Fisting and fucking her greedy pussy with a giant dildo

Fisting and fucking her greedy pussy with a giant dildo
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Dylan came after about half an hour of magical stimulation. He then turned his laptop off and went to sleep, his body exhausted from having 10 orgasms in one day. He woke up the next day and had a fairly normal Saturday, not really thinking about Master PC at all.

Dylan instead spent most of the morning gaming, the only reminder of the magical program being the tightness in his pants from trying to fit in his new genitals. He'd just finished eating lunch when there was a knock on the door. His father went to answer it. "Oh hi girls," Gareth said. "Hi Mr Davies, is Dylan here?" Olivia asked. "Yeah. DYLAN! Becky and Olivia are here!" Gareth shouted. Dylan emerged in sweatpants and a t-shirt. "Oh, hi girls," Dylan said. "You were gonna show us that new computer game, right?" Rebecca said.

Dylan just stared for a moment, before realising what she meant. "Oh! Right! Yeah, come on, it's, uh, in my room…" Dylan replied. The 3 teens headed upstairs, both Dylan and his father noticing that the girls' clothes seemed a little snug around their desirable areas, a side effect of their clothes being designed for their old bodies.

They went into Dylan's bedroom, and closed the door. "Before you get too excited, we're not here to fuck you," Rebecca said, flopping down on Dylan's bed with her sister. "Well why are you here then?" Dylan asked, mildly disappointed. "Well we were talking this morning, and we were wondering, where does Master PC even come from?" "I told you, from a pack of CDs my granddad bought for me on the market." "Alright, but where did that CD come from?" Olivia asked.

"Did the market seller make the program? Did he ever use it himself?" "I don't know honestly. We could ask the UI and see if she knows," Dylan said. "That UI's weird too," Rebecca said. "Since when is AI THAT good?" "Since when can computer programs control people's minds and bodies?" Olivia pointed out. "Good point," Rebecca said. "I'm still in favour of asking her though." Dylan switched his laptop on, and loaded up Master PC. "Good afternoon Dylan, how may I help you?" The UI asked.

"UI, we were wondering, where do you come from?" Dylan asked. "I am installed in C://ProgramFiles/MasterPC," she replied. "My update files were downloaded from the internet, with my base installation coming from a CD which was inserting into drive D on this laptop." "That's not what I mean.

I mean who made you? Who wrote your code?" "Information about system administrators is restricted." "So you don't know who made you?" "You do not have the required permissions to access these files." "What about your granddad? Or the guy who sold him the CD?" Olivia asked. "UI, my granddad's never used Master PC, has he?" Dylan asked. "Neither Rodger Albert Davies nor Marcus William Scott are registered users of Master PC, nor have their profiles ever been altered by its power," the UI replied.

"What about the guy who sold him the CD?" "I don't know who that is. I cannot find his profile without more information." The three of them sat in silence for a while, before Olivia got an idea.

"Hey, can you identify someone by a picture of them? Or like, a description of how they look?" She asked. No reply. "UI, answer her questions," Dylan commanded. "Yes. Provided the image approximately reflects their current physical state," the UI replied. "So if you looked at Dylan's granddad's memories of the guy, could you find him from that?" "Yes." "Alright, do it," Dylan ordered. "Dylan, Marcus William Scott has encountered billions of human beings in his lifetime," the UI said.

"Do you not have a specific period of his memories for me to search?" A bit of internet searching later, and Dylan was able to work out when the car boot sale had been that his grandfather had gone to. He instructed the UI to access his memories from when he'd been in that location on that day. The three of them watched, the "footage" being turned into a first-person feed of Marcus Scott at the car boot sale. "There, this must be it," Dylan said as he saw his grandfather approach a seller with lots of old media formats, including what Dylan recognised as the box of CDs which contained Master PC.


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Master PC, who is he?" "Searching database…" She said. "Checks identify 233 possible matches within range." "How many of them are within 100 miles?" Dylan asked. "Only one," The UI replied, bringing up the profile. "Frank Davison, no middle name. Aged 57 years, 1 month, 12 days, 3 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds." "Has he ever used Master PC?" "He is not a registered user, nor has he ever been altered by the program." "Sounds like we need to give Mr Davison a visit," Rebecca said.

"To find out what he knows." "You heard her, he doesn't know anything," Dylan said. "No, he's never used Master PC," Olivia corrected him. "We can still ask him where he got that CD from." "Ohhh…right…" Dylan said. "UI, where can we find him?" The UI simply responded by opening up Google Maps, and marking an address on it. "That's like 20 minutes away, come on," Olivia said.

Dylan got properly dressed, and the girls dragged him out of the house. "I don't know what you're expecting to find there," Dylan said as they walked. "Dylan, there's a computer program that gives people the powers of a god," Rebecca said. "You're an idiot if you don't want to find out more about it." "I just think maybe we shouldn't mess with things we don't understand," Dylan said. "I'd say we crossed that line when we started using the program," Olivia said. "Alright, fine, but I still think we should be careful." The three of them found the house, and approached the door.

Rebecca knocked on the door. Shortly after, the door opened to a man they recognised. "Mr Davison?" Rebecca asked. "Yeah…?" He replied. "Can I help you?" "Could we talk to you about something you sold at a car boot sale recently?" "If you broke it it's not my fault," Frank said. "No it's not that, we just want to ask you about it," Olivia said. "Alright, come in I guess," Frank said, and the 3 teens did so.

"It's about some CDs," Dylan said as they walked into his living room; A fairly ordinary place. "You sold them to my granddad." "A box of them was it?," Frank asked. "I remember that. I never listen to CDs any more so I figured I'd be rid of them. I've had them all years." "Do you know about one that said "Master PC" on it?" Dylan asked. "Never heard of that. Is that some new band? I don't really listen to pop, although I suppose I could have bought it years ago and forgotten about it." "It's not a band," Olivia said.


"It's a computer program that was on that CD." "Well then I definitely don't know what you mean. I avoid computers if possible, and my wife and I never had any kids, so it's not theirs. I probably got it free with something years ago and it ended up down there." "So you've got no idea where that CD came from?" "No.

Why do you care, anyway?" "We just wanted to know, because…" Olivia said, trying to think of an excuse. "It's a rare game. We were curious where this copy came from." "Well I've got no idea, sorry." "Alright, well, thanks for your time," Rebecca said. "Come on sis, Dylan." The teens left, and Dylan sighed.

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"So now what?" he asked. "I dunno, we go home?" Olivia asked. "Unless you guys can think of any more leads?" "No…" Rebecca said. "It's probably best," Dylan said. "I can't imagine whoever made this wants to be caught.

I mean, imagine what would happen if governments got their hands on Master PC. Or terrorists." "Maybe it is a government project," Olivia said. "To try and control people.

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Developed at Area 51." "If that were true there'd be a lot more mind control going on," Dylan said. "We'd notice." "Unless we've all been brainwashed into not noticing," Olivia said. "You're really getting into conspiracy theories now," Dylan said. "Aaaanyway," Rebecca interrupted. "Me and Olivia were gonna go shopping, since our clothes are now quite tight on us.

You wanna come with?" "Uh…" Dylan said. A shopping trip with girls, every man's worst nightmare. "If you come and carry our stuff we'll suck you off when we get home," Olivia said. "You know I could just go home and make you crave my dick, right?" Dylan reminded them. "Yeah, but that's less fun," Rebecca said.

"But you can get the wonderful honour of being our first suckee." "I do indeed feel honoured," Dylan said. "Well come and help us and we'll make you feel pleasured." Dylan and the girls walked into the centre of Cardiff, at which point they began going around all the big clothing shops, looking for clothes to better fit the girls' new proportions.

Of course, they dragged Dylan into the changing rooms with them, which meant he was effectively stood there with the girls topless (Their old bras long past fitting) and in quite tight underwear while they switched between new articles of clothing. Dylan was sometimes asked for his opinion, but mostly he existed to carry bags.

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A few hours later, and the girls had bought quite a lot, including some new undergarments which they changed into in a changing room. The new clothes included new shirts for school, their old ones being rather too tight on their new boobs. Master PC mostly forgotten, they returned to the girls' house.

"Hey mum," Olivia said. "Dylan helped us shop, so we're gonna go watch a film." "Alright, have fun," Mrs Watkins said as the three teens passed, and headed up to Rebecca's room. The girls dropped their shopping bags on the floor.

"Alright, pull your trousers off," Rebecca said while Olivia went to set up a DVD. "What, now?" Dylan asked. "Of course. We want to suck your dick and you want us to suck it. The movie's just so our mum and dad don't get suspicious if they walk past." Dylan sat on the side of the bed with his trousers around his ankles, and his erect cock pointing into the air.

The girls set the movie going, and then got down on their knees before him. Dylan sat waiting for them, as the girls contemplated what do for their first blowjob. Eventually Olivia made her mind up, and gave Dylan's scrotum a lick. He shuddered. The girls just giggled, and the two of them began licking away at Dylan's balls and shaft. "Ohhh…" Dylan moaned. "You wanna go first or shall I?" Rebecca asked. "You go first, Becky," Olivia replied.

"It's appropriate because you suck more than me." "Sure, then I'll get Dylan to use Master PC to give you the plague," Rebecca said, playfully punching her sister's arm.

She then knelt up, facing Dylan's cock. Olivia grabbed hold of it, pointing it towards her sister's mouth. Rebecca rested her lips on Dylan's tip, and slid his cock inside her mouth. Dylan just groaned as Rebecca tried to fit his entire magically-enlarged cock into her mouth. "Oh God…" Dylan moaned. "How's it taste, Becky?" Olivia asked, and her sister just gave her a thumbs up. "Good," she said with a full mouth. "Feels good too," Dylan said as Rebecca sucked him. Olivia climbed onto the bed, and laid Dylan back.

She leaned down, and began making out with him while her sister sucked his cock. "Mmm, you're one lucky boy," Olivia moaned. "God-like power and free sex. I hope you're grateful." "Oh definitely…" Dylan moaned, not really thinking about his words.

"She sucking you good, Dylan?" Olivia asked. "Ohhhhh…yeah…" Dylan groaned. "Mmmm, that's right, suck him good, Becky," Olivia moaned. "Make him cum. UHHH!" As soon as Olivia said his trigger word, Dylan exploded into Rebecca's mouth, which in turn triggered both girls to orgasm at the same time. "Oh fuck!" Olivia moaned. "Ohhh…I forgot about that…" Dylan kept jizzing, pumping Rebecca's mouth full of spunk, before he finally stopped, which also allowed the girls to stop cumming too.

"Warn me next time, Liv'," Rebecca said as she swallowed Dylan's cum. "I almost choked on that stuff." "Sorry, sorry," Olivia said. "Anyway, my turn." Olivia took her sister's place, and began sucking away at Dylan's cock, seeming much more eager about this than Rebecca has been. "Ohhh…" Dylan moaned. "Hey Dylan," Rebecca whispered in his ear. "Why don't you give her a taste of your jizz?" "GAHHH!" Dylan cried out as he came into Olivia's mouth.

The girls came too, Olivia giving evil eyes to her sister as she tried to cope with the sudden influx of fluid. "I fucking hate you," Olivia said, her mouth full of cock and cum. "No you don't," Rebecca said, keeping herself more composed despite her pleasure.

"Cause I make you cum. OH!" A third orgasm struck the trio, Dylan's cock not even having stopped jizzing from the second one yet. "Fuck…I swear you girls are trying to kill me," Dylan panted as he finally stopped cumming. "No, just like making you feel good," Rebecca replied, kissing him.

"And taking shots at each-other, apparently," Olivia said, swallowing Dylan's cum. "Now put your trousers back on in case our mum and dad come in." Dylan sorted himself out, and the three of them laid in bed watching the remainder of the film. The movie was followed by a quick three-way make-out session, before Dylan made his way home for the evening.

Satisfied, he spent the rest of the evening gaming, not worrying about getting any more sex. Dylan woke up reasonably early the following morning, and went downstairs to have breakfast. He made a bowl of cereal, and sat watching BBC Breakfast. They'd just gone to the local news, so he ate his cereal while watching Jenny Rees on BBC Wales Today. "And before we go back to London, a quick look at the weather, with our new weather lady, Nicole," she said. "Thanks Jenny," the new weather girl said.

"Well it's going to be a warm start to September, which is good for all the kids going back to school tomorrow." Dylan sat watching, and found his cock begin to harden as he thought of all the things he'd like to do to this young weather lady. And then he remembered that he could. He could do anything to anyone. Dylan finished his breakfast, then headed upstairs to his bedroom. He switched his laptop on, and loaded up Master PC. "Good morning Dylan," the UI smiled.

"How may I be of service?" "I want you to load up the new weather girl on BBC Wales," Dylan said. "Her name's Nicole, and you can get her face from my memories." "Searching," the UI said, before it came up with her profile.

Dylan noted her naked form was very nice indeed. "Nicole Rachel Andrews, formerly Nicole Rachel Jackson, aged 26 years, 4 weeks, 3 days and 4 seconds." "Formerly? She changed her name?" "Yes. At the ages of 24 years, 9 months, 1 week, 6 days, 4 hours and 45 seconds she was married to Matthew Thomas Andrews." "Oh, she's married?" "Yes." Dylan thought for a moment, feeling a slight amount of guilt at potentially getting this woman to cheat on her husband.

"Where's her husband now?" Dylan asked. The UI responded by bringing up a map of London, with his location marked on it. "Analysis of his brain shows that Matthew Thomas Andrews is currently on a business trip, and will not return until Friday the 8th of September," the UI told him. "So she's got the house to herself?

Interesting…" Dylan turned on the TV, which was back to the national programme. He knew there was one more turn for the local news however, which would mean Nicole would be back. Sure enough, they went back to the local news, with the presenter talking about things which didn't really interest Dylan.

"UI, bring up a live feed of Nicole," Dylan ordered. She did so, and Dylan saw the woman stood in front of a green screen, waiting to present the weather. "When I say so, I want you to make Nicole start to get horny. Not too much, but enough she notices it.

And make it keep building up." "As you wish, Dylan." The news report went on, before the reporter went back to Nicole.


"Alright, now," Dylan ordered. Nicole immediately gasped, but continued on with her report. Dylan just smiled, his cock re-hardening, as Nicole continued speaking, her breathing and her speech getting noticeably deeper. "Back to you," she said at the end, looking noticeably flustered. "I need to get down there and pay her a visit," Dylan said. "But I can't take you with me so I'd better do some changes first." "Why can't you take me with you?" "I can't be carrying my laptop around town." "You have a smartphone, do you not?" "Yeah?" "Plug it into this laptop.

I will install myself onto it and you can make changes on the go." "Seriously?" "Yes. Master PC has compatible versions for a wide range of devices and operating systems." "Alright then, we'll try that." Dylan fetched his phone and USB cable, and plugged it on.

On the screen a progress bar appeared, and Dylan took this opportunity to get dressed, ready to go out for his encounter. Once he finished dressing, he heard his phone beep.

"It's done," the UI said. Dylan picked his phone back up, and saw a new Master PC icon had appeared with his other apps. He tapped it, and opened the program. The usual start up occurred, before he was greeted by the face of the UI. "Welcome to Master PC for iOS," she said. Dylan looked up at his laptop screen, and then back at his phone. "You're in two places at once?" "Dylan, I am a computer program," said both of the UIs. "But yes, in a sense.

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Both devices are linked, in a sense." "Is this gonna use up all my mobile data?" "Master PC requires no internet access to operate." "So I can just do stuff anywhere?" "Provided the device has power, yes." "Alright, good, I can change her on the go." Dylan put the phone in his pocket, closed his laptop, and headed out.

It was about 20 minutes to the studio where BBC Wales was based, and a quick check with Master PC (It should be really called Master Phone now, he thought) showed that Nicole was sat in an office, typing away at a computer. Dylan arrived at the building, and took a deep breath.

"Make it so no-one stops me. I wanna go wherever I want in there," Dylan command. "As you wish, Dylan," the UI on his phone said.

Dylan then walked into the building, no-one taking any notice of him. The UI guided him towards the office where Nicole was working, knowing that she wouldn't be needed until the lunchtime news in a few hours. "UI, send the men in there off somewhere," he commanded, and a few seconds later, 3 men left the office, leaving Nicole alone in there.

"Alright, now, I want you to change my body so that I look exactly like Nicole's husband." "Dylan, Matthew Thomas Andrews is considerably larger than you are," the UI said. "Transforming now would likely result in severe damage to your clothing." "Alright," Dylan said.

No-one was around, so he was able to strip naked quickly. "Now change me. But give the new body the same cumming enhancements you gave me. And give me a permanent erection in that body." "As you wish." Dylan groaned, and almost dropped his phone as he felt his entire body change. He grew taller, more muscular, and older.

He felt his cock shrink by a few inches, his pubic hair thicken, and a fair amount of stubble form on his face. Dylan looked down at the phone, and saw his 3D model now looked completely different.

"It worked!" He exclaimed, his voice now completely different. "I also altered your mind slightly to make your accent the same as the real person's," the UI said. "Alright, thanks," Dylan said. Taking a deep breath, Dylan opened the door to the office. Nicole was still typing away, and she took no notice of him, as per his command. Dylan threw his clothes onto the floor, and looked down at his phone. "Make her able to notice me," Dylan commanded, before looking at her.

"Um, hi Nicole." "Matt? What the fuck!?" She exclaimed as she saw him. "What are you doing here!? Why are you naked?" "To fuck you," Dylan replied, looking down at his phone. "Make her obey anything I say. And make no-one disturb us here." "Yes Dylan." "Who's that, Matt?" Nicole asked.

"Uh, no-one," Dylan replied, Nicole magically accepting this. "Now, uh, take your clothes off and suck my dick." "You got it Matt," Nicole smiled. She began unbuttoning her shirt, and Dylan just stood there awkwardly watching her disrobe, until the woman was completely naked.

"Sit down then." Nicole pulled her desk chair out for him, and Dylan sat down. This new body of his was odd to get used to; he was taller now, so everything looked off. And his cock was different too; this was now twice Master PC had altered his penis, and this too felt weird.

This cock was shorter than his normal, enlarged cock, though still bigger than his original one. Nicole crawled under the desk, and took "Dylan's" cock into her mouth. "Ohhhhh…oh that's good…" he moaned. "Uh…babe." Nicole moaned her approval, and began sucking him expertly. Dylan could tell why her husband liked her so much.

Dylan put his phone down on the table, the UI just smiling at him. "Ohhhh my God…" Dylan moaned, spreading his legs. Dylan could feel the tip of his cock prodding against Nicole's tonsils, and the pleasure was absolutely amazing. "Ohhh…suck me hard, babe." Dylan's command caused Nicole to react, and she immediately began sucking him with all her might. "Dylan, you are approaching sexual climax," the UI said.

"Oh fuck, you got that right," Dylan moaned. "I'm…ahhhhhhh…" Dylan began squirting cum into Nicole's mouth, and she immediately began gagging on it. Not because of the cum, per say, but because she wasn't expecting her pussy to suddenly explode the instant Dylan's cock did, Master PC triggering an orgasm in the woman who was now Dylan's sexual partner. "Ohhh…oh my God…" Nicole moaned, struggling to cope with both the onslaught of semen and her seemingly random orgasm.

Nevertheless, she never once stopped sucking him, and was eventually able to swallow Dylan's load, getting back to the blowjob.

"UI, why's she not stopping?" Dylan asked. "You commanded her to suck your dick," she replied. "She will continue doing this until you command her to stop, or until she dies, whichever comes first." "Oh my God," Dylan said, Nicole moaning as she assumed it was in reaction to her sucking. Well, it kind of was. "Would you like me to make her stop fellating you?" The UI asked. "No, I'm good for now," Dylan replied, relaxing again. "Very well." Dylan closed his eyes, and just enjoyed his continuing blowjob.

He'd now been sucked off by 5 girls in 4 days and with 2 different cocks, so to say his life had improved since his birthday was probably an understatement. While most teens were stuck jerking off to girls on the internet, Dylan could do whatever he wanted to whatever girl he wanted. He truly was a god to those around him. Dylan came 5 more times into Nicole's mouth, the woman powerless to stop sucking him the whole time, although she didn't want to stop, Master PC seeing to that.

"Ohhhh&hellip.Oh God…" Dylan moaned. "Oh Nicole…fuck me…" Nicole immediately stop sucking him, and crawled up Dylan's body. Mounting him, she slid her pussy down onto his cock, and began riding him, Dylan's cock not even spending 10 seconds outside of her body.

"Ohhh fuck, I love your cock baby!" Nicole moaned. Dylan grabbed hold of her ass, and helped her bob up and down and grind him. "God, your pussy's so wet…" Dylan moaned, playing with her ass cheeks. "Your cock's so big too…so hard…so hot…" "I'm gonna cum again…Uhhhhh…" Dylan hit his 7th orgasm of the day, which naturally set Nicole off too, and Dylan got to enjoy the sensations of the weather lady milking his cock as she writhed in ecstasy on top of him.

"Oh God, I love how we keep cumming together," Nicole panted, recovering from her own 7th orgasm as she continued riding Dylan. "We're so in sync…I love you baby…" "I love you too…" Dylan said. He didn't really, of course; he'd just met her.

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It was just a natural reaction to that, and the sensations in his cock were preventing him from thinking clearly. The two of them fucked for hours, two dozens of orgasms in a variety of positions. By the end they were on the office floor, Dylan pounding her pussy with her legs up on his shoulders. "Ohh…Oh God…baby, I need to go soon, it's almost time for the news…" Nicole moaned.

"Alright, when we next cum, you can go," Dylan told her. "UI, make it a really really big one." "Yes Dylan," the UI replied. Dylan thrusted harder, feeling himself approaching the familiar edge.

"Alright, here we…goooooOHHHH MY GOOOOD&hellip." The UI certainly didn't hold back when you said you wanted it to be big; this orgasm was hundreds, if not thousands of times as intense as any other you'd had up until now, and you felt your cock and balls struggling to cope with the ejaculatory demands being made of it, but still they managed, releasing plenty of creamy liquid to join the rest of it inside Nicole's body. They came for several minutes non-stop, and after one last make-out session, Nicole got up, exposing Dylan's cock to the cool air for the first time in hours.

She got dressed, and left to go do the weather report. Dylan laid smiling for a while, before he spoke. "Alright UI, change me back," he commanded. He closed his eyes, and felt his body morph back to normal. Well, normal with his enhanced cock. Said cock was soft, his permanent erection now over. Dylan was snapped out of his post-coital haze by his stomach rumbling, which made sense.

It was 1pm, and he'd spent most of the morning having sex. He stood up and picked up his phone. "Alright, make it so that Nicole doesn't remember any of this," he commanded. "No awkward questions that way." "Yes Dylan. Would you like me to remove your hunger?" "No, I think I'll deal with that the old-fashioned way. Well, kind of the old-fashioned way.

Dylan got dressed, and then headed to Subway, where he ate 3 foot-long subs, free of charge of course, the servers just feeling like they HAD to give them to him. Dylan headed home afterwards, and spent the afternoon and evening gaming, and preparing for tomorrow.

It would be the start of the new school year, which meant plenty of students and teachers to be the victims of his newfound godly power. This was going to be fun. ------------------------------- Author's message: I am SO sorry about how long this took.

It was a mixture of uni work, trying to relax, and getting a Wii U (Yeah, I know, I'm really up-to-date). Part of the problem as well was that, aside from the stuff at the start, a lot of this was filler.

However, Chapter 4 will have some very interesting things. Still plenty of sex, but more plot as well (Don't worry, still plenty of sex). I've been looking forward to chapter 4, and I'd like to get it written over this bank holiday weekend, so hopefully it will only take a few days.

I don't have much else to say, so I'd better just post this so you can enjoy it (hopefully)!