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Fleshlight brasil Controle ein ejaculação precoce
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So play along with me. I want you to take it out. Yes.out. Right now. I don't care what size it is. All cocks are fun. I've never gotten tired of them even though I've played with more than you would believe. Get some lube and start stroking because I'm doing this story totally naked while playing with myself. Really. Not a stitch on with double towels underneath my bum. I am sure I'm going to cum many times while writing this.and these towels are going to be soaked.

Hey! Don't look at my face or my pussy. Look only at my breasts. See how my nips are so aroused? See how they are sticking straight out? See how they shine all lubed up? Wanna taste them? At this very minute, they are super sensitive! Lean over and put one in your mouth. Make it really difficult for me to type. I love it when guys take the time to really love on my breasts. Most of you don't understand that when your head is cradled on a woman's chest like mine, and you are sucking on my nipples, it triggers powerful memories of my babies suckling them.

I get an old familiar response just like when I'm nursing. I orgasm. I loved nursing and would usually continue doing so right up to my baby's ability to talk. Quitting with each child would've been so sad if not for Jim.because he loved nursing on me too. He kept my milk flowing for some time after I quit with a child.

Listen to me. When he or any other guy starts sucking on my nipple, you "become my child" in that moment. I looooove it! I get off imagining you are my baby.

And if you were the right type of guy that loved being my baby too. I'd want to put you in diapers and make you look like my child during our playtime. Would you like that? Would you want to be my baby? Remember this in case I ever do hook up with you. Sadly, I'm not sure many guys understand how good "a man baby" feels to a woman like me.

Come on over. We can play. Well I've been playing with my tits while thinking about what to write in this story. It's been difficult typing. My fingers are very oily and actually. All I really want to do is play with these two engorged beauties. Oh gawd this is good. While I'm pinching and rolling them, I'm imagining you are right here suckling them while stroking that beautiful cock of yours. Oh I want to feel your head on my breast.

Damn. Where are you?? I want you here! My clit needs you too! It's swollen and sticking so far out. That's because I've been naughty stroking it in between typing a few words at a time.

I'm imagining you being right here right now. So look. I'm swinging the chair away from my desk and computer and inching my ass to the edge of this expensive executive chair. Now. kneel down between my legs.

Now!! Gently lick all around my pussy. Hurry up and go real slow. Yes! Ok, now slide that tongue down to my crack. That's sooo good.

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Here, let me lean back and put one foot on the desk and the other on the filing cabinet. Do you like seeing me all splayed out for you? Well then, spread my cheeks and lick my asshole.

Go ahead. It's clean. I just showered. Oh gawd that feels good. Poke your tongue in as far as you can. Good. Very good. In and out now. Don't stop.don't you dare fucking stop! Ugg holy crap I'm cumming. Fucking fantastic! I always cum hard when you do that!

Ok. Stand up. Come here. I want your cock. I love sucking a new cock. When I'm in this kinda mood I DO NOT want Jim's cock. Not now. It's got to be new. It's got to be yours! OMG I love your cock. I love feeling it swell in my mouth. Come over with me to the desk.

And don't you pull it out. I will bite down if I sense you pulling out! Ok. I've got some ideas I want to type out before I loose them. Typing with a cock in my mouth. Crazy fun.

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I wish I could do more things with your cock in my mouth. Like doing the dishes. Cleaning the house. Taking a bath. With your cock in my mouth, every damn mundane thing would be so much fun! Your cock could be my sexy pacifier. Oh I wanna keep it. Can I please please? Or maybe. it could become "my cigar." I like cigars! Hmm. Maybe that's why you guys love long fat cigars. Tactile oral phallic symbols. Damn. I never thought of it that way. See what happens when a girl has a cock in her mouth?

Alright I'm done with that. Did I tell you I like sucking on balls? Let's see if you like the way I do it. Sit on the edge of my desk. On the very edge.

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Scoot forward. Oh my. You smell good. I like sucking one ball at a time into my mouth. Would you like that? Ok. See how my lips are shaped like an o-ring? I'm going to suck real hard and pull one through my small mouth ring.

It's gunna take some effort. Kinda like trying to suck a "Wendy's Frosty" up through a straw. Gotta suck really really hard. Ok. Here we go. Oh this is not going to be easy. I'm sucking really hard now. Almost. Little harder. Little longer. Pop! We did it! Oh baby.


Did that hurt a little? Listen silly, just be glad I didn't chew on it much.This time. Ok. Now the other. No?? You're resisting me?! We either do this or our little playtime is over. "No nutty no fucky." Oh.ok. So just relax now.

This one might take a little longer. Oh baby. Are you crying? There's no crying in "sucsacball!" Few more minutes and it will be all over. I promise. Gawd I love balls. Yours are really quite firm. It takes everything I've got to suck them down to size! You know, this kinda hurts my lips mister! Ok. Here we go.almost there. A little harder. More. More! Oh my mouth is tired. Gotta rest. Ok. Let's try this again. I'm determined this time.

I WILL suck it down to size. A little more. Harder. Harder. As hard as I can! Almost there.Pop! Wow. I've got 'em both in my mouth. Wasn't that great! What? You can't talk? Now I'm going to clamp my lips down with your balls and sac in my mouth and pull out a little bit.

Just a little. Ok. It's gunna be a lot. Let's see how far your sac will stretch. Oh you've got a big one. Wonderful. A little farther. Just a little farther. Oh baby hold still! I'm going to jerk them a few times and see if I can get it to stretch another inch. Isn't this fun! I promise I'll make those babies cum and cum when we are done with this.

Oh baby. Please stop crying! So. You want to play sometime? Think Asheville baby! —————- Sex is fun. Sexual imagination is crazy fun, always new, always unpredictable, always hot. It's your imagination that makes recreational sex possible. And recreational sex is what all of our stories are about.

We are sharing them because so few people seem to appreciate how eroticism can be so healthy for their mind and body. It keeps them both young! And just as important, it keeps you exercising your right brain in our left brain dominate world.

Here's the catch. Post orgasmic letdown can be a bitch for both men and women. Jim and I've talked a bunch about that throughout this series. And if you are trying to read our stuff during your "cum let down," well much of what we've said won't make much sense and most of what we've done will seem lecherous, licentious and even disgusting. That ole left brain just doesn't get it. It likes rules. Lots of good ole rules that generate its sense of self righteousness. Sexual imagination.

not so much. So I'm sitting here contemplating if I want to tell you certain other things we've done. I'm asking myself. Would you even appreciate it? Would you just judge me as some crazy slut? Could I trust you with my sexy secrets? If I do, would you promise not to tell? Golly, this is our 13th story and we've barely begun. There's so much more. Ok. Let's see if you "can handle the (our) truth." Maybe if you've been followed along.

Just try not to judge. ——————- Well here goes. I'm picking up from the last couple stories with Frank and Sharon. I'm going to share two encounters that are directly related and made possible by them.

Those two "sexual deviants" really launched us into the stratosphere of sexuality. The Night the Four of us Fucked Every woman should get a chance to fuck Frank! At least once. Frank is a "man's man." But he's really talented as a woman's man! Alpha, virile, tall, muscular, big hands, big feet and an unreal, yummy, big fat cock. Fucking Frank is like sitting in the passenger seat during a Trans-Am race with Frank at the wheel.

It's gunna be crazy fast, scary most of the time, bouncing all over the place, lots of loud sounds, a sense of no control, and every sensation you will have will be at an intensity you didn't know existed. Let me explain. Frank doesn't just lick or suck your boobs. He devours them. I'm not sure anyone has ever attacked mine with such vigor. I'm telling ya girls. you ain't had your tits sucked until Frank gets his chance with you!

When he grabbed me, I realized I no longer could call the shots. He fucking scared me. The ferocity of what he did was exactly my "fantasy rape" and when he started ravishing my tits, it set the tone for everything to follow.

His mouth was like a vacuum pump that could pull almost my entire breast into it. His tongue was as enthusiastic as some hungry dog licking his bowl clean.and almost as big. His lips were like my best vibrator. This boy could hum. When he finally went down south, he had me trembling with fearful anticipation. Actually I was scared shitless. He began eating me like he was starving and there was an entire meal between my legs.

From inner thigh to inner thigh, every little spot experienced his lips, his tongue and his teeth. Gawd, I'm getting shivers just thinking about it and that was over twenty years ago! Even though I felt like I was in the arms of a monster, his combination of fingers and tongue was masterful. I had clit orgasms and G spot orgasms and combinations of both many times before he ever let his cock enter me. He gave me the most rapid series of orgasms I've ever had and baby, it was shockingly scary.

And then. that big fat long cock came home to the party. Now I want to stop and interject something. Size does matter.somewhat.but generally girls were very leery of guys with big cocks at our clubs. Those boys often banged your cervix hard and you would be fucking sore.for days. Not Frank. His cock was so big around it seemed impossible it would ever go in, but I guess after he had made me cum so many times, I was stretched out enough to have a baby!

And I was gushingly lubed. He put that mushroom head at the entrance of my baby hole and pushed with a slow steady powerful pressure. Gawd it was slow and my whole body was screaming for him to slam it in. Now girls, this is what you need to feel at least once in your life.

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You need to feel your pussy stuffed to its ABSOLUTE MAX.while you are primed to your HIGHEST erotic state. It's both of them together that makes this so special.

Gawd it was great and just like he intended it to feel with all my nerve endings firing at the same time. Once in, he gently pushed and massaged my cervix with the tip of his long cock. He didn't ram me. He didn't hurt me. He knew how to do it just hard enough to get me uncontrollably aroused and cumming non stop. [Did you know the cervix, or the X spot, is normally a woman's highest orgasmic trigger? Frank did. It also is the opening to the uterus and when properly aroused, that little opening widens right up and sucks sperm deep into the womb.

The cervix is the gateway baby!] During that string of orgasms, I'm sure my cervical opening was stretched wide open and begging for him to directly pump his seed deep into my womb. That's exactly what he did. I felt it go straight in. Masterfully done!

In that moment all that I was thinking, all that I wanted, all that I was feeling, was for him to make me a baby. Seriously and honestly. Now don't you dare fucking judge me! You weren't there! My entire womb was on fire with a desire I had never experienced, even when Jim was impregnating me. I fucking wanted him to knock me up. I never knew a strange man could do that to me.

making me want nothing more than to have his baby. Girls, Frank knew some primal pregnancy secrets that I think no one I've been with prior or since has known. This man should've sired hundreds of babies cuz I fucking wanted my next one to be his! In that special moment. I needed one!

I craved one! He made me tremble and cry for one like some primal woman. And I bet a lot of women would have felt exactly the same.

Sorry guys, husbands, fathers. None of you are in Frank's fucking league. Sounds crazy huh? Sounds fucking dangerous to most of you I bet. But wow what a moment in time.

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I'm so glad I got to experience him. Deep down inside he made me feel like the most desirable, most beautiful, and most sexual woman in the entire world. He changed me from some little girl playing with sex, to a woman that would always need sex and would take it whenever and wherever she pleased.

Yup. Thank you Frank. And this is why I said. Every woman should get a chance to be fucked by such a specimen of a fierce and scary gentle-man. Ok. Enough typing and reminiscing.

Now I've gotta figure out a way to clean up this very oily keyboard and soaked towels! Jim! Come here! I want you to tell them about your time with Sharon that night. She and Frank were "equally matched sexual bookends." They kinda scared us both.

—————- My Fucking Story I love reading what Ash was feeling when she got fucked that night. I think she described Frank very well. What a privileged night we had with them both. We went out for a nice dinner and came back to their house for drinks and guess what happened? Surprise surprise. We hooked up. We both went to separate rooms at 9:30 and we didn't end the affaire d'amour until 4:00am.

That's right, six and a half hours of non stop sex. Well, for me and Sharon it was non stop. massage-sex-massage. Longest most thrilling and somewhat exhausting sexual night of my life. Here's the thing. It felt timeless. I was absolutely shocked when I found out it was 4:00. It seemed like midnight, 1:00 at the latest. Sharon is a masterful lover and I too think every man should get his chance with her. Let me describe this lady. Sharon is about 5'9" but feels more like 6'.

She is a broad strong muscular woman and I'd guess easily 170 lbs, but not fat at all. She's as sexy in body as in her personality. She's very confident, very experienced, very smart, very intuitive, and maybe telepathic. It will only take her a few minutes with you to have you completely "figured out." That makes her a bit intimidating to most guys including me.

I was attracted to her from the beginning but.didn't.quite.trust her. But. there was a game changer. I could tell she really liked me. In fact, I knew she wanted me as her private lover play toy.

God only knows what she would've done with me in that role. Well this night bonded us. I'm not sure anything happened as spectacular as what Ash had with Frank. Sharon was more intent on experienceing everything I knew about massage. (Found our later she was planning on getting me to start a dinner massage club) So I gave her a great one.

A very long one. Actually two great ones, both her body and then her hair. Now if you've been following along, you know I had been developing my own little hypnotic hair pull, scalp massage thing. My plan was to wait until her whole body got worked over really well in an oily massage. And I mean her entire body, slow, with no clock running. That took 2-3 hrs. Then I switched to a light fingertip touch, sensual erotic style, (the kind where I was grazing more hair than skin) which led into extended and varied genital play and with Sharon, that meant countless orgasms.

I can remember giving her oral.

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Damn what a pussy. There was a masculine feel to it. It was strong and firm and had a command to it. Loved every minute of playing with it. She tasted great. When I sucked on her clit and she would rise off the bed, it made me feel like "this is how it should always feel with a woman!" Very few of them, including Ash, have orgasms as powerfully as Sharon.

Before I was ready to stop, she insisted I fuck her (actually I'm not sure who fucked whom) and we did it in every imaginable position several times! It's hard to describe it now. I think we both were way into some kind of altered state where you can't remember the details. It just lasted a long time and seemed like such an athletic event, that I never came. Thank God! That would've been such a rookie type embarrassment. And then the hair pull began. Sharon not only has massive boobs, she has long thick luscious semi-curly hair all the way down her back and covering her butt.

It was more fun playing with that hair than any other I have pulled. It simply was exotic and hypnotic. She orgasmed multiple times by just messing with those beautiful locks. Let me tell ya, causing an orgasm in a woman without ever touching her body is always the best! Uniquely the best.

And I think that was the moment that caused her to want me as her toy. It all ended with her taking over and making me just lie there and take "what she had planned." Sharon had a lot to teach me about sensual light touch and the best part in her repertoire was her endless, incredibly sensuous "hair sweeps." She used that long hair of hers to slowly drag-sweep my body in both directions, both fast and slow, and intermittently whipped me with it, causing exquisite minute stings.

I don't know how long that lasted. But it was long.

Long enough for me to be slipping in and out of consciousness. I remember it all ending with her sucking my completely flaccid cock. What she did to me wasn't a blow job. It wasn't just sucking me off either.

It felt.sacred. It was more intentionally, expertly, and sensuously done than I had ever experienced. I'll leave it at that. I only remember one strong thing about it. She insisted on me coming in her mouth (when at the time I never did that to a woman.) Sharon was not going to be denied. She wouldn't pull away when I told her to and that made the intensity of my climax far more memorable. She said she loved how I tasted and after she finished drinking it down, she curled me up in one big monstrous hug.

About ten minutes of that and we went off searching for our other two lovers. We were wide awake! Yea. I know. I could've given you many more details. But hey. This is Ash's story. I'll let her finish and see if she can type while I play with her clit! —————- [Have you read our story #11?

If not, you should go do that now. It's one of my favorites and what I'm going to share with you, the game changer of all our nights, will make much more sense once you have.] The Night That Changed Everything Being part of sexy scenes at Sharon's crazy club was over the top fun for everyone, but especially me.

I suspect deep inside every woman has a desire to be an exhibitionist. For me it's the outrageousness of it all, the intense attention you feel, the sheer adoration of your body, and your perceived sexiness.

In addition, if there were 60 or more men, most of whom were handsome, wealthy, business types in the room, all salivating over you. it's was all over the top fun. I loved it once I experienced it. Gawd I wished we hadn't waited so long before finally attending.


I've often asked myself. "what was it about this club?" I think it was the lighting. It was so soft and so focused on us the players, and not the guys, that it caused me to never feel self conscious. probably because I could barely see them standing all around the room.

No. Maybe it was playing out the scene with some sexy guy or sexy woman who was equally charged up and aware we were there to perform. Yea, that changed everything.

It always felt like we were making a porno film. No. I think what really made it intense is that we had an audience, a large audience and all standing just a few feet away. And, (and this is a very big "and,") they were all naked and stroking their wonderful cocks.

Sounds kinda depraved doesn't it? It wasn't. There was an indescribable honesty, beauty and wholesomeness to those scenes. Really. I bet you don't believe me, but if you had been there you would've felt it too.

Ok. So this night I'm into another scene just like other nights except for this. At the pre-party seminar during the afternoon, I got to meet one the most deliciously handsome young men I've ever seen. He was much younger, maybe 24 at the most; a real late bloomer and probably a nerd growing up; had found the club on the web; and of course got coaxed to travel all the way from N Carolina to experience it all.

Sharon is irresistible! (This guy was only a few years older than my son! And Sharon was again setting me up with someone without my knowledge.) So when we met that afternoon, he naturally was very interested in getting to know me. Lucky me! We talked and talked and shared the meal together while holding hands. It was cute at first and then surprisingly became quite hot. I was dripping before the meal was over and I just wanted to go fuck his brains out. But since he had traveled so far to experience the party, I had to restrain myself and take him there instead of his room and of course, let him watch me perform.

DE-licious! I was wild that night in that scene and all the while sneaking peaks at him as he watched. I saw him cum twice! When that scene ended I walked straight up to him, (both of us bare naked,) put my arms around his neck and laid one of the most passionate kisses I've ever given on that boy! Sharon was watching and came up saying. "You two need to go get a room!" We wasted no time and as we were leaving the party for his hotel room I saw Sharon walking up to Jim and knew exactly what she was doing and going to say.

"Jim darling. I've set Ashley up with this young guy from NC. Remember him from this afternoon? He's so inexperienced and really needs a woman like Ash. I hope it's alright because I've chased them off to his room. Is that ok?" Sometimes I really really loved Sharon!!! —————— The point of this story is not what happened in his room. Yea it was great and maybe my perfect scenario. I was clearly helping him evolve sexually and I love teaching guys all about sex.

We did everything.twice. Nah. Probably four or five times. Even though he had already cum twice at the party, I got him to cum FOUR more times! Once in my mouth. Once between my boobs.

Once inside my pussy. And just for fun, once in my ass. I love youth and their ability to recover! In the end, we were both extremely sweaty sticky and exhausted. So after a quick "I'll soap you up and you can soap me up" shower we laid down together and snuggled. Now I'm not sure why this reaction triggered in me but. This boy felt like I was making love with my son.

I will never forget it. I've never been interested in family sex and I am to this day still surprised how the feeling of incest made the sex so damn intense with him. And that's all I want to say about that! We fell asleep in each other's arms and I woke up around 3:00 only because I had to pee. OMG! I took up the whole night again. Jim's going to be upset. So I said. "Sorry my lover. I've got to run. Let me know when you come down here again. I promise I'll be yours for the night!" So with one long lasting sensuous kiss that got me all wet again and very tempted to fuck him one more time.

I scurried out the door, quite apprehensive about what condition I'd find Jim. ————— Before I tell you what happened, you need some background data that's very important.

Jim and I had been in this lifestyle exactly four years at this point. Sure we had done a lot of swinging. And Jim had been able to fuck countless women. I was happy for him. It made it easy for me to fuck as many men as I wanted. But remember how this all started in our first few stories with Alex? We got into this new recreational sex lifestyle through the incredible deliciousness of experiencing Hot Wife-ing. Jim loved it and I loved it. But because it was "the door we went through" on our way into this lifestyle, the Hot Wife thing typed cast our erotic triggers.

much more than swinging did later on. For me, swinging never was nearly as much fun as being Jim's Hot Wife. I'm pretty sure Jim felt the same way too. So. Over these four years this Hot Wife had acquired a bevy of hot guys.

About twenty to be exact. They all served different purposes. Not all were local. Not all were available for regular hook ups. But they gave me options. They were always there in my consciousness, and it wasn't uncommon to come home and find four different guys who had left a message on my answering machine.

These kind of sexual options created a serious inequity with me and Jim. He didn't have a single woman that he could meet with outside the clubs. Why? It wasn't at all because he couldn't attract them.

It was all about his ethical standards. In his eyes, the epitome of a creepy guy was someone who was married and trying to seduce and date women. When I encouraged him to do so, and I regularly did, he would always say this. "Ash you don't understand. It's different for me and a woman.

You can date any guy you want, married or not, and that guy is going to take what you give him and say 'Use me, use me!' But women are different.

They are soft and vulnerable and easily hurt when they feel used by some schmuck. I just can't do that. I can't date someone while being married!" So that was our narrative for years leading up to this night.

It became very frustrating to me because I felt Jim might never quite understand how it all felt to me, being swept up by some guy, and then so easily overlooking him in the process.

Just like that very night. ————— Well I did it again. Got carried away in that spectacular moment and forgot about Jim. I'm sure many of you will judge me for continually doing that to him but believe me it's hard managing all those dynamics well.

You gotta remember I am talking about earth shaking experiences with new people. It ain't easy to manage and I just wanted Jim to experience that dilemma too. He needed to so he could be a bit more understanding with me. Well. I could tell Jim was mad again. This sort of thing was literally the only thing we argued about. But he was cool. He had helped clean up the entire party while he waited for me and after was sitting there waiting for me to return.

(No one knew the room number we went to. And even if Jim did, it wasn't his style to come yank me out of the arms of some hot guy.) So we left the hotel a little after 3:00 and at first few words were shared between us during the 40 minute drive home.

I was nervous. Jim wasn't talking. And the longer he kept quiet the more guilty I felt. But finally he said. "Ash, do you have any idea what you put me through when you do something like that?

I was bored out of my mind for hours. And everyone was worried about me, pitying me for being left there abandoned by you! Do you know what that says to them about our marriage?" WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO OTHERS? Well that did it. I didn't feel like I needed to apologize. We had covered this ground so many times before. So I boiled over and said. "Jim I'm tired of this. You know damn well this has nothing to do with my love and devotion to you. That's as strong as ever.

You just don't seem to ever get how difficult it is to manage different lovers. They have feelings too. And during such intense sexual experiences like tonight I am holding their deepest sexual psychic in my hands.

Being careful with it is the most important thing to me. I never want to hurt you but I just can't always think of you in the moment! Dammit Jim! You need a relationship with a woman! You are wrong about them.

There are plenty of women out there that would love your kind of attention and would be thrilled if they could have it without it meaning you would be around 24/7.

I've heard all your excuses. Now tell me. What kind of woman WOULD you consider dating?" —————— Ok. That's Ashley's side of the story. It was a very very intense moment for both of us. Very primary in nature and I heard this response flow out of me in an uncommonly forceful way that seemed like I was just a bystander watching it all happen. "I would like a woman two years older than me.

I'm tired of younger women. I want her about two inches shorter than you with brunette wavy hair, in shape, sexy as hell, killer smile, nice boobs and loves sex. I want her to be really quick getting ready for any function.quicker than you! I want her to be smart and someone who loves to read, way into books, yet is very very athletic. I want her to have a very similar background to me growing up, her hometown, her parents and family, and have similar education, like being a teacher and majoring in math.

I want her to be well traveled, culturally diverse, and a social butterfly in any room full of people. I want her to be non-materialistic and comfortable with having a lot or a little.

I want her to want a guy that loves to do the shopping and all the cooking. I want her to be a tom-boy who can swing a hammer and loves the outdoors.

I want her to be good at golf and able to cycle with me. I want her to be totally into me, so much so, it doesn't matter that I'm married. I want her to feel like it doesn't matter what we do as long as we are together." And I want her to somehow be expecting me to show up in her life and is actually waiting for me." Fuck! Where did that come from? It was a totally unexpected and impossible list, one which I had never ever thought of, let alone construct. It came out powerfully and it left Ashley and me speechless.

But it was so impossible, I discarded it, not thinking about it again all week.

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——————- In exactly seven days I met that woman in a most unusual way. It was shocking and equally spooky for both of us. as we shared our backgrounds and interests in great detail. She hit.every.single.item on that list and maybe some other heart desires I neglected to include. She had even had her palm read at a fundraiser party a month prior and was told the man of her dreams would soon show up.

She was also a very public political figure and one I later realized I had seen often on TV and regularly read about in the paper. But get this. She was my political opposite! This was no small serendipity. I was stunned and went back to tell Ash about it. "Fantastic! You ARE going back to see her? Jim, fucking tell me you ARE going back!!" "Hell no Ash! It's way to spooky, scary and dangerous for her and me. No. It was just a one off experience. I'm not going back!" Well. that my friend was the dilemma I now faced.

I knew going back might mean my life would never be quite the same. I needed weeks to mull over that decision. Stay tuned!