Whores white girls my big black threesome

Whores white girls my big black threesome
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I could feel my heart flutter in my chest as I waited for what was to come.


A shiver erupted around my naked body, and I could hear the door to bathroom creak open. I gazed at The door way and found myself in awe at the sheer masculine beauty of the man that would shortly be taking away my virginity.

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"I'm waiting." I called out to him. The man moved from the doorway and made his way to the bed where I lay sprawled out and waiting for him.

As he got closer I could see his hanging package appear from the dimness of the room.

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I for a brief second imagined my mouth wrapped around his big juicy meat, tenderly sucking and pulling at it. I was brought out of my 10 second daydream when he grabbed my feet and pulled me down to the end of the bed. I felt a little uncomfortable having my legs hang off the edge of the bed but the excitement only grew. The man got down on his knees and parted my legs revealing my moist pussy. A wave of pleasure came over me as I felt his tongue dart in and out of me.

His tongue snaked over my clit and I could feel myself becoming very wet. The man welcomed it and increased the rapid movements of his tongue inside me. My breathing became shaky and a moan escaped my lips. He kept going going deeper inside. Before long I was a symphony of moans.


I could feel my body tensing, I knew that I was close to exploding. Sensing this, the man stopped and stood back up. I repositioned myself to the center of the bed and the man crawled on top of me. The hair on his chest brushed against my tits and sent another shiver through me. He went right into kissing and sucking my neck, I could smell my scent on his breath and he traced his lips up and down my neck.

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I let my hands brush through his hair and slowly placed them on his back where I lightly rubbed them back and forth. I could feel his huge erection poking into my thigh, with out thinking I said, "just enter me already." Startled the man stopped what he was doing.

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He grabbed his member and he drew it to my hole, with ease he slid it in. I let out a moan of pain as he began to pump in and out. The bed rattled, and he picked up speed. Every thrust was bringing me closer to the edge. A new wave of moans escaped my lips and my body rocked with his taking in the full impact of his powerful thrusts. "Give it too me baby, give it too me." he whispered in my ear. I could barely contain myself, I let out a moan "ohh Tre." I exploded.


with that Tre exploded into me too. "oh Jocelynn, you're so wet." As good as it felt my body was in pain. this was not what I had expected my first time to be like. I stretched my body out, my breathing had slowed down tremendously. "Hey you've gotta help me clean up." Tre said, then pointed down at his penis. I could see the remnants of bodily fluids on it. I felt a little disgusted, but I didn't want to disappoint him so I wrapped my hand around his shaft and slid my hand up and down.

As I did this, I shifted myself into a comfortable position and gently slid the tip of his penis into my mouth. My tongue went right to work making circular movements around the tip.

I could feel Tre's body tense up and I heard him gasp. With that I took more of him into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down on his member.

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I could hear Tre moan. Hearing him moan excited me more and before I knew it I was deep throating him. I could feel my gag sensors freaking out but I kept going. Tre rocked his hips into me and then I felt him tremble. I disengaged just in time to see him explode into the empty air. My throat felt stretched and I felt a little exhausted. I turned to rest on my side and felt him wrap his arm around me and pull me in. We layed like this for almost an hour, and then it became time for round two.

Even though I was feeling sore, I wanted to feel more pleasure. This time I had Tre lay underneath me. I bravely mounted myself on top of him and directed his penis to my hole.

I let out a breath and pulled him in. I bobbed my body up and down, I was trying to get him to reach deeper and deeper. My breasts wildly flailed around as I rocked my body up and down. My moans were getting louder and louder by the second.

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Tre wrapped his hands around my breasts and began rubbing around in circles. I could feel the pressure building up inside of me. Only a matter of time and I would let it out.

Out of the blue Tre thrust into me as I went Down and I could hold it no longer, I exploded and slouched over Tre.

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He wrapped his arms around me and flipped me underneath him, then he proceeded to thrust in and out of me. He shortly came after. Feeling very exhausted I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. From there I filled up the tub full of warm sudsy water. Tre was snoring on the bed in the bedroom, so I slid into the tub and relaxed my body as I felt the warmth wash over me.

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I slowly began to drift off but was woken when Tre decided to slide in and join me. I moved over to Tre's side and nestled myself in his arms. I looked at his face once before drifting off into a calm and peaceful sleep.