Girl gets fucked after massage

Girl gets fucked after massage
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Amber wandered down the streets of down town Dallas with her best friend, Amanda. They had both just turned eighteen in the past two weeks and were out shopping in celebration.


Though there were plenty of girls wandering the streets of Dallas that might make you think they were hot, but these two were enough to make any man stop and gawk. Amanda was tall at 5'7 and a bit stockier than her friend with wider shoulders but adoring curves that led down to her generously sized bottom and long legs that she showed off with tight skinny jeans.

Her hot pink tank top complimented her full breasts. She had dark, brown hair that went a bit past her shoulders and chestnut brown eyes that could make anybody melt. Although Amanda looked almost innocent, she was snappy and wasn't afraid to speak her mind.

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Amanda rarely let anybody push her around and hated submitting to anybody. Amber was rather the opposite. She was shorter at 5'4 but more slender than Amanda. She had beautiful curves that made her already big bottom look larger.

Amber had a smaller chest than her friend but her rather big bottom made up for it.


She had long, luscious red hair that went down to the small of her back, and big, round green eyes that only shone with pure innocence. Amber was much more humble and submissive than her friend, so she only wore a subtle blue skirt with a blue and yellow v-neck that showed off her slightly muscular arms. The two gorgeous, now women, walked down the street, Amanda with a confidence in her long strides and Amber with a bit smaller, more innocent foot steps. The brunette was well aware that guys had stopped in awe of them and embraced it, puffing out her chest so that her bulbous breasts stuck out and bounced as she strutted down the street.

Amber felt rather awkward from their stares and hurried to catch up with Amanda, the fast movement make her large bottom bounce. The two friends walked into a rather expensive coffee shop, Amber trailing a bit behind Amanda.

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All of the sudden, Amber felt a hand smack down onto her bottom. She let out a surprised squeak and jumped back into Amanda. Amanda turned around, her brown eyes flaring in protection of her friend.

Amanda's burning gaze locked onto the man who slapped Amber's bouncy bottom. He had short, messy brown hair with cap on backwards. Amanda couldn't help but think he was handsome, standing up at 5'9 with a strong jaw and muscular arms. He was wearing baggy blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and dark sunglasses so that she couldn't see his eyes.

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Amanda strode up to him, noticing that he was sitting at the tabled with two other men who were in similar attire. The brunette stopped right in front of him and back handed him in front of the whole shop. She stood, confident over the man sitting down, "Do NOT touch me, or my friend." The force of her slap had knocked his sunglasses to the ground, revealing ice cold blue eyes.

The brave brunette turned and strode away, tugging Amber with her to the cashier, who sat in silence from shock. Amber looked back anxiously, her innocent green eyes making contact with his icy blue ones. He locked onto her eyes with a force that made Amber almost flinch.

The redhead quickly spun back around. She could still feel his burning gaze staring a hole through her back. The man's friends laughed at the blue-eyed man, punching him in the shoulder.

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He told them to knock it off and continued brooding over the two, undeniably gorgeous women. He rubbed his cheeks with his rough, large hands thoughtfully and muttered to himself under his breath, "You're going to regret that, sweetie." ********* Amber and Amanda had gotten their coffees and quickly hurried out of the store.

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As soon as they were out Amanda burst out laughing, "Looks like you got some lovers!" Amber blushed furiously and swatted at her taller friends arms, "Shut up! There's no where to sit out here anyway. And I'd rather not go back inside." Amanda laughed and took a sip of her coffee, "Alright, alright. Follow me." The two girls trailed down into an empty alley way a few blocks down form the alley way to escape the merciless sun, and mostly the gazes of other men.

"That was definitely something." Amanda muttered through her coffee, she flinched back as the brown liquid was still hot. "Something I'll never let happen again." Amber shot back good-naturedly and began wandering further down the alley way, curious as a child. Amanda shrugged and followed, both of their backs to the busy streets behind them.

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Suddenly, Amanda felt a large, calloused hand clamp over her mouth and felt somebody's chin on her head, quietly shushing her. The brunette dropped her coffee and it burned her legs as it splashed all over her legs and feet. She screamed out in shock and pain but it was muffled by the man's hands. She thrust herself back, head-butting her captors face. "Ah!" He yelled out in pain, releasing Amanda to use his hands to cover his pained face. "Amber r-!" Amanda screamed desperately to her oblivious friend but she was cut off by a brutal kick to her stomach that sent her flying against the brick wall.

The brunette crumpled to the floor in pain. Amber spun around in surprise to see the scene folding out before her. The redhead dropped her coffee and turned, looking for a way out. She squeezed her small body into a small let out, shuffling desperately between the two walls. Suddenly, there was another man on the other side, beginning to shuffle in after her.

She screamed in panic and terror and he cursed in annoyance, "Shut up, bitch!" Amber began backing up but tripped on a broken pipe and falling out from the let out straight onto the unforgiving brick ground behind her. The redhead hit her head and yelped in pain as soon the man through the let out squeezed through and pounced on her, like a cat coming in for the kill. He was at least 6'4, almost a whole foot taller than her.

He looked down at the delicate beauty and grinned with sadistic satisfaction as he wrapped his hands around her tender throat and began pressing. Amber felt scratched at his arms and kicked her feet in a feeble attempt for escape but her efforts grew weaker as her innocent green eyes began to cloud. Meanwhile, two men continued to struggle with Amanda, who wasn't backing down yet. She slowly stood back up, gasping for breath after having been winded.

The brunette was backed up against the wall, facing two men who both had brown hair, one with dark brown eyes, and the other with the same, cold blue eyes. The one with brown eyes reached for him and she yelped and sloppily kicked his thigh which was enough distraction for blue-eyes to shove her down the ground and give her another brutal kick.

He pounced on her, forcing her onto her back and wrapping his hands around her throat. "You regret that now, huh bitch?" He taunted her as he pressed down on her throat. She tried to kick and scramble away, but that give him satisfaction, seeing his victim squirm underneath him.

His moved slowly, his groin rubbing against the belly softly. Finally, Amanda's attempts slowed, until she fell fully limp. He picked her up and the man with Amber was holding the redhead like she was nothing more than a feather. The three men slunk quickly out to their silver SUV, tossed the unconscious girls in the back, and sped off in the direction of out of town.

------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks to all who read this, this is my first story so cut me some slack! ;3 The second chapter is coming out soon! ~Daddys_Kitty