Young daughter fucked in her throat and pussy

Young daughter fucked in her throat and pussy
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A Deadbeat's Diary - One hell of an hour This story is as real as it gets. I dedicate this true story to all the guys out there who want actual real stories of guys fucking real women. At the time that this story begain, I was sneaking around on my ex. If you ask just about any man who is a pro at cheating, he will tell you that a woman who can keep her mouth shut is the most important feature that he looks for in a side fling.

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About 6 years ago at the age of 32 as I was breaking things off with my ex girlfriend. I was online one night looking for love in the local chat room on yahoo. I hit up this one lady by the name of Valerie.

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We stuck up a chat and quickly things got down to sex. We agreed that I would come up and see where it went. So I did. By this time a total of 8 minutes have passed from the time I first pmed her to the time i put my shoes on to get in a cab to go to her place.

A 5 minute cab ride later and it was 11pm. I was knocking on this stranger's door. She opens and I saw a woman wearing a robe. This woman was far from attractive. She had mousey brown hair, glasses and one of those faces that looked like she has a real difficult time cracking a smile. She was a fat woman, about 275lbs. She had what looked to be 42DD tits. We walked into her living room. the placed smelled of a chain smoker.

She had crap for furniture.

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A couch with no legs, an old futon and very old 13 inch color tv with 2 knobs to turn the channels and rabbit ears on top. She was 100% Welfare white trash in every way. She was a single mom on the system with 2 almost teenager daughters from 2 different fathers. I found out later that she was one of those fat skank types that change after the black men.

Nothing wrong with that but what is the deal with fat white chicks and black men? She sat down on the couch, i sat beside her and we started to kiss.I ran my hand down her back and down her leg. I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties and i put my hand between her fat legs.


She slowly spread them open, however cuz they were so fat, it was impossible to get a good feel in while she was sitting in that position. So I said, let's go into the bedroom. She eagerly complied. We walked in and she stripped out of her robe and was completely naked. She looked disgusting to me. No shape, pasty white and just gross. This was not about being turned on by her looks.

This was about getting my dick wet in a strange pussy. Before I fucked her, I laid her back onto the bed and ate her pussy out.

It always amazes me that no matter how ugly and unattractive a woman may be, her pussy always makes up for it. She had a fine pussy. It was unshaved but as in the case of most larger women I've been with, there wasn't a whole lot of hair to talk about. She had a great pussy. It wasn't slopy seconds loose and the clit was just the right size. Her lips were average size and not too fleshy around or above the opening.

That bitch was wet by the time my tongue hit that pussy. I darted my tongue in and out of her entry and pressed it firmly against her clit. She lifted her legs up around my head and started to left her ass up. It was hot. I made her cum.

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She wasn't all that loud but I knew she came. So I got up, moved myself up towards her, got on my knees and lined up my cock to fuck her slipery hole. One stroke and i was balls deep against her ass. She wasn't the tightest but tight enough to get some feeling out of her.

So we fucked for about 10 minutes like that and then I flipped her over on her stomache and got up on her and fucked her.


It feel even better. The urge started to come. I wanted to cum in this chick. I wasn't attracted to her but I wanted to make her mine for ever.

I wanted to make her pregnant. I had no intentions of supporting a child but my primal instincts were kicking in. I had to fill her up with my seed. As for child support, I already have 4 kids with 3 other baby mammas and hadn't paid a cent for those nor was I planning on paying for this child if anything came out of this.

So for me, this was purely leaving my mark on her. As for her finding me, I never give side flings any information about myself that could help them track me down.

As far as she was concerned, she was fucking Tony that night. As all these thoughts ran through my head, it just made the feelings more intense.


I started going faster and faster and then I felt the sensation of an orgasim coming on strong. With that, she started to buck her ass wildly under me and i got down close to her and said, baby, I think you're so special and I'm gonna make you my baby mamma.

She said, yes, I wanna be your baby mamma. And with that, i blew the biggest load in recent memory in her pussy. As I lost my hardness, she kept her ass in place. I laid next to her and as we kissed, i looked at my watch and it was now 11:25pm. Valarie reached over to me and tried to get closer, kissing my face and stroking my hair. I knew it was time for me to go. For these situations, I have 2 cellphones on me at all times.

I have one set up on mute with the other cellphone in speed dial. I reach down over the side of the bed, find the phone and hit the speedial number.

My other phone rang as planned and I answered the phone. To make it look convincing, I even showered her the number on the caller id display. I took the call and gave her some story about an emergency at work and I had to go. I got the fuck out of there.

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I went straight home and back online again as a different alias. The time now was 11:43pm. Chapter 2 coming soon!