Que rico monto a mi esposo

Que rico monto a mi esposo
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I knew Tom liked me, but I did not know how much he hated his wife. Kim was my friends longer than she was Tom's wife. We lived together after college in a small apartment in the downtown area. Kim had met Tom at a bar and brought him home that night.

In the morning when the love bird awoke, I was there making them breakfast. We shared the meal like old friends, the three of us but, even then, during the early conversations, Tom seemed more interested in me, than Kim. Kim described him as a tough lover, a demanding lover, but she wanted him.

The lovemaking, as she described it, sounded more like rape, then love. He would take her where ever he wished; in the bathroom of a small restaurant, in the middle of a field in the town park, behind a car, anywhere he wanted. She would almost always end up naked, crawling on the ground, looking for her cloths. Nothing seemed to have value to him, not her jewelry, not her cloths, not her pride. He would just would take her, and leave. When he fucked her in the ass, which was almost every time, he would demand that Kim clean his cock with long firm licks of her tongue and full sucks from her mouth.

She became so use to those demands, that she conscientiously kept herself clean for the time she spent with him. I think Kim may have trapped Tom, by claiming she was pregnant, she never was. They got married in a small wedding, downtown. I was the maid of honor. I was told that Tom saw Kim just moments before the ceremony and had raped her, violently raped her. Kim was such a mess on the alter; her gown was a mess, her face was a mess, her hair, herself. Kim made of complete fool of herself after the wedding, she was drunk, almost nude and being a complete buffoon when around Tom.

She played the part of a slave, a submissive. She place herself at Tom's feet and would kiss his shoes in front of the whole party.

She would get up and dance, by herself on the dance floor. She would dance in the most provocative ways, sexy ways. Exposing herself, simulating sexual acts,licking the dance floor, barking like a dog; all on Tom's commands. The party became uncomfortable for some, and they left, others, mainly Tom's friends loved it.

In time, Kim was there on the dance floor, high as a kite, total naked, grinding her privates into the back of a metal chair and licking the moisture dry, as Tom's friends jeered and took pictures. I left, she was my friend and this was Kim's wedding night.

Later, I heard Kim was passed around and used by all that stayed. I love to read, the standard pulp, King, Rice and even Paterson at times. I was lost in a King book, one of the earlier ones.

The characters were so consuming, that I did not notice that a man had sat down next to me on the park bench. "Hi, Sara. How are you doing?" In surprise, I turned and saw Tom sitting there, with a gentle smile upon his lips.

"Sara, you are looking well. What are you reading? Is it good?" I showed him the book and said "yes" with a smile. "I read this book many years ago, and wanted to revisit it to see if it still scares me." "Does it?" "Yes" "How is Kim?" I asked. "Kim. That fucken bitch." he said in lost, dreaming manner. "That fucken, cunt whore bitch . do you know how much I hate her? I hate her guts." "The things I have done to that whore, and she still won't leave me. Sometimes I wish she would just die." "Jan, you think her wedding night was disgraceful, you should have seen our honeymoon.

I pimped that cunt off to anyone with twenty dollars. That slut sucked a lot of cock, ate a lot of pussy and reamed a lot of assholes in Jamaica.

I sold her at the resort and downtown. I didn't ask for money downtown, just weed and I loved watching those big Jamaicans rip her apart. But, mid-week I met a British couple who paid me a good deal of money, enough to pay for the honeymoon and some to take her for a couple of days. They did and when Kim came back, she wasn't quite the same." "What do mean? Did they hurt her?" "She was marked up a bit, but that wasn't it. She was different, like she was empty, hollow. She didn't care for herself, only my desires.

She would do anything I asked, without hesitation, without thought." She was free, I thought to myself. "Tell me about the couple. Did you get their name, where they live, anything you can remember about them." "Bill and Janice &hellip.

Billing . Billington … no, no Billingsworth from St. James, Tennessee. They were very proud of their heritage, their family name. Yes, William and Janice Billingsworth from St. James, Tennessee. I may even have their address, why?" "Nothing, really. Just curious. I like to hear names, so I can imagine the person attached to the name. Too much Steven King, I know" We talked, spoke of old times, the apartment, the first morn we met, and how much he liked me.

"You should come over to my house and see Kim." "She is a submissive, truly. She could be your submissive. Imagine, after all these years, you best friend knelling at your feet, willing, begging to do anything for you." "Wouldn't you want to see the top of her head buried in your crouch" It was an interesting image, and I have to admit, a seductive one.

Though Kim and I were friends, good friends, I always wanted to better her, and that image I thought would be statement of victory. "Sure, I would love to stop by and have that fuckn' cunt whore wife of yours suck on my asshole while I piss on her head. Is that OK with you?" I laughed. "Yes, Jan . it is alright with me and I will make sure Kim is waiting." Though the thought of Kim submissiveness excited me, it was William and Janice Billingsworth that I could not get out of my mind.

That had they done to Kim, to change her, to make her free of all inhibitions. When I arrived at Tom and Kim house it was early evening. Kim was waiting for me in the front hallway.

Naked except for two large painful looking clamps attached to each nipple, each holding several pounds of metal plates, she was hobbled and cuffed behind her back.

As she knelt, not looking up as I entered, her face pressed against the floor as though she was cleaning it with her mouth. "Well Jan, this is Kim, my slave" As I study her, I noticed she was quite thin, had random marks scattered across her flesh and what seemed to be a large dildo in her ass.

"Does she have something in her butt?" "Yes, of coarse, she is a whore." Tom walk over to Kim, prostrated on the floor, placed the sole of his left boot on the base of her neck, reach between the cheeks of her ass and started to pull the dildo from it.

After several tugs, a large plastic rod appeared. It was a hard plastic, more than a foot long and 3" in diameter, full of bumps and ridges and streaked with blood and waste. "See" waiving the dildo in front, "I have to keep her plugged, she leaks." Tom then toss the rod to the floor, kicking it towards Kim's face. Instantaneously she started to lick and suck on the plastic member lying on the floor. "Give her a few moment and the pig will have it all cleaned." I watched as she attempted to devoured the dildo, never leaving her knelling position, only moving her head and upper body.

Tom was right, in a few moment the dildo seemed to be clean of her blood and shit. "Lets go downstairs and have some fun" Tom said, looking at me with a grin. "That means you too cunt" kicking Kim firmly in her left breast. She screamed, Tom kicked her again, another scream, another kick, until after the forth or fifth kick, she did not scream, but struggled to her feet and followed us downstairs. Downstairs we went, Tom leading, Kim hobbled and cuffed and me following.

Into the finished basement we went, down a hallway to the last door on the left. Tom opened it, reached back to a switch on the hallway and dark void become engulfed in light and horror. It was a small room, maybe 8' by 10', but it held all forms of torture. The ceiling, as was the floor held implants of eye hooks and metal rings. On the wall hung the whips and restraints, on the floor, a drain.

"This is Kim's room. This is where she spend most of her time. This is where I and my many friends have fun." "It's that right whore" as Tom spun and slapped Kim firmly across the face. Kim nodded. Tom reached behind her and unclasped her cuffs.

"You know what to do. The middle one" I watch as Kim, naked except for the weights that hung from her nipples gather up cuffs and restraints. As she hobbled awkwardly across the room, then climbing upon a small ladder I watched her attached the leather restraints to ceiling hooks, than to the leather cuffs on her wrist.

With a short kick, she pushed back the ladder and hung suspended in the middle of the room. "You didn't have to make so much noise, whore" and Tom gave a sharp pull on each of her nipple clamps, pulling the left one off. "Fuck you" and ripped of the right one off. Kim just started to scream. "Jan, would you please close the door" and I did. Kim hung, by her own choose like a piece of meat, like a dead or dying animal in the middle of the room. By her choose, that is what I most found interesting.

The afternoon went into evening, and Kim was abused in so many different ways. Tom wanted to show me how much he hated her.

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He whipped her endlessly with a series of whips and canes. He choked her to the point of her passing out, several times. He shove all types of objects inside her.

All this abuse concluded with Kim hanging by her breasts, being electrocuted to point that she begged to lick my asshole as I pissed on her. My dream, not really, my joking remark. She was brought down and presented to me. I removed my cloths, the ones I needed to, rolled back into a chair, lifted my legs and Kim devoured me.

She did what she was told and so did I. I pissed. I pissed and pissed as she licked my asshole, as my piss covered her head, her face, her mouth. "What did you say? You fucking bitch … what did you say?" She looked up, tongue still pressed against my moistened flesh, confused, scared. "Fuck you" as I got, pushing her face away, put on my pants and started to leave.

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"What did that fucking whore say?" screamed Tom across the room "What did she say?" "That I smell" "Fuck you" and I spat in her face and walked towards the door. "I said nothing, nothing" Kim cried "noth ." And Tom punched her hard in the head, she hit the ground like sack of dirt. "Fuck you too Tom &hellip. if you can't keep your little whore under control &hellip.

well fuck you" as I stormed up the stairs and towards the front. Stay cool, don't think about anything, just get to the car, I thought to myself.

Stay cool. I got into my car, started it up and pulled away. As I looked back, I could see Tom standing at the door way, looking pissed. Oh, well Kim, your going to have a rough night.

And she did. Everything I had yell out was a lie. Kim had said nothing, had done nothing but gently licked my asshole as my piss had engulfed her face. I had embarrassed Tom, in his own house, something you should never do. But, most of all, I had left him. Fulfilling his dream for a moment, seeing me exposed, but now gone. So close, so far. I went home, took a shower, warmed up some Chinese food, grabbed a beer and watch NetFlix.

That was not Kim's night. Tom was brutal to her. Tom's friends were brutal to her. Kim was broken, dying would have been a pleasure that week. I had forgotten about Kim before, and I did again. But, I could not forget the Billingsworths. I Googled them and found a William and Janice Billingsworth in St. James, Tennessee. She was 42 and he was 58. I found, I thought a picture a her in local article about horses. But, that was all I found. Two hundred miles, a long way to get there, no way to ever get home.

Several days later, as I sat on the park bench, the same bench I had met Tom, twenty feet away stood Kim. Hair pulled back, no shoes, tired looking, facing downward toward the ground.

"Are you alone whore?" I yelled. "Yes … Mistress" "I am no Mistress to you, you piece of shit.


Take your dress off and toss into the pond behind you." As I suspected, she was wearing nothing other then that dress.

She returned to the same spot she first stood and again appeared to be waiting, this time nude. "What are waiting for? I have no need for you." "Go over to that group of black kids playing hoop, offer yourself to them.

Tell you are a gift from me and to use you anyway they wish" "Go whore, now" She left. Walking slowly towards the men.

They stopped. She said something to one of them, as a group. One of men ran over to me. "Yo … what's up girl?" "She's my sex slave. She has been very bad and she needs to be punished . severely. Can you do to or do I have to find some white boys?" " yeh … I can do it" "Take her anywhere you want, just return her . here … tomorrow at 4:00 PM" "Understand?" "No problem bitch" and he ran back, said something to crowd, forced her to the ground and started fucking her face as another guy went towards the parked cars, drove one over, she was thrown in the back and everyone left.

In less than ten minutes, Kim went from waiting for me to being driven off, naked, with a car load of gang-bangers, maybe to never to be seen again. Whatever. I never cared for Kim, not in the least. But, William and Janice Billingsworth I cared about. What had they done, how did they allow Kim to become so free, free inside, free of all fears, desires, pride. Deep in my heart I wanted that, that freedom.

St. James, Tennessee was about three and half hours south west from here. A sleepy Tennessee town, population not much more than 1,200 people.

I should take a ride down there. I should be back by 4:00 tomorrow. Who cares anyway. I went home, took a shower, changed my cloths, with a little anticipation to something "submissive", grabbed some chips and a beer and started my trip off to St.

James. It was a beautiful day, sunny, not too hot and county coming out off Kentucky is so pretty. Gentle hills, full of green, sky so blue and my only thought was so dark. What had Kim gone through to so changed, so free. As life as it, finding the Billingsworth home was easy and as I past there was Janice working in the yard with two large coon dogs. It was a nice, residential neighborhoods, nice houses, nice lawns, the sounds of children and barking dogs dusted the air.

I drove by a block or so and stopped. I knew what I was to do, I got out and started walking down the sidewalk toward her house. As I past, as Janice looked up, I said "Those are beautiful dogs, are they friendly?" "Yes, they will only bite if I tell them to." "Do you train dogs?" "Yes" "Only dogs?" She stood there and looked at me with a cold, hard glance that started to chill my heart.

"Follow me Sara, we have been waiting for you." Sara? She knew my name. She knew who I was, maybe what I wanted. She turned around and started walking towards the house.

As she approached the front door, she turned towards me, "Remove all you cloths and belongings and place them in the metal box at the side of the door, then click the lock. After you are done, knock on the door twice." She opened the door, called her dogs in, closed the door and left me standing there on her front landing. I stood there as though I was standing on the edge of a cliff. Knowing that one step would change my life forever.

But, wasn't that why I came. I closed my eyes and heard the sound of a car passing by, a dog bark, a lady calling out in the distance. I opened my eyes and looked down at the metal box. The type you would place milk into. But, it had a lock. I opened the box, and looked inside. I don't know what I thought I would see, I knew there would be nothing inside, and there wasn't.

Oh, well. I first took off my shoes and placed them neatly in the bottom of the box. I removed my socks and stuffed them inside my shoes. I took off my watch and my rings and a small gold necklace and placed them also inside my shoes. Oh, well. I removed my pants, folding them I placed them on top of my shoes.

I did the same with my shirt. Oh, well. I closed my eyes and removed my panties, placing them on top of the shirt. I took a short breath, quickly removed my bra, threw it into the box, closed the lid and click the lock.

There I stood, naked as I have ever been, without a dime, an ID, or a key on the front landing of a stranger's house in the middle of the-day. The same sounds filled the air, this time a bit more acutely. I knocked twice. I waited. I thought of knocking again. I didn't. The door opened and there stood Janice. "Put this on, over your head, ball in your mouth, pull the straps tight." She handed my a ball gag with several leather straps that would secure it to my head.

She shut the door. I open my mouth, placed the ball inside, wrapped the straps over my head, and pull them tight.

I stood there, gagged and facing a wooden door, no windows, just red stained wood. The door opened, again and there stood Janice. "Attach these to your ankles, these to your wrists" and again she shut the door. She had handed me a two foot metal rod with cuffs on each end for my ankle, attached in the middle of the rod was an eighteen inch chain attached to two meal cuffs for my wrists. I knew if I did as told, all things would end in my life, all things.

I was scared. I bent down and fastened my ankles, and quickly my wrist. I could not stand up, only bent down. I waited looking up at the door. My ass, my privates exposed to any one who would pass by. I waited. The door, again she stood there looking at me. She reached down and secured a leather collar to my neck. "Good doggy" she laugh. "Here your treat" and clipped a heavy metal weight to each of my nipples.

OMG. "Go around back" and she closed the door. I stood there, bent, gagged and shackled with a cool breeze kissing the flesh that surrounded my ass-hole, my shaved pussy. My act earlier of dressing submissive, was to shave my privates and wax the opening of my ass. Submissive.

I had that image covered. Go around back, she said, Janice said. OMG I turned myself slowly towards the street. God I was on display. The back, the rear of house, it would be on the other side of the driveway. Shit, Janice car is park too close to the garage, I would have to walk around. Alright then. I straighten myself with the stairs. I had never walked hobbled before, this was going to be tough I thought.

Seeing only my feet and a slight distance ahead I started. I stepped off the landing to the first step, almost losing my balance, then the next foot. As I step to the next step, my hobble caught the stair and I fell forward, landing hard mainly on my shoulder and the side of my face. As I lay planted against the concrete sidewalk, I felt a sharp kick to my lower back.

"I have no use for you. Get up or I will whip you to shreds right here." Another kick, then another. As I rolled to my knees, my face against the concrete, another viscous kick to my groin sled me forward. "If you can't walk, then crawl. Crawl on your face and knees." And I did. Up to the back of Janice car, across the driveway, onto a loose stone walkway to the back yard.

Every few moments or so a sharp, hard viscous kick to my privates. "I have no use for you, but my dogs would kill for a piece ass like yours" With kicks to every part of my body, including my head, I was directed across the yard to kennel in the rear.

As I knelt, my face pressed against the dirt, smelling the piss and shit that fumigated away from the pens, hearing the steel gate move and dogs becoming excited, the sounds of Janice herding the dogs around. "Only one dog at a time. I don't want any fighting." Then I was then herded across the pen to a large rusted metal drum that lay on its side. "Get up" and Janice pulled me by my hair to the "standing" position.

"These clamps will destroy your flesh if left too long." and she yanked both of them off. OMG "Lie down, across the drum" I did. She attached my ankles to two rings that there buried in the filth of the pen, then pushing my head, my face into ground, she then attached my collar the same way.

"This should help" placing what felt to be a gallon of Vaseline into the crack of my ass. "The boys know what to do" closing the gate, Janice left for the house. The boys, what boys, there is only me and some dogs. Oh no. Oh no I thought, I am going to be raped by dogs. Oh no. As I thought, it started. The paw, then other, the nails ripped at my skin, the breathing, the pushing against my ass, my pussy, my cunt.

OMG it pushed in, the dog pushed inside of me, his dick and started to fuck … me. The first dog, yes the first dog fuck me like a machine gun, never stopping till he cummed. Then he stopped, climbed up across me, turned, walked around me, my tied, abused body, smelt me, then pissed, as though marking me.

In time, he would climb back on and start to fuck me again. Sometime during the second fucking, his dick slid out of my cunt and into my asshole. Jesus Christ, there I was bound to a metal drum, naked, face pressed against the filth of animal's pen, covered in an animal's piss, being fucked up the asshole, in the middle of the afternoon, in a stranger's backyard by a huge dog, knowing that there was no end to this, and all of this I sought, I desired, I begged for, I dreamed of.

The first dog was not the last dog. Every half of an hour Janice or so would come by the pen and switch the dogs. " I don't want any fighting", she would say "You can see how excited they get on the film later." Janice brought down a metal cable, secure with a large brass snap clip.

She clipped the cable to chain between my hands and the metal rod, pulled it up a bit, secured it to the other side of the metal post. Standing behind me, she yanked out the ladder and walked towards the house. I fell, then stopped. I felt like I ripped my hands from their sockets. I hung, like a basket of flowers, two to three feet from the ground. Janice returned with a blaster you would use to clean a driveway. "Caution, do not use on animals" she read the warning out loud.

"Are you animal? Not yet." and she started to blast me clean with high pressure water hose. God it stung, like bees, or those black flies or the rock spray from a car tearing out or like … shit it hurt. She put a cloth bag over my face "I don't want to hurt that pretty face of yours, not yet anyway." She blaster every bit of body, every strip of skin, my back, my legs, the sole of my feet.

But, as she blasted the spray against my breast, she seemed to play with me. A quick blast across both breast, from side to the other, then she hold the spray from moment just at my nipple, then the other. But, then Janice started to clean my privates, she went to town. "You are filthy" she yell at me and started to slowly push the jetted water across my asshole to my cunt to my clit. OMG I screamed I jumped. She liked that.

She would shut off the spray and push the tip between my lips and into my pussy. She would say "Sara, what a pretty name. Sara, ask me to clean you, to make you new again.

Sara, tell me this is your desire." As she said, she pushed the tip a bit deeper. "Sara, pretty little Sara, don't you want to be clean, to be free of all that you have done. Sara, ask me to make you clean" Gagged, sore, tired, and drowning in the wet cloth bag that held my face, I scream " yes … please make me clean" and released the jets inside of me.

It was as though God had reach into of me and pushed.

I lifted and passed out. "Wake up, there is more to clean" and Janice shoved the tip into me asshole, through the ring of muscles that protected, and blasted.


Again I lifted, I screamed, I passed out. I awoke, hanging like a piece of meat, liquid draining from my privates, me skin sore, no longer concerned about how I looked, where I was.

I just hung there. Bound, naked, bruised, humiliated, taste of a dog's cum in my mouth, the taste of blood. The air smelt clean, but was cooler then before, the sun did not feel as bright. I just hung there. "Bill, this her. Her name is Sara." "Sara, this is the girl Tom talked about, Tom and Kim?" "Yes" "What I am to do with her?

I have no use, no time. What the fuck. Did the bitch just walk over here and give herself to us? Why?" "Yeh, she did.

I think she wants to be broken." "Just leave her. I need a beer." and they left. The night was approaching, in the cool air I could the sounds of the boyhood.

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Dogs barking, children talking, cars starting and driving off. My naked body was becoming cold, my inside hurt so bad, my hands were losing sense of themselves, I wasn't really thinking of anything. I just hung. Suddenly there was movement, and I fell to the ground.

My ankles, my hands were unclasped. "Stand up" I struggled, I did. Still gagged and cloth bag over my head, in darkness I tried to present myself to the voice. "You are not wanted here. You are useless to us. We want you to leave." My hood was remove, as was the gag.

"You are gather your belongings, go to your car and leave. Your are not to put your cloths on till you are home. You are not remove your collar till you are instructed." "Did I do something wrong? Please. Please, tell me. Punish me if I did, but don't send me away." "Shut-up" and I was hit in side of the head, driven to the ground. "You actions mean nothing to us. You are just of piece of meat that I let my dogs fuck.

That's all." "We want you to leave, we want you to go away … unless you want to fuck my dogs some more?" I lay there on the grass, looking downwards, thinking about staying, wanting to stay. "The only answer is either yes or no." Bill barked at me "Stay or go" "I will stay" and I rolled to my knees, raised my ass, opened my, pressed my face firmly into ground and waited. "It will not be as easy as last time.

I want you to please them first and there will be more than one." Janice and Bill went off to the pen and each returned with a dog. Bill moved his dog towards my head, so that face lay below the dog's groin. "You are to please him. I want you to suck his cock, suck his balls and side your tongue into his asshole. Start with his asshole. Or leave" To lick a dog's asshole, to be filmed licking a dog's asshole, for no other reason than being told to, by a stranger, in the middle of lit backyard, naked.

I mustered the strength to side my tongue to his balls, the fur was light, the flesh was dry, pass the ruff between his balls and his hole, my face pushing his tail aside, pressing against, I slid my tongue by the reassess, the dimples of his ass, his opening. I pushed my tongue into the hole. Again I did, harder this time.

I wanted to please, to show that I was free of all moires, all pride. I started to lick, as I was told, from ball to hole, ball to hole.

Stopping only for a moment to kiss, to suck the opening in the fur. Janice and Bill, I felt enjoyed my show, I continued with more passion. The dog moaned. "Sara, stop sucking on the asshole and start sucking his cock. I want you to swallow everything he has to offer.

If a single drop hits the dirt, I will bury you alive." "Yes Sir" and I removed my mouth from the dog's ass hole and rolled my head up to his tip, the pink extended piece of flesh that extruded itself from his fur. As my face pushed by his dick, I could feel the swelling inside. As my mouth the reached end, he exploded. I did my best, I did. I tried to shallow every bit, every drop of cum, but large, single burst land on the ground.

I immediately started to lick it up, to suck the grass, lick the dirt. "You are useless" and Janice grabbed both dogs and brought them back to the pen.

"Get up. You have work to do." Bill grabbed me by the collar and picked me up to my feet. We walked across the yard into the woods that surrounded the property. As Bill had pass the garden shed, he had picked up a shovel.

A few feet into the woods there was a clearing, even in the dark you could see the difference. "I want you to dig a hole. Two feet deep, three feet wide and six feet long." He turned and left. This will be my grave. This is where he is to bury me, alive. It was dark. The sky was slightly overcast. The moon was almost full. The shovel was biting against the soles of my feet. The dirt was loose, as though it had been dug before. I dug. Yes, I started to dig. Once in while, I thought I felt someone watching me, but I could see anyone.

I was most likely being film. One big step is three feet, two big steps is six feet. A depth to my knees is two feet. I just dug and through the dirt to the side of hole. Maybe an hour went by, maybe more. My hands were tired, my feet sore. The dirt was still loose, even as I stood almost up to my waste. I keep digging. "Climb out and kneel like you did before." Bill yelled at me from the darkness.

I climb out, going to my knees, ass raise, face down, I waited. "There are two dogs" and he brought over the other dog. "Do the same"and I started. First a lick to the balls, then my face under the tail pushing it upwards, then my tongue in it's hole. I licked and licked, every now and then wrapping my mouth around it's and sucking.

"Don't fuck up last time" and I didn't, I quickly moved my mouth to it's pulsing cock, engulfed it and started to suck, to drink that moist, pink flesh, and I taste the pre-cum enter my mouth, I felt claws across my back and dog's cock guided into my open cunt.

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I mouth filled, I shallow, again and again. The other dog dick was position into my asshole and I was fucked. "Both dogs are to cum in your mouth" For a moment, it felt good, I relax, then I panic, oh no. I reach around, I spun my body, pulling the fucking dog from my asshole and wrapped my mouth around its dick.

In moments, through the shit coated fur wet with my juices in the dirt of the side yard, I started to suck, to drink, to shallow what that the beast had to offer.

"Enough, lie flat on stomach", a boot was placed across my neck, my face pushed into the ground, my ankles pulled up and back and cuff, my wrists too. A chain held the cuffs together. In a moment I was hogtied.

I was dragged my hair and ankles to edge of the pit, and kicked in. In short rotation I landed on the my back. "Good" "Hold still" and a 12" diameter PVC pipe with a notch cut on the bottom to fit around my neck was slid over my head. "Push it in a bit, there is still some room" and Janice push the end deeper into dirt, tightening the tube around my throat.

I lay there at the bottom of a pit I had dug, looking upwards to the sky through a light blue plastic tube. As lay there, in a dream I started to feel the dirt covering my body.


In about five minutes I was fully covered, in few a moment the pressure of the earth started to squeeze my breast, my lungs, my belly, my legs. I lay there, not even think of screaming, just looking up at the sky. "You are to stay there for awhile. Maybe forever. Remember Sara, I have no use for you. You came to me and most likely no one knows where you are.

I have already handle your car, and now all I am going to do is cap this pipe and leave." And he did. And I started to scream. The dirt was cold,and pressed heavily against my thighs, my breast, my shoulders. It darkness was only broken by rays of evening light that penetrated the breath holes in the blue pipe. I scream until I could not. I cried. I did this. I choose this. In time I became in the rays of light, I drifted in and out sleep. The earth was cold and moist and heavy.

My body cramped, my hands feel asleep. I cried to only me. The day came. This was no noise, no conversations. Nothing.

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The air became warm, almost hot inside the tube, I did not like how it felt as it filled my mouth. In the afternoon it began to rain. Softly at first, a small film of water drifted down the pipe and kissed my throat. Then it started to rain. Water filled around my jaw, my ears, my neck. A pool lay just below my mouth, forcing itself in though the corner of lips. I closed my mouth.

I was so scared. I did not want to die like this, drowning, face up at the base of a tube, buried in the earth. I knew if I were to drown, they would just pull the tube up, fill in the hole and forget me. Oh God. The rain slowed, then stopped. The pool of water disappeared into the dirt. Thank God. I was so cold.

"You still with us Sara" I heard Janice. "Yes. Yes Mistress. Yes." "I am not your Mistress, you worthless piece a meat." "I have work for you." The dirt was removed, a rope was tied to my feet and I was dragged out the hole by small tractor. To I was not hurt by this, would a lie, but things moved so fast that I had no think about it. I was pulled to the middle of the yard, raised as before, washed down and left to dry. I hung there, hogtied, bruised, cut in the middle of the yard for what seemed to be a long time.

"Time to get going" and I was lower to the ground. I was untied. "Stand up" I struggled, but I did. I stood there in front of Janice only wearing a collar. "Here are your keys, here is where you are to go" handing me a piece of paper and my car keys, only. "When you arrive, go in the rear, ask for Luke, he know what to do." "Your car is in front of the house, I will be expecting a call from Luke." "Go now, you sack of soiled meat." The walk to the car was like a dream.

Though I was naked, marked, wearing only a slave collar, I felt nothing. The car sat there waiting for me, the same way it did the morning I drove here, as though nothing had changed. Yeh. I knew the area, but not the club. I arrived, two hours or so later, not really aware of anything, the drive, road, the cars around me, the people that stared. Nothing. Is was early evening, the park lot was almost full.

I found a spot, several rows from the rear dooe. Got out, lock my car and walked over. I past a couple a guys doing a joint in between the cars. Something was said, I did not know.

I entered the club, I stood there. "What's up whore, looking for money?" "I looking for Luke" The man just stood and looked at me. "So your the one, poor you" and left. I just stood there, waiting. In a few minutes, another man came up to me. Just a man, non-descriptive. "Follow me" and I did. We went through the club to a set of stairs that led down. By a few small rooms, some with men inside pressing their groins against the wall, some with their pants down, some pumping, some talking.

At the end the hallway was a room with a door. We went in, "Sit" and I sat on the edge of a bed, mattress only, no sheets. "Here, drink this." and I did. It tasted like Dr, Pepper with a slight bitter bite. When I awoke. OGM. I awoke standing, I awoke standing, arm pulled upwards behind my back, my legs hobbled wide and attached to the floor, my head pull back, my face pressing hard against a wall, held there by a brace, my mouth wide open. I could stick my tongue out, I could feel the edge of the wall, the hole that surrounded my open mouth.

But, my throat burnt, as though something was pushing into it, from the bottom, from the outside. "She is up. The bitch is up" "It is about time, I have a dozen guys just dying to fuck that piece of meat." There were noises, there was a smear of oil across my privates and then there were the cocks.

I was fucked, every hole in a matter of moments.

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But, as I fought against the cocks in my mouth, I started to notice I was not gagging, I was not chocking, I could take a cock deep, and have it held there and still breath. OMG Not only were my gag reflexes removed, but the burning in my throat was a traexemy. I was the perfect fucking machine, I was surprise I still had my teeth. The fucking went on for hours, maybe days.

Time I would just hang there, almost asleep as men fucked my mouth, my asshole, my cunt. "Wake up whore" as my breast were slapped. "Wake up … you are all done here." and I fell to the floor. I was untied and left. I lay there. In time there was a sharp kick to my back, then my breast.

"Watch the tube" "Sorry" "Get up whore &hellip. now." And I rose to my knees, when I stood up. "Leave" As I struggled past the booths, up the stairs, past the men, I was slapped, grabbed, call all names, photographed.

As I reach the door, a man came up to me and said "Take this back, this is Janice's share" and stuck me hard across the head. It was bag full of money and my keys. I fell though the door, into the parking lot, into the glaring sun. I stood there, nude, covered in cum and piss, bruised, unable to see, holding a plastic bag, and of coarse wearing my dog collar and a tube pushing out from my throat. What a sight. I found my car, I found my keys, I got in and just sat. What should I do, what can I do.

Go home, like this, go back to the Billingsworths, to further my stay in hell. I longed to be buried alive again, after the fear, there was quietness. Maybe, I could ask. Maybe I should go to Tom and Kim, be their slave. Yes, drop off the money, get my cloths and go Tom's.

That an idea. So I started the car, pull out of the lot and drove. I drove to Janice's house, down the Tennessee's country roads, past houses, families in the yards, dogs barking, a Church. Me, full of cum, men, dogs whatever. Going though the country, I only thought of Janice. Would she be bad at me, disappointed. Would I be punished. If she felt I should, I should be. How do I ask. Me, this piece of spoiled meat, how do I ask anything.

Janice was in the front yard, working again on her garden with her dogs. I pulled up, not on her driveway, but across from her house. I got out and walked over. As I approached, I dropped to my knees, face pushed into the ground. "What do you want?" "I have this for you." lifting the plastic upwards toward her. "She took it. "Now, what do you want?" "I want to go to Tom and Kim's house.

Offer myself to them" "You think you done with us. That you can just leave, throw us away. Throw me and Bill away, like garbage. This is what you think. You. You useless piece of meat. You useless cunt. You fuck-toy for my dogs. You think you can just leave." "I am sorry. I only thought ." "Thought what. What do you think? What … that I would not be mad.

That Bill will not be mad. You have no rights, no value, no thought." "Go ahead leave." "If you stay you will be punished, severely punished for being such an arrogant whore, such a disappointment.

You can leave if you wish or stay, I didn't care" and she turned around and walk back to her gardening. One of her smelt me, the other one started to mount me. "Stay away from her Spike, she is not worth fucking, are you?" "Please, I am sorry" "Sorry, I don't care about you being sorry" "If you choose to stay, you can start by cleaning my yard, with your mouth.

I see some dog shit over there, take care of it" she walked away. I just couldn't do it. I crawled over it where she had pointed.

There, in the grass lay a pile of dog shit, a pile as bid as a man's, loose, light brown. I pushed my face towards it, couldn't, I cried. I lay my head in the grass, my mouth open, almost toughing and cried. "You are useless. Leave" I looked up at her, I looked at the pile, I tried to put mouth around it and as I did Janice placed her foot on the back of my head driving it to the pile of waste.

It covered my face, went into my open mouth, I tasted it … I rose to my feet, apologized and left. As I walk to my car, Janice yell "Hey shit eater you forgot your cloths and threw a plastic bag at me. I picked it up and continued walking, with out looking back. I got my car started and left. Still naked, face covered in dog shit. The taste of it in my mouth, I drove home.

No one seem to notice, the drive, the parking of the car, the walk, entering my house, nothing. I shut the door, heard the lock click and just stood there. OMG I knew I was not the same girl that left only days ago, I wanted to be changed, I was.

Inside, outside, deep in my soul I was different now. I went to shower, I wash off the filth that covered me, I got out and sat on the toilet and started to examine myself. Oh Jesus, look at me. For the first time I looked at the tube that left my throat, I pulled it out. Fuck-you and threw it across the floor. I bled a little, not bad, but I did sound odd as I breathed. I was a destroy, a broken girl, I went to bed.

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Just as I started to fall into sleep, the phone rang. "Hey girl. Great video. I love watching you get fucked my those dogs. Cool. So how does dog shit taste anyway, different than mine or Kim's.

Hey, get your fucking whore ass over here so we can find out. Now Cunt. Hey, wear nothing but that slave collar, sssaaaarra" The phone hung up. It was Tom. Oh God. I got up as quick as I could. Pulled my hair back, looped a rubber band twice around. Straighten my collar, grab my keys and went quickly towards the door. As I started down the stairs towards my car, naked except for the band of leather and steel that held my throat, I thought "So this is freedom" running to be abused by a monster and a poor woman that I was a monster to.

For no reason other than I have been told to. So this is the freedom I sought.