Slender cutie poses for a nudist beach voyeur

Slender cutie poses for a nudist beach voyeur
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Well after my revelation with my son I was so excited I scheduled an emergency session with my therapist. She was quiet as I explained my progress, along with the diaper analogy. Then she did something that I had never seen her do.

She got up and walked across the room while saying that I had a very special son. She flipped a switch turning a recorder off that I had never really noticed before. Then said that the institute that she worked for had a strict policy prohibiting her from referring patients to alternative therapy.

Even if it might be better, so she couldn't really tell me that this was a good idea or not, but she was taking my name off their books for now. That If I wanted to reschedule an appointment that I would have to come in as a new patient.

I went numb, was she kicking me out? She smiled as we left her office early, she only charged me for half an hour and commented to me in front of the secretary as if it were part of our conversation, that sometimes having a good family member can be better than a therapist. I walked out into the day feeling like a new person! She was telling me that I was cured, or would be if I kept doing this.

I had no idea what I would be saying or doing next with my life, but I felt good about the direction I was headed in no matter where it went. This was a first for me and I was suddenly hungry for everything life had to offer. I jumped when my phone buzzed with an incoming text. Daniel.

Hey what's up. Me. Nothing and everything, just finished up with some of my life and feeling good. Daniel. How good. Me. Shock me, just try. Daniel. This is me He sent a picture of a naked mans behind with a hairy ball sack clearly visible. But the hair was almost black and the ball sack seemed to be hanging way down. Me. Eeeeww gross, and that is not you, hair is too dark. I don't think young guys hang down like that. Daniel. Ha your'e right. It's old man Winters our gym teacher, every once in a while he takes a shower where we can see him and it grosses us out every time.

Plus I just won lunch at Micky D's cause they all bet me I wouldn't send it to you. Me. OMG you keep your friends out of this or it ends right now mister and I don't want that. Daniel. K sry No more texts from him till after school. I even got half a day in at work feeling better about myself than I have before.

Daniel knew my schedule as well as I did. While walking to my car he started back up, I was feeling on top of the world and started things going the way they did, without realizing it. Daniel. Sorry bout that earlier, just that you're known as the coolest mom in the world right now and the guys keep bugging me. My heart soared, my son had me on such a pedestal, I felt ready for anything. I reached around and took a picture of my butt while walking to my car.

I was contemplating sending it to Daniel, he must have decided that the time my reply was taking meant I was mad. Daniel. R we good? I sent the picture. Daniel. You are TFA! Me. Why is that?

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Daniel. You sent me a picture of your behind. Me. What makes you think that was my butt? Daniel. Cause it was. Me. Have you been checking out my behind to know it from that little pict?

Ooohhhh I had him there, his response took a while. Daniel. Well I just know that it was you, and you are totally hot. Me. Well you did look better than old man Winters.

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Daniel. MOM! Me. I told you not to call me mom in this and besides, you embarrassed me first by calling me hot so that was payback. Daniel. Hey, you did get to see my junk, payback sounds fair.

Me. No problem, when 6 of my girlfriends hold me down naked then take a picture and send it to you, I won't complain.


Daniel. Aaaggghhh. Me. So what things can a girl do to look hot with out being naked? Daniel. Go braless or show some camel toe.

Me. Camel toe? What is that. Daniel. You're killing me, you are absolutely killing me here, ok. A camel toe is when a girl wears thin pants, nothing underneath and pulls it up tight to show some of her lower cleavage. Me. Agggghhh, do they really do that? Daniel. The hot ones do for sure, sometimes at least anyway. Me. I don't know if I could ever do that. Daniel. That can also mean that you don't know that you will never do that, this could be a good thing. Me. Brat, you wouldn't want to see me do that would you.

Daniel. Send and I shall receive. This was getting me absurdly turned on and I wasn't even home from work yet. The feeling that I was getting from flirting with my son was opening the flood gates for all the repressed things that I'd never done. With him and our "deal" I felt safe enough to explore and express. I was feeling fantastic about myself and sex was starting to look fun instead of frightening.

I remembered his reluctance to let me look at his phone. Was it because of that picture of his naked gym teacher, or was there more?

I knew I had to find out. When I got home I shut my phone off and started making dinner. Daniel appeared frustrated and asked if it was off. I told him yes, I was cooking. I offhandedly suggested he take a shower or something before dinner. HE DID! I was so excited my hands were shaking. I found his phone, accessed his picture library and started scrolling through.

I came across a photo of a self shot picture looking down at a rigid cock, sandy brown hair matching what I saw in the shower shot where the other boys had held him down. I was about to send it to myself when I realized it would show up in his sent folder, what to do? I thought quickly, standing in the kitchen I started taking pictures looking down my top.

My bra covered my breasts, so it wasn't like I was showing anything. I took 4 pictures before I got it right and deleted the other 3. Texts from Daniels friends were about them thinking I was hot.

The shower shut off and I had done nothing towards getting dinner ready. I started texting. Me. Your friends think I'm hot?

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Daniel. Absolutely. Me. You're making that up to make me feel good, not true. Daniel. I can prove it Me. Do it. Daniel came to the kitchen holding his phone to show me a text. I set my phone on the counter and took his. When I said "what else did they say" he jumped to take his phone back. I held it away, his eyes went to mine, I started frantically searching his message log. Oh ho, a Gina said she wanted you to send her the picture you sent your mom of the naked guys. His head snapped up looking at me.

He went back to my phone while saying "I told her I deleted it, picture file" now I went for my target, I'd seen the pict before and knew how to get to it.

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I was on track when I heard Daniel take a breath, he found my picture. I found his. He was hitting too many buttons. I swapped the phones back, my phone was sending an image. I hit cancel then shut my phone off. He was devastated. I told him no sending pictures from my phone unless I got to send from his. He looked shocked, I held out my hand. Very slowly we exchanged phones.

I was cruel (almost) his phone was on and right on the picture I wanted. While he was powering up my phone I was lining up the picture of his cock to send. I watched him, just as he was almost ready, I hit send. My phone switched over to incoming message and he lost his progress. I swapped phones back again while he looked shocked. He started to complain but I held my finger to my mouth and held up the phone indicating our no talking rule.

He started texting while looking at me. Daniel. That was not fair. Me. Oh? Is it my fault that you're slow on the send button. Daniel. Not fair, I want that pict.

Me. Which one is that? Daniel. Of you Me. Describe it to me please, I'll see if I can find it. Daniel. No fair, it was Daniel. It was looking down your top.

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Me. Oh my, you want a picture looking down my top, why? Daniel. No fair, you got one of my cock. Me. First hard cock I have seen in my life too, thank you for that. What do you want to see, looking down my top? Daniel. Oh god mom, your breasts. Me. Ok, you have been more then fair with me, sending it now. I sent him the picture. He took off for his room. I waited just a little time and sent this next text.

Me. What are you doing? I heard him scream when the phone interrupted his self pleasure. Daniel. Can't type now I was getting completely turned on by this, my son was masturbating to my picture.

Me. Did that picture make you horny or were you already horny and it made you turned on? Daniel. Turned on. I needed to take care of myself too, but we were no closer to dinner yet so I ordered pizza and took off immediately.

I stayed turned on, on purpose so as to stop myself from chickening out. I hit the mall real quick and bought some spandex workout pants, solid black. Then off to the pizza place and home. On the way Daniel sent a text Daniel. Sorry but you were giving me blue balls. Me. What is that? Daniel. Mom you are killing me, do I have to explain this.

I was being wicked again and I knew it. Me. Only if it has to do with sex, that is what I need help in understanding. Daniel. Yes mom, it has to do with sex. When a guy gets turned on long enough or sees something sexy enough he has to do it.

Or his balls hurt, real bad. Me. Oh god I didn't know that. I don't want to hurt you though sweetie.

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It can be bad for girls too though. Daniel. It can? For real. Me. I probably won't want you in my room later tonight, and this comment you really had better not repeat to me or anyone. Daniel. Promise Me. In fact, we should delete out chat logs right now, pictures too. Daniel.

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No way, I'll put a lock on my phone so no one can access it, what are the numbers for your birthday? I was flattered, he was locking his phone with my birth date, I decided to go through with my plan tonight instead of later. I gave him my numbers and told him that I was using his for my phone lock.

Then came in the house with the pizza. We had dinner, cleaned up and it was almost time for bed. He went to his room to text, I went to mine to change. Daniel. Mom you are TFA. Me. Thank you, did I make you turned on earlier, like the way you described. Daniel. It was totally sticking out before I took care of it. Me. I didn't think I could ever do that to a guy, you liked the picture that much even though yours showed so much more? Daniel. TFA Me. Perhaps you should come downstairs to the kitchen with your phone, just don't talk or say anything to me.

I was sitting at the kitchen table with the chair turned out. Horny beyond belief wearing my new black spandex pants and a cutoff sweatshirt.


I had yesterday's newspaper in front of my face so I couldn't see my son gawking at my obscenely displayed slit. The spandex clung to me leaving nothing to the imagination as to where exactly my slit was located.

I heard his footsteps. I heard him suck a breath of air.

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I heard his phone take a picture, three times, I heard him walk away. Daniel. Mom you have ruined me for other girls, I only want you. Me. You are so sweet. I heard his bed squeaking as I walked past to my room.

I hope he didn't hear mine squeak too.