Mamandole la verga a un wey de Grindr que resulto ser mi vecino

Mamandole la verga a un wey de Grindr que resulto ser mi vecino
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We arrived at the camp, expecting a force of enemies ambushing my remaining men. However, the battle was long gone. Around me were the lifeless bodies of a small force of goblins, and one or two orcs. I called out: "RICK?! IS ANYONE ALIVE?!" A sound exploded from a nearby wagon, my sword out of it's sheath before I realized I heard anything.

A man stood there, one of my best soldiers, covered in head to toe in gore. His name was Rapley, or Henry to those who didn't know him.

He was a gruff man, with a rough thing of a beard, who knew more about tracking, hunting and alchemy than anyone else I had ever met. "Boss, it's good to see you!

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We were attacked by a force, they came right out of nowhere. Everyone is dead, apart from me, Rick, and the leader of the goblins. The scout ran off, and all the other men are dead." He trailed off, a far-away look in his eyes that a man gets if he has watched all his friends fight and die before his eyes. "Rick is waiting in the tent." Now I looked, I could see the corpses of the men, entwined in the goblin's dead, all of them having fought to their death.

I left Rapley to his grief, and told Alice to start gathering equipment from the bodies, before leaving for the tent, the command centre. I entered to the form of a big, hulking brute of an orc, dark-shaded green, wearing full-plate, and with a big, spiky morning star strapped to his belt.

He was bound, with thick chains we got of the Thane for this specific purpose. He had 2 great tusks protruding from his jaw, one shattered and broken from previous exertions. Standing next to him, just out of arms reach, was Rick. "Oh thank God, it's good to see you alive Alex. When we sounded the horn, it was already too late.

They were upon us in moments. It was way too planned for orcs. This is the Chieftain, he was knocked out by a potion Rapley threw at him early on. It was lucky, if it wasn't for that, we would have been utterly screwed." "Jeez, talk about pressure. Do you know what happened?" Rick responded with a shake of his head. "Alright Rick, take a break.

I'll interrogate this bastard." He sighed, letting his head drop, not a word coming from him, and he left without so much as a mutter more. I turned my gaze upon the Chieftain. If looks could kill, that Chief was utterly, completely and undoubtedly fucked. I stared into his tiny, pea green eyes, with a strike down the middle like a snake's.

I gazed into that eye, and I saw intelligence. I saw magic. But most of all the surprises, I saw mercy, thoughtfulness. No anger. No rage, or dumbness. Just a calculating, warm look, like he was almost a human being. I had to look away before I was drawn into that eye by some magics. "So. You're the Chief of these goblins?" "Yeh. So wut?" It's voice was deep, like a bass note, and gruff like a bear. It sounded like one of the men I knew, before he died.

"I want to know how you found us, who you got your information from?" "I didn't get it from no one, I seered it. We were taking all the animals for a sacrifice for Mork." (He is one of the two orc Gods. Gork is Killing but Cunning, and Mork is Cunning but Killing.) "So, you're a Shaman as well as a Chieftain?" "Yeh, and I just want you to know, there is no 'ard feelin's.

You beat me, and I accep' dat. If you want me to be killed, dat's ur choice. You wan' ta hand me in for a boun'y, you do dat. But I wunt ta say, I would like ta join yur crew. "Wait.What?!


You want to join us?!" "Yeh, All my crew are ded, and ya beat me, so I wants to join ya. I can show yus magic, and I will fight just like anyone else. Wut d'ya say?" "Um. I will tell you tommorow. I need to ask my remaining men." I replied with a snarl.

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I left the tent without another word, got some food and water for the beast, and retired to my tent. Alice was waiting for me there, curled up under the sheets. She had fallen asleep waiting for me to come to bed I thought. I didn't want to wake her, so I slipped under the covers, and snuggled up to her, before drifting off to sleep.

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As I drifted into consciousness, I immediately felt an incredible feeling on my dick. I looked down, to see the gorgeous face of Alice, who was sucking on my dick like it was going to disintegrate the next minute.

It was incredible, being woken up from sleep like that. She continued her ministrations, sucking me into her throat like a vortex, forcing down her gag reflex to take all of my 8" into her throat, it was amazing she didn't choke.

It wasn't long before I felt that deep throb in my groin.

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"Alice, I'm going to cum!" This was only met by an assuring groan, which pushed me over the edge. I shot out glob after sticky stream, each drop being hungrily devoured like Alice was a famine victim. After a while I came to my senses, and flopped back onto the bed, exhausted, soon joined by Alice, who was already dressed for the day. I was still clothed from last night, having not undressed from the night before.

"Ohhh, that was just what I needed to start the day. Thanks Alice." "You're welcome, brother, this is just what I wanted to start the day," she replied, liking cum from her lips. I stood up, and stretched, feeling like I was made of lead. The blowjob had revived me, however, And I felt like I could take the day's exertions, no matter what. I was wrong. I left the tent with Alice, finding Rapley and Rick, and gathering them to discuss the Chieftain's offer. "Alright guys, this is tricky. I need your opinions on this, as I can't this decision alone.

I needn't remind you, this orc led a force that killed all of our remaining men. I should also say that we don't have a lot of gold left to be hiring too many mercenaries, and an orc would make a brilliant addition to our group.

He is also a Shaman, and he could teach you Alice," I recited, glancing at my taboo lover. "Well, I couldn't care less.


I don't hold it against him for attacking us, we were about to do likewise to him, and just used his magic as an advantage. If everyone else wants him to, I won't say no," entoned Rapley, distractedly slugging from a tankard of ale.

"Well, I don't want this to happen, but if everyone else says so, who am I to disagree?" Answered Alice. Rick just looked into my eyes, a look of steel forged into his own, one I had seen many times before, one that men always feel comforted by.

He nodded once, and that was that. I turned and walked into the tent, only to find the orc standing before me, the chains cracked and partially melted in places. His weapons were sheathed, and he was standing passively, observing the inside of the tent like an architect. I stood, surprised, before I reacted, drawing my sword and raising it into a guard. He was still an orc, after all. "Der' really isn' a need for dat, I 'eard everytin' you all said, so show me to a tent, and I'll settle in." I sheathed my sword, before gesturing for him to follow me.

"Alright.What is your name, orc, I never thought to ask." "It's Tusk," he replied, eyeing up us all, with a calculating look.

His gaze lingered on Alice, grunting with approval, and quickly turned his gaze to the rest of the camp. "Ok, Tusk, this is the group. I'm Alex, and I'm the leader. This is Rick, he's my brother, and the second in command.

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This is Alice, my sister, and the group magician. This is Rapley, he is the scout, potions expert and medic." Rapley grunted with a nod, acting just like the orc before him. Alice quickly turned and stalked back to the tent. Rick pocked the orc with a dagger, right in the cheek. Our mark, to see if a warrior is all he says.

The orc raised an eyebrow, but didn't show any other signs of reacting. "All right den, that wus interestin', now les see ma new home." He stomped off, to the nearest wagon before kicking down the door and flumping onto the bed, a roar-like snore dredged from his lungs before he hit the bed. It collapsed under his weight. He didn't notice.

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I sighed, dismissed Rapley, telling him to tell Alice me and Rick were going recruiting, before leading Rick to the dwarf fortress. I grabbed the head of an orc, and all the food I could find into a sack, then set of for the fortress, my brother at my side.

The trek wasn't very long, and we were soon at the shadiest, most run-down looking tavern in the entire settlement. We had received the pay from the Thane, telling him the orc's head was that of the chief, and he gave us enough money to hire two men, along with a month's supplies and pay. Upon opening the door, I retched, the stench of stale sweat and cheap, rotgut beer.

It was revolting. Nonetheless, we entered, all of our other options terminated.

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I glanced around, noting all of the big men that looked like mercenaries. We walked up to the bar, ordering two of the man's finest ales, which were still the worst I could ever have tasted. "Oi! Whatcha' doin' in this bar?!" We turned, dropping our drinks on the bar, hands on our hilts, prepared to face the worst.