Tempting beauty gapes all the way

Tempting beauty gapes all the way
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Once upon a time there were Three Bears that lived together in a cottage in the woods. One was Little Bear with a normal physique, though his arms were quite strong and he had just a little bit of stubble on his face.

Another one was Middle Bear, who was a bit more brutish than Little Bear. He had well-defined muscles on his stomach and chest, all of which were covered in a slight fur. Then there was Big Bear, who was tall and heavily muscular, with a rougher beard and more body hair than Middle Bear or Little Bear.

One morning, the Three Bears left their cabin to go for a walk in the forest. They left the door unlocked for it was in the middle of the forest where no one would ever come around. Except for this day, when Goldicock appeared by the cottage shortly after the Three Bears had left.

Goldicock was a boy about 18 years old, who had a tall slender body and golden blond hair that curled at the ends.


Goldicock was not a good little boy, because when he came by the cottage, first he looked in through the window, then peeped through the keyhole, and seeing nobody inside he entered.

Goldicock had a look around in the living room and saw three bookcases with magazines in them. One was a big bookcase, made of mahogany, which towered toward the ceiling. Another bookcase was also exquisite but a little smaller than the first. And then there was a third bookcase which was ordinary looking and smaller than the other two. Goldicock went to the tallest and most imposing bookcase first and pulled out some magazines from it.

They were gay porn magazines. Goldicock browsed through some of them, but they were too creepy for his taste. He shoved them back and then he pulled out some magazines from the second book case. These magazines were not as bad as the ones in the first bookcase, but they were still too brutish for Goldicock. He shoved those back too and pulled out some magazines from the smallest bookcase. These magazines had just the kind of porn that Goldicock liked.

Goldicock sat down on the floor and started browsing through the magazines. As he was doing this, a bulge appeared in his pants. The bulge grew bigger as Goldicock started stroking it, at first through his pants, until he finally put his hand inside his pants.

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After a while Goldicock pulled his cock out. His cock stood 14 centimeters out from a tuft of golden pubic hairs. Goldicock stroked his cock hard and slow at first, but gradually started wanking it faster and faster. When Goldicock turned a page and saw a centerfold with an unusually sexy hunk across it, his cock turned bright red and some precum came out of it, dripping on the magazine.

But Goldicock did not want to come just yet, so he stood up and wondered what else he could find in the house. While stroking his cock, Goldicock walked into the next room which was a bed-chamber with three beds and three bureaus in it.

Goldicock went to the biggest bureau and pulled out the top drawer. In it were various pairs of underwear, and also a pair of jockstraps.

Goldicock took all of his clothes off and tried the jockstrap on, but it was way too big for him, so he stepped out of it and opened the top drawer from the second bureau. There was a pair of jockstraps in this one too, so Goldicock tried them on as well. But these were still a tad too big, so Goldicock took them off and went to the third and smallest bureau. Goldicock found yet another pair of jockstraps in it, and they were just the right size. Having another man's jockstrap on made Goldicock very horny.

So he started to feel himself through the fabric of the jockstrap. Then he put his hand inside the jockstrap and started groping his balls. This made him even hornier, so Goldicock started to whack off frantically, until finally he came in the jockstrap. Goldicocks just stood there for a while catching his breath, until he took the jockstrap off.

After such a workout, Goldicock felt tired so he went to the biggest bed in the room and crawled in under the blankets. But the bed felt too hard to Goldicock, so he stepped out and went to the next bed. This bed was too soft, so he got out and went to the third and smallest bed.

This bed felt just right so he snuggled up and fell asleep. After some time the Three Bears came back from their walk. As they walked in to the house and saw the mess, Big Bear growled in his deep voice, "Somebody has been looking at my porn!" "Somebody has been looking at my porn too!" said Middle Bear in a slightly less deep voice.

"Somebody has been looking at my porn, left it on the floor and even came on it!" exclaimed Little Bear in his average voice. Next the Three Bears went into their bedchamber. "Somebody has tried my jockstrap on!" grumbled Big Bear after seeing his jockstrap on the floor next to his dresser.

"Somebody has tried on my jockstrap too!" grunted Middle Bear after seeing his jockstrap left on the floor next to his dresser as well. "Somebody has tried on my jockstrap, left it on the floor and came in them!

Again!" shouted Little Bear. Next the Three Bears inspected their beds. Seeing that the pillows had been moved from their spot, Big Bear said angrily, "Somebody has been lying in my bed!" "Somebody has been lying in my bed!" said Middle Bear in his rough voice after seeing that the blankets had been pulled away.

Upon seeing Goldicock lying in his bed, Little Bear agitatedly let out. "Somebody has been lying in my bed and is still lying in it!" By this time, Goldicock started to wake up from all the loud voices. Seeing that the owners of the house had returned, Goldicock tried to dash off, but Big Bear grabbed him with one arm, threw him back on the bed and said, "Oh no, you won't!" Next Middle Bear sat on Goldicock's chest and said, "You will have to pay for what you have done to our house!" Then he began to dig in his pants and whipped out his thick 21 centimeter long cock.

Middle Bear slapped his cock all over Goldicock's face. Goldicock turned his head from side to side in disgust, trying to avoid it touching his mouth. But Middle Bear took a hold of Goldicock's jaw with one hand and pushed his cock towards Goldicock's mouth. Yet Goldicock would not open his mouth so middle Bear had to pull his chin down by force and then he pushed his dick in. Middle Bear leaned forward and started pushing it in and out while grunting.

Spit came running down the corners of Goldicock's mouth. In the meanwhile, little Bear and big Bear took Goldicock's pants off. Little Bear pushed Goldicock's knees back, exposing his asshole. Big Bear gave him a hard slap across both cheeks with one hand. Then he took out a bottle of lube from a bedside table and handed it to Little Bear.

After taking off all of his clothes, Little Bear took some lube and greased his cock with it.


Then he rubbed it on Goldicock's asshole, and even pushed some in with his fingers, which made Goldicock whimper. Big Bear sat down on the next bed and watched them, while slowly stroking his cock that had come out through the fly of his pants. Little Bear pushed in all 17 centimeters of his cock with one thrust. Goldicock screamed, but it was muffled by the cock of middle Bear that was in his mouth. Little Bear began to pound Goldicock's butt fast and furiously, all the while Middle Bear was fucking his mouth with a decisive and steady pace.

Goldicock kept screaming for a long time until eventually he got used to being penetrated. Now Huge Bear took off all of his clothes. "Move over", he said gruffly to Middle Bear. Middle Bear got up and said to Little Bear, "I want to fuck that ass!" Little Bear pulled out.

Then they all turned Goldicock around so that he was lying on his stomach across the bed. Huge Bear took a tight grip of his goldy locks and pushed half of his 25 cm long and very massive cock into Goldicock's mouth. Panic filled Goldicock as he was about to choke. "Oh come on, surely you can take my dick now after being mouth fucked so long by Middle Bear!", said Huge Bear. He fucked Goldicock's mouth a little while by only pushing in half of his cock. But then he got impatient and began to stuff it all into his throat.

Huge Bear fucked Goldicock by slowly thrusting his hips back and forth. Every time he pulled back, copious amounts of saliva came out from Goldicock's mouth, dangling down by his chin.

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Every time Huge Bear pulled out, Goldicock had to use the opportunity to catch air, because Huge Bear's cock was so thick that it completely blocked Goldicock's throat. All while this was happening, Middle Bear was on the other side of the bed, slapping Goldicock's ass.

Then he rubbed his cock against Goldicock's gap for a good while, until finally pushing it in slowly. Goldicock gasped in shock as he was completely filled up. Middle Bear continued fucking Goldicock with his steady pace while Huge Bear was fucking very slowly but brutishly.

Little Bear was sitting at the foot end of the bed, watching and jerking off his cock vehemently. But occasionally he had to slow down so he wouldn't come too fast. Then he would lick and bite Goldicock's back and slap his buttocks. When Goldicock was feeling all worn out in the ass, Middle Bear finally started to close in on his orgasm. His hands were shaking and sweat was dripping down from his torso onto Goldicock's back. Then he came with a roar.

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Goldicock could feel the sperm flooding up inside him. Middle Bear pulled out and Little Bear came to play with Goldicock's ass. He was probing Goldicock's ass with his fingers, looking for the cum. But it took a little while for it to come out though, because it had been shot so far up inside. The white cream gathered in Goldicock's hole, then it started running down his balls and limp dick.

Little Bear put his cock against Goldicock's hole and some of the sperm ran along his cock. Then he pushed in. He didn't even need to apply lube all over again because Middle Bear's cock had left the hole somewhat open, and it was already greased up by the cum. Little Bear begun to fuck Goldicock again. Goldicock was whimpering because of the fast pace of Little Bear, that sent flashes of pain along his spine.

But it wasn't long until Little Bear also came inside Goldicock. Little Bear stayed inside of Goldicock a little while before finally pulling out his half-limp dick. Sperm started to slowly seep out of Goldicock's hole. When Little Bear had gotten out of the bed, Huge Bear pulled out of Goldicock's mouth and placed himself behind Goldicock. At first Goldicock was too exhausted to pay any attention, but then he suddenly realized what was about to happen.

He tried to crawl away but Huge Bear grabbed his legs and would not let him escape. Little Bear and Middle Bear came to assist Huge Bear with holding Goldicock in place. "No!", he cried. "That cock is too big! It will never fit inside me!" "Oh yes it will", Huge Bear said assuredly.

He put lots and lots of lube on his cock and rubbed it in. Then he started to slowly but surely put it in. Goldicock's screams and struggling did not make him stop or slow down at all. Finally he was completely in and Goldicock felt an intense pressure as his guts were stuffed with bear meat. Huge Bear pulled out halfway, and then quickly rammed it back in again.

Goldicock lost his breath and strength all at once.

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He collapsed down on the bed, his arms not having the strength to hold himself up. Huge Bear grabbed him by the hips and started to push Goldicock back and forth onto his cock. Little Bear and Middle Bear were at the head end of the bed, holding Goldicock up. Middle Bear grabbed Goldicock by his golden locks and lifted his head up. "Hey, suck on this!", he said and shoved his re-erect member in his face. Goldicock was too tired to even protest, so he started sucking on it lazily.

"Come on, make me hard!", Middle Bear demanded. Goldicock began to suck harder. Middle Bear's cock grew to its full size in Goldicock's mouth. Goldicock licked up and down along its shaft and then resumed sucking.

Watching this made Little Bear hard again too. He shoved his dick into Goldicock's mouth while Middle Bear's was in there as well.

Goldicock had to hold his mouth open as wide as possible, like at the dentist, to accommodate for both cocks. His jaws were already aching. Since Goldicock could no longer actively pleasure either one of them, Little Bear and Middle Bear started to fuck Goldicock's mouth while he just laid there. When one pulled out, the other one pushed in, and vice versa. Then Middle Bear came in Goldicock's mouth. "Ugh", Goldicock grunted as he spew out the sperm in disgust from the corners of his mouth, while Little Bear was still fucking him.

Then Huge Bear started to grunt and fuck Goldicock more furiously, and then he roared as he came. "AAAWWW YEAAAH!" He breathed heavily for a good while, embracing Goldicock with his strong arms. Then his hand happened to touch something. "Uh-huh, you're enjoying this aren'cha?", he asked.

"Uh no, I'm not", Goldicock said and blushed. "Like hell ya aren't", Huge Bear shouted and flipped him over.

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Goldicock was laying on the bed on his back, and he was hard. A dark spot begun to spread on the bedsheet under him. It was the cum that came gushing out of his arse. Huge Bear grabbed Goldicock's erection and started jerking it. "Ah, ah", Goldicock gasped as he was laying there, squirming from the pleasure. Then he blew his load. It flew high up in the air and landed all over his stomach.

Then Little Bear, who was standing on his knees above Goldicock's head, came too. He shot it over Goldicock's face and neck. "And that's what you get for breaking into our house and messing with our stuff", Huge Bear said. "Now let's rest for a bit before we continue punishing you." And all the Bears laid down on the bed in a big huddle. "Continue.?", Goldicock asked nervously.

"Yeah, don't think we're through with you just yet", Huge Bear answer. Hearing that, Goldicock jumped out of the bed, ran out of the bedroom, he didn't even stop to pick up his clothes, ran out of the house with the sperm on his body sprinkling all over the place, and ran all the way back home. And the Three Bears never saw anything more of him again.