Raw rear pounding delights smalltits and homemade

Raw rear pounding delights smalltits and homemade
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It is now later in the night, around 7:00 PM, I ask the girls "How about we order a pizza and watch a movie." they said "that would be cool." I said; " Ok and go ahead and get your baths and get into night clothes while we were waiting on the pizza." The girls headed off to my daughter's room and I went to mine. While the girls would take turns using the one shower, I was going to use the one attached to my master bedroom. I got into the shower and started cleaning the chlorine off my body, when I heard the water turn on in the other bathroom, I realized it was Natalia by her broken english singing.

I finished cleaning my body and turned off the water about the same as I heard the water turn off in the other bathroom. I dried myself off and got into my pajama bottom and tank top. I opened the door at my bedroom about 6 inches and knew that Natalia was going to pass by, heading for my daughter's room. I was hoping to get a view like I did the one time Natalia had taken a shower, and her towel had fallen, giving me a view of a sweet young tender body just starting to develop.

(That was nice!) I watched as I heard the bathroom door open and see Natalia going across the hallway, her towel just covered the top and just part of her bottom showing that nice firm ass of hers.

I heard the girls talking and then seen my daughter going across the hallway torwards the bathroom, she had on a long top and I could just see her areola making a pink spot in her white shirt and her nipples poking straight out and the bottom just barely covering her nice firm ass.

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The door shut and I heard the water turn on, so I headed down the hall to go to the livingroom. A little while later I heard the door open and feet going across the hallway to my daughter's room. The doorbell rings and I go to the door to get the pizza that we ordered. I bring the pizza into the kitchen and call to the girls, telling them; " Pizzas here!" The two girls call from the bedroom asking if I could bring the pizza to the livingroom fro them.

I ask them "how many slices?" the girls yell back; " Two slices please." I put the pizza on the coffee table along with some soda.

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I yell to the girls and tell them that the pizza is in the livingroom and that the movie is ready to play when they get in here. I grab my two slices of pizza, get into my easy chair and put my pillow on my lap, using it to hold my plate and hide anything else that might pop up. ( After what had happened the first time we had watched a movie together.) The girls came in the room a few minutes later and sat down on the couch. ( Let me describe what the girls are wearing.) Natalia has got on a white tee shirt, that just goes above the knees and a pair of black thong panties.

I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra as her pink little nipples are sticking out and could just make out a small round areola surrounding it. (nice!) My daughter is wearing a light blue tee shirt and she also has no bra on, she has on a light blue pair of thong panties.

Her firm perky A-cup titties sticking straight out, looking sooo good. ( I could tell this was going to be a good night.) The girls lean over and pick the movie they wanted,( I got a sweet view of their lovely little pussies just barely covered by a thin patch of cloth,nice!) The girls start the movie and it is a "R" rated love story.

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( Facing the couch ) Natalia is sitting on the right side this time and my daughter is on the left, and I am on the right in my easy chair. The movie is pretty steamy and I am looking over once in awhile, watching the girls getting hotter with every love scene that is on the screen.

Natalia is moving back and forth and squeezing her legs together,while she has her two hands rubbing just the front of her panties under her shirt. She keeps moving faster, picking up her pace until I see her eyes go shut for a moment and her body shiver.

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I knew at that point she had just had an orgasm and my daughter wasn't too far behind her. My daughter's left leg is up on the couch and again she is rubbing her pussy through her barely covered panties. I see her shiver and watch as a dark spot covers appears on her panties. I am so hard watching this and not trying to be noticed, (Tank goodness for the pillow.) I am pulling on my now hard shaft, feeling my precum on the tip of my dick leaking out all over my hand, just wanting to explode.

I didn't know if I could hold on much longer! Finally the movie is over and tell the girls it is time for bed. They give me the "PLEASE" again,but this time it doesn't work. I tell them; "No, That Svetlana would be over tomorrow" They say "ok" and head to bed. I head down the hallway torwards my room and hear the girls talking about how they could get into my bed tonight since there is no storm and that's when Natalia says: " Hey!

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I have an idea!" Part # 10 Natalia was saying; " I got an idea!" So I stop to listen to what she has to say. "Rachelle, You know what we did last night to your dad, and the way we have been flirting and teasing him for two days now, right?" Rachelle says; "Well yeah!, right!,sooo what are you getting at?" Natalia says; "You know your my friend,but there is something I have got to tell you.

I talked to my mom and told her that my dildo wasn't working for me anymore that I wanted to have a sexual experiance with an older man that I have feelings for, but I don't know if he would if I asked him to. I told her that I would plan a night to sleep over at his house with his daughter and maybe sneek into his bedroom and seduce him while he is sleeping.

Well that person is your dad! My mom says that she has these pills that will make him sleep deeply enough that he will think it is a dream and when he wakes up you can be in bed with him, thanking him on the wonderful love making we did last night, No matter what he says you still got to have your sexual experiance with him. Well we winded up in his bedroom together friday night because of the storm.

So I waited till early in the morning to fulfill my fantasy, I sucked your daddy's cock till he came and went to clean off my face and return to bed to feel that dick inside my pussy, that's when you woke up and we did our thing with him instead.

Sooo what I was thinking is that we ask him if we can have some chocolate milk before we go to bed and make him one too and put the pills in his drink, that way we could do what we want with him when he goes to sleep, How's that sound?" Rachelle says; "Well OK but how will we know which one is his glass?" Natalia says; "I will mark his with a red dot on the side of the glass." I hurry down the hall as the girls open their door and say; "Daddy, can we have some chocolate milk before we go to bed?" I tell them yes and to make me one too, (knowing what they were about to do).

The girls hollar from the kitchen; "Your chocolate milk is ready!" I go into the kitchen and tell them to do me a favor since they are up. My daughter says; "What's that?" can you bring my blankets from the dryer for me and put them in the bedroom? The girls head off to the laundryroom and I dump out my glass real quick and make another glass before they return.

( I wanna be fully aware of what is going on,when they come in my bedroom tonight.) the girls bring back my blankets and put them in my bedroom. They return a few minutes and hand me my drink, We talk a little while in the kitchen and then I head to my bedroom and they go to theirs. I make my bed and get in,waiting on my two little minks to appear.

It's about a hour later and I hear the door slowly open. I pretend to be asleep as they move closer to the bed, I squint my eyes to watch them,Natlia climbs in on my right side and my daughter goes around and climbs in on the left. Natalia whispers over to my daughter and says; "I think he's asleep." My daughter nudges me and when she gets no response she whispers back; " I think your right." Satisfied that I was sedated, the girls went to work, they grab the blankets and slowly pull them down,watching me all the time to see if they get a response as the covers are pulled off the bed.

They are surprised to see that I do not have any underwear on (I thought this would help get things going quicker) Natalia started first, she moved her body onto my right side and started moving her hips into my side, she grabs my cock with her hand and slowly strokes it up and down, rubbing across the top making me hard and feeling my precum leaking across her fingers.

She grinds harder and I can feel her breathing faster as her chest exspands and closes against mine while kissing my neck.


Natalia stops and gets off the bed to take her clothes off. Rachelle is sitting up on her knees and has got her left hand buried in her pants. While Natalia is off the bed getting naked,my daughter leans over, grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth, sucking on the tip just like she had done the night before.

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Her tongue fealt so good moving around on the top of my cock, feeling that moist sweet teen mouth, taking as much of it as she could without gagging. Natalia climbs back in bed and moves my daughter's head off my dick. My daughter leans back again and removes her top, feeling her tits with her right hand while her left hand goes back into her pants. (MAN! This was just too good to be true!) Natalia moves her right leg across my body an puts her wet little love hole right at the tip of my dick.


She leans over and starts kissing my chest and moving her hips down. I can feel my head being surrounded by her labia, as she slowly pushes harder and harder until the head pops in, and she jumps with a little high pitched "OUCH! She lets my throbbing cock there for about a minute and starts pushing it in further, an inch at a time, feeling that wonderful pussy wall, soaking and squeezing my shaft, until it hits her barrier inside. She lifts up and pushes, tearing her hymen away,and sending my dick deep inside her till the head of my dick is pushing on her cervix.


She holds still as the pain hits her, and her pussy grips my throbbing cock like a vice. she looks over at Rachelle and says; " Oh my god! That really hurt! Oh But it feels so good!

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"She just sits there for awhile with her pussy against my balls. She sits there a little while and starts moving her hips back and forth, she has got my dick soaking wet, her pace picks up, and I could feel her wet pussy getting tighter as she got closer to her orgasm. I am trying to think of anything else to keep myself from cumming, I wanted to feel hers first.

She's sitting up now, grabbing her tits and grinding on my shaft faster and faster. She leans forward, putting her hands on my chest, squeezing my tits, and pushes her pussy down hard as she lets out her gut crunching orgasm. It is so hot as it flows over and around my dick and holding it in there like a vice. That is all I can take and I can feel my semen gushing out of my cock and into her once virgin fertile pussy soaking her walls with my spunk.

She feels this and sends her over the edge, as she comes again pulling my spunk into her womb. Natalia lays there for a moment and pulls herself off, as she climbs off, I can feel my cock fall out of her and our mixed juices coating my dick.

(Now it's the daughter's turn In the next part #11)