Desi bhabhi jyoti Sharma Suck dick her lover

Desi bhabhi jyoti Sharma Suck dick her lover
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A grey Monday morning.

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I'm sat - no, I'm slumped - behind the desk in my office. I look wearily at the clock. Only 10 o'clock - far too early to slip out for a coffee. The boss is strict and she's been picking at me for a while. I'll keep the blinds on the partition shut and only leave the room to use the copier today. Christ, I'm 34 years old and I'm scared of my boss! It's warm inside my grey office cocoon, but I can see the cold rain spattering the floor to ceiling window. Rain falling from the grey sky onto the grey streets far below.

My computer screen isn't grey. It's a piercing white rectangle that's too close to my eyes. I can't focus on the numbers. Shouldn't have drank yesterday. Shouldn't be drinking alone any day. I've been drinking alone for 6 months, since my marriage ended and I decided to follow a job here, halfway across the country. No real friends here - people in the office are jerks. People in my local bar are jerks. Maybe I'm the jerk, I smile.

My phone buzzes, a shaft of sound piercing my ear. I pick up. "Work experience is here," the receptionist chirps. "Been told she's yours this morning. Sending her through now." I put the phone down and huff. I can't remember being asked to chaperone some kid for the morning. I should probably pay more attention. Or read my emails once in a while. I hear the knock on the door. It's open before I can speak and a dark blonde head appears.

A striking, confident face grins at me. "Am I in the right place?" She's cheerful. Large hazel eyes hold their gaze on mine from behind black-framed glasses. I wave her in. "I'm afraid you are. Close the door behind you." My voice is gruff.

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I force a smile. She isn't a kid. She's an assured looking young woman in heels and a smart black pencil skirt. She grins again. "I know, I know. I'm a bit old for work experience. I'm 22. It's embarrassing really. Your boss is my aunt. My Daddy thinks I need to get up a little earlier in the morning so he's making me come here for the week.

I'm Heather, by the way." I stand up and shake her extended hand. Her grip lingers a little. Her eyes are still fixed on me. "I'm gonna level with you, Heather.

I've got a bad case of the Mondays. And a hangover.

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And I don't really like my job. Or this town. In fact, I'm probably the worst example for you to follow in this entire fucking office." She laughs. "I'm being serious. Really, I am. What do you want to learn about?" She's still laughing. She's wearing a tight black vest underneath her green cardigan. Her tits are large, I think. I catch a glimpse of a scarlet lacy strap as the laughter shakes her chest. Her eyes catch mine on the way back up to her face.

She stops. "I don't know," she says. "I'd like to learn how much you like heels and suspenders." I look her up and down. She begins unbuttoning her cardigan, slowly.

"Something about these clothes makes me feel so naughty. Do they make you feel naughty?" Her hands move over her ample chest, pushing those large tits together. I see another flash of scarlet. My mouth turns a little dry. I say nothing. I haven't had a woman for 6 months.

She's gyrating in front of me. She bends over and backs up into me, grinding her ass against my crotch. I move a hand to her waist and she turns around. He teeth bite at my lip and then her tongue fills my mouth. I'm rock hard as her hand deftly unzips me and I spring out. "You're so hard for me. So fucking hard!" She's whispering in my ear now. "I want you inside of me. You want to fill my pussy up in your office, huh?" I need no second invitation.

Her warm hand in running up and down the length of me and I'm not lasting very long. We change places and she bends over the desk. Arches her back. I quietly lock my door. The skirt is bunched up around her waist. She is wearing suspenders.

She isn't wearing panties. Her bald pussy is visibly wet.


I don't even take off my trousers. I just push myself right into her slit. My cock looks huge as I push into her - of course it does, it's been six months! I slowly slide into her.

"You're very tight," I gasp. "I haven't done this for 6 months." I don't know why I'm telling her this. She giggles. I withdraw half-way and slowly slide in again. My shaft is wet from her.

My balls ache as they press against her smooth flesh. I'm on the verge of cumming already. I pull out just in time, my breath rattling in my throat. She looks concerned, but realises what's going on when she sees the bead of cum on the end of me. She's on her knees in a flash, shoulder straps under her arms, those large tits on display. I reach down to touch them but I'm stopped by her soft, damp tongue.

It laps the cum off me like milk. Then I'm in her mouth. It's warm in there. I could stay there for a while. Her pink lips are moving down my wet shaft. Her tongue strokes the underneath.

She's tasting herself on me. I'm touching the back of her throat but she pushes a little further until my balls are on her chin, and she holds it.

And holds it. Moves her head slightly. I'm on the brink. I can hear her breathing through her nose. He eyes are looking up at me. Her mouth releases its grip on me and she pulls the trigger with two slow strokes of her hand. I'm cumming. One dry spasm and then I erupt. 6 months of boredom and loneliness and frustration is released. I'm resting on her chin and bottom lip as I'm cumming.

One. The boredom jumps up onto her cheek and upper lip. Two. The loneliness floods into her open mouth and gushes over her tongue. Three. Four. Five. The frustration overflows and runs down her neck. Seven. Eight. Nine. Whatever's left sprays onto those large tits. I have to concentrate to keep my legs holding me upright. She swallows and smiles at me. Still hard, I coax her up with a gentle hand in her hair.

She perches on the edge of the desk and I enter her with one of her long legs wrapped around my waste, pulling me into her. She still has my cum on one side of her face and down her neck and on her heaving chest. She sees me looking at it and murmurs. "I'm so naughty, aren't I? Letting a stranger fuck me with his cum all over me." I make a noise which is meant to sound like agreement.


Our flesh is meeting with a dull slap. I can hear my heart pumping. I'm deep inside her, stretching her out, and it's too much. I'm tingling after cumming. I pull out of her and kneel before her, putting my face between her legs.

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I work two fingers inside her and my tongue meets her clit. She stifles a cry and I can feel her gripping my fingers. I savour the taste of her. Savour the scent.

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It's been 6 months. Her heels are on the desk. My desk. I apply more pressure with my tongue and when I pull away to look up she's red in the face. My cum on her cheek is liquifying slightly. She's rubbing some on those tits. The skin at the top of her chest is red as well. Her nipples are hard darker points on her tanned skin.

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Her hand grips my hair and pushes me back to her clit. I suck and lap and she's cumming silently, pulling at my hair. Air rushes in and out of her lungs and her chest heaves. I stand and she remains on my desk. We don't talk. She's too limp and spent for that. I'm ready again now. I force my way back into her. I have to force myself in because I'm hard and big and she's very tight now. Her legs are spread for me and I set a good pace.

I need to cum again and I don't want to wait. She reaches a hand down and grips the base of my shaft, but she's so wet that she can't get a grip. Her hand stays there anyway, adding to my sensations. She's biting her lip. She whispers to me, begging me to cum inside her. Everything tightens, and then the true release I've been waiting for. I discover that after 6 months, a second time doesn't diminish volume.

At all. As she feels my first shot she gasps. Her body tenses. I'm half way inside her and when I look down I can see my spasms. I grunt as I feel my spurts slow and diminish, and slide in as far as I can. There's a slight awkwardness as I withdraw. I find her some paper towels from the dusty cupboard in the corner. She leaves the room and goes to the bathroom.

Sweat stings my eyes. I've gathered myself by the time she gets back. She walks in and you'd never guess what she'd just done. "Better?" she smiles. "Cum makes me thirsty. You can buy me a coffee." We leave and spend 30 minutes making small talk. We're in the lift back up. She's all over me and I'm ready to go again.

We're in my office and I'm sitting in my chair. She's kneeling in front of me and my balls are in her mouth. She sucks each one until I feel a sharp stab of pain, but she knows just when to release and it's heaven.

Her tongue and lips work me over from the base to the tip and back again. And again. I'm desperate to be in her mouth again, and she knows it. Takes all of me in, sucks hard. She's working the head over and the veins are standing out. She stands, naked now except for the stockings and suspenders.

Her back's to me and warmth and wetness is lowered onto me. Those slim legs must be strong because she's moving using them, a soft hourglass figure gliding up and down me. We're both silent. I can see her gripping me, clinging to me as she rises and falls. When she knows I'm nearly there she shifts again.

She kneels in front of me. I'm back in her mouth again, much wetter this time. She makes sure those perfect tits are wet as well and wraps them around my cock. She's doing all the work and you can see it in her face. I feel the build up, that bubbling rising feeling, and I'm cumming again.

She directs me and I spray all over her, a pearl necklace. A fleeting thought - I'll buy her a real one after this.

Stupid man. My door opens. I'm still leaking onto her chest as my boss walks in. They look at each other and I know it's a set up. Part 2 forthcoming.