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Lena paul lesbian hookup with lily cade shaved pussy pussy eating
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Erotic novels by Gail Holmes "WILLOW HALL" "It will be fun, just the three of us, plus its all for free, think about it, a whole weekend! Come on Hazel, I was convinced you'd be up for it" Suzy leaned forward in her chair as she spoke. The three girls had been mates well before high school, they all worked together as typists in a large office complex on the outskirts of London, Suzy had seen the advertisement in one of her girlie magazines.

"Let me have a closer look?" Lynn enquired taking the cutting from Suzy's hand, studying it in detail. "How can you have an erotic weekend with out a male in sight?

Listen to this!" Lynn held the cutting up in front of her as she read from glossy manuscript. Females only, Come stay at our paradise, One weekend only, This extravagance is a one off Guaranteed to send you hormones wild Free to selected females Willow Hall Stratford "It's a fine looking place! There's a form below stating number in party, ages etc, etc. What have we to lose, we might not even get selected?" "Have you any idea, I mean Stratford is not just up the road is it, the weekend might be free!" Hazel stated, knowing exactly as to the location after scrutinising the cutting.

"Don't be so stingy, we could go by car, between us the cost would be nominal, and a free weekend, its lovely up that way, near to Shakespeare country! Look at the place it looks very oldie world, it must date back to medieval times, people would more likely to pay the earth to stay there normally" Suzy smiled. "No men, so what do we do, watch blue movies all weekend, play with ourselves.

How can it be erotic? " Hazel suggested as she looked at the cutting, studying it for moments "I'll agree it does look…quaint I if nothing else, as you say what have we to lose. Hazel studied the cutting, and then looked at her two friends. "Ok I'm game…fill it in, lets see what happens!" Hazel grinned handing it back to Suzy. It was nearly three weeks before they had they're reply, the girls really thought they had lost out.

"It's not that much of a weekend though is it, I mean we arrive Saturday morning and leave Sunday, it only one night so to speak, just evening meal and Sunday breakfast!" Hazel said with sadness in her voice.

Lynn looked in the envelope pulling out a brochure. "Hell, look at the evening meal though, it is medieval, wild boar, venison, duck. By the looks of things we'll be kitted out with medieval attire to boot!

Sort of fancy dress, look at the place inside?" Lynn smiled. "I believe we're really going to enjoy this! Be it only for one night" Hazel took the brochure, flipping slowly thought the pages. "Makes you think of the dark ages. Wine, Women and song!" She laughed. "Ale more like…look at this picture…Ale wenches I think they were called in those days!" Lynn was looking over Suzy's shoulder, pointing at a specific picture of a girl carrying four pitches of ale, wading her way along a long table.

"I think this weekend will be something else!" laughed Lynn. "With no men!" Hazel grinned. "This I've yet to see, I think we'd better take reinforcements," Hazel stated. "I don't want to get worked up for nothing!" "Reinforcements?" Suzy grinned. "My old faithful!" Hazel mused. "Nudger!" Suzy laughed "Your famous dildo!" Suzy was the youngest of the three, each would turn an eye in the street, nudger was Hazel's dildo, with a special thumb that wriggled at various speeds.

"And why not! He comes everywhere with me, I'd hate to think that I was away for a weekend with no sexual support!" Hazel laughed. Willow Hall was a two and half hour journey, they arrived at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, but finding it took quite a time as it was way out in the sticks, not a Hotel as many might think, this was a privately owned mansion, in acres upon acres of ground, with a long tree covered drive leading to it.

As Suzy drew up to the main entrance hall a young girl came down the steps to greet them. "Welcome to Willow Hall" The girl smiled. "If you'd like to remove your luggage, then park your car, I'll get you booked in" The girl pointed to the side of the building, where at least twenty cars were already parked. "I don't think we'll have any trouble finding you're car when we leave!" Lynn grinned to Suzy after noting the quality of cars parked in the area.

"There not all quest cars, some are the Directors cars!" The girl informed them. Once the car was parked the trio walked up the steps into the main building, the young girl went straight to the reception desk, taking the girls names and entering them in the quest book.

"I'll show you to your rooms first, then we'll take a tour of the hall, I'm sure you'll enjoy you're stay with us!" The girl headed for the large stairway in the middle of the reception area, it was very majestic.

The bedrooms were magnificent, each with a four-poster bed, which Hazel promptly plonked her case and sat on. "You have come a long way, I'm sure you like to freshen up. I'll go and get your costumes for you! Dinner starts at 7 o'clock in the main banqueting hall" The girl smiled as she left the bedroom leaving Hazel mesmerised by the sheer size of the room, drapes everywhere, to one side was a large marble fireplace.

Hazel stood and walked towards the window viewing the extensive grounds beyond, tall trees fully leaved, grassy banks flowing down towards a large lake, such a different atmosphere to that of London, she did wonder what the mood of the house would have been in its heyday. She turned to the door, hearing the light tapping "Come in!" It was the young girl followed by her two friends.

"I have you're costumes Miss!" She laid them out onto the bed. "I'm sure they'll all fit, they are adjustable!" The girls lifted the costumes, holding them up to themselves as the pranced around the room. "They are more Tudor…than Medieval!" Lynn stated looking toward the young girl. "All weekends are varied, it makes the evenings more fun! You'll find the gowns quite heavy, and it can get quite hot in the banqueting hall, so I wouldn't wear too much under them. In there own times, the heating was quite inadequate, but now with the central heating as well as the large fire, it can be somewhat overbearing" It was like another world when the trio headed downstairs for their sightseeing tour, the rooms were beautiful, magnificently decorated, with paintings, tapestries and fine drapes, the ceilings were carve in wood, with large beams spreading from one side to the other.

By the time they entered the banqueting hall, it was full, at least fifty girls all dressed in stunning Tudor outfits, none of which bear any resemblance to any of the others. They looked spectacular, varying colours and styles; the hall was full of noise with the chattering amongst all the girls.

There was a loud tapping from the far end of the hall. A man, the first they'd seen since their arrival, he was standing behind a large table banging with a gavel. "Ladies…ladies can I please have your attention!" The large hall was hushed almost immediately, everyone turn to his direction. "Now that I have you're undivided attention, firstly let me thank you not only for myself, but all our fellow directors and staff, for excepting our free offer to stay here at Willow Hall, as you may have noticed the place is void of males, you may wonder as to just how you can have an erotic stay without one, but rest assured you all will.

You'll all have tales to tell once morning arrives, now is the time to eat, you'll find all your names on the long table, those of you whom came together will be sitting together, so please be seated ladies and I will address you in the morning" This place intrigues me, the weekend is free, we get a lovely bedroom, outlandish food…I'm supposing we're all going to get laid, and there's not a man in sight!" Suzy implied.

"Well, from what I know of men they can be very selective, by the look of that girl over there she must be the imaginative ugly sister, her face looks like… unfinished knitting … or she's chewing a wasp!" Lynn grinned. "They do say, there's one for each of us!" Hazel stated. "There&hellip. and I thought Quasimodo was dead!" Lynn laughed. "You can be very spiteful when you want to Lynn, how do you think, she feels?" Hazel replied with a look of distaste on her face.

"I'm sorry Hazel, Ok I hope she gets what she's come for, at least it might put a smile on her face!" Lynn replied tearfully, trying to stop herself from laughing.

The evening went well, the food was out of this world, and never ending. There we're no blue films, but the entertainment was superb, from clowns to jesters they even had a modern day comedian, her jokes, however we're blue, followed by dancing and merriment, even a raffle, but nobody really knew as to what the undisclosed prizes were, and at £5 ($7.03) a ticket they really had to be special.

Drinks were served all night, there taste was as expected, but none of the girls felt in the least intoxicated, happy, joyful even randy, but not intoxicated. "Ladies…ladies!" It was the gavel again; only this time it was a woman. "It's now midnight, our partying is over, now its time for you to retire to your rooms, but before you go, I would like you to drink a toast to our Company Founder, our Ladies-in-Waiting will charge your glasses then we will toast her together!" Six of the staff we're hurrying around the tables, filling each of the girl's glasses in turn.

"I don't know what the hell this is, but Christ it smells worthy!" Suzy laughed, placing the glass under her nose. As the six girls completed their chores, they each stood in front of the woman speaker. "Ladies, raise you're glasses to our Founder, Miss Katherine Willis, founder and benefactor of Willow Hall merchandise, to whom we owe our gratitude for our evening of pleasure. Thank you Ladies!" The spokeswoman raised her glass draining it. "One more thing ladies…the raffle will be drawn after breakfast at 9am.

Good night to you all!" The girls drank their drinks, enjoying them immensely, putting their glasses back onto the table. "That was something else!" Hazel smiled as she put her glass down. "I could have drunk that all evening. "But who the hell is Katherine, bloody Willis for Christ sake?" "She must be a goodtime girl, to put on an evening like this for free. And we're going to get laid, this I am really looking forward to!" Lynn laughed. "Have a good night!" Suzy smiled to the girl with the face like unfinished knitting on the stairway.

"Thank you… I'm really looking forward to it!" She replied. "Christ, I bet she is!" Lynn whispered under her breath.

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"I wonder what lucky bastard will get her!" As the young girl who had given them their costumes had advised them the hall was very hot, Hazel decide that she would sleep nude, whether it was the evenings entertainment or the drink, she didn't know which but she felt very tired.

Chapter-Two Hazel was disturbed by a crackling noise, lifting herself up onto her elbow she opened her eyes, the room was a blaze of light, she looked toward the window, the curtains were drawn wide, outside the countryside was white, all the trees were bare, snow was falling heavily.


The sound of the crackle once more attracted her attention, turning to the open fireplace, a log fire was burning, it was then she notice the small figure, it was a man dressed in a top hat, with a heavy overcoat. "Who are…you?" Hazel inquired, pulling the bed covers up to cover her chest. The little man removed his hat knocking it against the fireplace; there was a hissing sound as snow fell on the hot fuels. "Archie&hellip. Archie Bramble Miss!" "Well… Mr Archie&hellip. Bramble, what are you doing here?" He placed his hat on the floor and walked slowly towards her.

"I've come to make love to you Miss!" The look on his face was, as if it was his bound duty Hazel looked down at him as he stood beside the bed, he couldn't have been more than three feet tall if that. "What make's you think that I'd even want to be made love to, and why by you?" Without more ado, the little man turned and walked to the rear of a nearby chair, removing his overcoat, then lifting himself on tip toes, hanging it tidily over the back.

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He smiled as he walked to the front of the chair. "Oh…I don't think you'll refuse me!" He replied as he struggled to get up into the seat. Hazel did wonder if she should get off the bed and smack him or even help him, she watched as he gradually started to remove his clothing, folding then painstakingly and placing them on the arm of the chair in a neat pile.

He turned and slid off the chair, never had she seen such a small round prominent bottom. As walked up to the side of the bed, Hazel reached across drawing the covers back for him. "I take it that you intend to help me up! Or are you going to sit there gawking at me" He stood with hands on hips, and his willy, one couldn't call it much else dangled down in front of him like that of an infant.

Hazel did wonder; as to what effect such a small penis could possibly have on her, it was barely visible to her, more winkle than whelk. She edged across the bed helping as he started to scramble up. "Don't sit there as if I'm going to rape you then! Uncover yourself&hellip.

let me see what I have to work with!" Rather clinical aren't you Archie?" Hazel grinned as she removed the covers exposing the whole of her body to him. "Don't be flippant, it's Mr Bramble to you!" Hazel was quite taken back by aggression in his tone, as he sat viewing her.

"I didn't ask you to come!" Replied Hazel. "You've had this on your mind for years, often you've wondered as to what it would be like when you have noticed such as myself in the street. Well now you are about to find out, and by the looks of you, I won't be wasting my time!" He replied his eyes scanning her body "Why…thank you… Mr Bramble, I hope that you'll not be as rough as your name implies!" Hazel smiled to herself, thinking as to what likely damage he could do with such a diminutive weapon.

Archie put his hand up onto her shoulder easing her down onto the bed, and then made straight for her breast, he was clean shaven, but the feeling was that a million tiny hairs were manipulating her breasts, he went from one to the other, it was almost as if he was working on both, there was no sense of movement from either.

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His hand moved down her body, probing his stubby fingers into her pubic hair, tugging it, it was more stimulating than painful. Hazel opened her legs slightly as if to will him to finger her, his fingers went down, but only one did he drag along her moistened slit, methodically yanking at her soft mound of hair as he did so. Inside she was pleading for him to dip his finger, she was getting electrical shocks, the feeling of small hairs digging into her breasts combined with the tugging of her pubic hair seemed to be fused.

Archie left her breasts and slowly moved down her body, nibbling as he progressed in meandering movements, stationing himself on her pubic hair, his hand moving between her legs spreading them extensively. Hazel knew this would be the start, sensing the little man climbing between them; his nimble thumbs went up to her pussy lips, separating, and folding them to the side.

The clitoris stood prominent, like a keen soldier standing on guard. Archie's lips went over it engulfing the slippery organ into his mouth, darting his tongue all around it.

The sensation of those microscopic hairs came back, it was as if each tiny follicle was making its own vibrations, her pussy came alive, and her juices started to flow. But still no finger, Hazel could only assume that the little man didn't propose to finger her, or stretch her to much, assuring himself of his own feelings, reaching down she cupped her breasts squeezing them in gentle circular movements, her raised nipples protruded between her open fingers.

Hazel pushed her head back into the pillow arching her back, letting out a noisy gasp, her body tingled from head to toe, the orgasm was long and drawn out. Her hands dropped to her sides, dragging her nails along the bedding, all but tearing holes in it. Archie lifted his head from her, placing his hands onto her hips, lifting himself to a standing position, then started to walk up the bed with his feet each side of her.

Hazel opened her eyes viewing the small man. His cock had not increased in size, it just hung, or perhaps sagged would be a better word, smaller than her own little finger. "Sit you up Miss…your turn now!" Archie stated, placing his hand down to his manhood, clutching his pocket-sized cock between thumb and forefinger and wriggling it in front of her.

Hazel edged herself up, the resting her back against the pillows, adjusting herself as to be at the right height. Archie moved forwards placing his hands up onto the top of the headboard. This was the first close up vision she taken of his cock, she lifted it up with one finger revelling his balls, which themselves looked like two small peas, or even a shrivelled up prune. So far she had graced his foreplay, but with this, whatever enjoyment could she possibly sustain…she'd heard of the saying (It's not what you've got, but how you use it).

Leaning forward she lifted his cock up to her mouth on the end of her finger, moistening her lips as she did so. It was almost as if her pussy lips were snapping, she wanted cock like there was no tomorrow, he'd done a magnificent job on her so far, she'd always wondered how the little people performed.

How could she expect someone less than three feet tall to have an aggressive weapon, an inch at the most was all he could offer her, she felt like lifting him off the bed and going to sleep. But no, he'd done her proud, a blowjob would be nothing to her, at least he deserved the same. Once his cock was in her mouth Hazel nearly chocked; she had to remove it, assuring herself that it was the size she had anticipated.

"Either you want it or you don't!" The little man inferred looking down between them. "For Christ sake; if you're going to suck it…fucking suck it, or we'll get nowhere, be grateful for small mercies!" Hazel smiled to herself thankful that he was respectful of its size. Once again she placed his cock into her mouth, and still it felt enormous, but she wasn't prepared to remove it again, should she upset him. He started fucking movements, from time to time she felt as if she could choke, his movements were sending her wild as he trust his cock into her mouth her own movements had long ceased, unable to keep up with his pace.

Without warming he stopped, not a movement was made. It was then; only then did she feel his hot seed flowing down her gullet gripping his buttocks she tried to push him away…she needed to catch her breath, he'd dropped his hands from the head of the bed holding her head, guaranteeing that his cock secured itself within her mouth, not a drop did she spill.

It felt almost as if she was being force-fed. The little man; removed his cock and crouched down in front of her. "Well!" "Well, what!" Hazel asked wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Was it as you expected?" "Expected, I'm not with you?" "You have always wondered what a blowjob would be like from… a little person as you call us!" He grinned Hazel looked down at the now limp cock, unable to understand her inner feelings, if it was that small; how come it nearly choked her, not only by its size, but the volume…the volume of cum it had fashioned, her gullet still felt engorged.

"That; that was only in my mind!" She croaked "Well…now that is settled, lets see how you take to real sex! I'll you give this…you taste dam good down there, but how good… how good are you, when it comes to a good fucking!" "I've had no complaint so far, I take it that's what you're going to give me then?" Hazel looked back down at the tiny cock; it looked more like that of a baby's finger now.

"Believe me, that's just what you're going to get young lady, a well and truly good fucking" He chuckled. Down the hallway in another bedroom Lynn's head was bowed down, her mouth was full, she been kneeling on her hands and knees for the last three quarters of and hour, the grass was becoming hard on her knees.

She turned her head to the left, watching as the two players walked towards the crowd away from her, the crowd were still cheering. Feeling hands on her rump once more, she new what to expect, she turned her head to her right they were still standing in twos waiting behind her.

It would be easier this time, as the cock entered her from the rear she closed her eyes throwing her head back, her back arching at the same time, the sheer size forced her to open her eyes once more, only to find a cock waiting for her mouth as she lifted her head. It was Wally Bancroft in front of her, the team's scrumhalf, but behind she couldn't tell, so far she had at least six in pairs. Wally reeked of sweat, she would have sooner gone to the dressing room, assuring it to be more comfortable, the men both working together, forcing their cocks in and out simultaneously, it was almost as if they were each trying to pump her up, thankfully they were more exhausted by the game to give her any brutality, but the prolonged fucking was taking it toll on her, her pussy was sore, the cock in her pussy felt like a wild mushroom, large head small shaft, at least it was reaming some of the cum out of her that it's predecessors had left "Perhaps it will enhance the grass, it would be nice to see a lovely dark green patch, at least she'd have something to look back on, for her chores" Lynn thought to herself.

The team member behind was speeding his pace; she was acquainted with the tempo, wondering just how much she would get this time. He was the first one to do it; he withdrew, pumping his seed down her back, she felt it cool in the breeze as it landed at the base of her neck. He walked around to the side of her kissing her on the cheek. "Thank you Lynn…I owe you!" It was Peter Styles; she always had considered him a gentleman.

Before she could readjust herself, her empty pussy was restocked with another, however this one could hardly converge with her inner pussy walls. If only she could have observed all of her rear-enders, at least she could have considered them in the future.

Peter Styles would defiantly be judged. The little man, edged his way back down her body, nibbling from side to side, his cock slithering before him, Hazels nipples stood like small rosebuds, the needle sensations from his lips still sending her wild, reaching down she held his head when he go to her navel, his cock was then amongst her bush of pubic hair, stimulating her once more he stayed for moments then lifted his head.

Hazel looked down his cock was rigid, but still only that of a small pencil. "Throw me two pillows," The little man asked propping himself up onto his elbow. Hazel only just heard his words, lifting herself and handing him the pillows. He stood and stepped back between her legs, holding the pillows to his chest with his miniature cock jutting out.

"Lift yourself, let me put the pillows under you, so as to adjust your position!" The little man asked. "You'll want full benefit from penetration I'm sure" Hazel edged herself up the bed so that she was leaning into the headboard, drawing her feet back as she lifted her bottom. The little man knelt down pushing the pillows underneath her, making sure that one was bent double. As the little man stood, it was almost as if he was an artist, holding his thumb out in front of him, as if checking for alignment.

"Couldn't be better" He smiled "Now I'll try and be as gentle as humanly possible. Clasping Hazel by the ankles he lifted them up before him as he moved forward, pushing them over her body. He didn't need to touch his cock it was in perfect position, Hazel watched, losing vision as it made came in contact below her pubic hair, the feeling wasn't as expected.

The little man moved his hand down, as to wriggle it in the opening, winding it round and round, as he leaned on it. "Christ…is this kind of joke…!" She squealed, clasping the bedding with her hands Never had she acknowledged such girth, she'd had experience few big ones but this was the exception to the rule. The little man clutched her by the knees as he started to fuck her. Hazel could see her mound rise as he drove his cock up into her. It was good…soon she became accustomed to his rhythm, but was unable to work with him as she would have liked to, because of her posture against the headboard it was impossible.

She looked down at the little man who was now standing upright gripping her knees, fucking her as hard as he knew how. Her body was racked with pleasures, tingling, with mild electrical shocks, his cock felt like a huge ramrod fully lubricated, spreading her pussy excessively on each thrust, the orgasm experience was tremendous, orgasm came and left time after time, each greater than the last, the little man was never hesitant his pace.

Hazel was becoming weak, and began to slide down the bed, the little man fell forwards over her, gripping her hips rocking himself to and fro on her tummy but continued fucking her hard. As time continued, his cock appeared to become enormous, as if to accommodate her stretched pussy, assuring continued contentment. Hazel looked down at him; there were no signs of exhaustion, he looked as he did, the moment he'd started. She couldn't believe the view before her, he was actually pivoted on her tummy, rocking like a madman, but his cock felt unlike a cherished marrow.

"A little more effort now I think!" The little man smiled up towards her. With out any lack of momentum his eased himself up, supporting himself on her hips, as he started to fuck her at ferocious swiftness. Whether it was sweat in her eyes Hazel couldn't tell, but the little man became almost a blur to her he was working so hard, the drapes on the four-poster were swinging wildly to and fro as the bed rocked.

Never had she had feeling of this kind, or fucked so hard, her screams must have been heard throughout the building.

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It wasn't as if she could have wrapped her arms around him, all she could do was to grip the bedding, his thrusts were never ending. She sensed his thumbs digging into her hips as he clung to her, the cock within her felt like that of a donkey, however she knew his strokes were short, mind blowing at that, already she broken two of her precious nails by gripping the bedding.


William lay motionless on the long padded mat on the clinic floor, it had been seven years since he'd enjoyed any form of sex, thought about it, but that's as far as it went. His accident had left his legs paralysed with little or no use of his arms.

Lifting his head he watched as his cock was manipulated, he'd fancied her for months, and she'd always looked after him on his visits three times a week, but never to this degree. A hand might have brushed lightly against his cock, during workout, but nothing to say it was a deliberate action, often he'd made a suggestive remark, which of course could have been taken two ways, but they had been ignored.

The clinic was empty today; the others were all out on a day trip, no one had ever considered his sexual needs, just exercises. Her blonde hair fell about his legs as she went down on him again, he could hear the sucking noises, the sensations were immense, he knew he had to hold back, the last thing he wanted was to cum. She had a way with her lips, almost as if they vibrated as she drew them up and down along his shaft, he would have loved to have been able to lift his hips to match her movements, nevertheless, this was not possible.

William closed his eyes, imagining as to what she was wearing under her white coat, if anything he considered. Often he'd taken a quick look as she walked around him, or she'd squatted down beside him to talk on previous sessions of exercises at the clinic. He was never sure whether she did it intentionally; he couldn't count the amount of wet dreams, or even times he'd cum during exercises at the clinic, thankfully it had never showed, having been absorbed into his underwear.

Suzy lifted her head and smiled up towards him, she wanted him like mad from the first day she'd seen him when he arrived at the clinic. During his exercises allowing him sly glances up under her coat, never did she wear anything but underwear under her coat, at work it was far to hot. He'd made his little remarks… yes she knew his meaning, but with others there… she had to disregard them, sometimes she knew she'd gone to far…realising the effect she was having on him, feeling guilty… not being able to aid his relief.

William looked up as she pulled away from him and stood with her legs astride his body, slowly starting undoing the buttons on the front of her white coat. He's cock throbbed…her breasts he'd never seen anything to match them before… then her panties white as snow.

"You don't mind do you William?" Suzy smiled with an angelic grin on her face, as she started to lower herself slowly onto him.

"No… please!" William tried lifting his head. "Please! Let me savour it first!" He pleaded. Suzy walked along the sides of his body standing directly above his face, William looked up viewing her pussy, to him is was a work of art, tiny folds, puffy lips surround by a plume of golden hair, glistening from the moisture that had seeped due to her own excitement.

Leisurely, lowering her body, placing her hands under his head aiding his posture. William took in deep breaths filling his nostrils with the pungent aroma; dragging his moustache through her pussy lips, collecting the nectar on its bristles, his tongue darted over the upstanding clitoris, wriggling its tip.

Suzy lowered slightly, he instantly took advantage, spreading his lips over it, sucking, squeezing, and then rolling the little bud between his teeth. It was all too much for her, pulling away… Suzy leaned over him and kissed his lips, sensing her own fragrance within his bushy moustache, gradually she edge back over his body, her hand reaching between them until his cock was found, tilting it head guiding it up to her pussy allowing it entry without stopping her downward movement.

William gasped as it slid in with little resistance, just a slight pussy wall pressure. Slowly, Suzy started backward and forward movements above him, kissing him as she did so. William wanted to put his arms around her, lift his hips, but this was not possible, he had to just enjoy her Her belly felt almost full, Lynn knew the last team member was now fucking her; she had enjoyed them all, never could she have thought it possible, although some had been violent with her, but she assured herself this was because of the spectators cheering them on; the performance was for their fans.

Not that they meant her any form of discomfort, she did wonder if she could make it off the playing field, she'd been in the same position for at least an hour and a half, but it had been worth it, with the reserves, one way or another she'd been fucked by fifteen in all. "I'm&hellip. I'm going to blow… prepared yourself!" He's excitement started Hazel, she was in her own world, it was almost as if their bodies were fused together, she opened her eyes, wondering as to why the little man was getting so keyed up.

She'd only just cleared her last orgasm. He forced himself up her, holding onto her knees tightly with his small hands, his back was bent. It was then that she felt it… it was like a geezer irrupting inside her, her inner recesses filled to capacity, it almost felt as if it were aerated as it bubbled up inside her Suzy's movements continued throughout her orgasms.

He's cock felt wonderful, she knew that she was his first for a considerable time, his moans, were music to her ears, no more brushings, no more two-way comments, this was for always. She sensed his cock enlarge, she knew he was ready, one last rock, then she leaned back on him, absorbing his manhood to the full, feeling his seed flowing as it pumped into her impatient pussy, at last she fulfilled her inner most desire.

Tilting her body over him, allowing no chance of movement from his cock she kissed him hard on the lips.

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Lynn slumped forwards onto the grass, sperm draining from her mouth and pussy at the same time, she'd no energy to move. In her dazed state she felt two arms going beneath lifting her, the spectators cheered as she was carried towards them. "Breakfast is at nine thirty Miss!" Hazel felt a light tapping on her shoulder as she woke, turning to see the young girl holding in a tray at the bedside.

"I've brought you a nice cup of tea Miss…hope you slept well… I have awoken you're two friends! They informed me that they'd both meet you downstairs" "Thank you…!" Hazel replied as she sat up, easing herself to one side of the bed allowing the girl to place the small tray down beside her.

Hazel met her friends in the main dining room at 9.25. And unlike the banqueting hall, it had tables to sit four or more. The room was a buzz as all the girls chatted about their night of fantasy. The breakfast was soon served, followed by pots of hot coffee. The gavel sounded once more, it was the lady from the previous evening. Well ladies, it is with hope…all you're fantasies were fulfilled, it was only something that was in your minds, but suddenly it was realism, you we're there so to speak.

Now the raffle, we have selected the three winning numbers" The numbers were called, and it was Suzy that was the lucky one among the three girls. She came back to the table with the small package. "Ladies those of you that won in the raffle, your prizes are the same.

Being a month supply of our potion that you all sampled last night, giving you all the pleasures which I sure you'll all remember in times to come. The lady carried on at some length about the wonder product that they had to agree it was. Some of the girls brought the same. It wasn't until the journey home that Hazel remarked to her two friends that she herself had not envisaged having sex with a dwarf. Not that she hadn't enjoyed it, she had.

Each of the girls explained each other's fantasy and how it had transformed in their dreams. They stopped half way home on their journey for a refreshment break. "Of course that's it!" Hazel blurted startling the other two.


Hazel looked at them both picking up her apple and smiling. "Apples… I always buy them from the market, Brambly Apples, from the little guy on the market stall. His name is Arch; at least that's what everyone calls him. Yes of course, I've often fantasized as to what it would be like. God I don't think I'll be able to look him in the face anymore!" Hazel laughed "Well, at least you know how I feel, I've been working part time at the clinic for eight years, I never realised my feelings went so deep towards William!" Suzy stated with a grin "Funny you know, I only suggested to myself on the way to the Hall yesterday, that if my team won… they could all take me to bed… However, I made no such offer that they could all fuck me in turn on the pitch, least way not in front of the spectators!" Lynn smiled holding her tummy.

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"Do you know I still feel full up I really do?"