Fucking my ex super tight pussy doggy style with my big dick

Fucking my ex super tight pussy doggy style with my big dick
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"Come here Mike," I whispered softly to my best friend, "Check this out." A moment later, Mike was standing next to me at the window, and not just any window, this window belonged to my own house. My parents had gone out of town for the weekend and sent me to stay with Mike because I was only 14. Too young they felt to stay home alone for an entire weekend.

My sister, Jenny, on the other hand was 17 and they allowed her to stay home alone, but she too was suppose to be out of town this weekend, on a school trip.

Or so she told my parents. As it turned out, my sister was home and not alone.

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Her best friend Rachel was with her. Mike and I had no idea anyone was going to be home. We simply rode our bikes over to my house so I could sneak in through my bedroom window and get some video games I left behind. What we encountered was much more entertaining then any video game. At first, as I peered through my window into my bedroom, I saw a light on in the hallway. I didn't think much of it until I started opening my window and my sister walked out of her room and down the hallway with Rachel.

Rachel was my sister's age and they had been best friends forever. She was practically a sister to me because she spent so much time at my house, but over the past couple years I had developed a deep crush on her.

She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, I'm sure most guys would argue that my sister was prettier, but Rachel had a set of tits to die for and she loved to flaunt them.

Standing a good three inches taller than Jenny, Rachel looked much older than Jenny. When the girls disappeared from our view, Mike and I quickly ran around to the back of the house and peaked in numerous windows as we followed their progress through the house.

At the kitchen window, we watched Jenny grab some beers out of the fridge while Rachel grabbed a seat at the table. Rachel had a backpack with her and began rummaging through it as Jenny joined her. "She is so busted," I whispered to Mike as we continued watching the two of them.

What we observed next added even more fuel to the fire. Rachel pulled out a bag of pot from her backpack and began rolling up a joint. As soon as she was finished rolling, Jenny stood up and headed over to the sliding glass door just a few feet from us.

Mike and I quickly hid behind some bushes and listened as Jenny opened the door and returned to her seat. We remained quiet for a few more minutes and then returned to the window when we heard them giggling. I had no idea my sister was into drinking and smoking pot.

For all I knew, she was a straight-A nerd with no social life. After finishing the joint, the two girls grabbed their beers and headed into the basement. With no window access to the basement, Mike and I decided to sneak in through the now open screen door. As we quietly crept down the stairs, we could hear my sister and Rachel talking and laughing with the TV on in the background of the main room.

Luckily for us, my house was a long ranch style home with a backroom that ran the entire distance of the house. Once we reached the bottom of the steps, we headed into the backroom and down to the other end of the basement where Jenny and Rachel were. The backroom was dark and we couldn't turn on any lights so we walked slowly to avoid bumping into anything and causing a ruckus. At the end of the backroom was the laundry area with a door leading into the room the girls occupied.

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We listened for several minutes before I built up enough courage to crack open the door. The TV's volume was loud enough that I didn't think the girls would hear the creaky door open. As soon as I opened the door an inch, Mike and I were in for the shock of our lives.

With their backs to us, Jenny and Rachel were cuddling on the couch, exchanging gentle kisses. "Holy shit!" I thought to myself as I looked at Mike with eyes wide open, "My sister is a fucking lezbo." Mike and I continued watching with our little peckers growing hard as Rachel kneeled on the couch and lifted her shirt up over her head. She was not wearing a bra and her big 34d tits stood firm like a pair of grapefruits.

With a big smile on her face, Rachel remained kneeling as Jenny leaned forward and began caressing Rachel's tits. Jenny then leaned in further and began flicking her tongue on Rachel's nipples. Rachel then grabbed my sister and the two of them began kissing again as they collapsed onto the couch and out of our view. We could not see a thing, but we could clearly hear the two girls moaning and giggling as they continued with their foreplay.


A few minutes later, my sister sat back up and she too was now topless. I had seen my sister in her bras before, but never like this. Her tits were nowhere as big as Rachel's, but just as perky, with tiny dark nipples.

As our cocks grew harder, Jenny stood up and began removing her shorts as Rachel reached for her backpack once again. We assumed they were going to smoke some more, but to our surprise, Rachel pulled out a long flimsy dildo. The two girls began giggling again as they shared it in their hands, stroking it and licking it. "I want to go first," I heard Rachel say, as she turned around and leaned over the side of the couch.

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Jenny then kneeled behind her and began pulling down Rachel's shorts and panties. From our angle, we could only see Rachel from the side. With her tits pressed against the arm of the couch, Jenny spread Rachel's legs and began caressing her ass and thighs.

Rachel began moaning as my sister inserted a finger into her cunt.

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With her finger buried deep in Rachel's cunt, Jenny leaned forward and began kissing my Rachel's back, running her tongue up and down her spine. "Do it," Rachel ordered her, "I'm ready." Jenny then leaned back and slowly slid the long fake cock into Rachel.

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"Oh yes," Rachel began repeating, "Do it harder." I knew I couldn't take much more of this so I told Mike I had to go take care of myself. As he held in his laugh, I disappeared into the darkness to jerk off. While I stroked my cock at the other end of the backroom, I could still hear Rachel being fucked by Jenny.

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My stroking grew more intense as her moans rang out louder and louder. As I was about to shoot my load onto the concrete floor, I heard a sneeze and stopped immediately.


"Who's back there?" I heard my sister yell as I stood in silence. Mike didn't respond, but he did try to get out of there, only to trip over something in the dark and crash into the floor. As I stood quietly at the opposite end of the room, I watched as my sister and Rachel burst into the laundry area and turned on the light.

There, on the floor, was Mike. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Jenny asked with authority. "Nothing," Mike stuttered, "Honestly, I wasn't doing anything." "Then what are you doing in the dark?" Rachel asked him. Mike tried to explain that he was alone and came over here to get a video game, but they weren't buying it. I was still concealed in the cover of darkness and too afraid to move an inch.

With my stiff cock still in hand, I could see my sister and Rachel standing over Mike. "Where's my brother?" Jenny asked him as they grabbed his arms and lifted him up. Mike stuck with his story and told them again that he was alone, but Jenny knew better.

They then dragged him into the other room and out of sight. Mike didn't bother putting up a fight as both girls outweighed him.

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"Come on out!" I heard the girls yell as I tried to figure out what to do, "Come on out or Mike is going to be in big trouble." Fearing the worst, I tucked my cock back into my shorts and headed out into the other room to face the consequences. "What the fuck are you two doing spying on us?" my sister asked me as I appeared from the back room. "What the fuck are you doing home?" was all I could reply.

"My trip got cancelled," my sister went on to inform me, "And besides, I'm allowed to be in the house when mom and dad aren't home." "Well, well," I tried to reply, "I'm going to tell mom and dad what you were doing and you are going to get busted." "First of all," Jenny replied while waving her finger in my face, "Mom and dad wont believe a word you say because I'm the good girl. And second, you are the one who broke into the house when you aren't suppose to be here.

You're busted!" She had me there and Mike and I knew it. Mom and dad would never believe that she was a pot smoking, beer guzzling, lezbo. I did not have a come back so I simply stood there observing the two naked girls. "Like what you see?" Rachel asked us as she wrapped her hands around her big tits. Jenny still had her panties on, but Rachel was butt naked and seemed to enjoy the attention she was getting from Mike and I.

"Looks like you have seen enough," Jenny said to me as she looked down at my shorts. My cock was still rock hard and there was a tiny wet spot where my tip met my shorts. "Lets have some fun with them," Rachel said as Jenny nodded in agreement. "Since you two have seen us naked," Rachel went on to say, "Why don't you show us what you got." Mike and I looked at each other in disbelief as we took a step back.

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"Fuck that!" I responded at the top of my lungs. "Take off your pants," Jenny screamed, "Or I tell mom and dad what you did." Mike and I once again looked at each other and realized we had no other choice.


Slowly we unzipped our shorts and dropped them to the floor. "Undies too," Rachel ordered us with a smile. I don't know about Mike, but I was embarrassed as hell to drop my underwear. Rachel ordered us again and stepped closer as Mike and I began lowering our briefs.

I tried not to look over at Mike, but I couldn't help wondering if he was bigger than me. We were both the same age, but he was a little bit taller than me. "Well, look what we have here," Rachel turned and said to Jenny as our cocks came into view, "A couple of pencil dicks." Jenny and Rachel laughed as Mike and I stood there with our cocks sticking straight out.

"What do you think we should do with them?" Rachel asked. "Beats me," Jenny replied. "Hey, there's an idea," Rachel said, Why don't we make them jerk off. I'm sure it can't take much." "Mmmmmmmmmm," Jenny moaned, "That sounds kinky." Rachel then reached over and grabbed Mike and I by the arms and pulled us in front of the couch as the two girls took a seat. Standing before my sister, I couldn't help staring at her naked top. "What are you waiting for?" Jenny asked, "Get your stroke on." "Do you think you could help us out?" I asked the girls as Mike and I grabbed hold of our cocks.

"Help you how?" Jenny replied. "I don't know," I responded, "Maybe do stuff with each other while we do this." "Fuck you," Rachel quickly replied, "You two already had your show, it's our turn now." "Better yet," Rachel said, "Why don't you two losers jerk each other off." "Fuck that!" I said to both girls. "Do it!" Jenny ordered us with a serious look on her face, "Or I tell mom and dad." Realizing that mom and dad would ground me for the rest of the summer, I agreed.

Mike and I then stepped closer to each other, still facing the girls and grabbed hold of each other's cock. He wasn't much longer than me, but he was much thicker. Grossed out by what we were about to do, we began stroking each other as the girls watched with smiles.