Blowjob Session On The Stairs

Blowjob Session On The Stairs
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the day started normal enough i woke up and started to get ready for school i looked at my self in the mirror hanging on my wall i had grown since last year i thought as i stripped i went from being a scrawny 5'6 and a 115 lb nerd to 6'1 and a 180 lb of lean hard muscle thanks to going to a gym 6 days a week i looked at my face i lost all of the baby fat in my cheeks making my jaw look more square my blonde hair darkened a bit and thanks to my growth spurt my cock had grown form a pitiful 5 inches to 9 inches which i was happy about it and it showed.i hurried up and got dressed and went down stairs.

when i got to the kitchen i saw my sister Kate humming while finished her breakfast now my sister and have always had a close relation ship our dad died a car crash it forced are mom to work alot harder but the ordeal us much closer as a family.

i walked behind her and kissed her cheek she looked up at me and smiled "morning ." i smiled back and grabbed the last peace of her toast off her plate "Kal give it back" she laughed "make your own" "no time sis jack well be here in a couple minutes" i said as i walked to the door with the toast in my mouth "do you have everything" she asked "yep" i replied opened the door at looked back at her she was striking she was about 5'5 and had long pale gold hair whit the same emerald green eyes as me though she was only 13 she had a killer body already she had a firm body with a c cup and perfect ass thanks to her being on the cheer squad at her school.

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"what"she asked when she caught me looking at "i was just thanking you look a lot like mom today" i sputtered out to cover my indecent thoughts.Katie smiled at me as i walked out the door as my friend jack pulled up in his beat up old chevy i climbed in and we were on are way.

the day dragged by moving from class to class until 3:30 when i finally got out i met jack at his truck and climbed in. "so any hot chicks in your classes" jack asked when he said it a picture of Kate popped in to my head.

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" a couple i said sucks we don't have any classes together. how bout you?" "same and i got shot down by all of them guess i'll try your sister ." jack quipped as we pulled up to my house for some reason it irked me"so what are we going to do today Kal" "we aren't doing anything because i have stuff to do but maybe tomorrow" i said and walked into the house i found kate in the living room lying on her stomach doing her homework she was wearing a pair of bright blue tights that looked like they were painted on her and underarmor shirt that was just as tight.

"hey i'm going to head up to my room and do my home work" i said "m'kay,oh mom called said she'd be in new york for two more days and to order take out for diner" kate replied as she turned to face me i notice her nipples were hard and her shirt did nothing to hide it.

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i made a nose of agreement and hurried up to my room i was rock hard and need release i closed my door dropped my pants and headed straight for my computer i brought up my favorite porn site but none of the videos caught my attention frustrated i turned off my screen turned in my chair i closed my eyes and i pictured my sister i walked up to her while she lied on the ground and flipped her did this to me i said to her while pointing at my rock hard cock she gasped and got to her knees im sorry kal i'll do anything i can i smiled and reach down and tore her shirt off freeing her tits you can start by giving me a bj you slut.

kate licked her lips then slowly sucked the head of my cock.

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as i fell deeper in to my fantasy i stroked my cock harder and harder until came the biggest load in my life while saying kate's name. i opened my eyes and when i did i saw my door ajar and heard kate going down the stairs.

i started freaking out had she seen me heard was she going to tell mom these thoughts came rushing at me with many more until i couldn't take anymore i got dressed and went downstairs and found kate sitting on the couch "hey when do you want to order pizza"she said with a slight blush and that alone told me she seen me.

"Kate what did you see"i asked "see what" she said a little panic "kate!" "i saw you jacking off i wanted to turn around and go back downstairs but then i heard you say my name then you just came so much when you opened your eyes i freaked so i ran"she started to cry "it kind of made me happy that you thought about me because i like you like you and i thought brothers and sisters aren't supposed to feel that way" she finished as tears streamed down her pretty face i pulled her into to my arms and kissed her long and hard on the lips when i pulled a way i said "we aren't suppose to feel this way and if we want to be together we cant tell anyone understand" she looked at me and smiled "okay" and kissed me back are kissing became more heated and heated we started to strip each other as we kissed i kissed down her neck and collarbone down to her right nipple i sucked and nibbled as i switch between the two as kissed my way up her ear i said baby girl i'm so hard you have got to do something for me.

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she got a big smile on her face "alright" she said and got on her knees she unbuttoned my pants and ran the zipper down agonizingly slow until my cock popped out she slowly licked on the underside of my cock from the base to the head and started to suck the head like a lollipop i was moaning louder and louder she was swirling her tongue around the top of my head the she took a couple inches into her mouth until she gagged she came of my cock with a little pop and said i don't think i'll be able to take it all i smiled at her "it'll just take some practice " and with that i pressed her mouth back on to my dick and slowly pushed her head until she started gagging again i let her come up a inch then i pushed her back down until my cock bottomed out in her throat.

she looked up at me with tears streaming down her face you look really good with my cock down your throat you know i told her when i began to throat fuck her she coughed and gagged until i pulled out and shot a huge load of cum on to her face and tits.she took a finger and scraped a glob of cum of her chest and sucked it off.

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your cum taste really good big bro and at that moment the door opened>