Thai teen force anal sex gay porn Slippery Cum Gushing Elijah

Thai teen force anal sex gay porn Slippery Cum Gushing Elijah
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17-year-old Jacob Smith walked into his mother's room and stopped in his tracks. He gulped as his eyes bulged at his mother's naked behind stuck in the air, her legs spread far enough to reveal her bare pussy clearly.

The duvet was crumbled beneath her form as her arms splayed above her lolling head, her sheets disheveled from being used so much was shock to Jacob's idea that his mother was a clean-freak.

Staring at his mother, Jacob could see the stretchmarks on her arms and legs, her colorful tattoos, and how beautiful she was. His eyes followed the curves of her calves and back with so much focus that he was unaware of his feet moving him forward until he was about to run into the bed. "Mom?" he whispered carefully, not wanting to wake her and ruin the mystery of the moment. He was not worried about anyone coming home and causing a scene because his father was never one to stay at home, especially after his first affair more than 5 years ago.

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Not worrying about a sudden entrance from his estranged father, Jacob freely drank in his mother's brunette hair splayed about her face and the crevice from which he was born from.

Seeing his mother's most intimate region felt exhilarating to him, the joy of watching her sleep while he could stare at the object of his wet dreams caused a familiar tingle bring his attention to his cock.

His prick was hardening faster than it had ever done so before as his hand slowly reached out to touch his mother.

When his finger touched the skin of her outer lips, Jacob moaned gently and felt pre-cum leaking into his shorts. "Mommy?" he whispered again, hoping his voice wouldn't wake her, yet. The tips of his fingers grazed up and down her labia as his eyes stared at the flesh spilling from beneath her. He knew that that bit of rolled flesh was her breast, the same breast that had given him all his meals when he was first born, the same one that she had laid him on when he needed to be burped.

What was he doing though?! This was his mother and he had never thought that the idea of incest was anything but disgusting, but now that he was in the situation, Jacob just couldn't stop himself from spreading her pussy lips and groaning with lust at the sight of her pink insides. His mother's cunt was gaping with liquid leftover from her own playing, her clit standing proud from beneath the hood.

Jacob took his finger and softly flicked her clit before rubbing it in circles. Her juices seeped from her gaping hole, down to her clit, and lubricated her son's fingers as he tended to her pleasure spot. As the minutes passed by, Jacob's finger's began to be more aggressive, moving from her wet clit to her slick opening. Oozing out of her hole, juices slicked her entire vulva as his fingers teased her entrance.

The pressure of his fingers was making her subconsciously aware of what was happening, her hips pushing back in attempt to get his fingers to sink into her depths. "Mmm," she lightly moaned as her son put just the very tip of his finger inside her. Jacob quickly pulled his finger out and proceeded to dip back inside her. After doing this a few times, he noticed that his mother was pushed her hips back and her pussy was getting closer to his mouth.

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Instead of letting his finger go back inside her hole, he pulled his hand away from her mound and leaned forward. Her warm, wet cunt pushed back to meet his searching tongue, his tongue diving into her moist cunt. His mother gave a long moan from the back of her throat as her hips grinded onto his face. "Oh yesss!

Tongue my pussy!" she screamed as her eyes flew open and rolled to the back of her head.

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When she peered over her shoulder, Lisa screamed and squirmed away from her son's talented tongue. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" she yelled, pulling the duvet across her chest. "Mom," Jacob began calmly, "calm down.

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I know it's a shock, but yelling isn't going to make anything better." As he talked, Jacob's fingers slid up her inner thigh and found her soaking mound again. Lisa gasped as she felt her son's fingers sink into her horny cunt, massaging her walls as his thumb circled her sensitive clit. Her eyes fluttered shut as her hips began to buck, forcing his finger's to go deeper inside her. "See? You like that. Don't act like you don't when I feel how wet your cunt is.


Mmm, you needed your pussy filled didn't you? Fuck you're soaked! You like it when I treat you like a slut, mommy? Hmmm?" Lisa was desperately thrusting her groin onto her son's hand now, her moans falling from her mouth and filling the air. "Answer me," Jacob ordered sternly as his free hand went and tweaked one of his mother's nipples.

She shook and nodded her head fervently.


"Yes, Jacob, I love it. I fucking love it when you treat me like a whore baby," she sputtered around her gasps, her cunt leaking like a faucet. "Ooooh," she moaned with her eyes shut tight.

"Fuck baby, finger mommy's cunt! Oh my God, I'm gonna come! I'm coming on your hand baby! Oh God, ohGod, ohGod, ohGod---Ohhhhh!" Jacob twisted and pinched his mother's hard nipple as her body jerked under her shaking orgasm, her hips jerking uncontrollably as she soaked his palm with her juices.

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As Lisa savored her ecstasy, her eyesight went black and she could see nothing; all she could feel were the hundreds of quick spasms that were pumping through the walls of her pussy. Her spasming cunt milked at her son's fingers hungrily wanting to feel hot seed to pour into her womb. With a dry mouth and a light head, Lisa came down from her high with her chest heaving for air. She looked down between her legs and saw a dark spot on her bedsheets, the pool of her cum pointing straight at her son.

Raising her eyes just enough to look at his legs, she could see that his jeans were lax against his body and that a small stain had started to form on the outer crotch of his pants. "Oh, I got some on your pants honey," she shyly commented as her cheeks flushed with her blush. He looked down towards his raging hard on and wickedly smiled. "Don't worry, mom. You didn't get any of your cum on me," Jacob growled through his smirk before leaning down to suck on his mother's breast.

The pink tip of his tongue flicked and bathed the flesh of her taut nipple, pushing the nub this way and that with his muscle as he took a hold of her wrist and guided it to his zipper.

He grazed her tit with his teeth before licking up her chest up her neck and to her earlobe. "Take your baby boy's cock out, mommy. Stroke it for me," he whispered in her ear with passion.

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"Stroke your son's cock you filthy little bitch and make me come." Lisa let out a moan as her spine shivered with excitement at feeling his warm, smooth tool in her hand. Her fingers pulled at the zipper and found their way inside Jacob's jeans to feel the wetness of his hard cock. Jacob let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt his mother's hand wrap around his shaft and slowly begin to stroke his length.

His head fell back as his mother squeezed and rubbed him with a lust-driven greed for his cum. "Make me come for you mommy," he croaked as his prick swelled and throbbed softly in her hand. Her hand promptly flew up and down his shaft, eagerly awaiting to see his tip erupt with hot cum spraying into her mouth.


Just thinking about making her cum in such a depraved series of events made her cunt itch for him to enter her. "Fuck me baby," she begged, looking up into his eyes.

"Please, fuck mommy like the good little boy you are, Jacob. Mommy wants it so bad!" Jacob could see the desperation in his mother's eyes as she pleaded with him to fuck her and he felt his dick get harder at the prospect of entering the hole that he had been born from.

"Get on your back you little cum slut; I'm gonna pound your fucking pussy until the neighbors hear you screaming that you're gonna come all over my cock," he ordered, pulling off his shirt and kicking his pants away from his feet. Eager to have Jacob's large cock stretching her neglected pussy, Lisa did not wait to get on her back and spread her legs for her son.

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The cool air on her bare, glistening pussy sent shivers through her body as he stared down at her cum-drenched folds, licking his lips hungrily. With his cock in his hand, Jacob guided himself into his mother and began to thrust his hips with fervor. As his hands supported him on either side of his mother, Lisa braced herself against the headboard with her hand as her son's balls slapped against her ass.

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His prick stretched her with his girth, his short, fast strokes making his pubic bone brush against her blood-engorged clit. "Ooh yes, baby, yes! Fill me with your cum Jacob! Oh, make me your little cum slut, honey-- Make mommy cover you in cum," she screamed as his hips began to jackhammer into her sloppy pussy. The wet sounds of her pounded pussy filled the room and accompanied her ear-splitting screams of pleasure, the picture frames on her wall shaking with each movement of the bed.

Jacob looked down at his mother's bouncing breasts and her face scrunched in unbelievable pleasure and felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm. "Oh fuck, I'm coming," he shouted just before his cock exploded with blasts of cum. Feeling each rope of cum fill her pussy sent Lisa over the edge as her creamy cunt locked his cock inside of her and milked it with relentless fervor. Her walls massaged him like millions of tiny fingers stroking his prick, coating him with her juices.

Lisa laid beneath her son as his cock shrunk and popped out of her cove. Once he retreated from her form, he picked up his clothes and went to the bathroom to clean up.