Niedlich Tgirl Bekommt Gesichts

Niedlich Tgirl Bekommt Gesichts
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My sister and I lived together while we were going to college in Seattle. About a year after we took the two bedroom apartment we had attended a party and both of us got fucked up enough that our morals were rendered lifeless by a flood of alcohol and a handful of meds. I'm not sure how we got home but I vaguely remember watching her pull her skin tight jeans off while complaining about spilling something on them.

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My sister doesn't have a model's body, she tends to be a little thick around the middle with a big round, bouncy ass. She fills a 36 D bra to overflowing, her tits always did attract me. At 19 years old she is a hefty girl, cute, bordering on pretty with deep brown eyes and thick brown hair; her narrow nose points straight over full rose tinted lips, her cheerfully rounded cheeks produce deep dimples when she smiles. She is 5'6 but comes in around 175 pounds.

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As I watched her laid back on the sofa wriggling her legs out of the pants, she became the sexiest woman I had ever seen. She kicked her jeans to a pile on the floor then put her hands between her thighs and began to massage the crease of skin where her legs formed the junction of her body.

"Ah, damn, those pants were too tight, they were rubbing the insides of my legs, I need to lose a few pounds." She tilted her head back and stared at the ceiling as she massaged away the irritation caused by her jeans, the edges of her hands smoothing over dark red panties and the mound of her sex under them.

I stared at her, intrigued that she was baring herself as if I wasn't in the room, my prick started reacting to the girl in front of me. "You don't need to lose anything except the pants, get the next size larger. You look pretty fucking sexy just like that." She looked up at me, Vodka blurred her speech, "You think I'm sexy? You can lie twice in one fucking sentence? Number one, you never dated a fluffy girl in your life, number two, I'm your sister, why should I be sexy to you?" I ignored the questions "Take your shirt off, I want to see if your bra matches your panties." My sister stopped moving everything and eyeballed me for 10 seconds then began to smile.

Her eyes dropped to the growing bulge at my groin "What color are your boxers?" she asked with a hint of tease. She reached for her blouse buttons while I pulled my pants to the floor.

It was only seconds until we confronted each other in our underwear. My cock had become an erection, my striped boxers formed a tall tent over it.

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I didn't care, my modesty had died from alcohol poison so I stood boldly tall and proud for her inspection. And inspect me she did.

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She stood up directly in front of me, the tips of her dark red bra were close enough I could feel the heat of her body. My sister is almost a full head shorter than me so she looked up into my eyes as eight of her fingers worked under the band of my shorts and pulled them away from my stomach.

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She stepped back one pace and looked at what she had uncovered. She lifted her face to me again, "Nice, I bet your girls like that." When I reached behind her to unclasp the bra strap she didn't protest.

When it was open she shrugged her shoulders and let it slide down her arms and drop to the floor.


Even though she has large breasts, they didn't sag like I expected. My sister's tits were standing firm, rounded melon sized globes of delight.

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The circles of skin that supported the nipples were puckered, the nipples themselves stood long and thick from the middle. My tongue itched to lick them. I put my hands on her thick waist and urged her to turn away from me. When she had her back to me I slid my hands down, catching the band of her panties and pulled them to the floor.

When I bent down to pull them off her ankles I caught the enticing scent of her body; pheromones mixed with a light heady perfume.

When I stood back up I trailed my fingers up the back of her legs from ankle to large round butt. She shivered and sipped a deep breath of air then turned back to me. She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down until gravity took over. Ten minutes after my sister and I came home drunk from a party, she and I were naked in front of each other for the first time in our lives, my erection was drooling with lust, dripping strings of clear lube to the floor.

She stepped back to get a better view of my nakedness, "I always wondered why girls like you, now I think I know why, you look hot." "You aren't exactly a douche bag yourself, you look fucking awesome." "Please, you're drunk, you'd say anything to get a girl to fuck you tonight." "You're going to fuck me?" My cock twitched and bounced.

"No you fucking pervert! That's like way wicked, we can't do that," As I took her hand and started tugging her toward the sofa I answered "Sure we can." Dimples as deep as wells grew as she twittered drunkenly. She sat on the edge of the cushion and let me push her knees wide so that the insides of her stocky thighs led me to my target.

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She laid back then watched the blue swollen head of my cock until it was hidden by the swell of her stomach. I leaned over my sister then probed between the hot fleshy lips of her pussy until I found her.


She didn't protest and she didn't flinch when I spiked her to the couch with my erection. When our groins collided, our pubic curls tangled, she looked at me and asked "We have to kiss if you fuck me" she humped her hips which caused me to slide half way out of then back into her slick hot cunt, "I don't like sex without kissing." For some oddball reason I didn't want to kiss her.

I had my cock jammed deep between her legs but the idea of kissing my sister didn't appeal at all but I realized if she was going to let me fuck her then I'd better kiss her or she'd be griping at me for years. As I started stroking her body with my cock I bent down and put my mouth over hers.

Her lips were surprisingly sweet and supple. As our mouths mated the taste of the kiss, the movement of her lips dashed any trepidation I had about making out with my younger sibling. She was an awesome kisser and in moments we were testing each others reaction to our tongue tips. She used her mouth as a vacuum to suck my tongue over her teeth as her body began to bounce in sync to the fucking between her legs; I heard myself moan lightly.

I managed to pull up from her face and grip to watch her reaction as I thrust my erection into her. Every time I slapped into her cunt lips her heavy tits would shake and bob, her eyes kept fluttering shut and open. She smiled up at me then asked "Ever fuck a fat girl before?" I pushed into to her then held still, enjoying the feel of her hot tender pussy and asked my own question "Ever fuck a brother before?" "Not a white one." She put her hands on my stomach to push me away "Lets go to bed, I don't like it here." As my cock plopped from her body I asked leeringly "Where do you like it?" She grabbed my hard-on and pulled me with her, not bothering to turn off any lights as we made our way to her room.

At the bed she spun into my arms and threw a heavy hot liplock on me while clutching me to her with her hands on my ass. I started our little fling but she quickly got as aggressive as any other girl that wanted to get laid.

She tilted her head back "Do you have a rubber?" I showed her my empty hands, "Then you have to pull out." Having warned me she fell to her bed pulling me with her and into her in one swift motion.

I pushed up on my arms over her as our hips and stomachs chafed and ground out our pleasure with each other.

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She was heating up faster than me. Her entire body was shaking and quivering as we fucked, her tits bouncing delightfully for my eyes. I bent down to suckle a long stiff nipple which caused her to bark a sharp cry of passion.


She held my head over her tits and while I sucked and fucked I realized that I was having a lot of fun with her soft round body. All of a sudden she climaxed, singing a rapturous song of lust as her passion peaked at a down stroke of my cock then continued as a series of sharp yelps as her entire being vibrated under me.

My nuts reacted to her orgasm and packed up to blow but I had enough sense to get out of her before I lost it. I moved from between her legs to sit over her stomach then put my erection between her big soft tits. She pressed her breasts together, trapping my cock and let me screw the yielding pillows of flesh. She smiled up at me then watched the head of my hard-on as it slipped in and out of sight until I was hit with massive seizures.

Cum gushed from me in heavy bursts, splashing over her chest, tits and neck; my sister held me between her tits until I quit spitting then laughed "Oh my god! I can't believe I just let you do that! Mom and dad would just die!" I got off the bed to go pee while she cleaned my sperm off her body, when we were comfortable again I asked "Do I have to go to my own bed tonight or do we sleep together?" She threw herself to her back on her bed "If you stay here, what makes you think we'll be sleeping?" "You want me to get some condoms?" My cute rotund sister cocked her head slightly, thought about the question then let the alcohol answer "Ah just fuck me, I'll take my chances." And just that sudden, my plump, jiggly sibling and I became lovers.