Indian Teen Cum Craving in the Shower

Indian Teen Cum Craving in the Shower
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That night, Sean dreamt he was floating high above the apartment buildings across the street from his house. Dark storm clouds were gathering, and a thrashing wind tore at his clothes and whipped his hair painfully across his face.

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Sean watched as the dark clouds formed an angry mob around his house. Jockeying for position, the clouds, bumping and pushing, bristled with energy and began circling his home.

Sean wrestled with the wild hair stinging his face; looking at his hand, blue arcs of electricity jumped from finger to finger. Things were getting bad in his neighborhood.

He watched as his house swelled, the clouds crowding closer, threatening to ignite in a flash of lightening, explode in thunder. As his house swelled and swelled, Sean clearly heard the groaning of tired wooden beams, the scraping of hard clay bricks against solid mortar, shingles fled his roof, took to the air.

Trying to stand, the air under Sean refused to support him any longer; he dropped, falling, watching his house struggle to survive, remain intact. With a roll of thunder, every window in the house blew outward as Sean fell, arms and legs flinging wildly. TRACY! Lightening lit the World. Crack! Sitting up in bed with a gasp, Sean struggled to control his fear. His quiet, dark room reassured him, there was no storm, his house was intact, safe.

Taking a deep breath, Sean collected himself, and shook off his foolish dream. Climbing from bed, he slipped on his sweat pants, gazed at his clock. Three in the morning, and he needed a drink of water. Slowly walking to his bathroom in the dark, Sean found his sink, turned on the cold water. Leaning over, he cupped his hand under the faucet, catching some water.

Bending down, he drank, long swallows, calming his uneasy mind. Satiated, he turned off the water, wiped his hand on his sweats, and stepped back. His heel landed on something, under his weight he heard the shatter of glass. No pain. Whatever it had been, it was tiny, and hadn't sliced into his foot. Turning on the light and lifting his foot, Sean held his heel over the sink and brushed away small dust-like fragments of clear glass.

Inspecting the floor, he saw a glint of light, a reflection. Stooping, he found a tiny section of glass tubing, edges jagged, broken and cracked. Crack pipe? He threw it in the trash can. With a little 'clink' it seemed to land on more glass.

He turned off the light and gazed down the dark hallway. His living room was lit with a golden glow. Tracy. He found her there, sitting on the hardwood floor, facing a corner, her back to him. She was rocking slowly. Her shoulders were slumped, her legs crossed, her arms in her lap. Her pretty blond hair was a mess. What was going on?

His TV was on, but there was no sound. The silence was oppressing. Sean saw his headphones in the fireplace, smashed to pieces. And then Tracy sniffled.

Instinctively, Sean stepped toward her, into the living room, step after step drawing closer to the shivering teen. She sobbed, nearly choking. Her shoulders shook, her face fell into her hands. Sean set his hand on her shoulder, gently.

Like a dust devil rising from the desert floor, Tracy sprung up in a flash, cobra-quick. "AHHH!" She hollered. Winding up, she launched an assault. Sean stood back, her fist flew just under his chin. Their eyes locked. Sean took another step back, and watched her pupils widen in recognition, he heard the intake of a sharp breath, her startled face relax minutely, as her foot swept past his crotch.

"Tracy!" Sean called, reaching for her. Her tightly coiled body, muscles taut, limbs deployed aggressively - relaxed. Sean watched as the energy dissipated from the teen, seemingly falling from her body, soak into the floorboards. Tracy slumped, her eyes tormented, her hands reaching out to him. He reached for her and guided her to the floor. Sitting with her, Sean took her into his arms and held her.

Gently at first, then more urgently until he was holding her with nearly all his might. He pulled her into his chest and felt her warm tears on his skin. After a minute, Tracy whispered she was thirsty. Later, after she finished a glass of cold juice, he dabbed tears from her eyes. Later, as he drifted off to sleep in his bed, he held her tightly in his arms.

He dreamt again. Behind the red velvet ropes, Sean stood naked in a long line of naked men.

He shuffled across the red carpeting of the theater lobby until the line stopped moving. Sean set a hand on the large brass ball that rested atop the brass pole holding up one side of the red-velvet ropes. The ball shocked him, a small charge of static electricity that ran through his hand, tingled his wrist.

The usher walked down the line, selling condoms; no one was buying. The cop walked into the lobby carrying a deflated balloon, threw it on the floor, and wiped his hands on his blue pants with disgust. Then the usher unfastened a section of the red rope, and allowed the first man through.

The man reached for two deflated legs of the balloon and started blowing between them, inflating, and inflating. Puff.Puff "Oh yes!" Tracy cried, coming to Life, her nearly limp arms reaching for the man's head.

"Yes!" The man blew and blew, and the usher let another man through. The second man put his head between Tracy's legs and blew, and blew.

"Fucking making me come!" She reached for the first man's erection, taking it into her mouth, her legs wrapping tightly around the others head. "Mm" Soon the two men had her spit-roasted, as the usher let another man through the ropes.

Sean would get his turn tonight, for sure! The men lifted Tracy, fully inflated, off the floor, and fucked her hard, brutally hard. "Harder" They filled her holes. The first man came on her face with a growl, and threw money into an empty popcorn bucket. "Prick!" Two men faced one another, Tracy in between, gleefully riding their cocks, squealing in delight.

She looked at Sean and flipped him off. "Fucker!" The men erupted in climax, and Tracy seemed to rise, lifting and squirming, crying out. "Oh!" More men gathered around her, the largest, a giant, brushing everyone aside. His enormous cock frightened Tracy. "Sean!" Now impaled on the huge cock, Tracy cried out again "Sean!" The large man held Tracy up, impaled on his cock, and carried her toward the men in line.

When he reached the red ropes, he lifted the teen off his cock, and spread her ass cheeks. "She wants you, bud" The giant said, setting Tracy down atop the shiny brass pole right in front of Sean. Tracy's face contorted in pain, as the giant forced her down on the ball.

Her legs spread wide, stiff in agony, her pretty pussy bald and wet, her asshole sliding over the brass ball. Tracy shrieked.

Her eyes filled with tears. Other men were crowding around Sean. The giant pulled Tracy's legs apart, painfully wide, exposing her pussy, her brass-filled ass. Men jostled around Sean, pushing him aside. "Don't you want her, buddy?" the giant asked Sean. Struggling against the crush of men straining to fuck Tracy, Sean hollered.

"Let her go!" Sean was pushed further and further away. He couldn't see Tracy anymore! But he heard her. "Sean?" She cried. "Sean!" "Sean?" Sean was stirred awaken by Tracy, sitting next to him on the bed. "I made you French toast, Sean." He gazed at her pretty young face, now free from the torment that had haunted it just hours earlier.

"Where's that erection, Mister?" She asked sweetly. "When I brought your coffee in a minute ago, it was alive and well." The vividness of Sean's latest foolish dream had dissipated, only a fog remained. She smiled, setting the tray on the bed and fluffing his pillows. Sitting up, Sean looked at his breakfast; he was famished and after finishing the last bite of French toast, Tracy removed the trey and curled up next to him.

"Working today?" She asked. He nodded his head and grunted. Tracy's toes tickled his legs. "All day?" Looking down at her, he saw Tracy's eyes. Pretty blue jewels. Clear and bright.

"Supposed to rain. Storm really. I hate lightening and thunder. Scares me." He cradled her in his arms, and considered her weather report. "You? Scared?" Sean smiled at her. She looked very innocent then, to Sean. He pulled her close, held her. He wanted to know what had caused her behavior the night before.

He looked into her eyes, held her marvelous gaze, and imagined he saw an untold story. "Tell me," he said.

She tore her eyes from his, focusing them on his chest. She sighed, and tugged at several of his chest hairs. "Tell you what?" She asked meekly. Stroking her hair, Sean replied. "Anything." Tracy was silent for a long minute. Her toes weren't tickling his legs anymore. Her fingers pulled more forcefully on his chest hair, while her breathing quickened. "I was always scared of storms." She admitted. "As long as I could remember. The worst was at night, when I was alone in my room.

Once, when I was eight." And Tracy told her story of how, when she was eight, a storm chased her under the covers in fright. The storm chased young Tracy under her covers in a fright. Pulling pillows over her head, she cowered, as lightening struck, filling her tiny bedroom with bright light, and then thunder rocked it. She wanted to hop out of bed and close her window; only the screen stood between her and the storm. The wind tossed her curtains to and fro, the fabric snapping in the air.

Tracy longed for her mommy, wanted to run to her bed, curl up next to her, except the storm, the thunder. So she hid deeper under her covers, trying to crawl all the way under her small pillows. Even beneath the sheets, she was startled by another flash of light, and shook as more thunder roared.

Whimpering, she lay paralyzed in fright. Tracy now heard rain pouring down in sheets, the waves seeming to crash against her thin window screen. It wouldn't hold out the storm! She knew, she dreaded that she knew!

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It would soon crash through. and she would perish, in bed, alone. Squeezing her eyes shut, she was terrified by another loud crash, seemingly right outside her frail window. "Mommy." And then all went quiet. Tracy took a deep breath. No more rain. From above her bed, one could see first her little hand appear from out of the sheets, and then her small nose.

Pushing aside a small pillow, her little blonde head popped free, and she looked at her window. The curtains were calm, and outside her window, darkness ruled again. Sliding all the way out from under the sheets, Tracy's shaky leg reached for the floor; gotta close the window!

Halfway to her window, though, light filled her world. Her eyes grew huge, when she saw the storm illuminated through her window. Immense and powerful, awesome and menacing, as a blinding bright arc of light reached from the storm and struck a tree. Frozen in fear, her bones were rattled by the thunder, so close now.

Rain began to crash against the window again, and then the wind. The curtains came Alive, reached for her, searching. She ran! "Mommy!" The curtains nearly had her, but she fled her room, into the darkness, through the apartment. "MOMMY!" Down the hall, skidding to a stop. More thunder rocked the building. She turned into her mother's room and ran for the certain safety of the bed.

Leaping, flying, another flash of light illuminated the room and her mother, curled up in bed, as young Tracy landed, bounced and scrambled to her mother's side. Snuggling close to her mother, comfort surrounded her. Snuggling closer, she smelled her mother. "Mommy" While the storm raged, Tracy had her refuge, no longer so scared, no longer so paralyzed with fear.

And then she felt them. The large hands, feeling her, touching her, groping her. Large strong hands, calloused and foul.

Rubbing her back, her shoulders, and her small butt. A new terror seized Tracy. This terror more real, much more real. The hands groped her. This terror stank. Smelled evil. This terror had visited before. The hands spread her legs, groped. Why wasn't her Mommy waking up? "MOMMY!" Later, when Tracy's shaking stopped, Sean brushed the tears from her cheeks. She looked tired now, he hoped she would sleep. He asked her more about this day's forecast. When? "Today. This afternoon." She shivered in his arms.

He promised her. She was safe. "I'll be home by lunch, or before." "Wake me?" She asked, her eyelids growing heavy. "Please?" "Yes little Jelly Bean." Sean tucked her under the covers, and carried out the dishes. Later, Sean sat on the sofa, gazing out of the living room window at the approaching storm. Chaos. He heard the shower turnoff, then the bathroom door open. He spun around on the sofa, and watched Tracy walk into the living room, wrapped in his robe.

She smiled at him, and grabbed the beanbag chair, dragging it toward the sofa and Sean. Before she sat down, she handed him a piece of paper, a list. "You owe me money," Tracy said, plopping down onto the giant black beanbag.

Sean examined the list. It was an extensive list. "Eighteen dollars, Mr. Horny Dog." She giggled, adjusting the towel wrapped around her wet hair, her robe falling open, exposing her tummy, her slight cleavage. Sean watched her closely, setting the list down beside him. Tracy pulled a bottle of lotion out of the robe's large pocket, and pumped some into her hand. "I'll need to collect, before I can offer you anymore services." She stated matter-of-factly.

Sean suppressed a laugh. This girl! She slid an arm out of the robe and rubbed lotion up and down it. "Maybe," Sean mused, "I won't be needing your services anymore." His gaze swept over her young tan body, hardly covered in the robe anymore.

Tracy leaned back comfortably and grinned, her legs spreading wide. Sean's cock began to fill with blood, and rose, lifting his sweat pants. Tracy laughed. "Fine," she said, her gaze falling to his lap. "You can always take care of yourself. I can certainly take care of myself." She gave him an evil smile, and Sean wasn't certain exactly what she meant. Tracy lifted her bottle of lotion and pumped some out onto her tummy and between her breasts.

She massaged it in slowly. Her tan was looking great, Sean thought, her tiny bikini had left its erotic imprint. Sean wanted to rub lotion on her; watching her do it drove him nuts. He glanced down at the list beside him. But without looking at the list, he already knew; he had rubbed her full of lotion three times before.

All over her, as she squirmed under his hands. He wondered where his wallet was. Sean slipped a hand into his sweats, grabbed his hard cock, and watched Tracy rub lotion over her belly button, her robe an afterthought now. She was humming to herself, smiling, enjoying. Rubbing, pumping, rubbing, humming, smiling. She opened her bare legs wide and spread lotion across her soft thighs. As he started pumping his cock, their eyes locked. Tracy's eyes grew wide, and she bit her lower lip, watching him now.

She grabbed one of her feet, and pulled it over her tummy, rubbing lotion all over it. Her bald pussy looked smooth, young, fresh. Her little butt hole, pink and clean, her legs spread wide.

Sean slipped his sweats down his legs and off, flicking them with his foot over the end of the sofa. He spread his legs, his balls hanging to the cushion, and stroked himself, watching her watching him. The living room darkened from the approaching storm. Now Tracy stroked herself with just her fingertips, lightly, her hands roaming her body, as she watched Sean jack-off.

Her fingers lingered here and there, small moans escaped from her. She licked her lips, and shook the towel from her head. She ran her fingers through her wet, blond hair, her mouth open, her breathing shallow, her small breast sprouting erect nipples.


Then Tracy's little hand reached into the pocket of the robe, again, and came out clutching a small pink vibrator. She licked it slowly, her eyes traveling from Sean's cock to his eyes. She laughed with a bit of embarrassment. "My favorite toy," She cooed. "Mmmmm," She twisted the bottom of the vibrator, activating it.

Sean watched as she licked it again. Slowly, she held the vibrator to her thin delicate throat, then her collarbone. Sean gripped his cock firmly when she circled her nipple with the pink toy, and he moaned. Slowly, the pink toy traveled down her body, past her belly button, and over her pubes to her bald pussy. Her eyes closed and her head rolled back.

The toy danced around her thighs as Sean noticed moisture gathering on her pussy. "I love my toy!" Slowly Tracy slipped her pink toy between her pussy lips, spreading them slightly, as the vibrator traveled up her slit, nearing her clit. "Yes!" Tracy groaned. Her eyes popped open suddenly; she giggled and blushed. "I'm so horny, Sean.

So horny. Oh." Her eyes locked onto his cock again, perhaps seeing the bead of come that sat perched atop. He watched her other hand travel from one breast to another, lightly stroking and massaging. "You have a big handful of cock, Sean.

Big cock. Oh." The vibrator began to disappear up her young slit. "Yes" It came out and traveled around her clit before going back in, as Tracy's eyes closed again and her head rolled back. Sean stroked himself faster, and watched her please herself with her small pink toy. Suddenly the living room filled with a bright flash of light. Tracy stiffened. A moment later thunder rolled through the neighborhood.

Tracy gasped, frightened. "Sean?" She asked, her blue eyes wide with fear. "Would you like to come down here with me?" Yes he would! He sprang from the couch as if he was shocked, and was quickly between her firm legs. Tracy sighed with relief as he rubbed his cheeks along her soft thighs. Her hands found his head when he took her toy from her. Her fingers clinched his hair when he licked her wetness.

Sean used his tongue to part her lips, used his lips to squeeze her clit. "Sean." She groaned, wiggling deeper into the beanbag, "Sean make me come." He licked and kissed her little pussy for several long minutes, while holding her firmly in his arms.

Lightening lit the room again and again, as Tracy trembled. "Yes." Sean allowed his tongue to linger, and then drop lower, past her pussy to her little pink bud, her asshole. He circled it with his tongue, as she held his head tight. "Lick it." He licked it, his nose between her pussy lips. "Lick it, lick it. lickit lickit." She liked this, Sean knew. She pulled her legs back toward her chest, her hips rising, her asshole more accessible. "Lickit, Lickit." Her fingers pulled at his hair.

He slobbered over her asshole. And brought forth her toy, running it over her ass cheeks. Looking down at her, Sean touched the tip of the vibrator to her asshole.

Her feet found his head and squeezed lightly. "Oh no." She moaned. Slowly, Sean inserted the toy into her ass, the tip slipping past her sphincter.

"Oh. mm." Sean heard rain begin to fall, faintly drumming on the roof of his home. In the growing darkness of the living room, Sean began to suck on Tracy's young pussy, while slowly working the tip of the toy in and out of her ass. Her feet were drawing circles in the air, and thunder shook the house.

"God yes. Feels so good in my ass, on my puss. Oh Baby." Sean took it slow, licking her lightly, gently sliding the toy further in. He briefly looked up at Tracy as lightening lit the room. Sean saw her hands squeezing her breasts, fingers flicking her nipples. Her head was thrown back, eyes squeezed closed, mouth open and slack. "Uh. Uh." Sean had the toy sliding in and out of Tracy's ass smoothly now, and when the room darkened once again, he returned his attention to her pussy, spreading her lips, and licking her clit, lightly flicking it, touching it, pushing it from side to side and pressing on it.

Tracy's breathing was irregular and shallow, her legs encircling his head. He quickened his pace with his tongue and the toy. Her legs gripped him tighter. He hummed on her pussy and Tracy shook in delight, yelping. Sean knew she was close, her tummy was twitching.

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"Oh God." she moaned. Her orgasm shook her and Sean, as a flash of light filled his house, and thunder shook it. "God. damn!" Tracy grabbed his head, her fingers entwining in his and she yanked him up and away from her squirting pussy.

"Fuck!" Sean watched her writhe about on the beanbag chair, just an inch of the vibrator poking out of her ass. "Fuck." Slowly it began to slide out. "Fuck." Slowly, her little poop muscles pushed it out, as her pussy squirted tiny drops into the air, her orgasm coming to and end. "Fuck Me that was good." Sean kissed her belly button, as she held his ears.

Rain drummed on the roof. Tracy's breasts rose and fell. "How was that, babe?" Sean asked. "In my butt! You put my toy in my butt!" She accused. He smiled devilishly up at her; yes he had - all the way in.

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"I pushed it out!" she giggled in glee, her tummy bouncing his head up and down, her fingers wrapping around his ear. She looked down at Sean. "It felt fucking great. I loved having my little ass stretched like that." Her eyes brightened a bit. She bit her lower lip and whined, pulling on Sean's ears.

"Kiss me." He rose, and crawled forward before lowering himself atop her again and finding her wet lips waiting for him.

Her tongue danced with his. Her legs wrapped around him again. "You want that ass, don't you?" She asked. He kissed his way up her neck to her ear and whispered, "Yeah. yeah, I do." Somehow, after wiggling about, Tracy managed to wrap her lotion filled hand around his rock-hard cock. Sean groaned, the feeling was tremendous. "Mmmm." "Loobing you up, big fella. So you'll slip right in," Tracy said.

She lined his cock up with her tiny butt-hole. "Go slow Sean. Please." Sean went slow, while Tracy held his cock steady. He pushed forward, the head of his cock slipping past her sphincter, as he looked down on Tracy. Her eyes grew wide.

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She placed a hand on his chest. "Ouwee . Sean, it's big," Tracy moaned. "Sean it's Big." Her hand pressed hard against his chest. He pulled out of her ass. Tracy gasped. "No, no, go back in." Sean let her hand guide him back in. "Ouwee." She groaned, her hand pushing on his chest again. He felt her other hand fall from his cock. A moment later, he felt her hand slide between their torsos, and begin to rub her pussy. Sean drove a little further into her ass, and watched her reaction.

She bit her lower lip, her eyes growing wide again, and she moaned. He felt the heels of her feet land on the small of his back, her hips rose. He drove in further. Her stomach sank and she took a deep breath, holding it. "You okay baby?" Sean asked. She shook her head. Sean wasn't sure what to do. He started to pull out. "Wait, wait." She groaned.

"Just stop there." She looked so sad to Sean. His big cock in her ass, causing her pain. He lowered his head. Her hands found his face.

Lightening lit the room, and they kissed, while thunder shook the house. She breathed in and our quickly through her nose while Sean kissed her gently. Then he broke their kiss. "It feels really good, Tracy. Your ass feels great." He commented. "Really?" She asked, holding his face.

"Tight?" He nodded. "Wet?" Sean nodded.

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"Warm?" He nodded. "Goody," she said. "You can have my ass. Sean, take my ass now. It's yours." Sean kissed her again, as she seemed to relax, neither the cock in her ass nor the storm seemed to bother young Tracy now. Slowly Sean thrust further into Tracy's young virgin ass, spreading her sphincter, stretching her teen ass like never before.

Her tight asshole felt like a tight slick glove around his cock. Marvelous, like a cock haven. Soon he was completely buried in her. Tracy's head rolled back on the beanbag, her eyes open, her mouth open. Sean licked her neck and pulled out of her, until only the tip of his cock was inside her ass, then he dove back in.

Tracy seemed to love it now, her heels massaged his back, her hands found his shoulders, her fingernails dug into him. "Cock in my ass." She moaned. "Big fat cock in my ass. Oh my God." Sean buried himself in her. Again and again. When lightening illuminated the room again, he saw her tongue traveling across her teeth, her eyes rolled back in her head. ".Deep in my ass. Stretching my ass." Slowly he fucked her ass, as she grew more and more accustomed to the strange new feeling of having hard flesh stretching her.

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Her appreciation for Sean's cock in her ass was growing and growing. "God.

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damn big cock in my ass." "Like it Peanut?" "Fuck yes. Fuck my ass." "Like my hard cock sliding in and out of your ass?" "Fuck yes. Fuck my ass." "Will you give me a discount on fucking your tight teen ass?" "Fuck yes.

Fuck my ass. Fuck my tight teen ass." "You like having an ass full of hard cock?" "Fuck yes. Fuck my tight teen ass. It's yours Sean. Fuck it. Take it. Drill it." And drill it out Sean did. Slowly picking up his pace, he fucked her little butt. He drove into her harder and harder. His balls slapping against the beanbag, his pubic bone meeting her wet pussy again and again.

"It's rubbing just right!" Tracy cried, her head rolling from side to side. As thunder shook the house she began to cry out. Louder and more urgently. "Fuck it! Drill it!" Sean endeavored to please her. "Oh God!" He strove to ream her. "Yes!" He drove into her. "Fucking great!" He pounded her tight young ass. "Coming!" He reamed her ass. "Orgasm. big one." He sped up, fucking her ass harder. "An ass one." He bit her neck, her arm wrapped around his head. She shrieked his name out over and over, her heels beat down on his back, drool fell from her mouth.

Her hips rose to meet his thrust, her asshole sucking him in. From deep within her body, she began to roar, scream, until her voice filled the house. And then Tracy went limp, and Sean stopped his thrusts, smiling, sweat dripping from his face onto her chest, her tits heaving. He lowered himself, his elbows sinking into the beanbag chair. He pressed Tracy further down. She groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, his cock was buried deep in her ass, twitching in excitement. She opened her blue eyes and smiled shyly.

"Oh the pain," she chuckled. Sean laughed. "I could tell," he said with sarcasm. "Pervert." "Slut." "Brute." "Fuck hole." "Beast." "Beauty." Their lips met until she pushed him away.

"I want to ride your cock now, Cowboy." She stated. Sean rolled them over on the beanbag chair, Tracy clinging to him. Soon, she was comfortably atop him, squatting on him, her ass full of cock. She sighed. "Big fucking cock up my ass." She shivered. Her knees spread apart.

In the dark room, he felt her gaze on him. Lightening illuminated the room again, capturing Tracy's image in Sean's mind as she started to rise up his cock, her asshole gripping him tightly. "Oh yes, fat cock up my ass." She started to ride him up and down, swinging her hips from side to side, Sean's cock stirring her insides.

"Hard cock. Good." She sat all the way down on his cock again and grunted loudly. "Fucking way far inside of me." With a reckless abandon, she began to ride up Sean's cock then back down and all around, swiftly, urgently. Filling herself with his cock. Massaging his cock with her tight young ass. Riding and sliding on his cock, her pussy dripping on him, sweat glistening between her jiggling boobs. He reached up and squeezed her tits, pushed them together and pulled them apart.

As she rode him like a mad cowgirl, he pinched her nipples while she howled in delight, stuffing herself over and over with his cock. Suddenly she yelped. She grabbed handfuls of his chest hair and cried out. She yanked on his hairs and screamed his name. "Sean!" And sank down on his cock. Sean was about to blow. He knew it wouldn't be long. He slid her off his cock and onto the beanbag. He rolled her face down and spread her legs. He crawled in between and lifted her ass into the air.

He lined his cock up with her tiny asshole and thrust into her. Tracy cried out loudly, clinching her fists. Sean slapped her ass, and buried his cock in her. Gripping her ass cheeks, he spread them wide, and with a grunt began to fuck her hard. "Stop. Hold still Sean," Tracy groaned. Sean waited. She started thrusting backwards, impaling herself on his cock. Then she pulled away and quickly impaled herself again.

Sean gripped her ass and pulled her back onto his cock, again and again. He liked this, Tracy fucking herself on his cock this way. "Like that Baby?" Tracy asked, looking back at him over his shoulder, thrusting her young body back, impaling herself. "Feel good?" Sean slapped her ass and yelled. In an ass-fucking frenzy, he started meeting her thrusts.

"Gonna fill my ass with come? Gonna pump me full of sperm? Gonna shoot a healthy load into my ass? Oh Baby look at you, fucking my tight ass." She gasped loudly when she felt Sean start to come. "I feel it! Your cock is swelling! I feel it swelling in my ass!

Oh god that's so fucking HOT! Come on Sean, come on baby, come on, squirt it all out, don't save any. I want it all up my pooper! Filler me up Sean! Weeee!" Sean about feinted, he came so hard. Tracy twisted slightly onto her side and he fell atop of her. Sean moaned, his cock twitching one last time in Tracy's ass. "You can have my ass anytime you want, Sean." Tracy said.


He bit her nipple. She yelped, holding onto his head. "Take me to dinner Sean. I want Chinese." Later, as Sean and Tracy lay in bed, she recalled that night, eight years ago, as she fled to her mother's bed frightened by the storm. . the large fingers wormed through her pajamas, probing her, rubbing her soft skin.

Tracy shivered in fright. Pulling her away from her mother, the large hands brought her closer to her father. His breath fouled the air around Tracy, as he pulled her up on his chest. "The thunder scare you little honey?" her father asked. His hands were forcing her down his chest. "Stay here with Daddy, where you'll be safe." As he forced her further down his body, Tracy's feet parted around his large hard erection. Oh she had seen his cock before. She had! He had told her its name, introduced her.

Tracy was mortified. Why wasn't her Mommy waking up? Continued.