Jasmine jae and tyler nixon full scene

Jasmine jae and tyler nixon full scene
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"Okay&hellip.good&hellip.nice&hellip.yeah just like that!" I smiled, pouted, gasped and smirked in front of the white backdrop as Dan's camera flashed, catching me with multiple attitudes and personalities. "Yeah yeah, this all looks good, great shoot Kathryn…this should be fine" Dan remarks, looking down as he flicks through the roll. "Sure you can't be persuaded?" Mel says from behind me, almost purring as she walks back into the room.

I roll my eyes, forcing a smile. "Not today I'm afraid" I reply, grinning as Mel rounds me wearing some very revealing lingerie. Her boobs looked bigger than ever as they're pushed up, squeezing together and almost threatening to burst out of the black, lacy material barely containing them.

Her bare arms and legs glowed in the presence of Dan's lighting equipment which offered a stark contrast to her jet black hair which flowed over her shoulders and down her back in waves.

Dan and Mel are married and were in their 30's. Dan had his own photography company with multiple contracts, mainly clothing brochures and lingerie catalogues. He had found me on social media and had contacted me with the offer to earn a bit of money. I had only been in the city for a few weeks, having moved over 200 miles to come here for college.

But I didn't accept straight away, it just felt a bit out of my comfort zone. However, once my funds began to run low, which didn't take long, I knew it was rather this or retail. I said I will accept as long as I don't have to do any lingerie shoots, which Dan was fine with, but Mel always teases me about it.

"Oh come on, we'd make such a good pair! How many times do you have to make me beg, hm?" She asks, hands on hips and eyebrow raised. "My parents would kill me!" I reply in a sing-song voice, which was one of the many excuses I had to relay each week. I brushed past her and made my way towards the en suite bathroom. Most of the shoots took place in their master bedroom. It was a decent sized room and allowed Mel to do a few seductive poses on their bed without having to move all of the lighting equipment once my shoot was over.

"Dan!? Tell her!" Mel's voice commanded. "Leave the poor girl alone, she'll do it when she's ready…" Dan replied quietly, still looking down at the photos he had just taken. I entered the bathroom and locked the door, breathing an exasperated sigh. It had been a long three hours, and Mel's persistence was beginning to get on my nerves. I mean, I was only 18, she was literally twice my age. I begin to undress, carefully placing the clothes I was given to wear back in their protective wraps and hangers.

I strip down to just my bra and panties and gaze into the mirror. I was a small, quaint girl at 5ft 3" and weighing in at 115lbs. I put most of that on my boobs, however, which were EE sized.

My light hair, not quite blonde and not quite ginger, flowed halfway down my back. I grabbed some make-up wipes out of my bag and began to clear off the foundation on my face. As I do so, the light freckle clusters buried underneath begin to reappear. Suddenly, my phone buzzes on the counter next to me which almost causes me to jump out of my skin.

I grab it and look at the text. It's from my best friend, Keeley: Home anytime soon? x We had been friends since high school and were rooming together at college. She was the science student, I was the literature one. I smile and reply: 30 mins or so x I give my hair a quick brush and slip on my own jeans and hoody before heading back outside.

Mel was on the bed, pouting and running her hands through her hair with Dan posed behind the camera in front of her. "We can double that $50 you've just made right now… you know how." she grins, trying to be as seductive as possible. "I'm good, thanks though!" I smile back sarcastically. "Speaking of which, I'll transfer the money to your account tonight. Thanks Kathryn, good shoot today" Dan pipes up. "Thanks Dan, see you guys next week!" I say, rushing past them both before Mel can get another word in.

I skip outside and into a light rain fall. I zip my jacket all the way up to my chin and throw my hood over my headjamming my earphones into my ears as I walk at a brisk pace back to mine and Keeley's flat.

We live on a pretty big student accommodation ground which housed around 250 students. It was incredibly scary moving here and away from my parents and sister, and I really don't think I would have lasted a week if it wasn't for Keeley.

But here we are, 5 months later and happier than ever! Well, I say happier than ever, but it wasn't all perfect. And the reason it wasn't all perfect was due to one person…Sarah Ashby. Her family grew up across the street from my family back home, and our family feuds dated back to before I was even born. To put it bluntly, my family and hers hated each other. I don't even know what started it, and I don't think my parents or hers even knew at this point. Sarah was the bane of my existence at school.

There were even times we physically fought back when we were 12 or 13 and experiencing mood swings for the first time. Just little playground scuffles, really. But then there was the time around two years ago when Sarah's father accused my father of scraping his car with his key. My father denied it, and I honestly believe him, you can just tell when he's lying and when he's not. But Mr. Ashby didn't buy this and beat him so hard my father had to spend 3 days in hospital.

Charges were pressed but nothing ever came of it due to Mr. Ashby's friend who just happens to be one of the top lawyers in the state. However, this all backfired a few weeks later. Sarah's dad and mine worked at the same place, a Virus Treatment and Research place that paid pretty well.

There was a promotion going to become one of the head managers with a pay rise which more than tripled what they were currently on. Mr. Ashby was the odds on favourite to win it, but we believe this whole fiasco cost him the spot and it was given to my dad. It was around about this time my boyfriend broke up with me and I was going through a heavy bout of depression. I remember all of this happening over the course of one weekend, and on the Sunday night, the night before I had an important exam actually at high school; Sarah sent me an image over social media of my boyfriend asleep next to her in a bed.

I had never cried so hard in my life. Of course, she dumped him the very next day. I tried my very hardest to ignore all her nasty comments and hateful remarks as it wasn't long before I was due to move to college, but it was nearly impossible as I saw her nearly every day.

Even on the days when I didn't see her, I would see her mom or dad who was equally as snide. If it wasn't for my best friend, Keeley, I would have surely have snapped. But the day finally came, I packed my bags and left home…only to find out less than a week later Sarah was studying at the same college.

We didn't live in the same block or study the same course, but I always happen to bump into her around campus and on nights out around the town.

The first time this happened she screamed bloody murder at me in a nightclub in front of all of the other students on my course and tried to hit me in a drunken rage.

I finally reached my block and raced up the path and past a few people smoking before flashing my ID card at the door which slid open for me. I half jumped and half walked up the three flights of stairs before marching down the hallway towards room #106.

The sounds of music and people talking flowed past me as I walked past the flats on either side of me. I enter our flat and allow the door the slam shut behind me. "Hey, how's it going?" I say, making my way into the lounge and almost gasping as I notice just how out of breath I was from my walk. I half-expected Keeley to make fun at me for this, but I must have hid it well as she didn't comment.

"Same old, y'know…how was the shoot?" she replies, looking up at me awkwardly. She's sat at the breakfast bar in a white top and blue pyjama bottoms. Two un-eaten slices of toast lay on a plate in front of her. I frown. "Everything okay?" I asked. Something about her tone and mannerisms seemed a little off.

She closed her eyes and smiled before rubbing her temple with her index finger and thumb. "Oh…y'know…just me fucking things up…" her voice trembling a little as she said this. I grew concerned; she had seemed fine when I left her this afternoon. What could have happened in a few hours? I sat down next to her. "Why, what's up? What's happened?" I ask her, stroking a few stray strands of her brunette hair from out of her face. She was a little taller than me but only weighed a few pounds more.

She had a DD bust which matched her hourglass figure perfectly. Her hazel eyes were a stark contrast to my bright blue ones. "I…I don't even know where to begin" she says, standing up and pacing around the room.

I unzip my jacket and slip off my shoes. "Well, you know me…I can wait all day" I smile. Keeley's dark, brown eyes focus on mine and she manages a wry smile. She sighs. "Oh Kathryn…I…I've been hacked again! They've taken over $2,000!" Keeley splutters, bursting into tears. "What!? No not this again! That money needs to go toward your tuition fees!" I moan, standing up.

She was a smart girl, but made terrible decisions. She was addicted to online shopping and got stung bad at the start of the semester when she put in her card details on some website only to have somebody take $800 out of her account.

Her parents went wild, but agreed to loan her the money back as it was a part of a grant which had to be paid to the college. Only now, it looks like it's happened again… "I'm sorry!

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I can't ask my parents again and the college need paying next month!" She moans as I bury my face into my hands. "Well…you're going to have to" I say bluntly after a few months of silence.

Keeley stops pacing and looks up at me, rubbing her hands awkwardly. "I need your help…" she says, quietly. "What? How? You need to be the one-" "No…just listen" Keeley interrupts, taking a few steps towards me. "I've already won about $300 back…" "What? How? What are you talking about?" I ask, an odd feeling in my gut. "Just listen" She says, licking her lips and looking extremely anxious. "I entered into a…contest…like…a wrestling contest…" I can't help but laugh.

"You? Wrestling? For money?" I stutter out. "When? How? I…What!?" "It's…just look, here" Keeley says, fumbling with her phone as she stands next to me and begins to play a video. My eyes widen. "What the…?" Two women wearing coloured bikinis wrestle on a mat in an otherwise empty room.

They grope and claw at one another, grappling and struggling as if for their lives. Keeley slides her finger across the screen, skipping ahead a few minutes. Now both girls were naked and one had just pinned the other and was sat on her face.

The woman underneath began kicking her legs around wildly as the girl on top pinched her nipples and grinded her bare ass into her opponent's face. She then grabbed the legs which were thrashing around and held them up, exposing her pussy to the camera and allowing more leverage for her intense grinding. Another woman, wearing a black and white stripped referee jersey came into view. "Face sitting and breast fondling! 30 points!" She yelled. I'm speechless as I look up at Keeley.

"Listen…I met someone online…this girl called Kim. She's a fucking unit, really! You should see her! I found her and offered to give her a 60% cut because all I did was sit on the side, I didn't get involved at all! She actually seemed to love doing it!

She absolutely bossed these two other girls we were up against…it was kind of like a tag-team thing…" "And why are you telling me this?" I interrupt slowly. "Kathryn…I've seen the girls we were supposed to be fighting…Kim will absolutely wipe them out I know she will! But I just found out today that we need a third an-" My eyes widen. "Absolutely not! " "Please! All you need to do is sit at the side! She can take them I know she can! I've already laid down the $200 entry fee for the fight!

They haven't done a 3 against 3 before so there's big money to be had here!" "What even is this!?" I shout, in utter disbelief.

"It's called sex fighting…this fight tomorrow…each person on the winning team gets $700…Kathryn…with the $400 I won the other week, I'd be over halfway there! And then maybe I can ask my parents about the last little bit so it won't seem as bad?

I mean, you know…with your cut too…that is" Keeley says sheepishly. I stare at the wall in silence, trying to find the right words to say. "What happens at the end?" I ask "Hm? What?" Keeley responds. "Sex fighting…right? Well, what happens to the losers?" Keeley gulps. "Okay…fine…they get fucked by the winner for 30 minutes…but I didn't take part in that!" She laughs.

"My partner, Kim, loved that bit! I just got my things and le-" "So you want to fuck these girls, is that it?" I interject. "What?! No of course not! We win the match and leave with the money! You should see them!

Each one smaller than you and barely 100lbs from what I've seen of them! Kim has like 6 inches and about 50lbs on them!" I sigh. How had it come to this? "Why does it have to be me? Surely there must be somebody else.?" Keeley began shaking her head as I was talking. "There isn't. Kim flat out said not at such short notice, and I don't know anybody else…" I sigh again.

"When is it?" I ask "8pm…tomorrow" "I just…no…Keeley you can't ask me to do this!" "Then I get kicked out of college!" Keeley moans, tears in her eyes. "And you'll have to get another room-mate whilst I work some dead-end shitty job!" I stare at her for what seems like hours before walking over and hugging her tight as she sobs into my shoulder.

"They'll be another way" I say after several long moments. Keeley grunts and scrunches up her face before turning and storming into her room. I sigh and rub my eyes. I turn around and look through the bare cupboards for something to make for dinner. I spend the rest of the night studying and watching random videos on the internet with Keeley's dilemma in the back of my mind. I considered asking my dad for the money…but $2,000 was still a lot.

Besides, with the new car they had just bought and the holiday they were currently on, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I even considered the lingerie shoots, but an extra $50 a week or whatever is was wouldn't make a dent. We needed money now, not in a year's time. I undressed and slipped on an oversized t-shirt and got into bed. But sleep just wouldn't come.

I grabbed my phone and with slightly shaking fingers and baited breath, searched for Sex Fighting. I felt nervous and even dirty doing so, even looking around the dark and empty room to ensure I wasn't being watched. But I flicked through a few videos. I was surprised to see that all of the videos I could see were girl on girl.

A couple looked faked, but a few you could really see that the girls were trying their hardest to prevent the inevitable…which was the final round…where the winner dominated and humiliated the loser… And I do not use the word humiliation lightly. This was really a demonstration of who is stronger and the better woman, in a way. I watched as one girl was forced to lick the feet of the winner before being dragged around on all fours by her hair and made to bark like a dog, and another where the loser get mercilessly fucked from behind by the winner with a strap on.

I couldn't watch anymore and flicked my phone off. I pondered for another few moments. If this Kim person was as good as Keeley said she was… "Fuck." I mumbled, twirling my phone in my hand, hovering over Keeley's name. Ok…I'm in I hit the send button and moments later hear the creaking of Keeley's bed in the next room. I hear her bedroom door open and see mine open with Keeley's outline barely visible in the darkness as she tip-toes over to my bed.

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She gets under the covers and hugs me. "Thank you" she says, voice quivering slightly. The next day, Saturday, seemed to fly by in a flash.

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Keeley must have slept in my bed as shook me awake at around 9am and said she was going to the gym. I declined her generous offer to join her and fell asleep for another 2 hours. I eventually dragged myself out of bed and stepped into the shower. The intensity of what I had agreed too seemed to suddenly hit me like a brick as the hot water splashed down my naked body.

I felt adrenaline flow through my veins and my heart began to race. "Just eat something!" Keeley moaned at 6pm. "The taxi will be here soon and you haven't eaten all day!" "I can't eat…really" I replied, twisting my hands around nervously. Keeley sighed. "C'mon you need the energy!

What if you need to be tagged in?" I look up and stare at her, my eyes like daggers, face like thunder. "Okay…sorry…not cool" Keeley says quickly as she stands up and begins pacing around the room. I manage to choke down a banana yogurt as the taxi rolls up not long after. It takes us into a desolate part of town. Homeless people and abandoned buildings are all that consisted of this bleak and dirty sector.

The taxi stops outside of a large abandoned theatre which may have looked quite glamorous when it was first erected. Keeley pays the fare and we step out, the stench of piss hitting me like a shovel as I scrunch up my nose and follow Keeley's lead into a side alley between the theatre and a long abandoned bar.

Just as I'm about to ask if she knows where she's going, she kicks a wooden door which must lead into the basement of the theatre.

The doors open seconds later as a rough looking overweight guy pops his bald head out. "Er…Kathryn and Keeley?" Keeley squeaked out.

The man nods and steps aside as we walk past him and down some concrete steps. Goosebumps popped up down my arms as I shivered, not sure if it was down to the nerves or how cold it was down here. We continue down a dimly lit concrete hallway towards a light at the far end. Keeley nudges the door open where a tall, muscly guy was talking to a skinny blonde woman in her 40's who was wearing a black top with a white star on it. "The same referee and bouncer we had last time" Keeley whispers to me.

Just as I'm about to question the need for a bouncer, another man stands up from a red leather chair and walks over to us, beaming. He had short, receding hair and a strong jawline. He must have been in his 50's. I got a strong whiff of cheap aftershave and whiskey as he grabbed my hand to shake it. "It's so great you've decided to come back" He smiles at Keeley.

"And nice to meet you too! Call me Pete" he says to me, quickly eyeing me up and down.


"Kathryn" I mutter back sheepishly as he waves his arm at two stools, signally Keeley and I to sit. "Just the same kinda stuff as last time…" he mumbles, flicking through some paperwork before dropping a small stack each in front of us. "I can't read all this!" I hiss at Keeley as Pete turns around to grab some pens. "It's all health and safety stuff…and things like you can't record and things like that" Keeley whispers back as I flick through the paperwork, reading random lines here and there.

Keeley does the same for the best part of 30 seconds before signing on the dotted line. I grit my teeth and do the same. "Great! Down the hall, second on the right" Pete smiles, taking our paperwork as I stand and follow Keeley out of the room. We duck into the room, which was a changing room, and I can't help but feel a tiny bit more relieved when Keeley closes the door behind me and momentarily separates us from the rest of this awful place.

"This is so fucking weird…" I say, glancing around the room which consisted off a small table with a jug of water on it, a mirror with cheap, tacky lights around it, and two pink bikini's on a hanger on the wall.

"What are those for?" I ask, pointing to them but already knowing the answer. "Erm those are…y'know…what we need to wear" Keeley stammers. I walk over to them and pick one set up. It was the cheapest material I had ever felt, like tissue.

It wasn't even a generous bikini, only my tits, ass and pussy would be covered…well actually… "My boobs are never going to fit in here!" I suddenly exclaim, picking up the other pair to compare. "It's all they have! I'm sorry I had the same problem last time we're just going to have to make do!" Keeley says timidly. I close my eyes and run a hand through my hair. "Hey…where's Kim's outfit?

Where is she anyway, the match starts soon" I ask "I'm not sure…I only have her email. Last I heard she was meeting us here, that was a couple hours ago" "Well, she better hurry…" I mutter to myself.

"So…how we doing this?" I ask, motioning to the bikini's as Keeley grabs hers. She shrugs. "Face the wall?" "Sure" I say as she smiles and turns around, facing the way we came in from.

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I unzip my jacket and throw it over what appears to be a barstool. I can feel my heart rate increasing the more I undress…this was really happening. I slip my shoes and socks off and tuck them under the barstool, hiding my phone and purse in them. Next comes of my bra which I unhook under my top and pull both off at once before fastening the bikini top around my boobs.

"Ugh…no way…" I moan to myself. It was far too small, I honestly thought the motion of walking would cause the material to snap and expose my boobs. Biting my tongue, I quickly pull off my jeans and panties and tie the bikini bottoms around me. "Done?" I ask. "Yeah" comes the reply We both turn around and look at each other.

I see Keeley's eyes widen as she sees my heaving cleavage from across the room. "Oh wow…and I thought I had it bad…" she says, rubbing the back of her head. I walk over to the mirror and look at myself. I looked as though I was ready to go to the beach in scorching weather, not be a part of an underground wrestling fight in a mouldy basement. "Let's just get this over with" I sigh as Keeley stands awkwardly behind me. "I'm really sorry…and thank you…again" she says.

I smile wanly at her in the mirror. Suddenly, there's a single harsh knock on the door as it opens regardless of our reply. "Let's go girls, we're behind schedule, everyone is waiting for you" the referee from earlier says, poking her head in. I glance at Keeley who meets my eyes.

She nods and follows the referee out of the dressing room with me behind her. We make our way down the cold hallway once again. My bare feet picking up bits of dust as I pad along the concrete floor. We enter a clearing and into a room where the fight was due to take place. It was much smaller than I expected, but it was big enough for the purpose. There were various tables, wardrobes and chairs littered around the sides, almost like it was some kind of storage room.

In the middle, there was a black grid of tough rubber squares which took up most of the room. The wrestling mat. And on the mat, staring at us as we entered with smirks on their faces were two of our opponent's, Jess and Alice, each wearing a bikini like ours but in black instead of pink. Jess was around the same height as me and had blonde hair flowing down to her boobs which must have been a C cup. She clearly went to the gym as she had a toned stomach and thighs to match. She looked young, maybe the same age as me.

She had a very innocent looking face and had probably heard the word "cute" or "adorable" many times during her life. Alice had a look which could only be described as voluptuousness. Her chestnut coloured hair was pulled up in a bun and her boobs were threatening to burst out of her top too.

She looked dominant, like a leader, and was perhaps slightly older than Jess was, but no older than 25. I immediately got the impression that she was one of those girls who would fuck a different guy every time she went clubbing. She had a face which always looked as though she was pissed off at you and I got the full effect of this as she leered at me.

Jess leaned close to her and said something which caused the two of them to laugh as they watched us approach the mat. The doors we came in through closed with a bang which caused me to spin around just in time to hear them lock from the other side. I looked around the room.

"Where's Kim?" I asked timidly, looking at the referee. "Who?" she asks quizzically. "The other one…this is a 3 team thing, right? Tell her Keeley" The referee sighs and rolls her eyes. "The documents you signed were for a doubles match. We have never done a 3 team match and probably never will. Now, who's going first?" "Wait, wait wait wait we can't do this!" I exclaim. "So you want to forfeit, then?" the referee asks. "Yes! This isn't what we agreed to!" Keeley pipes up from next to me.

"Fine…so you have the $1,000?" Keeley and I stare at each other. "What? Why do we need-" "As per the documents you signed-" the referee interrupts, "-to forfeit the match, you will need to present $1,000 to cover the winning teams prize money before you leave. So, do you have this?" "No!

Of course we don't!" I exclaim. "Then you're taking part in the fight. So, who's going first?" "I am" comes the soft yet demanding voice of Alice. I look across at them. Jess has her eyes glued to me. "And you two?" the referee asks. "Let's go" Keeley says, pulling me by the arm as she walks towards the doors and tries to open them. Locked. "In a moment I will start the match.

If you're out of the ring when I do that, you will lose 10 points a second until you get back in. So, who's going first?" the referee says, losing her patience. "Shit…fuck!" Keeley grunts, her head in her hands. She looks up. "I've fucked up, Kathryn&hellip.I-I don't know how this has happened…I…I'll go first" she says.

"You-you don't have to-" I begin, eyes wide. "Yes I do…I can take them…I can…then we leave here and never mention this again, okay?" She says as confidently as she can.

Jess grunts from behind us. "Can we hurry this up? I want to do disgusting things to your friend, Kathryn…was it? You look so sweet and innocent…but you have some awesome tits and I kinda wanna turn you into a slut" she says casually as Alice laughs. Keeley gives my shoulder a reassuring squeeze and walks onto the mat. I take my place just on the outside, kneeling down and trembling as I see Keeley kneel in front of Alice who is also on her knees. "Rules are simple! There are four three minute rounds!

You get points for removing clothing, pinning, kissing, fondling, fingering and anything else like that were you're in control! The points will be displayed on that screen over there and I add points by using an app on my phone!

Please no standing on your feet, wrestle on your knees only! You can tag in your partner after 90 seconds after the round starting where you'll hear a single beep. They can stay in the ring for one minute with you but when you hear the next beep one of you has to leave!

Once the four rounds are over the winners will have free reign to the multiple sex toys and bondage equipment scattered in the draws and closets around the side of the room and I will leave you to your hearts content to do as you please to the losers for 30 full minutes! Okay? Are we ready? Then fight!" Alice immediately takes Keeley by surprise and pounces on her, knocking her onto her back with a yelp. I grit my teeth and dig my fingers into the rubber mat as I watch her climb on top of my best friend, sitting on her stomach.

Keeley grunts and tries to tip her off but Alice holds her ground, grinning down at her. "You gonna oink for me, fuck pig?" She laughs as Keeley suddenly grabs the front of Alice's bikini bra and rips it off, sending it flying across the room. This takes Alice by surprise who staggers and loses her balance, allowing Keeley to shove her off and wrap her arms around her neck from behind.

She jumps on the back of Alice who caves and falls flat on her face with Keeley on top of her. I glance up at the scoreboard, we were winning 30-5! "C'mon Keeley!" I yell. They grapple and roll around on the mat, each trying to pin the other. Keeley loses her grip on Alice who quickly hops away. They both regain their composure, facing each other and circling one another as much as they can whilst on their knees.

Alice is topless, and her boobs sway and wobble with every movement she makes. Keeley makes the first move and lunges for Alice, but she was expecting it. She grabs Keeley's wrist and yanks it down making Keeley fall face first into the mat. She then climbs on top of her and wraps her arms around and under her shoulders, yanking her up as Keeley screams in pain.

"AHHH STOP! STOP!" she yells as points get added to the scoreboard and the referee waves her arms to make Alice break the hold. Keeley rolls back over and grapples with Alice who begins edging over to Jess with Keeley pushing her. "Wait…Keeley! The tag team!" I yell as the single loud Beep rings out. The plan worked perfectly as Alice spins around and tags in Jess who rushes in and grabs a hold of Keeley. Jess grabs her arms and Alice climbs on top. I can see them both on top of Keeley, but I can't see what they're doing.

Suddenly, a pink bikini top and bottoms are flung over the shoulder of Alice as Keeley is rendered naked. "No…no!" I moan. Together, they drag Keeley naked across the mat and close to me, but not close enough for her to tag me in. I'd never seen her naked before, and my brain was finding it hard to process exactly what I was seeing.

All I could do was look on, horrified and powerless. To my surprise, I see Alice quickly whip off her own panties and Jess does the same along with her top too so all three girls on the mat are naked. Because of this, the score is now 55-65 in our favour.

Jess pulls herself up and sits on Keeley's face whilst Alice sits on her stomach and wraps her left arm around Keeley's left leg. With her right hand, she quickly sucks on her fingers and begins rubbing them over Keeley's pussy. I grab my hair as I see Keeley's only unrestrained limb, her right leg, kick out and slam uselessly onto the mat. Her arms are pinned under Jess' knees but I can see her trying to free them. Jess begins grinding her ass over Keeley's face whilst slapping Keeley's tits which wobble around like a plate of jelly.

"How does my asshole taste, Keeley?" Jess asks sweetly. She looks at me, a shit-eating grin on her face.

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She giggles. "I think she's trying to scream, I can feel her tongue grazing it!" she says with another harsh slap against Keeley's tits. Alice appears to be rubbing Keeley's clit. She traces her finger in a circle around it before flicking her finger up and down.

Another beep rings out and Jess hops off Keeley's face. Her face is bright red as she gasps for air, her eyes watering as Jess makes her way back over to her side of the ring. Alice sits further back so she's sat on Keeley's boobs to stop her getting up.


Keeley pushes and slaps against the bare back of Alice who remains unfazed as she continues to work on Keeley's pussy. "AH! AAHRGH!" Keeley moans desperately, her face now redder than I've ever seen it as she can't tip off Alice no matter how hard she tries. We're now losing 110-65. Keeley tries to cross her legs to stop the assault on her pussy which only slows Alice down by seconds. "Tag me in! Keeley! Tag me in!" I hiss, stretching out my hand.

Keeley looks defeated.

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It's obvious she doesn't want to involve me but she extends her arm anyway. She's inches away from my fingertips but Alice leans slightly and knocks Keeley's arm away with her foot. Keeley takes this chance to turn and roll on her front as Alice regains herself quickly and sits on her back. She grabs and squeezes Keeley's ass before giving it a few harsh spanks. Thankfully, this is all she has time to do as the referee blows her whistle signalling the end of the round. Alice climbs off and walks over to Jess as I crawl over to Keeley.

"Hey…hey… you okay!?" I ask in a panic. Keeley coughs and sits up. "I'm fine, just can't let them tag again" I sit next to her as she regains her breath. "Round 2, begin!" the referee announces moments later. Keeley advances up the mat toward Alice who grins at her. "You really think you can win this?" I hear her say.

Keeley doesn't respond but she again makes the first move. Again, Alice grabs her wrist but Keeley pulls back, only she not strong or experience enough to do much more. Alice swings her leg over Keeley before pushing her onto her back. I hear Keeley moan in pain as Alice once again pins her.

She sits on her boobs, holding Keeley's wrists. She pushes Keeley's arms onto the mat and edges up, pinning them down with her knees, her naked pussy pressed against Keeley's mouth. "Submit to me, Keeley. Lick my pussy. Be our slut and we won't touch Kathryn in the final round, I promise." "Don't listen to her Keeley!" I plead, not willing to see my best friend used like that.

"It's your fault she's here, Keeley!" Jess interjects. "Just go with it Keeley, we'll spare her if you just submit!" Keeley doesn't move…she can't be considering it…can she? Suddenly, she pulls her legs up and locks her feet around Alice's neck and pulls hard, pulling her off. "Yes!" I yelp. Keeley rises and grapples with Alice, their arms around each other again as they tug and pull their way around the mat. But Alice is clearly more experienced as she follows Keeley's movements and finds the right time to strike, knocking her back and once again climbs on top of her.

Again, her knees pin Keeley's arms and her pussy pushes against her mouth. "Now…you have one more chance…lick me…or we'll see how much of a whore Kathryn really is!" Alice hisses.

I looked at the score. We were losing 180-70. "Kathryn…look away" I hear Keeley moan after several moments. "Oh no, she has to watch or else no deal!" Jess giggles. I can't see much from where I am, but I see Keeley's head begin to bop slightly as a smile appears on Alice's face. She turns around to look at Jess. "She's doing it!" she says to her as my heart sinks. The beep rings out as Alice smiles down at Keeley.

"Don't move" she commands as she goes to tag Jess. "Keeley.!" I moan, lip trembling as Jess crawls over to me as Alice takes her place back on Keeley's face. Jess is in front of me. She's sat in a way that her legs are spread and she's sat on her feet.

Behind her, I can see Keeley's head bobbing back and forth as she licks Alice's pussy. "Do you like what you see, baby?" Jess coos, tracing her finger down her stomach and towards her pussy.

She sucks on her other finger, her face looking as though it's in a constant, silent moan. "You're sick…" I mumble. Jess smiles. "Do you want to be sick with me?" she asks sweetly. "Because I really fancy you, and I want you to come back to Alice and I's house tonight…" She says this so softly it's almost eerie. I scrunch my face up. "No" I reply bluntly. "I think we could have a lot of fun…It's such a shame I can't play with you right now…" I sit in silence as Jess fondles her own boobs and massages her clit.

The beep rings out again and this time Alice steps out of the ring. "Keeley…over here, please" Jess commands whilst looking at me in the eye.

We were now losing 330-70.


Keeley crawls over, looking down at the mat. Her mouth and chin are glistening in Alice's juices. "Slave, I want you to-oh come here" she giggles, noticing the juices too. She grabs Keeley and licks her partner's juices off of her face before kissing her. "Open your mouth" I hear Jess command as Jess pushes her tongue in. Their lips smack against each other as they embrace.

"There's no way you're going to win now…is there?" Jess asks. "…no" Keeley mumbles, still looking down. Jess smiles. Another beep rings out, signalling the end of round 2.

"Kathryn…if you want to spare your friend here a whole one minute of humiliation, I suggest you take off your bikini." My mouth trembles as I try and think of something to say, some answer that will make everything ok. But I can't. I untie my bikini top and bottoms and toss them aside. "Oh…fuck…" Jess moans softly, marvelling at my naked body.

Tears begin to form in my eyes and my lip begins to tremble. "Aww…poor baby…" Jess coos, rubbing my bare leg with her hand. I flinch and move away. "I want you so fucking bad…" Jess says yet again. I feel like an object, or some whore.

Keeley stares at the ground in silence. The referee announces round 3 and Jess looks down at Keeley. "Clean my feet with your tongue" She commands bluntly. Keeley does as she is told, bending down and taking Jess' toes in her mouth. I feel myself almost gag as I look between Jess staring intently at me and Keeley sucking her toes and licking between them. Jess stares at my tits and begins playing with her pussy again. I shut my eyes and purse my lips, but I can still hear the sounds of what I'm trying to block out.

Jess' moans become more intense, her breathing more rigid. "Oooohh&hellip.Kathryn&hellip." She breathes. "Kathryn…I'm going to cum.!" I shudder as the slick wet squelching noise fills my ears as she flicks her fingers rapidly over her clit, moaning and groaning. Her head tilts back as her body shudders as she squirts out a clear jet of her juices over me, soaking me in droplets of her cum.

I gasp and scream, falling back as I see her writhe on the floor. Keeley also falls back which allows me to see Jess' feet, covered in Keeley's saliva and curling with the intensity of the orgasm. "ooooh fuuuccckk!" she moans, breathing heavily, her nipples erect. The scoreboard behind her flickers as 100 points are added to our team. The beep rings out again. The match was over. "And the winner, with 725 points to 170 is…team black!" The referee announces.

I see Alice rise from across the room as the referee walks past us without a word. She pounds on the door which unlocks and opens as the bouncer from earlier lets her out. He then closes and locks the door again, sealing us in and alone with Alice and Jess.

"mmmmmm" Jess moans, still writhing slightly as Alice throws an assortment of dildos and rope into the middle of the mat. She then drags a chair over and looks at me. "You're up" she announces. I glance at Keeley who was looking at me, but she quickly looks back down at the floor when we make eye contact. "You've got a good friend there" Alice says with a smirk as I walk over and sit on the chair. She picks up some rope and ties my wrists together behind the chair.

She then ties my ankles to the legs of the chair so my legs are apart. Finally, she wraps some rope under my boobs and around the back of the chair. I was completely stuck. I see Jess pick up my discarded bikini bottoms and mop the juices off her pussy with it.

She walks over to me and holds the soiled bottoms close, so close I can smell them. "Open your mouth" she whispers. I don't reply, just stare at her. She retaliates by grabbing my nose, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe which she times to perfection and shoves the panties in, gagging me.

Meanwhile, Alice has fastened a strap on dildo to herself and has pulled Keeley into the middle of the mat and in front of me. "Leave…leave her alone…" Keeley grunts. "Oh, we will. I mean, we will soon. We need you to see we're serious first…on your knees, ass in the air, please" Alice commands down to Keeley who reluctantly does as she is told.

I see her hands clench as she awaits the inevitable. Alice grabs the dildo which is attached to her and gently guides it across Keeley's pussy. She winces as it is forced inside of her and lets out a yelp and a cry as it is pushed in all the way. Alice grabs Keeley by the hips and begins picking up pace and rhythm. I mumble something which cannot be heard due to my gag. This grabs Jess' attention whose eyes are immediately drawn to my boobs which are quickly rising and falling with my heavy breathing.

She locks eyes with me and leans in, gently kissing my cheek and I try and lean away. She moves down, kissing my neck and licking it, causing shivers to erupt throughout my body. "Leave her alone!" Keeley begs, her voice contorted with the force of the fucking she is receiving. Jess doesn't listen and bends down slightly, her hands hovering just over my boobs. She's absolutely transfixed by them.

So much so she's nearly drooling. She takes the plunge and places her hands on them, gently squeezing and fondling them. "Please…no!" Keeley cries, her face now rubbing back and forth across the mat.

I try my hardest to break free but the knots are too good and I'm too weak. Jess takes her time on my boobs, flicking my erect nipples slightly and squeezing them. I groan in despair. Drool trickles out of my mouth and down my chin. Jess' hand begins to move down, tracing my belly and causing me to flinch before gently rubbing across my pussy lips.

"MMMMFFFF MFFGUHHHFF!" I moan through the gag. Only one other person had ever touched me there, my ex-boyfriend who Sarah had stolen off of me&hellip. Jess stops and picks something up off the floor with a black handle and a large round head on it. She clicks a button and it begins to vibrate.

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Alice flips Keeley onto her back as Jess uses some rope to tie the vibrator to my clit. She kisses me on the forehead before skipping over to Keeley. She sits on her face again as Alice lifts Keeley's legs up and begins fucking her again. "I want my asshole licking good this time, slave!" Jess demands as she tucks her feet at either side of Keeley's head and begins rocking her hips. Jess is facing Alice who leans forward and begins passionately kissing her.

I writhe in my chair, trying to shake the vibrator off. I beg and cry and scream to no avail as I'm forced to watch Alice and Jess kiss and feel each other whilst on top of my friend. "UUUUNNNNGGGHHHH!" I moan pathetically as I toss my head back and forth, the vibrations making my clit become engorged and swollen. I close my eyes as the buzzing of the vibrator and the sound of Keeley being fucked fills my ears.

Suddenly, I hear Jess gasp. "I think she's cumming!" I force my eyes open as Jess hops off of Keeley's face. A loud moan escapes her as Alice picks up the pace.

"OOOH Please no!" Keeley moans as her stomach begins to convulse and her nails dig into the rubber floor. "Please don't make me cum please!! Kathryn! Help me please Kathryn!! OOOH UGGHHHH!!" she screams as she spasms uncontrollably on the floor, the orgasm overwhelming her as her hand reaches for me. Her toes curl like Jess's did as her face screws up in anguish. I'm forced to watch my friend cum all over the floor as Jess and Alice howl in laughter.

But my orgasm isn't far away&hellip. "How you doing over here, baby?" Jess asks looking down at the vibrator. "You had enough?" Eyes wide, I nod my head frantically. "You think she's had enough?" Jess asks Alice. "I don't know…what do you think?" Alice asks, poking Keeley with her foot. Alice nods and Jess flicks off the vibrator. I gasp and splutter through my gag. "Keeley.? You still with us?" Alice asks. "…Yes" comes her weak reply. "Here's what's going to happen…you're going to come back home with Jess and I.

You're going to be our sex slave for the next two days. If you refuse, we'll take Kathryn's anal virginity and piss all over her right here on this mat" I moan loudly, tears filling my eyes once again. Keeley looks utterly defeated. "Well?" Jess pipes up. "…Okay…" Keeley wheezes. I protest through my gag as Keeley looks up at me. Jess pulls the vibrator away from my pussy. "You've made a little bit of a sticky mess there, sweety" she winks at me. I look down but can't see past my boobs.

"Now." Alice announces, ".you're going to prove just how much of a submissive little fuck toy you really are for the next 20 minutes, okay?" "Yes" Keeley grunts as Jess puts on a strap on dildo. The next 20 minutes were some of the most horrific of my life. First, I watched Keeley suck her own juices off of Alice's strap on. Then Jess fucked her from behind.

Keeley was positioned so that she was in front of me. Jess reach round and fish-hooked her, causing Keeley's mouth to be forced open wide whilst she fucked her. Keeley's tits bounced around in a circle with each thrust almost mesmerising me.

At the same time, Alice used the vibrator which was used on me to stimulate Keeley's clit. Within moments she was screaming again as another orgasm overwhelmed her. I saw her juices squirt and splutter out of her pussy as she spasmed on the floor.

Her eyes even seemed to roll back in her head. Next Alice furiously finger fucked her as Jess stood over her and rubbed her foot in her face. The wet squelching noise Keeley's pussy made will forever be engrained in my memory.

With just a few minutes to go, Alice was fucking Keeley from behind again as Jess lay on her back with Keeley's face inbetween her legs. "Good girl…just like that" Jess cooed. Alice spanked Keeley's ass hard. "What are you!?" She demanded. "I'm a little fuck pig!" Keeley moaned, tears in her eyes. "And what sounds do little fuck pigs make!?" Alice demanded. I can't hide it, I felt shame and embarrassment as Keeley began oinking like a pig and Alice and Jess exploded into laughter.

It was at this point Keeley began crying hysterically. Wailing and screaming. "I want my mummy!!" she wailed, her face scarlet red and scrunched up like I'd never seen it. This only caused Alice and Jess to laugh even more. I felt sick to my stomach over how powerless I felt. Something inside of her must have broken… "uggh…ughhh…!" She began to moan after several more moments of wailing.

"You finished yet, you big baby?" Jess mocked her. Suddenly, Keeley began to squirt again…only… "She's pissed herself!" Alice suddenly exclaimed.

Keeley crumbled to the floor, shaking, trembling and in a pool of her own piss. "Fuck me…" Alice grinned, looking down at her. Keeley's eyes were once again locked with mine. "Get her up and get her in the car" Alice asked Jess, each other them taking Keeley under the arm and pulling her up. Her legs were like jelly, she could barely stand. "Well…I'm sorry you had to see that, Kathryn" Alice said. "Someone will be down soon to see you…just wait there…" "See you soon" Jess cooed at me, her eyes piercing me.

I watched them drag my friend away and out of the room which must have been unlocked once the 30 minutes were up. I sat there, shaking, the stench of pussy and piss filling my nostrils. Another 10 or so minutes went by when I heard the door open. I looked over expecting to see the referee, but I couldn't make out this figure… "Oh shit…is that really her?" I heard an excited female voice say. The figure began to approach me and my stomach sank.

I recognised the slender frame, the silvery hair, the pale face…It was Sarah Ashby. "Oh shit…oh shit!" She said as she came within touching distance of me. She had a massive grin on her face as if she had just found a bag of money. "It fucking worked…I'm a genius…I'm a genius. I have won…I have actually won…" she said, her eyes never leaving me.

"Ha-haaaa!" She yelled, slapping me across the face. "Where's your comeback now, hey bitch!" she screamed at me. I could only stare, horrified and humiliated beyond belief. She grabbed a corner of the panties which were stuck in my mouth and yanked them out.

I was breathing heavily, but I had nothing to say. "So…I've always wondered what you looked like naked" she mused, pulling out her phone and snapping a few photos. "Gee, I wonder if with a bit of editing I could make you look like a BDSM porn star?

What do you think?" she laughed, showing me her phone which had a picture of me tied to this chair across it. "Maybe…this is enough to get you kicked out of college? Kicked out of your home if mommy or daddy see it?" "What do you want!?" I scream.

Sarah had that shit-eating grin plastered over her face again. "All this…" she waves her hand over me, "…was all me. I placed the bait for your idiot friend to give me her bank details. I set her up with Kim, who is actually my friend, who then planted the seed of easy money with sex fighting. I planned it so Kim would suggest using you as a partner just so I could have you here, like this, because your idiot friend is so greedy and stupid the consequences of losing would never cross her mind!

I arranged the fight with Alice and Jess who are currently going 8 fights 0 losses this season, by the way, just so you could see how much I own you, understand? No? How about I make this easy for you…get your dad to reject the promotion…or I will fuck you up…get it?" I blinked, astonished. "This…this is all about that promotion.?" I breathed.

Sarah nodded. "With these photos and your signature on those papers, I can get your ass kicked out of college by the morning. I'll plaster them all over the internet. They will haunt you until the day you die. I needed evidence, proof, something to blackmail you with…and now here you are, little Miss innocent caught up in a seedy underground sex fighting ring! I also wanted to end our family feud and cast my family as the winner…there really is no topping this…is there?" she grinned, eyeing me up and down.

"I hate you so fucking much, Kathryn. And I know you hate me too. You know how much this means to me, getting you in this position. I have half a mind to fuck you myself, actually, really make you my bitch…in fact…why don't I take your flat key, pack a bag to make it move like you skipped town? Leave a note in your name? When instead you'll be with me, as my little slave? What do you say?" "You're insane…" I whimper, physically shaking.

"I'm also the one with 12 wins and 0 losses" she grins. My heart nearly stopped. "I'm the fucking sex fighting goddess! So don't you dare cross me again…got it!?" "…Yes…" I breathe. She smiled. "I'm glad we have this sorted out! So, I will be in touch shortly, say one week today?

If my dad doesn't have that promotion by then, I'll be coming after you. Oh, and one more thing…to put a seal on things, you're going to have to kiss my feet…and my ass…okay?" All I can do is stare. "Kathryn…is that okay?" "&hellip.yes." I moan, defeated. Sarah unties me and grabs me by the hair before throwing me to the ground.

"Did…did Keeley piss herself!?" She chuckles. "I knew Alice and Jess were brutal but…anyway" she laughs, stepping out of her boots and sitting in the chair. She extends her foot towards me…and I lean forward and kiss it. I'm on my knees under her as she looks down at me, phone in hand and recording. She then does the same with the other foot.

I lean forward and kiss her on the sole. Her sweat lingers on my lips. "Good girl" she smiles. "I'm glad you haven't tried to run or attack me, that really wouldn't end well for you! Now…" she says, unbuttoning her jeans and turning around, revealing her ass as she pulls them down slightly. I rise up and get it over with, kissing each cheek individually.

"Well…who would have thought that one day you of all people would be kissing my ass" she laughs, putting her boots back on. She grabs my hair and drags me over to the puddle of piss and throws me into it. She presses the heel of her boot into the back of my head, pushing my face into the piss. "One week…or else" She snarls. "Okay! Okay!" I yell in pain as she gets off me.

I hear her snort as she spits on me. It lands on my cheek and trickles towards the corner of my mouth. I lay there alone for several minutes after she's gone. Still in the piss, Sarah's spit tracing over my lips… I had been defeated. Humiliated. My best friend might never be the same again… I stand and stagger back over to the changing room. I'm in a daze as I notice my phone flashing from inside of my shoe. I pick it up with shaking hands…a message from Mel of all people.

I open up the message…just when I thought my life couldn't get any worse: Kathryn the sex fighter!? Meet at the studio 10am sharp tomorrow…we have a lot to talk about…;) x