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I scooted myself up on the bed, lying flat on my back with my head resting on the pillow. Peggy was grinnin' as she came up on top of me and she placed her hands on either side of my chest. She laid herself down on top of me and gave me this seductive little grin and then kissed gently at first but then with passion al over her lips.

I kissed her back in kind as I opened my mouth and sought out her tongue with my own. We fenced as we kissed raisin' our temperature to a forceful degree and my hands started their exploration of her back. My arms and hands were all over her back, pressing her down on top of me as they massaged her fleshy back muscles. She ground her crotch into me as she started to pant. Removing my mouth from hers long enough to catch my breath, I suggested to her in a broken sentence, "Peggy…why don't…you come…up here and…straddle my face." It must have been music to her ears because in a second she had her knees on either side of my head sittin' straight up in the air.

I looked up to see her wonderful sight that she was displaying; her two tight little lips covered with a fine batch of curly pubic hair.

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I felt the lust for this girl as my well used cock started getting' some life back into it. I took the tip of my tongue and pressed it upward to make contact with her slit. She groaned her response as I gently separated them with the pressure that I was asserting.

Soon my tongue made contact with the pink inner canal of her slit and first went down to her opening and then up to the top to settle on her clitoris. She began to moan and jerk in rhythm to my tongue as I flicked the tip of it on and around her sensitive little node. She threw back her head and ground down into my face with her crotch as she exclaimed, "Oh my God, Randy, I love what you do to me!" My hands were on her ass, pullin' and separatin' her cheeks, trying to stimulate both of her openings at once.

I must have succeeded because she leaned forward a little, spread her legs out wider and opened up her rear end to what ever I had in mind. She was pantin' and moanin' when I put my lips around her hooded pleasure button and started to suck on it hard.


She went wild as she came right off of my face so I told her, "Turn around and sit on my cock. Face the mirror and watch as it goes up into you." As she complied with my commands, I caught a glimpse of her eyes in the mirror and all I saw was pure lust. She was cravin' my cock up her hole and there was nothin' goin' to stop her. She placed both feet on either side of my hips and as she lowered her self down on my now erect cock, her eyes were glued to the sight of it approachin', then touchin' and finally insertin' itself into her vagina.

They were wider as it found its way through the tightness of her walls and when it finally bottomed out, they closed into a wondrous, dreamy land all of their own.

She opened her mouth to breathe and let escape a pleasant little whimper of satisfaction.

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She opened her eyes back up and she straightened her knees just a little and rose back up lettin' my cock come out of her tight vagina. As the head made its appearance, she reversed herself, insertin' it back into her to the fullest as she once again closed her eyes and moaned her approval. She continued this action until she was finally rammin' it in and pullin' it out with abandonment. She knew what to do with her vaginal muscles as she tightened them up as it came out and allowing them to relax as it impaled her tight little hole.

Over and over she caused her muscles to milk the very life back into my tired but erect cock and I didn't have to worry about cummin' to soon this time, I could go on forever now and that's what I intended to do. She was ridin' my pole hard as she bounced up and down on top of me. She watched with amazement as it went in and drew out of her gushin' little vagina and her eyes never wavered from the sight. They would close occasionally but when they opened they were glued to my cock.

As she tired, she steadied herself with both hands on my thighs but her crotch continued to press onward, movin' up and down in jackhammer fashion.

She was moanin' louder and louder as she rammed down on my erection, her eyes were almost shut and her mouth was open as she was breathin' heavily. She was buildin' up to another orgasm as her moans became groans and her face started to contort.

Then it happened. She threw back her head and held her breath as the first wave of release came over her. She was trying to keep her rhythm but she lost all coordination as the second and third waves rolled over her. Realizin' that she had lost that wonderful sensation of release from her emotional build up down in her pussy, she flew up off of my cock and threw herself down on my sloppy erection with her mouth.

Takin' as much of it as she could into her mouth, she started rammin' it in and out, just like it use her pussy a few seconds earlier.


She was poppin' her head on my cock so I grabbed her by the hips, lifted her up and sat her down on my face once again and rammed my tongue into her juicy vagina. She had straddled me with her crotch and was pressin' her legs apart, tryin' to lower it down onto my tongue and mouth.

She was hungerly eatin' my entire erection, takin' it back to the very back of her throat but not gaggin' this time. But she was verbalizin' her lust as she made these mumbled sounds as she sucked on my dick. She didn't forget what I had taught her about suckin' on my cock as she came off of it.

She was applying so much suction that I thought that she was goin' for blood at times but the sensation was unbelievable. She certainly continued to bring out the little bit of life that it still had in it and soon I was actually startin' to feel the desire to release as it was buildin' deep in my loins. I inserted my tongue deep into her vagina as I moved my hand up to her butt and started playin' around with her other openin'.

She squealed as I inserted my thumb up into her rectum but never missed a beat with her full mouth. She was pushin' back with her butt as her legs separated even more and I knew that my time was eminent. I raised my hips up into her mouth and I could feel my cock start to insert itself down her throat. She gagged a little but didn't come up off of it. I was rammin' my thumb up her butt as she was pressin' down with her hips. She was takin' my cock deep into her throat and I knew that it was time.

I let out a loud growl as I withdrew my tongue from her vagina but inserted my thumb even further up her rear end and raised my hips up off of the bed. I released my emotions with a rope of my cum that would have flow five feet into the air if it was not confined to Peggy's mouth and throat.

She must not have realized that I was shootin' it down her throat because she just kept on hungerly eatin' my cock. But the second rope caught her by surprise and she quit suckin' on it as she just opened her mouth and let it shoot all in. "Suck on it!" I yelled at her. "Suck the shit out of it!" She immediately went back down on it and started suckin' the very cum out of my balls. I was strainin' my hips up into her greedy mouth as I felt the last of my cum release out of my fast wiltin' cock.

But I had enough desire left to see to it that Peggy got off also. Withdrawin' my thumb from her butt and insertin' back into her vagina, I put my middle finger up her rectum and with both I began pumpin' my hand up her openings.

She sat back up on my manual assault and started rockin' to my rhythm and soon I could tell she was buildin' up to a glorious orgasm.

Her muscles began to tighten and her breathin' became irregular. She was holdin' her head straight back with her chin pointin' skyward as she let it build. Her emotions built and built until they couldn't build any higher and then they all released right out of her two openings in a gushin', gyrating' mass of controlled spasms and convulstions.

She threw herself off of me, expellin' my thumb and finger from their targets and she landed on her side in the fetal position. She was shakin' and cryin', almost like an epileptic seizure. I began to worry a little the longer this reaction went on, but after a minute or two, her breathin' returned to a more normal pattern and she settled down into a wonderful afterglow.

I waited until I knew that she was alright and then I quietly and softly got out of bed, walked over and turned out the light and started to leave her room. I knew that my folks would be home sooner than later and I didn't want to press our luck so as I opened the door, she said to me softly, "Oh Randy.

Don't go yet, please. Come back and hold me tight. Please come back to bed." I thought for a second about how it was gettin' late and how I should go back to my own room but the sound of Peggy's request turned my resolve into jello as I slowly walked back and crawled into the covers beside her naked body. "Just for a little while," I told her, "just until Ol' Red starts barkin'." As I cuddled up next to her warm, naked body, I felt a contentment that I had never felt before in my life.

It was as if I was finally a part of something wonderful. I know that my family is wonderful, I mean, really it is, but this was something completely different.

This left a warm yearnin' feelin' deep into my soul, a feelin' that I never wanted to let go of, ever. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought that this feelin' might just be love. I was awakened by a sudden shock to my system. Someone was callin' my name. It was my Momma, she was sayin' "Randy Joe, get on up now. Your Daddy's a waitin' down at the machine shed.

He wants you to help him today. Now get on up, you hear?" I opened my eyes and looked into the sunshine of the mornin'. Then I heard my Momma again, she was at Peggy's door knockin', "Peggy Sue? Come on now, get on up and get ready for me to take you to the bus station. It's 8:30 and your bus leaves at noon." I put my hand over Peggy Sue's mouth as she woke up.

I look of terror came over her and I'm sure it was all over my face also. "Shish," I whispered.

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"My God, Peggy, we didn't hear the dog bark last night. I've got to get out of hear." I got up and put on my boxers lying where I had taken them off the night before. I slowly and gently opened the door to the hall a crack and peered out. Not seein' anyone, I turned back to look at my cousin, smiled at her and left the room for my own across the hall.

I made a loud noise when I came out and headed for the bathroom. Momma stuck her head around the corner of the hall and scolded me by sayin', "Randy Joe, get some cloths on, boy.

You'd better not let Peggy Sue see you in just your shorts. You'll scare the life out of her." "Yeah," I thought. "As if she hadn't seen more than me in my boxer shorts." I relieved myself, wiped off the dried juices from my crotch and went back to my room to put my cloths on. Finally I made it out to the kitchen as Momma asked, "Where is Peggy Sue?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't know.

She got kind of sick last night so I brought her home early. I haven't seen her since she went to bed." I had never lied to my parents before and I didn't want to start now, but I felt that I didn't have much of a choice right now. I grabbed a piece of toast and headed out to the machine shed to see what Daddy wanted. I walked to the machine shed and found my Daddy hard at work repairin' one of the combines. He saw me walk in and said, "Grab that wrench over there and help me take this combine apart.

We got to change out the conveyor belt and I thought it was as good a time as any." I did what I was told and got into the guts of the machine and started turnin' my wrench. Daddy worked right along beside me but didn't say a word for a long time. He suddenly said, "Randy Joe, you still seein' that Lane girl? I heard that last night you kissed her right in the middle of a crowd of people.

Son, that Lane girl, Mandy I think her names is, well doesn't have that good of a reputation you know and, well, sometimes when you hang around the outhouse, you get some shit on you if you know what I mean.

I didn't like hearin' about last night one bit but it bothered me that you allowed it to happen." "Daddy, she kissed me last night. I didn't kiss her. Anyway, I don't think you'll have to worry about me getting' any crap on me anymore.

I don't think I'll be hangin' around that outhouse at all," I said, tellin' him the complete truth. "Well, I can't say that I'm sorry to hear that," he said, yankin' out the bolt he'd been workin' on for awhile.

"Help me pull this thing out of here Son, and let's not speak on this again." I wanted to ask him how long it would need me to help him but I never had the nerve. He would have asked me, "Gota date?" and then I would have had to say, "Well, I thought that I would take cousin Peggy Sue into town to catch her bus." But that conversation was not spoken because I didn't bring it up much to my shame.

We worked all mornin' and most of the afternoon until we stopped for lunch, a late lunch. When we walked up to the house, there was Momma in the kitchen, workin' over a chicken she had caught for dinner tonight. I asked about who took Peggy Sue to the bus stop and she replied, "Nobody. She didn't go. The poor child doesn't feel very good so you'll have to drive her all the way to Bartesville tomorrow.

The next bus doesn't run until Wednesday and her Momma wants her home tomorrow." I tried desperately not to show my joy in hearin' the news.

That means that I will have one more day with her alone, for five hours in my car. "Momma, I could kiss you!" That evenin', around dinner time, Peggy made her appearance down to eat. She really did look like she had been rung through the mill. I caught her eye as she sat down to eat and she looked at me for a second and kind of shrugged her shoulders.

Momma asked her how she was feelin' and she said that she was just tired. After we ate, Daddy went on back to the machine shed to clean up from workin' out there all day as Momma went into the kitchen with a load of dishes, leavin' me alone with Peggy for a few seconds.

"My God, Randy, what did you do to me anyway?" she asked under her breath. "I feel like I've been run over by a truck and I've been stretched way out down there." As Momma walked back into the room, I mouthed the words, "I sorry." She smiled as Momma walked back in for another load of dishes.

"I'll take those, Momma," I said getting' up and grabbin' the few remainin' dishes. We took quick glances at each other for the rest of the night, never really takin' the chance that we would be caught doin' anything out of the ordinary.

But once in the hallway, when I was goin' to my room and Peggy was comin' back from the bathroom, I grabbed her by the ass as she walked by me. She turned around quickly and gave me a dirty look that soon transformed into a big grin as she continued into the living room. I had trouble goin' to sleep that evenin' so I used my favorite technique of whackin' off and I soon drifted off into another world.

When I awoke, I got awful excited to just be aloe with my cousin again. I knew that we had to make some time goin' all the up to Bartlesville and back, so I don't know why I was so excited. It wasn't like we were goin' to do it or anyting, but just bein' able to talk with her, uninterrupted, gave me reason to look forward to the long trip.

We left around 9:00 AM. Peggy Sue gave my Momma a big hug around the neck and a lesser hug to Daddy and then got into the car and we pulled out down the dirt lane towards Bartlesville. I felt on cloud nine as we sped along the highway. Peggy had scooted over and was sittin' right beside me but she was wearin' jeans so a had to keep my hands to myself, darn it!

We chatted and drank our cans of soda and the topic turned to us and how much we were goin' to miss each other. "You know, now that your body has experienced the pleasure of love makin', you will probably be hornier than normal.

I know when I first discovered my sexuality, man I pulled on my pud every chance I got," I told her. "You what?" she inquired. "Pulled my pud, whacked off, you know masturbated," I tried to explain. "I don't have a "pud" to pull and I don't know how to "whack off". Randy I've never even masturbated before," she sad rather sheepishly. A look of disbelief came over my face.

"You've never played with yourself?" I exclaimed. "Well, yeah I have played with myself but as soon as I started getting excited I always quit because it frightens me," she explained. I thought for a moment and then I suggested, "I could teach you how to masturbate, right here, right now." "Randy!" she said in embarrassment. "My gosh, that is a private thing isn't it?" I laughed at her comment and her embarrassment and said, "For a girl who's just exposed her whole body to me I think you are bein' a little modest don't you?" "Well yeah but to masturbate in front of you…" she stammered.

"You'll like it I promise," I tried to reassure her. She just sat there on the seat beside me thinkin', so I told her, "Just rub between your legs on the outside of your jeans and see how it feels." She hesitated for a second or two and then slid her hand down to her crotch as she murmured, "Oh my gosh Randy, this is so embarrassing." As her hand found its way down between her legs, she separated them slightly to get it full access to her crotch.

She must have hit something wonderful down there because she slowly closed her eyes and scooted her butt down the car seat and started to rub her pussy way down in the junction. Her bottom lip curled under her front teeth as she obviously found this experience pleasurable. She continued to rub her hand on her crotch as she became lost in her own little world of self stimulation. "Unbutton your jeans," I directed, trying to see what's goin' on and keep the car on the road at the same time.

She stopped her rubbin' long enouth to unfasten the button of her fly and, without further instruction, unzipped the zipper and open up her jeans. I caught a glimpse of her blue cotton panties as my cock jerks to attention. She slid her hand back down to her crotch again, this time inside of her open jeans. As she reached her favorite spot, she jerked close her legs but opened them even wider to her hand and fingers.

She turned her face towards me and I could see that she was enjoying what her hand was givin' her. As she sought out her pleasure zone with her fingers, she would make funny little faces indicatin' just how much pleasure she was gettin' out of this. I checked my speed and I was drivin' at 45 MPH but my mind was racing at 100.

I loved the sight of my cousin rubbin' her pussy and I wished that I could pull over but there was no where to handle that maneuver so I just kept it on the road. She was really getting' in to it now and was makin' soft mewin' sounds as her busy hand was findin' all the right spots. "Put your hand inside of your panties," I commanded her, givin' up all pretenses of teachin' anything. I was almost as turned on as she was and I wanted more. She removed her hand from her crotch and slid it down the front of her cotton underwear.

As she felt her own moisture between her legs, she inserted her finger up into the place where those juices were comin' from and sighed a loud sigh as her finger disappeared into her openin'. Her fist was bunched up under her panties and she was pushin' it into her junction with force. As I watched, occasionally glancin' back at the road, I was getting' more turned on by the second.

I told her, "Touch your clitoris, your pleasure button up at the top of your slit. You know where it is, right up there under the hood." She slowly withdrew her finger from her well and moved it up on her slit. I knew instantly when she found it because she jerked her hips off of the seat, turned herself towards my position and clamped her legs closed. She let out the strangest cry of pleasure and then started rubbin' her finger over her clit with the passion that was buildin' inside of her.

She was thrashin' around, stimulatin' herself into a gigantic, self induced orgasm that was a second from explodin'. She raised her hips up into it as she screamed out her release and started humpin' her hand as she dug it down between her tightly closed legs.

She was writhin' about there on the car seat beside of me as she slowly was squeezin' the last of her release out of this experience.

Finally as it subsided, she curled in a ball facin' towards me, smiled a warm smile and closed her eyes and dozed off for a moment. I looked down at my speed and it said 35 MPH. I let out a long sigh and pressed the accelerator down and resumed my speed. I continued to drive on the way to Peggy's house in Bartlesville as she dozed off in the car. She had placed her head in my lap after she came down from her first ever self stimulated orgasm and I just let her sleep.

The poor girl had had quite a weekend sexually so it was no wonder that she needed her rest. So I was content to drive on in silence and think and wonder about the ramifications of my actions. "Do you really love her?" That question kept comin' into my mind. I honestly couldn't answer it.

I don't think that I've ever been in love to judge, so I was flightin' blind. "I like her as lot but she is my cousin, my 14 year old cousin and after what we did this last weekend, I just don't know." I drove on deep in my own thoughts. She didn't move so I was surprised when I felt something wet soak through onto my leg.


I looked down in time to see a tear roll off her cheek and onto my leg. "My gosh, she is crying! "Hey there, now what's all the tears about?" I inquired. She sniffed a new batch away and slowly answered, "Nothing, its just a silly girl's emotions that's all." "It's got to be somethin'," I pressed on. "Oh Randy," she said in an irritated voice. "It's just…," she hesitated, "oh it's nothing, really. I'm just being very silly and stupid. Can we just forget about it, please?" She sat up and wiped her eyes, smoothed out her shirt and leaned back into the car seat.

We drove on in silence the rest of the way and in a half hour, we pulled down her street and into her drive way. I turned off the car but made no motion to get out. I looked over at Peggy and she was deep in thought. I waited, trying to think of something to say or to do.

My mind was blank so I opened my door and got out. As she did the same, I retrieved the suitcase from the back seat and followed her into the house.

There was a note on the inside of the front door from her Momma.

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I glanced at it and made out something about having to do inventory at the store and that she wouldn't be home until after 5 that evenin'. I noted that it was 2:30 in the afternoon and I thought that we made pretty good time. Now if I can make it back by 8 or 8:30 then I will feel lucky. I asked her where she wanted me to put the suitcase and she nodded towards her bedroom so I picked it up, followed her down the hall.

When we got to her room, she walked on in and held the door open as I put the suitcase down. All of a sudden she closed the door behind me as I stood up with my mouth open in surprise. I looked at her with a questionin' look on my face as she spoke. "Randy, can I ask you to do something just for me and will you do it with no questions asked," she inquired, lookin' up in my eyes earnestly. I hesitated for a second, not likin' to commit to something so open ended like that.

Then I thought, "What the hell," so I said, "Gosh Peggy, that's askin' a lot but for you my answer is "yes". She came up to me close and looked straight up into my eyes and asked, "Will you make love to me one last time?" Tears started to well up in her eyes as she stared up at me.

"Please say yes Randy, will you do it with me just how I say to with no questions? Please?" "Of course I will. Your Momma won't be back for a couple of hours and I can stay for part of that time anyway.

So what's all the tears about?" She continued to look up at me and the tears started to flow again. "Because it is the last time we can do it for a year and maybe never again, Randy. I just…I…I want you so much but I want you to take it slow. I don't care about a giant orgasm. I don't want you to use your mouth down there.

I just want to feel you deep inside of me for as long as you can do it. Does that sound silly?" I thought for a long second and finally said, "No Peggy that sounds wonderful, simply wonderful." I reached for her and gave her a long, warm embrace and she cuddled her face into my chest.

I started to rub her back a little and then she stepped away. She looked up into my eyes as she reached up and started to unbutton my shirt. Her eyes followed her hands and when they unbuttoned the last one at the bottom, they came back up on my shoulders and she eased it off. Then her eyes went down to my pants and followed her hands as they unbuttoned and unzipped my fly to open them up for removal.

She kneeled down to ease them off of my feet and as she helped me out of them her eyes fixed back up on my boxers. She seemed mesmerized by my crotch as my bulge started getting' bigger while she watched. Her hands moved to my waistband and she eased her fingers inside of it and slowly pulled them down. Exposin' first my pubic hair and then my entire crotch, my cock started to twitch and jerk from the excitement as it grew larger under her watchful eyes.

As it sprang free from my shorts it had grown to its full length and was standin' tall to her inspection. She helped me step out of them and turned her attention back up to my erection. She looked at it, studying the way that it stood out and then she reached out her hand and gently touched it on its staff and gently stroked it up and down.

It jerked again under her stimulation as she turned her head to one side and then the other, studying it intently. Then, swallowing hard, she leaned in to it, opened her mouth and inserted it as far as she could take it. As it reached to where it was pokin' into her throat, she closed her mouth around it, sucked hard and slid it out of her mouth. As it escaped her hungry mouth, she gave it such suction that she was exertin' with her lips that it actually popped as it made its way out and bounced back at attention.

She looked up into my eyes with a satisfied smile and opened her mouth once again to repeat the process except this time she looked directly into my eyes. It felt so good that my knees started to buckle just a little but enough to alert her of my satisfaction.

She gave it two more long deep trips into her mouth and then she stood up, pushed me down on the bed and took a step backward. Lookin' deep into my eyes, her hands went to her own fly and started to unbutton her jeans. I watched as she slowly undid and unzipped her pants and opened them up and off of her hips.

There were her blue cotton panties starin' back at me as she made short work of her jeans. Stepping out of them, she looked back into my eyes and unbuttoned her blouse and removed it over her shoulders. She stopped for a moment but her eyes never wandered from mine and then she reached around to her back and unfastened her bra. I watched as the tension around her chest suddenly gave way and her hands went up to her shoulders to remove it.

Time seemed to stand still as her fingers, very slowly, hooked the shoulder straps of the bra and slipped each over her arms and shoulders. Tantalizing slow, each fell down her arms but the cups held on to her breasts in a last ditch effort to tease me into a frenzy.

It was as if they knew that I was in a state of arousal and the cups of her bra were not about to reveal their hidden treasure to my eyes. Finally, with a shrug of her shoulders, it came tumblin' off leavin' nothin' more to the imagination. There they were, uncovered, standin' out lookin' back into my hungry eyes.

They seemed so perfect in size, in shape and they looked so soft that my mouth watered with lust to take them in and to suck on them. Her brown little areolas were tight as they can be as they supported her nipples standin' straight out. They were as pebbles in a clear stream, lookin' hard and erect, just waitin' to be taken into my mouth.

It was my lip that found its way under my front teeth this time as I inhaled deeply and continued to watch and wait. My gaze followed her hands down to the waistband of her blue cotton panties and they went directly to both of her hips. She was looking, starin' directly into my eyes as mine were dartin' between hers and her hands. She took a brief second that seemed like an eternity before she hooked her fingers in her panties and slowly headed them over her hips. An inch, then two and then three, they were pulled over her abdomen, seemingly teasin' me into a frantic mass of desire.

They were being pulled downward, downward until I detected the first glimpse of her soft, beautiful growth of curly light brown pubic hair emergin' from beneath her blue cotton under garment.

I exhaled my breath at the sight, not realizin' that I had held it since she started removin' them, as a soft little groan escaped my lips. I felt foolish makin' such a sound but realized that it was a natural release from pent up emotions and I probably would be makin' more of them soon. They had past her junction now and they made their way down over her thighs and knees to gather at her ankles.

She deftly stepped out of them and stood back up to give me time to appraise her body, fully naked, fully exposed. I let out another slight moan as my eyes travel the length of her beautiful body.

I was mesmerized by the sight and couldn't wait to see just what she had in store for me. She waited just long enough for me scrutinize every inch of her luscious body and then, taking a couple of steps toward my position, she pushed my shoulders with both hands back down on the bed and crawled up on top of me.

Without sayin' a word, she straddled my hips, grabbed my cock in her hand and slid it down to her vaginal openin'. She was lookin' into my eyes, watchin' and waitin' for any reaction. I rolled my eyes back into my head as I felt my tip against her tight, moist openin'. A look of apprehension came over her facial expression and then it quickly faded into one of determination as she started to slide it in.

Now it was her turn to bite her lower lip as she managed to pry her walls apart just enough to insert my cock into her vagina. This was by no means the first time I had made this entrance and it always amazed me at just how tight she was, but as she lowered herself down on it, continual headway was made until she had it buried deep within her womb. She rested there with my cock imbedded fully within her vaginal walls.

I squeezed down on my loins, makin' it jump inside of her and it brought a slight smile to her otherwise serious face. As she rose up a little, she clamped down with her muscles in her womb and sent my pulsatin' cock headin' for the exit. She managed to squeeze me totally out of her except for the head and then she relaxed and allowed it to fully bury itself into her womb again.

This process was repeated over and over until I started to feel the urge build deep inside of my groin. She must have felt it too, because she stopped her assault from above and rolled over, pullin' me on top of her. Spreadin' out her legs as wide as she could and bendin' her knees, she used her hands and pulled me into her wide open crotch as I once again buried it in as far as it would go.

She was breathin' hard from workin' her hips and her vaginal muscles but she kept up the pace as she slammed her crotch into mine and she started to build towards her climax.

"Oh God Randy, yes, oh God yes, Randy it feels so good, yes oh God YES!" she groaned as she built right up to her orgasm. I had my ridged body leveraged out on my toes and on my elbows with just my hard cock makin' contact with her. I had her legs trapped high under my arms with her crotch stickin' straight up into my assault. I was rammin' it deep into her as her knees were flailin' over my back.

Over and over I was throwin' myself down on her. Harder, deeper, unrentin' was my attack, trying to force it unmercifully into her cervix. I was insane with lust and so was she. I felt it as it built for both of us but I didn't care, I heard the slooshin' sound of her juices being forced out of her hole. I felt her finger nails dig into my back. I heard her cry out in pleasure or pain or desire. I felt everything and heard everything and then I erupted with a cry from my lips and an enormous gushin' of my juices out the end of my cock.

I held my breath, I cried out, I growled. I was so tense I thought I would cramp up. I unleashed rope after rope of cum inside of my beautiful little cousin. I didn't even realize that she was in a very similar state. She was in the thralls of a gigantic orgasmic release that paled every other one that she had experienced thus far.

Her tiny fists were full of the sheet that accumulated at her side. She was tossin' her head from side to side as she lifted her hips up off of the bed by encirclin' my back with her legs and pullin' herself upward.

She was squeezin' the last ounce of pleasure out of this release and then she fell as if she had been shot. She lay there silently; not movin' a muscle as I slowly came down from my own experience. I laid there trying to breath normally again but I don't remember when I did because I was in another world.

I was there for I don't know how long. I felt totally satisfied and totally spent. Peggy didn't feel anything, she was unconscious to this world and I soon joined her. I awoke to nothingness. I was lying by myself, all lone. Peggy wasn't there. Was that water I heard runnin' in the bathroom? It turned off and I heard someone step out of the tub and the squeakin' of feet on the tile floor.

Then, a moment later, in walked my lover, still naked, carryin' a towel that she tossed my direction. I glanced at my watch.

It said it was 3:45. I knew that I had to head back home. She walked towards a dresser and pulled out the top drawer. Takin' out a fresh pair of panties, she turned to face me, stepped into them and slowly pulled them up, coverin' her precious little mound.

Walkin' over to her clothes where she laid them, she bent over and picked up her bra and lookin' into my eyes, she put her arms through each strap, secured it over her breasts and reached around to fasten it. She picked up her jeans and put her legs through the holes and pulled them up and she fastened her fly. Finally she reached for her blouse as she completed the task of getting' dressed. I was cleanin' my private parts while watchin' the show and when she had finished, she returned to the bathroom to brush her hair.

I quickly got myself dressed and was buttonin' the final button when she made her appearance once again. She came up to me puttin' her arms around my neck and givin' me a gentle kiss on the lips. I looked into her eyes and noticed they were wellin' up again. "Peggy," I started to speak. She put her fore finger on my lips and softly said, "Don't Randy. Please don't say anything." The tears were startin' to make their way down over her cheeks as her lower lip started to quiver.

"I know I've been strange today but I wanted to be with you one last time, just like it was. It was so perfect. I don't want to make it any harder than it is already to say goodbye." With that, she started to sob as she lost all control of her emotions. "Oh Randy," she sobbed, "I didn't want to become a babbling fool saying goodbye to you. Now I just can't stop crying. I think you should go before I beg you to stay. Please would you just go? I'll be alright." "Peggy, I don't know what to say," I stammered.

"I can't go and leave you cryin' like this. Peggy, I lo…" She stopped me instantly and told me to leave. "Please Randy, I know what you are going to say and I don't want to hear it. I can't hear it, it would be unbearable to hear and then you take off for another year.

Please Randy, just go!" I turned, opened the door and left. While drivin' home I thought about nothin' else but today, this weekend and my beautiful cousin.

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I cursed myself for fallin' in live with her. She is my first cousin, my Daddy's brother's little girl. Not only did I fall in love with her but I had relations with her a 14 year old and I fell in love. My God, what am I goin' to do? I've tasted the forbidden fruit and now I have to live with it always.

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My God, what am I goin' to do?