Unusual kittens pound the biggest strapons and spray cream everywhere

Unusual kittens pound the biggest strapons and spray cream everywhere
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Claire had been in the master's house for almost a year. She was the best slave now, she'd managed outdo the twins, Susanna and Stella. This had proven to be quite difficult, for Susanna was very good at making the master cum, and quickly. The Master had given Claire a new collar, it was baby pink like the old one, but it had her name on it. She loved her new collar, she thanked the master everyday for it. And he'd say 'It you really want to thank me, you'll take care of this." And he'd unbutton his pants, she'd undo the zipper and suck him off.

She had her own bedroom now too, though this was really nothing special because so did Susanna and Stella. It was decorated in all pink furnishings the same color as her collar.

*** Today was the anniversary of Claire's year stay at the master's house. Susanna told Claire this was the only celebration she'd get until she was here for five years. Susanna and Stella had been here for two years almost. Claire woke up wet for the fourth time this week. She'd been dreaming up different scenarios for what the Master would let her do. Susanna told her that when her and Stella had been there for a year, he took them out for the day as if it was their birthday when they'd finished eating out he ate them out.

He let them cum without permission.


This was a very big deal. She glanced at her clock, it was not long after ten. Claire ran her hand down her stomach to her pussy to see how wet it was- her hand nearly drowned, though she knew she hadn't had an orgasm while she slept.

She put a finger in her hole, surprised that it had remained so tight when she was having some form of penetrative sex at least once every two days or so. Her door swung open and the Master entered, Claire immediately stood up- she and the other girls never wore clothes.

She tits bounced and the Master, without word, stood behind her, massaging her chest. She moaned gently as he pressed his jeans-covered erection into her bare ass. "Today is your day, Claire," he whispered in her ear, nibbling it. Claire gasped, he'd never used her name before.

"Susanna and Stella will not be around today. It's all about you today." he pinched her nipples and twisted them a bit, she ground her waist against his bulge. "Oh, not quite yet, my dear," he said. The Master's voice had a loving tone in it today, as if she was his wife, not his slave. "I'm saving that for later." The hand on her right breast moved slowly down her body, making her quiver.

His other hand began kneading her left breast and she felt that, with a little more of this teasing, she might cum. His right hand finally reached it's destination: her sloppy wet pussy. "What've you been thinking about, you naughty girl?" he asked, his voice was seductive. "Having dirty dreams, are we?

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What're they about?" Claire blushed, her pussy contracted with sexual tension, she wanted to cum so badly. "You," she whispered, leaning her head back on his shoulder and kissing his neck. At the moment, Claire felt like they were lovers, not master and slave, but true lovers. "Mmmm," he moaned as her lips blindfold kissed his throat. He started pumping his fingers in and out of her. "Oh, faster!' she moaned.

"Harder! Please!" He grabbed her waist and moved her to the bed, laying her down while three of his fingers explored her hole like it was the first time. His left hand had let go of her breast, instead it was busy with her clit, teasing it wonderfully.

She moved her hands to her chest, pulling and pinching her nipples wildly. Her started kissing up her body, starting at her belly button and moving up to her breasts.

When his lips started grazing on her nipples she lost it. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, which were still moving at amazing speed in and out of her. "Oh, Master!' she cried, waves of orgasmic bliss rolling over her. Before she'd even finished coating his fingers with her juices, she was shifting so she was on her knees on the bed, since he was leaning over a bit they were eye level.

She pulled him into a hot wet kiss. She knew at that moment that she loved this man that had kidnapped her a year ago. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, without breaking the kiss, her grabbed her waist and picked her up.

He carried her downstairs to the kitchen and laid her on the counter. "Guess what's for breakfast?" he said, smiling devilishly. Claire squirmed, her pussy was dripping and she wanted more of his love. Her legs were hanging over the counter, he kneeled down so his face was level with her waist. He started kissing up her thighs, and it was the most wonderful feeling. Claire moaned slowly and seductively, she wanted to pull his lips up to hers and attack them more.

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She wanted him to stop kissing her thighs so lowly and pleasure her hole. She wanted all of him, and she was disappointed that he was keeping his manhood from her. His eyes found hers, and both had hungry looks in their eyes. Claire was dick hungry, and he was just dying to get his dick in her. "Not just yet, my dear," he said. Her stomach got butterflies when the master said "my dear." And Claire couldn't help herself, she cupped his face gently in both her hands and brought his face to hers, he took her waist and they melted together.

Their bodies were as one as they could be with his clothes still on. In between their sloppy wet kisses, both moaned and felt each other up. Since he was holding her in the air, she moved her leg so her knees was perfectly positioned on the crotch of his pants.

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She pressed her knee into the rock solid bulge and he gripped her tighter to him. He was so strong. He set her back down on the counter, and her legs were spread out so they could be wrapped around his still clothes pelvis. He released her waist and focused his finger's attention back on her pussy, distracting her from his cock. She moaned and put her ankles on his shoulders as he pounded her some more with his long fingers.

As her pussy tensed for another orgasm, she brought their lips back together. "Cum for me, baby," he whispered. And that was all it took, she erupted into another massive orgasm. He took her back to her room. Unbelievably, it was nearly two. He gave her a box wrapped in ivory paper with a large pink gift bow on it. She unwrapped it and wasn't really sure how to react. It was a beautiful dress.

Strapless and black, she could automatically tell by the feel that this dress had cups built in for maximum push up. It was very short, probably not reaching far past her thighs. "I thought you'd enjoy an evening out," the Master said with a loving smile. It had been a year since Claire had worn anything.

She felt almost strange holding this article of clothing. But she smiled, imagining how good the Master would think she looked with this on. Claire smiled at her Master. "Thank you so much, Master," she said, stretching up on her tiptoes to kiss him. He pecked her softly. Something else occurred to Claire: It had also been a year since she'd been out of this place.

She could barely remember life before the master had brought her here. "I'll leave you alone to get ready," the Master said. "Any make up and things you might need are in the bathroom." And with that, he was gone. Claire's hand, almost unconsciously, moved down to her pussy.

It was still soaking, twice as much as this morning. Claire took a shower, she was happy to find that the vibrator that she kept in there had not been moved. She clicked it onto high and stuck it as far as it could go in her pussy.

Then she took Stella's this ass plug from the shower shelf and put that in her pucker. Claire was in control her herself enough to not moan too loud.

She washed herself carefully, running the soap of every inch of her body at least twice. She washed her hair and conditioned it slowly. Then she took a bit of time to play with herself, She teased her nipples, but didn't allow herself to go over the edge. She wanted to be very tense, anticipating a hot night tonight her the Master. When her hair was done intricately in very sexy waves and she'd put on the most attractive make up she could find, Claire stepped out of the bathroom.

She clicked down the stairs- she already had her stilettos on. The Master was waiting for her at the bottom of the steps, a smile on his face. Claire got butterflies. She wondered if she might be falling in love with the Master. Before she'd come off the last stair, the master had her in his arms, kissing her passionately, lovingly. She kissed him back, her fingers tangled in his hair. His hands moved to her ass and she let out a moan.

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"You look beautiful," he whispered, into her ear, he kissed her neck, her head titled back and her lips parted. She moaned again, rubbing her legs together.

Her pussy was getting a bit tense already. After another moment of teasing her, the master let her get on her feet. Her eyes swept over his body, and she had to admit that in a suit, he looked sexy.

Very sexy. "Shall we?" he asked, putting out his hand. She took it and he lead her outside. She blinked, it had been a year since she'd been out in the sun. He took her to one of several luxury cars he had in his enormous garage.

Once on the road, he took the wheel with one hand. The other was too busy with her. He ran his right hand up and down her legs, massaging her thighs. His hand reached up to her outer lips and he sighed, she was soaked and had no panties.

She spread her legs a bit farther. His fingers caressed the folds of her labia, and she closed her eyes and moaned. They turned into the parking lot of some fancy restaurant with a French name Claire couldn't read. She didn't care, this was time with the Master.

Before opening his door, he ran his fingers up her pussy, touching her clit. She moaned. Then he opened the door and, like the gentleman she was starting to really see, opened her door and took her arm. Escorting her to the entrance. He opened the door from her, and as she stepped in front of him, his laid a hand on her ass.

Claire realized the Master's idea of an "evening out" was very deferent from normal people's. Shamelessly, he kept his hand on her ass, squeezing it with every step. She wanted to moan, her ass was very sensitive to any touch. He obviously was a regular here, for the nearest waiter immediately greeted the Master and led him to a table.

They sat, and the waiter left to get drinks. The Master slipped a her back down to Claire's crotch, and she glanced around.

Her eyes widened. Almost every other man in the room was playing with a woman. A couple men had two women at his table and at one table both women of them were obviously in a state of orgasmic bliss. "Spread your legs," the Master said, his voice was gentle, but Claire new this was a command. She complied. He shook his head. "Both feet as far apart as they can go, on the table." Claire took a quick look around again, then obeyed.

The master smiled his approval. He pinched her clit in between his thumb and forefinger, and Claire was embarrassed as she unwillingly let out a loud moan. "You're such a good girl," the Master said. He twisted his fingers, and her pussy was demanding attention immediately. "Be louder, baby," he said. "It's safe here." When she didn't immediately obey, he pressed down hard on her clit, she cried out a moan. "You can do better than that," he said. "You're such a dirty girl. My dirty little slut.

Aren't you? Answer me!" His voice never rose, but the tone changed to a command at the end. He put his little finger in her pussy. "Yes!" she moaned. "I'm your dirty little whore, Master. I'm a dirty little slut. I'm a cock-hungry slut." The Master smiled.

"Good girl, that was better than I expected." He put his pointer and middle fingers inside her. "Talk dirty to me, Claire," he said, his voice was sot and seductive again.

"I'll help you out if you talk dirty to me." "Please fuck me Master," she said, her voice was quiet. She didn't want to do this in public, though she noted that several other girls were outright panting and moaning at the top of their lungs. His fingers stopped moving, and Claire thought she might die. She was getting tense again. The master just gave her a look. She was puzzled. "Look around you, Claire," he said. "Are these girls being quiet?

Are they trying to conceal how they feel about their masters?" "I'm not trying to conceal it, sir," she said, horrorstruck that he thought she wanted to hid her feelings. "I. . I love you." The Master was obviously taken back by this. He was quick to conceal his reaction, though. "If you love me," he said. "If you truly love me, then be loud.

Say dirty things in a loud voice. Don't try to hid your pleasure." Claire tightened the muscles in her pussy. She thought it was just a bit awkward to try to have a conversation with the Master with his fingers inside her. Claire decided to reply by getting louder. "Fuck me Master!" she said, raising her voice so it was nearly a yell. "Fuck me with your whole hand! Put your fist inside me! Oh, please fuck me harder! I can't take it anymore!

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Oh, fuck me harder! Faster!" The Master complied, all four of his fingers were pumping in and out of her at amazing speed. "Oh, oh, oh, oh!" she moaned one 'oh' for every time his fingers forced their way inside. "Oh, GOD! Harder!" she moaned. Claire didn't realize it, but pretty much the everyone was staring at her.

"Yes!" she cried, feeling the tension reach it's climax. "Oh, God I'm CUMMING!" The master pulled his fingers out and slowly started working her clit. For the first time, Claire squirted. Usually her juices just poured out of her, put this time it were just about shooting out. She moaned as he kept teasing her clit, wanting the pleasure to last, her forced her fingers back into her flooded pussy and kept fingering herself as her fluids kept pushing out of her.

When it ended, she was exhausted. She automatically glanced down at the master's crotch, which was a huge bulge. Claire reached for his zipper. He grabbed her wrist, stopping her. "not yet," he said in a low voice. Eyes were on them, waiting for the rest of the show probably. "Please, Master," she said, starting to move to her knees in front of him.

When she was between his open legs she looked up at him. "I want to. I want to make you feel good." He stroked her hair, his hand slid down her collarbone and suddenly her nipples were a priority. "What do you want?" he asked, that seductive smile playing on his lips. Claire couldn't respond, she was moaning softly.


"I asked you what you wanted to do, Claire," he said, his voice was gentle and beautiful. Her dribbling pussy ached to be filled with him. "I-I want your cock," she moaned, unable to get out her words the right way. "But don't you feel good right now?" He put his palms on her nipples, and- as if to prove his point- her chest, without her permission, started rubbing against his unmoving hands.

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"Please, Master," she said, her lips pouted a bit. "I want to make you feel good too." She moved to undo his pants, and this time he let her. When she undid the button and zipper, his solid meat sprang out and stood at attention. Her hand slow started stroking him, her tongue swirled around the purple head.

His hands moved to her head, forcing her to throat his dick. She complied, she'd become a master cocksucker, because he didn't want to stretch her out she gave head the most. He fucked Susanna and Stella more because their pussies weren't "fresh." She could feel his stick pulsing in her mouth, and she loved it. Sucking him off turned her on- though not half as much as fucking him.

"Does that feel good, Master?' she asked, looking up at him. He was moaning, and he replies with a lusty "Yes, baby." She slid her hand down her stomach and started playing with herself. "Talk to me, Claire," he said, "say dirty things." "Am I doing I good job, Master?" she asked, pumping him with her hand.

"Don't you want to cum all over her. C'mon, gimme a shower of your sperm. I've been wanting you so bad all day." She took a second to bob her head up and down his shaft a few times. "I'm playing with my clit, right now," she told him, "imagining your cum all over my face and in my mouth.

Mmm, your precum tastes so good. But I want the good stuff. Hose me down, Master." She went all the way down on him, her lips were at the base of his meat.

He held her head down, and her tongue swirled around his cock. "I'm CUMMING!" he yelled as he sprayed her throat with his cum.

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He started pumping furiously in and out of her mouth, and his dick kept letting more and more into her. She swallowed every drop she could, and the rest, which wasn't much, dripped down her chin. She started jacking him off again. Finally, his dick softened a bit- but didn't fall- it stopped trying to drown her in sperm. She kept jacking him off, though.

Claire knew he could hold multiple erections consecutively, he could fuck her or the other girls once every night if he wanted, and be hard for every time. And not only that, but he could load them all up with cum. Claire caught the rest of his cum and licking it off her fingers. She smiled up at him.

"I love you, Master," she said. I'm not down with you, yet," he said. He buttoned his pants back up. And took her hand. "We're going home for the grand finale." Look For the Epilouge "Claire's Night."