Comendo a novinha enquanto ve o futebol

Comendo a novinha enquanto ve o futebol
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Now if you've read my other stories you may have the impression I'm gay but, noI'm Bi. Here is the rest of my first straight time, that I gave you a look at in "Waterfall Discoveries". First off, I'm Mike, I'm Latino, 160 pounds, 5'7"auburn hairbrown eyes, and a tan.

This story was mostly true but I did add some things. ====================================================== I was home alone for 2 weeks, my mom had gone to meet my dad on the island he worked.

She would normally not leave me alone but the neighbor agreed to check on me from now and then. It was day 2 of my time alone and I was watching porn in my room which was my main source of fun since I was only 15 and had no experience with the girls yet.

After about 15 minutes of porn I blew my load all over the sheets. " Shit, that was messy" I yelled " oh well I'll just wash them anywaythey could use it". I put the sheets in the wash and decided to call my friend Rick to see what was up." Hey what's going on tonight, any plans?" I asked him " Not to my knowledge I have to go down the street to see the doctor in 20 minutes butthat's the usual shit.

Maybe we'll get medicated tonight and see what kind of trouble we can cause." he told me.

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That sounded good to me because I knew his "doctor" was just the weed man and heyI'm always up to get stoned. " Sounds great" I said.


" Try to get the good shit this time, you know what I'm talking about, that Blueberry Shit. If you need money just stop by." " Fuck you, I'm not going to take your money even though I know you got enough, ( my parents were well off)anyway I owe you some good bud for saving my ass last week from Devin.

He would have killed me if he knew it was me that saw his mom naked." He responded " Yeah, that's right, what the hell were you doing anyway? She's not that good looking.

You could have picked better. " Maybe, I guessI was horny, anyway your fast talking saved the day. Anyway I'll call you later, See ya." He finished and hung up.

After that call I got real excited since smoking weed was my other favorite pass time. About half an hour later I went to put my sheets in the drier when "POOF" the drier sparked and stopped working, "Fuck" I said " What the hell".

After I check that there was no fire and I was safe, it dawned on me, I still had wet sheets, " How am I gonna dry these, Oh I know ." I called Rick's house to see if he was still there, "hey Rick" I said. "Nope not him" was the response " Its his sister Anna, why what do you need? " she asked.

After I explained she told me "yeah, just come over and you can use our drier. I'll leave the back door open." So I packed my stuff and walked next door and let myself in. I knew there house like I knew mine so I just stuck my sheets in and was about to walk out when I heard.

" Hey not so fast!" I turned to find Anna standing in the doorway wearing a bathing suit. " Hey, I didn't see you, thanks for letting me use the drier". I told her " No problem" she said, " Its just we got a little problem now, electricity is not cheap so how are you going to pay for the usage.

" " Um, IuhIuh, I don't knowhow's 5 bucks sound?" I asked her. Looking back, that was a RETARDED answer, thank God she was quicker at this than I was. " No, that won't work, I don't want your money I've got something else in mind. Come here" she demanded I had an instant hard onI tried to hide it but couldn't and I could tell she noticed " uh sorry, don't know what caused that." I told her. " Oh I know what caused it and I think you do too. You're horny aren't youyou just thoughtWhat would it be like to fuck her hot cunt?

Didn't you ? Don't Lie, it won't get you anywhere but a beatingthat is unless you like that sort of thing. She told me. Oh my god I had no idea she was like this or that she had the hots for me. But, she was right, she was beautiful, a year older than meshe had this courageous complexion almost mocha but a little lighter, she stood 5' 7", black hair about 120 pounds and had these mesmerizing green/hazel eyes, the kind that could suck in your soul and leave you a dumb drooling fuck.

( It was working. ) " Now we have to figure this outto pay for the usage you must take off your shirt." She said " Wait, who's here, where's Rick at, we could get caught." I told her " He left with my older brother not too long ago, anyway no ones here but me and no ones due back for a while, now do what I said" She commanded." I'll take my top off too." As I took my shirt of my sight was covered for a split second but in that time I changed forever, for as I saw her again I laid eyes on the perfect tits this girl had.

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I think they were about 38 B'snot too big but not too small just a handfulnice. As I stood there mesmerized, she spoke up. " So do you like what you see? Maybe instead of looking you should touch them." She said.

I walked forward and felt the soft skin of her tits and was hooked for life. I gently squeezed them and flicked the nipples, then I leaned forward and licked one nipple while pinching the other. I was in heaven and almost came in my pants but my jerk off session earlier helped me out and I held back.

" Oh god that's itthat's how I like it " she said " I thought you were a virgin, I guess not, huh" " No, I am a virgin I just got skills I guess." I told her. That was a pure lie about the skills, I just watched a LOT of porn and followed what I saw.

I guess I got a little carried away and reached for her pussy, then she slapped me. " Not yetyou do as I say, you got that?" she yelled at me. I guess she knew I was obedient so she continued on " now kiss me on the lips" I leaned in for a kiss and as our lips locked I felt her hand grab my cock.

This was beyond my expectations and I could not get enough, or so I thought. She slipped her tongue in my mouth at the same time sticking her hand down my pants, grabbing my hard 6 inch cock.

I felt so dirty, but also so hot. That's when she let go and led me to the bedroom. As we walked in she shut the door and turned around dropping her thong to the ground. She was naked, right there in front of my eyes, before I could get a good look she leaned in and ripped me shorts to the floor, upon doing this my cock almost hit her in the eye as it popped out. " Hey you almost took my eye out, just for that I'll have to punish your cock" she said.

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She got on her knees and grabbed my throbbing cock. She licked my head and then ran her tongue down the shaft " MMM, that tastes real good better than I thought it would." She started to slowly stroke my cock while sucking the head and rubbing my balls.

She had the coordination of a dancer with the hunger for cock that rivaled many a porn star. "slurp, slurp, slurp, mmmmmmmmm" were the sounds she made. "Oh god I'm gonna cum" I said" stop ,ohhhhstopyou're gonna make me cum" but she wouldn't she just picked up the pace and started take more of my cock into her mouth.

" I'm cummingoh here it comes." I shot what had to be the biggest load I ever had down her throat and she swallowed every drop. "Wow you tastes greathere try some" she said as she kissed me.

" Yeah, I guess I don't taste bad " I told her but I had already knew this since I had some on my hand once and was curious. " Now Its time for you to return the favor, plus you need time to get hard again. Or do you?" she asked My dick was still hard and had no intention of going down except down her pussy. " No, I'm good to go, but I'm gonna taste your pussy first." I said " Oh yeahyou have to ask first, now ask." she told me.

" Please can I eat your pussy, please" I pleaded. She told me yes and laid down on her bed. I got between her legs and got a good look at her pussy, it was beautiful, nice and tight with small thin lips. I leaned in and got a whiff of that sweet smell, it was greatits hard to describe the smell of a good pussy all I can say is "MMM ".

I stuck out my tongue and tastedeven better than the smell. I had no clue what to do so I just dove in licking and sucking on the lips. I moved in to the slit and found her hole and knew that I had to stick my tongue in there and I followed through. I licked every square inch and then I felt a little bump by the top. When I hit it she shook and moanedI knew I had found her clit so I kept pressure on it as I continued to lick.

" Oh god Mike, how do you know what to do? You make me feel so good, keep going " She said I decided to turn the tables and said " NO" "No " she said "what do you mean no". " Beg for it" I said. " Beg for me to eat it, bitch" "Please, Please, Please keep eating ityou're making my whole body feel good.

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She yelled I dove back in for what seem like hours, but only about 3 more minutes passed when I heard. "I'm cumming don't stop" I kept on and then got the idea to stick in a finger. She tensed up and let out a gush of cum on my face.

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I ate as much as I could and kept on fingering her. She started to grind on my face and came again. She tried to pull away but I had her hooked with my finger so she couldn't run. " STOP" she said as she came on my face for a third time. I let her go and she about ran out of the room.

"Fuck you almost killed me" she said. " I've never cum more than once so close together, ohI feel light headed." she laid back down spread eagle. I took this as a sign to start again but she stopped me and said "No, I want your cock in me." " I don't have any condoms." I told her. " Here I stole these from my older brother" she said as she handed me a condom. " Magnum? What does that mean?

" I said as I tore it open. I quickly found out that I was not "Magnum". "Its too big ,it doesn't fit well" I said " Your brother must be a horse. " I didn't think of that, he is 26 after all" she added. " You know what, fuck it, we don't need one it'll feel better without one I bet".

" All right, that sounds good to me" I said. She spread her legs and allowed me to get my cock next to her hot cunt. I rubbed her pussy juices on my cock and positioned it. Slowly I pushed forward and I slid in so easy do to her wetness. All the way in I went and slowly pulled out and back again. " Oh man that feels good, better than I could have imagined." I moaned " Oh GOD I love the way your dick feels in me. It's hitting all the right spots.


Fasterdo it faster and harder. She pleaded. I picked up the pace and was soon fucking so hard my balls were slapping her ass with every thrust.

I leaned down and kissed her while I continued to pound her snatch. She bit my lip and got real tense, I knew she was cumming and I continued fucking her hard. She screamed in ecstasy, so loud I thought she'd break the window. "Fuck, Fuck do it more, MORE, fuck me hard Mike make me cum again ,please.

She begged. I was concentrating on not cummingI didn't want it to stopit felt too good. I couldn't hold back anymore, " I'm going to cum" I told her. "Oh, me too" she said " Go ahead cum in my pussyI'm about to again.

Lets end it together. I pounded the last few strokes and exploded in to her, as deep as I could, she then came as soon as I did. We collapsed on to the bed and tried to catch our breath. " That was great" I said. We laid there for about 2 hours just covered in the mess that was my first time. I didn't want it to end, but then we heard it. " Shit, is that the front gate? Shit it's my brothers, get your clothes onfast" she yelled I got dressed and jumped out the window, running quickly to my house.

No sooner had I got there Rick came over with the weed AND my sheets. Shit I forgot about them. Busted ? NO? "Hey Anna told me about your drier and sent these over, since you wouldn't wait for them. She told me you wouldn't wait for them because you didn't want to start rumors since she was there alone." He told me. " Oh ,yeah thanks" I said " You know how it is, people spread rumors and its best to avoid that." " Yeahbut you're not her type, so no one would believe it anyway" he said.

"That's true" I said. Then thinking to myself " Great if no one thinks I'm her type that well make things easier for next time." And I wanted more. ========================================================= The End