Ashley fucked with her jeans on

Ashley fucked with her jeans on
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You can read more of my stories at my website My girlfriend's friend was visitiing us for a couple days, she stayed in our guest room.My girlfriend's name is Sunny. Her friend's name was Laura. I wasn't sure whether she knew how open our relationship was, but since she had been a pretty good friend of my girlfriend I figured she had to at least have an idea of the kind of open minded woman my girlfriend was.

Laura was cute and likeable. I would say she was prettier than Sunny. Laura had dark blond hair that fell straight and smooth a little past her shoulders. She always had a nice smile, blue-grey eyes and a casual friendly gaze that made me feel drunk every time I talked to her.

She had small to medium sized tits that looked very sweet when she leaned over a couple times and gave me a nice view. But what she liked showing off the most were her legs. They were soft, smooth, and shapely, the first day she wore tight little shorts and the second day she had a little skirt.

I didn't hide from either her or my girlfriend the many leisurely gazes I took of Laura's legs. At one point Laura and I were sitting across from each other on the couch.


Sunny went into another room for a few minutes, and as soon as she left Laura spread her legs wide open and put her foot up on the couch, finally giving me a great front row view of those last few inches of her legs, and her sweet panty-clad crotch. When Sunny came back Laura shifted to disguise the view she had been giving me. Sunny wouldn't have minded at all, but I guess Laura wanted to be careful. That night, I gave Sunny several quick orgasms with my dick, and then we went to sleep.

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I woke up a couple hours later from some minor noise. Then I heard some water running, and I realized Laura was in the bathroom. So I got up without disturbing my girlfriend and encountered Laura just as she was leaving the bathroom.

I was just wearing my boxer shorts. She was only wearing pajama bottoms, no top. I had seen her legs, now I got to see her tits. They were small but just large enough to dangle a bit.

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They looked like they would fit nicely in my mouth. She had round little nipples, and large areoli. She was a little startled that I was there, but smiled with fake shyness at me like the flirt that she was and quietly said "Hi!" I smiled and said hi back. She didn't do anything to keep me from seeing her tits but turned to walk towards her room.

I quickly stopped her. "Hey wait," I said to her. We were right next to each other. I gently put my hands on either side of her sexy bare stomach, then lightly rubbed up and down her sides and her back for a moment, as we smiled at each other.

Then I moved my hands up and started playing with her tits.

Her smile told me she seemed to like this. So I bent down a bit and gave one of her areoli a little kiss, just touching my tongue to her nipple for a second and rubbing slightly. She put her hands tentatively on my shoulders. I looked up at her face, it looked like she was waiting for me to do it again. So I sucked her breast into my mouth a little bit, and gave her nipple a nice swirly with my tonue.


I did this with both breasts, alternating back and forth, for a few minutes. "Can we go into your room to be little more comfortable, and I'll suck on your tits for a few more minutes?" I asked.

She replied, "Is this o.k. with Sunny?" I said, "Yeah it's fine, we can do anything we want." She gave a really sweet shy smile and said, "o.k." We went in and sat down on her bed and she said with a smile, "Sunny is really nice isn't she, she likes sharing." "Yeah she's great like that," I replied.

We got cozy on her bed, with her legs curled up on my lap and arms around each other. I had my hand on her neck and moved in for a kiss before she even had a chance to realize it. We started out light, lips in a soft lock, just a little flirting bit of tongue action. We broke after a moment and she said, "I thought you were going to suck on my tits?" "I will, after we kiss for a little bit." We kissed more, slowly easing into it, and after several minutes we were making out in earnest.

Her hands were all over my chest and neck. She was a true open mouth kisser, because she liked to keep her mouth open and just move her head so her tongue was all over the place inside my mouth while her wet lips slid around against mine. I wondered if she sucked dick in a similar fashion.

I never bother to button my boxer shorts. My boner was at 100% and sticking right through the opening, her knees were pressed against it the whole time. It went from being mostly limp to being fully hard as we kissed and she got to feel it stiffening against her knee. It would have been harder sooner but I had fucked Sunny earlier that night.

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I told her to put her hot little ass right on my lap, and that I would go back to sucking her tits. I had her sit straddling me, with a lot of innocent snuggling between her pajama clad pussy and my exposed erection. I kissed her mouth just once more and then took her tits into my mouth and sucked and swirled.


I lightly caressed her back up and down with my fingertips while I sucked on her tits. Soon one of my hands went under her pajama bottoms and stayed there. I worked my fingers down into her ass crack and played with her ass. Pretty soon she just started moving her hips, rubbing her pussy up and down my cock dry humping me.

I let her do that for a minute and then told her to lie back. I eased her back and stayed on top of her, kissing her mouth. I moved down to her neck, and then her tits, as I slowly kissed my way down the front of her body. Eventually I reached the lower part of her stomach where I had to start moving her pajama bottoms to be able to kiss her underneath them.

I pulled her pants down a tiny bit at a time. I slid my fingers and then my whole hand under her pajamas so that the sides of her butt were in each of my hands, and then the top of her legs, as I continued easing her pants down. My mouth was at the top of her pussy, I kissed her there, and drew circles and figure eights over the upper edge of her pussy with my tongue. Then I slid my tongue between her lips a couple times.

I pushed her pajamas all the way off to get them out of the way.

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Then I sucked her pussy right into my mouth. Her pussy was so fresh, I went to town and lapped at it for all I was worth, alternating dipping my tongue in deep, and lapping up and down between her lips and over her clit.

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She became very vocal. Quiet, but constantly murmuring "Oh yeah, lick me, tongue my pussy, yeah." She held her legs open wide, giving me full easy access to her whole crotch. I licked down to her asshole a couple times, and could feel that it was open just a bit.

That turned me onto the idea of licking her ass. I gave her pussy a good licking for a couple more minutes, and then suggested that she roll over onto her stomach. I put my arms around her hips and pressed my face into her pretty butt. I put my tongue against her asshole and moved it in circles until my tongue started getting dizzy. Then I moved down and sucked on her pussy a bit. She opened her legs so I could suck on her clit.

She was making delighted little sounds the whole time. I moved up and down her pussy and crotch, generally molesting the whole area with my mouth like a fat kid working on a banana split.


She tasted like a banana split too, but a little better. Then I said to her, "Why don't you sit on my lap again, and we'll kiss some more." She eagerly said "O.k." and kneeled over my lap again with her legs spread.

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She was one step ahead of me, I felt her hand on my cock and balls and the tip of my dick against her warm pussy lips. As she eased down onto me, my dick slid all the way up into her hot silky pussy. Then she lifted most of the way back up, and then all the way back down.

Our faces only inches away, we just gazed at each other in the dim light as she started to ride me. For several minutes she rode me like this, with a steady rythm.

Then I pulled her forward for some playful lip, and then tongue wrestling. Then I laid her down on her back. She looked so gorgeous on the bed in the dim light with her sexy legs spread out as I fucked her. After she came I asked her if she wanted to do doggy style. She got on her stomach with her butt arched upwards and her legs spread wide. Her pussy looked so inviting, and knowing that she had just orgasmed I had to get my mouth on there for a few seconds.

Then I eased my dick in and worked her pussy, getting myself closer to orgasm. It didn't take long, with her sexy pussy clamped on my dick. I kept stroking as I unloaded. We had both started to get pretty sweaty so we took a shower.

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We kissed almost the whole time we were in the shower, and my dick ended up in her pussy again for a few strokes, without cumming. When we finally finished she told me to say thanks to Sunny. I got back in bed and Sunny put her arm around me and gave me a wet kiss. "Did you fuck her?" Sunny asked. "Yes," I responded, "And she wanted me to tell you thanks." "No problem.

Was it good?" "Yeah, it was really nice." "You have to tell me the details the next time we have sex," Sunny told me.