Small tiny cock wanking masturbation

Small tiny cock wanking masturbation
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My name is Michelle, and I'm a widow of 5 years and I have 2 kids away at college. My husband of 20 years made a lot of money so that was very a problem, but when he died in a car accident I felt very alone. Both of my girls were away at college when it happened; so now they are about to graduate and will move out for good. Amy has a boyfriend of 3 years already and Roxanne is now dating someone so I'm sure it will only a matter a time before she'll be gone too.

This now brings me to the beginning of my story. I have been lonely for a long time, and I loved my husband Tim. He was a great husband and provider, he also was a stud in the bedroom, and when he died I couldn't bring myself to really date anyone. So my daughters insisted I get a dog to cheer me up for companionship. "I think this is really the best thing for you right now mom" Amy had said to me.


"I just don't know it's a lot of responsibility and I don't know if I'm up for it right now." I told her. "It's been a year mom and we don't like seeing you so alone. You need something to take your mind off of Dad. We love you and miss him, but you're still here and we want you here for a long time." Roxanne said to me.

That was it I we went and got a dog, and as it turns out was the best thing in the world for my loneliness. His name was Red and he was 2 years old at the time I got him. He was a golden retriever and he was a great dog. Friendly, playful, and most of all loyal to me; we went everywhere we could together.

We went to the beach and to the parks, my daughters were right it was the perfect thing for me to take my mind off of my husband. One night I was over my neighbors' house having dinner and their son and his girlfriend came home from a party.

They were both were a little fucked up and started making out on their way out to the pool. This reminded me of how Tim and I would go at it like teenagers even when we were in our late thirties. I told my neighbor "Sorry Susan I really should be getting late." "No Michelle don't let Robby and his girlfriend ruin the night please stay." She said as she was about to yell at them, but I stopped her.

"No really I think I've had too much wine. I'm really tired and need to sleep.

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I'll see you sometime this weekend." And with that I left and went home. While I was walking to my house my pussy started to get really wet thinking about that couple and how they would probably be fucking tonight. I had a summer dress on and I as I walked I pressed my hand to my pussy and started to rub it a little. When I got home I walked upstairs I laid down on my bed and pulled my dress up; pulled my panties to the side and started finger my pussy thinking about how Tim and I used to fuck.

I started to cum "Ohhhh fuck!!" I yelled loudly when I heard a bark at the door that startled me. "Oh shit! Red damn you I was about cum; now it's gone." I said while opening the door. Red came trotting in and seemed to be inspecting the room and put his nose in the air and took a few sniffs.

I had wondered if he could smell my pussy, and for some reason that got me hot. Maybe it was because he was the closest thing I had to a husband since Tim. Red came over to me to get petted; which I did. "It's okay boy I know you were just worried about me." I told him while I rubbed his side and then he laid on his side so I could rub his belly.

Then that's when I first noticed his "red rocket" started to come out. I hadn't even saw this before; hell I didn't even think about him not being neutered. As I rubbed his belly it started to grow more and more until it was about 8 inches out with a giant bulb on the end. "Well Red what is it that you have there?" I asked him as I rubbed a little closer to it. My pussy started to get really wet and as I rubbed his belly I started pulling up my dress again and rubbing my pussy.

"Mmmmhhmmm" I said as I bit my lower lip and then licked my lips as I was contemplating sucking on his cock or not. Then I made up my mind. I got down on my knees and lowered my head to his cock. I thought to myself "I can't believe I'm about to suck my dogs cock." Then I just kissed the middle of it; while I kept rubbing his belly.

Even though they look like it would be soft, it was quite hard and long. Then I held my breath and put it into my mouth. I was now on the floor on all fours sucking my dogs cock. He seemed to like it; he just stayed still and I could see his tail wagging. I was getting very horny and I had to admit I never before this moment thought of having sex with Red. He was a dog I didn't even entertain the idea of having sex with another man let alone a dog.

Just then he shot his load in my mouth, and I almost choked on it, but I swallowed it all. "Oh my Red that was good. Good boy! Do you want to lay down with mommy after I take a shower. He just got up and barked at me; then ran up on the bed. "Good boy mommy will be right back." I told him.

I had thought I'd feel gross or bad about what I had just done, but I didn't in fact I felt even hornier than ever. I fingered myself in the shower until I came twice. After my shower I put my nightgown on and a pair of silk panties and got into bed with Red. "How are you doing boy? Huh? I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. He just laid on his side again so I could rub his belly. I did then I fell asleep with Red sleeping next to me. I had a great dream about Red laying on my bed except he had human features and spoke to me.

"So mom you want to suck my cock again; that was so great last night." Then I had myself between his legs sucking his cock and bobbing my head up and down on it; then we were in the 69 position and he was lapping away at my pussy; then he was behind me fucking me like crazy.

Then it ended with him licking me to orgasm, but maybe some of it wasn't a dream. I woke up and my cover was off and my crotch was wet and Red was on the ground licking his lips. I thought to myself "There's no way he did that." I got dressed for the day and went down stairs to make breakfast. As I made breakfast I had my laptop on the counter looking up some things; most of which included girls fucking dogs and tips on how to do it.

Just as I was sitting down to eat Red comes under the table to beg for some food. "Oh there you are I was wondering what you were up to." I told him with a pat on his head.

I broke off a piece of toast and handed it to him, but he didn't want it just turned his head and went under the table.

"Are you okay Red?" I asked him as I felt his nose go between my legs to my crotch. I screamed from the shock "Ahhhh" which scared him and he ran away like I was yelling at him.


I felt bad and spoke to him. "Aw it's okay honey. You just scared mommy that's all. Everything's okay" I petted his head.

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Later on that day I spent most of it on my laptop. I couldn't stop looking up dog porn, and it kept getting me hornier and hornier.

I found myself rubbing my pussy through my jeans at one point, and I decided at that point to give Red a try tonight. I had to do some shopping according to some websites, so I planned out what I needed. Cheap pair of jeans (Then cut a large hole in the crotch area, a lot of towels, cheap shirts, and some sexy lingerie) It took some time I left the house around 1pm and didn't get back until 7pm.

I got the jeans ready, and read up on what to do. Most websites say that the jeans are a more practical approach, but they say the lingerie is better for the woman or "bitch" as they are called. I made myself dinner for the strength, and then went upstairs to get ready for Red and I's big night. "I hope you're ready baby. If it's half as good as they say it will be then we're in for a fun night." I told him as he just looked at me and licked my hand.

I ran upstairs as fast as I could, and pulled out the clothes I got earlier that day. I laid all of them on the bed.

Jeans, with the crotch cut out, they said it would help with the scratching from the paws.

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Then I had a few towels and cheap sheets that I got, and also my sexy lingerie; some black thigh high stockings garter, and a corset with the cups removed. The websites said no panties they could hurt the dog. I couldn't believe I was about to fuck Red; my dog and best friend this past year. I chose to do the lingerie even though they said it might hurt more from his paws, but I didn't care I wanted to look sexy for him tonight. So I put them on and called red up to my room "Red!

Come here boy!" I heard the noise of him coming up the stairs and I readied myself. I ran over to the bed and laid across it, and then Red came in and jumped up on the bed with me.

It was weird it's as if he knew what I wanted him to do.

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He didn't waste any going right for my pussy and I almost came right then. "Oh fuck yes Red lick mommy's pussy!" I yelled and spread my legs as far apart as they would go. I had a nice trimmed little pussy with some hair on the top so whenever he licked my mound it sent shock waves up my body.

"Oh fuck, oh my God yess!!" I just kept repeating it. "That's good boy, now let's get you ready for a fun night." I told him as he laid on his side and the red tip of his cock is was already sticking out. I dove right in and started sucking it until he was his full length and ready to go.

I could taste the pre cum coming from it already. I was rubbing by pussy to get it ready for his big member. His cock was rock hard, and tasted so good, I couldn't believe what I was thinking; I was so ready to fuck my dog. "Come here boy. Mommy needs your big cock" I told him. With that he got up and tried to mount me before I was ready.

He knocked me down "Hold on boy mommy's not ready for you yet." I told him. He just growled as if to tell me to shut up and get ready. "Oh, okay baby here we go." I got on all fours on the floor, put my head down and my ass out.

Red came over and licked my pussy. His tongue was longer than his cock I couldn't believe how great it felt. He lapped on my pussy for which it felt like forever because I just lost track of the time. "Oh yea! Lick mommy's pussy baby! That's it Red take mommy.


Make mommy your bitch to be bred." I told him. I couldn't believe what I just said out loud I felt so dirty, but good at the same time. When I was just about to cum he stopped. "Why did you sto…" I started to say but Red interrupted me by mounting me, and trying to thrust his hard cock in my pussy he almost missed and got my asshole.

"Oh!" I yelped, but this time he didn't stop he just kept going. Then after a moment or two he finally got in the right hole. "Ohh my fucking God! Yes! Fuck me with your doggy dick Red baby! Take mommy and bred me like your bitch." His cock was pumping my pussy in and out and I was howling in pleasure.

Then came his knot; he inched it closer and closer. I could feel him cum deep in my pussy, and not just a little cum, he came so much it started pouring out onto the floor. Then his knot entered my pussy. "OHHHH FUCCKK!!!" I yelled from the pain, but then the pleasure set in and I just laid there ass in the air and head on the ground.

"Wow that was great baby." I could hear him panting behind me back, and as I sat there waiting for his knot to go down I thought about something. Did Red mean for this to happen? Did he know I wanted this? Did he lick my pussy last night? All of these thoughts went through my mind as I laid there with my new lover on top of me trying to put his seed in me.

Even though I couldn't get pregnant from him that doesn't mean we can't try I thought.


His knot finally came out and it almost made me cum again. I laid down on the floor with my back on the ground and cum leaking out of my pussy. "Oh shit!

I forgot to put down the sheets and towels." I found out why I needed them too. So much cum came out of my pussy I couldn't even believe it. I just laid down on the ground while Red licked himself clean.

Just watching my new lover to that got me hot. I got up to take a shower. The water felt so good on my body, and I found out the hard way that Red's paws do hurt. I have to wear the jeans next time, and maybe not shave for a little bit to give it more of an "bitch" feel to it. Thinking about this got me so fucking horny I started rubbing my pussy again, but it hurt to bad from the knot.

I got out of the shower and went to bed naked this time with Red sleeping next to me like Tim used to do. It felt wonderful having someone or something next me in that way again after all this time. The next morning I got up and dressed quickly when I looked and saw what time it was. I was late for a brunch for my sister's charity.

I put on my black skirt with black shirt and high heels because I already had some lingerie stuff out from last night. I ran out the door without saying anything, not even goodbye to Red.

I would soon learn that I don't do that to my new lover&hellip. I'll post the rest next week guys. Love Michelle!