop from the coffee table, pulling up the pornography site I was just on, and show you a picture of a big hard cock. "Wow Daddy! What's he doing?" you ask, and I sigh again. "He's about to have sex with that girl. You know what sex is, right?" You nod, but still seem unsure. Then you notice the remote on the ground in front of me, and go to pick it up.

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You're like your mother, always cleaning. You bend over in front of me and my dick twitches, your shirt riding up to show your panties. They're soaked. it's all I can do not to grab you right now and fuck your brains out. "I want to have sex, she looks like she's about to enjoy it.

Will you show me sex?" is your next question, and I practically die right then and there. I go to pull up a video, but you shake your head. "No Daddy, I mean I want you to show me," you say, putting an emphasis on "you".

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Then you blush and tell m you've fit a carrot inside you you before, and you've always wanted something bigger. I can't believe what I'm hearing. "No baby, now go to your room." That's what I should've said. Instead, I move the coffee table and have you bend over on the couch, your ass high, and pull your panties off, getting on my knees behind you.

I smell the sweet scent of your sex, and lean forward, licking from your little puckered rosebud ass to the top of your slit, flicking your clit with my tongue. You moan. "Oh gosh Daddy, that feels so good." The fact that you don't swear just makes you sexier.

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Innocence looks good on you, and I almost don't want to take it away. Almost. I keep licking up and down your puss, making you quiver and moan. Then I get up and position myself behind you, pulling my manhood out of my pajamas and positioning my dick at your entrance. "One.two.three!" And with that I push my throbbing cock inside of you, hard. Your yelp of pain and pleasure makes me hornier, and I grab one of your shoulders, slowly picking up speed as I thrust my cock into your virgin pussy over and over again.

"OH GOSH DADDY!" You scream, and with every thrust you cry out in pleasure, louder than anyone I've ever heard. It makes me go harder, and I turn into an animal, groaning and growling as I hammer into you, my balls slapping against you in time with my thrusts.

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The whole scene is completely animal, and I feel my balls tighten as I get ready to cum. I should pull out, but you're so damn tight, it feels so good. I reach around you and find your clit, rubbing hard and fast, making you scream louder, and suddenly your puss tightens more and your voice cuts off.

Your body spasms, and I shoot my load deep into you, rope after rope of hot cum. I slowly pull out and you collapse on the couch, tears streaming down your face. Oh god, what have I done?? "Daddyyy," you whimper, and I quickly sit down next to you, my dick softening as I pull you into my lap.


"Yes baby?" I ask, my heart racing. "Th-that f-felt soooo goo-good," you stutter, still spasming a little. I smile, and you close your eyes, falling asleep in my arms.