Brazilian transex Rafaela Laurent at home

Brazilian transex Rafaela Laurent at home
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Listelle looked at the man standing in front of her, she had known him 3 years of her 17. Jesse looked at the girl she used to be in his mind and at the woman she'd become.


Her hips were full and willowy, and her breasts had always been big but looking at her in her low-rise jeans and vintage tee… he couldn't help but remember the nights they'd shared when she was a young 14 and him an older 18. "What do you want here Jesse?" She asked the question expecting sarcasm, but instead he pulled her close to him, looking down at her with a wide grin.

She moved against him, testing waters she hadn't tread in years.

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His eyes slitted, narrowly as he leaned down kissing her roughly. She pulled at his lip stifling a moan. She would always want him.


He moved his lips from her nibbling across her neck and shoulder. The skin was warm to his lips, his mouth, his tongue. He wanted her, and she wanted him, she was doing all she could to not moan at the sensation of his mouth against her skin after all this time.

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Jesse slid his hands into her back pockets, rubbing himself against her through their clothes. "Do you want me?" He groaned the words as he kissed her again, pushing his tongue through her lips. When he moved away from her waiting for a reply, she pushed him down on her bed and bit his lip moaning, "Yes I want you… I want you inside me Jesse." He pulled off her shirt, rubbing his hands across her well formed abs, as she tugged his over his head playing her tongue across his stomach.

She tugged at his jeans, and he stopped her moving her hands away grasping her ass and rolling over on top of her.

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"Allow me, baby." He said the words huskily, pulling away his jeans and boxers and leaving her in nothing but a cherry red thong that was driving him wild. She arched against him sliding her thong past her knees and kicking it off she smiled rubbing along the head of him with her clit. He could feel the wetness on his skin as he kissed her again sliding a finger into her. She gasped and moved her hips against him, enjoying herself she closed her eyes moaning. The sound of her was great to him, he leaned over pulling her hard nipple between his teeth sucking on it violently.

She opened her eyes, begging for him.


"I need you Jesse, I need you deep inside me, now…" He slid the tip of himself into her moving it around slowly and she moaned, going wild with need for him. Not being able to stand it any longer she rolled them over sliding down him completely moving her hips as she slid up and down him slowly at first.

He bit his lip, rubbing his hands over her chest roughly then grasping her ass lifting her up on him turning her around, and leaning up behind her he growled in her ear, slamming her back down on him roughly. "Mm baby, do you like being deep inside me?" She asked as she slid up and down him quicker rubbing the back of his neck from behind her. He grabbed her by her hips holding her still against him pushing harder and deeper into her tight pussy.

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"Yes." He lifted her up again, holding her there this time, moving himself in and out of her with shallow strokes. She moaned playing with her clit and he cupped his hand around hers fighting to keep control.

"Do you like me being inside of you though Listelle?" He almost moaned the words and she was surprised at the pleasure in his voice, which only drove her to move quicker against him. "Jesse… I love it…" She moaned the words as he played with her clit faster and she moved against him wildly.

She slid up him slowly, rubbing herself down the sides of him and he pushed her on her knees in front of him. Pulling her ass back against him sliding into her tight pussy again he was lost, going wild with the sensation. She was so tight, he could feel every move reverberate and vibrate against him. She pressed back against him just as hard, and he was pulling her with his arms around her waist kissing along the back of her neck.

She screamed as he groaned and he came on her back. He helped her clean up and they went to the shower where he pinned her against the wall. She smiled against his lips jumping up on him, wrapping her legs around his waist.

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"Mm I thought the point of a shower was to get clean?" He kissed her slowly sliding into her with shallow strokes. "Mm but I don't think I've shown you what I'm capable of yet baby." He grinned as she closed her eyes with the water hitting both of them as he sped his pace up when she tightened around him.

She was killing him and she loved it. He was losing control, and she loved that even more. She pulled him deeper inside her moving against him wildly and fast. He matched her pace biting her shoulder roughly as she playing with his hair. She nipped at his ear, rubbing the back of his neck screaming with the pleasure of him inside her. And then he pulled out of her as she let down off of him pulling him into her mouth running her tongue along the shaft of him, this was a big man… she placed her hands around him licking along the head of him and placed him completely in her mouth and slid her lips down along the shaft of him with his head in the back of her throat.

He groaned and she felt him tighten as she let off him and he came, with her jerking him onto the floor of the shower.