Im kleid ficken

Im kleid ficken
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I had finished my high school education the previous year and I had passed quite well.I was now staying at home idle waiting to join the university in about six months time.Since I completed school I was used to waking up late and today was no difference.I was still asleep when I heard a persistent knock on our gate.I dragged myself off my bed and headed down stairs in the empty house.My parents had gone to work and my siblings were in school.I put on some floater sandels and walked out of the house headed for the gate.I was still in shorts and a vest as the brightness of the morning sun caused my partly open eyes to hurt.I opened the gate slowly and there stood Mrs.Stevenson.She was one of our many neighbours and she was a good friend of my mum.

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"Oh hi Liam is your mum home?"She asked as soon as I had opened the gate. "No.She left for work in the morning."I answered her as I wiped some 'eye boogers' from my eyes. "Oh,Ok.I wanted to talk to her first before talking to you."She said as she sighed. "Talk to me about what?"I quickly inquired. "Jade is not performing well in school and I was wondering if you could tutor him."She said with a soft tone.

"Oh!"That was all I could say.

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"Please tell me you'll do it.And of course it won't be for free we can agree on a price."She said with a persuasive tone. "I'll have to think about it first."I said as I avoided eye contact with her. "You're a bright boy Lee(my nickname) please just say yes.Help him to improve in his school work and we can agree how much I will be paying you."She continued to persuade me.

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"Ok I will see how I can help him."I said after finally giving in. "Thank you very much."She said as she gave me a strong hug such that I could feel her medium sized breasts press against my chest.

"So how much do you want?"She asked me with a smile still on her face. "I've never done this before so let me think about it as I also ask some of my friends who may have done this before.So I guess I'll tell you later after I've made up my mind"I responded to her question.


"Sure.I'll come back later for your response.Bye."She said as she turned to walk away. "Bye."I answered back as I closed the gate behind me.

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I went back in the house took my breakfast before going back to my room to take a shower.While in the shower all I could think about was Mrs.Stevenson how she had pressed her breasts against my chest and how she had a fine ass and body as she walked away.I resisted the temptation of masturbation in the shower and soon I was out and already dressed.I left my room and headed downstairs to the living room where I switched on the tv as I sat down on one of the sofas.I searched for anything interesting to watch and on lacking anything I got to playing some video games.

I was so caught up in playing video games that I didn't realize how much time had passed.I was still playing my video game when I saw the door open and Mrs.Stevenson was standing there in a short but not tight blue dress.I starred at her for a while before removing my head phones from my ears. "Mrs.Stevenson?"I said perplexed by her presence.

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"I'm sorry I knocked several times but no one was answering so I came in."She said somehow apologetic. "No its my fault.I had my head phones on so I couldn't here you."I said somehow reassuring her. "Well what did you decide?"She asked as she looked me straight in the eye.

I looked at the clock and realized that close to four hors had passed as it was around ten past two."Oh I'm sorry I have not yet looked into it I lost track of time playing video games."I said apologetically as I switched off the tv.

"Oh.Its okay we're both adults I believe we can work it out."She said as she took a seat next to me.

"Ok I was thinking about 60 to 70 dollars per hour."I said as I sat upright. "Wow isn't that too expensive?"She asked in somewhat disbelief.

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"I had a friend who was attending tuition classes and I think thats what he paid."I said defending my valuation. "Thats too expensive for me.Is there anything I can do to make you change your mind?"She asked in a seductive and sluttish way as she placed her hand on my thigh.This sent chills across my body but also turned me on and my boner slowly started becoming hard and it became visible through my sweat pants.She continued moving her hand on my thigh while looking at me with her deep blue eyes in a sexy manner.Mrs.Stevenson was a very beautiful woman.She had a very beautiful face with lips that were fleshy and desirable to every straight guy.She also had a perfect figure despite being a mother.She had curves that made almost every guy that saw her look at her lastfuly.She had medium sized breasts about 36B but she was well blessed behindwise.She had a big,round and bubbly ass that made all men turn their heads when they passed her.Her dark black hair summed up her beauty.Back to the present.

My boner by now was very hard as I remembered my fantasies in the shower and as I felt her hand touch me.Her hand moved up slowly and she was know caressing my boner with her hand over my sweat pants.She leaned down towards me as she now freed my boner from my pants.I felt her soft hand feel my boner and this made me harder and harder. "Mrsss.Steeeveensooon,thiiis iis noot right"I said as I struggled for words due to the pleasure together with the fear inside me.

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"Shhhh,and call me Jess."She said as she exhaled warm air on my boner."I hope this will change your mind."She added as she started licking the tip of my boner in a teasing manner.I felt a certain feeling of pleasure I had never felt before as she know put my boner deep into her mouth.I felt an ecstasy of pleasure as she removed it from her mouth and gasped for air.The feeling of her saliva drooling on my boner made me harder as I know leaned back on the chair and allowed the myself to feel the pleasure as she know stroked it in and out of her mouth.The feeling was so great that I just found myself coming into her mouth.She swallowed my semen as I watched her and as she fixed her eyes on me,swallowing even the few streams that dripped down as she now pulled my pants all the way down before putting my balls into her mouth and licking them.

She went down on me for about eight to ten minutes before she pulled my shirt up and started kissing me from my stomach coming upwards.Every gentle kiss that she gave me on her way up sent ripples throughout my skin as she know kissed my chest and my neck.I completely removed my shirt as she gave me a long french kiss while also letting her tongue play around in my mouth.For the first time I got a chance to feel her ass when she was on top of me as I pulled up her blue dress to expose her bare ass with a black pantie that had been swallowed by her butt crack.I let my hands feel her as accordingly before I inserted my hands deep into her dress to start caressing her breasts.I played with her breasts as I slightly pinched her nipples which seemed to cause her a lot of pleasure as she leaned backwards allowing me more freedom to explore her body.I laid her on her back on the sofa as I pulled her dress up all the way through and removing it to expose her breasts and her bare body with only a sexy black pantie on.I continued pleasing her by kissing her on the neck and playing with her breasts for a while before I started kissing her breasts and nipples and her stomach as I slowly went down till I reached her fleshy pink pussy lips.I kissed her pussy and this made her wriggle a little bit.I started licking her pussy slowly while also fingering her at the same time.I pinched her clit which caused her to produce a soft moan as I intensified my kissing and licking of her pussy causing her to moan repeatedly.After eating out her pussy for sometime I raised one of her leg and placed it on my shoulder as I now moved closer to her and let the tip of my cock touch her wet pussy lips.

I looked at her lastful eyes as I sunk my cock deep into her vagina feeling the warmth inside her as I started fucking her slowly before increasing my intensity.I grabbed one of her tits with my hand as they bounced up and down due to the pounding I was giving her.I fucked her so hard as she begged me to come into her pussy while moaning my name.I unleashed a big load of semen into her as I felt some strength leave my body.I pulled my cock out of her pussy as she know kneeled on the floor and put it in her mouth and began giving me another sensational blow job as she swallowed every bit of cum.After sometime she removed my cock from her mouth as she let some of the come drip down to her breasts.She then placed my cock between her medium sized breasts before squeezing it in as she begged me to tit fuck her which I gladly did.I tit fucked her for close to three minutes as she swallowed my cum before I ejaculated another load of semen this time it landed on her face and on her breasts and stomach.She licked the cum of her face and breasts as I know sat down to regain some energy.She then climbed on my lap as she inserted my cock into her pussy before sitting on it as she rode it bouncing up and down.She pounded on my balls so hard that I could feel them starting to ache.She then slowly got up as she know stood up and turned around giving me a good view of her ass before she bent down and held the table as she begged me to continue fucking her.My wish of enjoying her fine ass was finally coming true as I moved towards her and inserted my cock into her pussy from behind and started pounding her.I admired her beautiful ass by thoroughly caressing it as I fucked her from behind.The fucking had become so nice that as it was about to reach the climax she asked me to remove my cock from her pussy and put it in her ass.I obliged and as I pierced it into her ass she let out a not so loud scream a sign to me that she was enjoying this.I went in and out of her ass so hard as she also fingered her self as the fucking of my life and I'm sure of her life came into a climax.I cummed into her ass as my fourth load of semen went into her as she also got an orgasm.She lay flat on the table as she recovered from that awesome fucking as I also sat down trying to regain my energy.After sometime we both put our clothes on as I still fathomed the brilliance I had just experienced.We kissed for a while before she stood up to leave as it had been about two and a half hours since she came.


"I'll come back to discuss about the timetable and also finalize on the fees another day."She said as she left before giving me a wink. All I could think about as I wiped the cum off the sofa and the floor was when I was gonna see her again as today was something special.