Gay video Josh Osbourne takes it upon himself to tear up adorable

Gay video Josh Osbourne takes it upon himself to tear up adorable
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When I was 19 and living with my roomy I came home and heard what sounded like sex from my living room. I thought my roomy just had a girl over and they were doing there thing.


He usually had good looking girlfriends so I kinda wanted to see her naked so I was quietly walking in. Once I made it to the kitchen I saw the TV and saw there was a porno on. A really good one by the way but I didn't see anyone else. So I figured they left the TV on and went to his room. As I walked over to the TV room to shut the TV off I found my roomy laying on the couch by himself playing with his cock.

I was shocked and froze for a sec and found myself watching for some reason. I never saw another guys cock before and I guess I was interested. He didn't see me or hear me come in and was just going at it. Guess cause he was close to coming cause when I got over there his eyes where closed and he was breathing hard.

So I found a spot were I could see him and the movie and started to play with myself. I was mildly hard already with seeing him and the movie, it didn't take long for me to get really hard and ready to cum. With his breathing and watching his cock, which was about 7 to 8in long and thick, I was harder than I have even been.

A few seconds, could have been minutes I heard him moan and saw the BIGGEST cum shot ever which made me cum at the same time. So here I am standing with cum on me and watching my roomy. He sat up to clean himself off which made me jump back a little and I hit the counter.

He looked over and saw me but I don't think he noticed my cum and my pants open, so I thought. He was kinda pissed and got up yelling how could I just stand there and watch and I told him all I saw was the movie. I guess he believed me cause he didn't say anything else and just got up and left. So the next few days were weird and didn't see him much but couldn't stop thinking about him and the porno.

I would play with myself thinking of the situation and get so hard every time. So one night I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and all of a sudden the porno came on. I looked over and my roomy was standing there with the remote and said it was time we talked. I said, okay and he proceeded to tell me that he was mad that night and saw I had cum and wanted to know if I really saw him or not. I said no at first but he didn't believe me and asked again so I told him yes.

He asked how much I saw and I said everything. He asked if that turned me on and I said watching him play with his cock and watch porn was really hot. It was like having a porno in your own TV room. His next statement shocked me.

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He said it was his turn and wanted to watch a guy jack off. I was a little shy about it but the porn was already on and he said just think he wasn't there. So I watched the porn and started to get hard and pulled my cock out and started stroking.

Next thing I know I see him pull his pants down and start stroking. I don't know what was more interesting, the porno or a cock 2 feet away from me that wasn't mine. Next thing I hear him say is that is hot. I jumped cause I wasn't ready for him to talk.

So I asked him what was hot and he said the girl in the porno getting her tits fucked. I said oh yeah that is hot. So the next few scenes of the movie went by and then the girl was on her stomach while the guy rubbed his cock in between her checks.

Then I hear him say I wonder if that feels the same. I said if what feels the same? He said if tit fucking and rubbing your cock in between ass checks feels the same. I said I wouldn't see why not. Which made me thick of rubbing a cock in between ass checks and I got really hard…lol. After a few more scenes of the movie he asked if he could try. I said try what? And he said, try rubbing his cock in between my ass checks.

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I must say I had a warm feeling come over me and didn't know what to say or do. So after a few seconds I said why don't you get one of your girls to do that with. He looked at me and said they won't let him.

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Again I was frozen with nothing to say. After some time went by he said he wouldn't tell anyone and he just wanted to see what it felt like.


I was so horny anyway and curious I actually said okay. I wanted to feel what his cock felt like. I looked at him and asked what do I do? He said just lay down and watch the movie I guess.

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So that's what I did. I laid down on the couch and watched the movie. A few moments later I felt him straddle my legs and then felt his ass on the back of my legs. He was so warm that even felt good. Seconds later I felt what I can only describe as a really warm piece of skin push in between my ass checks. He slide back and forth and it hurt a little because of no lube. He must of read my mind because he spit on his cock, which made for good lube. I learned something new that day, spit equals lube.

With his spit all over my ass and him rubbing in between my ass checks my cock was so hard and was leaking pre-cum all over.

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His cock felt so good so I asked him how it felt and he said really good. I asked him if it felt like what he thought it would and he said better than what he thought. He said its firmer than tits so it was better.

As we were doing this the part with the girl getting her ass rubbed with a cock came up so I watched to see what was going to happen next.

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What I didn't notice the first night because I was watching my roomy is that the guy actually started to ass fuck her. I saw the guy on the movie's cock slide in her and a warm wave came over me. I was horny and wanting to feel that to.

So when my roomy asked can I. I said yes knowing exactly what he wanted.

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His cock head slid around my hole a few times and then I felt him push on my hole with his cock head. He spit a little more on his cock and pushed a little harder and his head popped inside me.

It hurt, I jumped and he asked if I was okay. I said yes I just wasn't ready for it to pop in like that. I said go ahead and he started to slide in more. He was so big and warm and I could feel his cock pulse as he slid in farther which made me more excited. A few seconds of that and he was sliding back and forth and it felt so good. He would grab my hips and just use my ass. I was enjoying it so much I didn't even think about what was coming next. All I heard him say is that he was cumming.

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He was sliding in and out and then felt him slide in deep and I felt his cock pulse and each time it felt warmer inside me. It felt really good, so good it actually made me cum. Feeling his cock pulse and the warmth inside me it was just too much for me I guess. I felt his cock get soft and then he pulled out.

He got up and went straight to the bathroom. When he got out he was in the kitchen and wasn't saying anything so I got up to go to the bathroom. When I stood up I could feel all his cum inside me and a little was running down my leg. I went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet and all his cum just rushed out of me. I didn't think someone could cum that much.

I cleaned up and walked out of the bathroom. The porn was still on and he was just standing in the kitchen still. I walked in the kitchen to grab a drink and he didn't want to make eye contact. So I grabbed a drink and then just asked so what did you think? He asked me what did I think. I wasn't going to lie so I just looked at him and said it felt really good. Does that make me gay? He looked at me and said if it does then he's gay to because he said that was better than any pussy he had ever had.

He said it was really warm, moist and really tight all over. He said he still liked tits and girls in general but said he would do it again if he didn't have a date that night and laughed. I looked at him, said he could anytime and he just smiled. Needless to say we did. I will share more if you like this one.

Yes this really happened and we were roomies for about 2 years. I never had a friend like that since. Thanks for reading and sharing my experience.