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LEO SHEMALES Latina Big Ass Pamela Body Show On Webcam
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Bridgette awoke, her face nuzzling something soft and warm. The MILF's lips curled into a sly pleased smile as she snuggled closer, Inhaling the scent of musk, sweat and cum, she curled her fingers around a man's thigh and flicked her tongue out for a quick lick before kissing it.

Her mind drifted over the events of the evening before when her 18-year-old nephew had claimed her for his sex slave. "Crap," she thought, green eyes snapping open. Dustin had given her specific orders before falling asleep last night.

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"I want to fall asleep tonight with my cock in your mouth and it better be in your mouth when I wake up in the morning," was the last thing he'd said to her. The last thing the slender blonde wanted was to be punished again.

Glancing fearfully upwards at Dustin's face, she discovered his eyes were still closed and he was breathing easily. At least he was still asleep. Carefully, she opened her mouth and took his soft cock inside it, doing her best not to move suddenly or awaken him.

She remained that way another 45 minutes, until her jaw began to ache and the boredom of staying in bed was killing her. Then, gently, she began to suck Dustin's cock, treating it like a pacifier. When it began to twitch, she switched to using her tongue to squeeze it against the roof of her mouth and began slowly bobbing her head at Dustin's first moan.

He came quickly, even quicker than she'd expected an 18-year-old to cum on his first orgasm of the day. But his fingers tightened in her hair and he held her in place, refusing to let her take his cock out of her mouth.

"This may be my favorite part of owning you, Aunt Bridgette, he said. "Not having to get out of bed on these cold Edmonton mornings to take a piss." Before she fully realized what the boy meant, Bridgette felt her mouth filling with hot, bitter liquid. The little shit was pissing in her mouth. His hands were like iron on her head as he hissed, "That's a good slut.

Swallow it all.

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Don't make me punish you for spilling." When she was done, he actually patted her head as if she were a dog and said, "Good slut." Then he closed his eyes and laid back in the bed, stretching as he began to awaken. It didn't take long to begin issuing his morning orders. "Go brush your teeth, slut. You smell like piss. Then shower and put on makeup and nothing else.

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I want you naked while you make breakfast for me, Cody and Devin. We'll have bacon, eggs, toast and sausage with orange juice.

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When it's ready you can come get me and the guys. You will not get dressed and if your sons ask why you're naked, you'll tell them it's because your new master prefers you that way. Understand? Bridgette nodded, only to be slapped across her face.

"Yes, Sir," she said, "I understand, Master." "You're learning," the boy chuckled. She was halfway through making breakfast when her youngest son wandered into the kitchen.


Bridgette ran around half dressed all the time, but he wasn't used to seeing her naked in the kitchen. When he asked what was going on, she replied she was making breakfast for her sons and her master and that her master had told her to remain naked.

Cody ran his fingers over the red lines left on her bottom by Dustin's belt and Bridgtte blushed crimson as she explained her master had punished her for being a bad slave. "I'm being a good slave now, so Dustin won't have to punish me again," she said. "But you're being a bad mommy by letting me see you naked," Cody said. "No, baby," Bridgette began to protest.


"I would never be a bad mommy for you. I just …" "You're being a bad mommy and must be punished," Cody said, picking up a large wooden spoon.


Bridgette's eyes widened in shock as she realized what her youngest son had in mind. "Bend over the counter, mommy," he said. She immediately obeyed, spreading her legs, standing up on her toes and pushing her tailbone back when Cody commanded her to stick her butt out more. The first slap of the spoon against her bottom made her squeal and he continued for nine more.

The pain was nothing, but Bridgette burned with the humiliation of feeling her pussy get wet from the abuse and knowing that her own son was the one punishing her.

Cody slipped the spoon between her legs, nudging her pussy lips with it, when Dustin entered. "What's going on?" the older boy asked. "Mommy's been bad and I was punishing her," Cody said, lifting the spoon, to display the moisture glistening in its bowl. "But I think she likes it." Bridgette started, embarrassed at her son's suggestion and Dustin's howl of laughter.

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She busied herself setting the table but Dustin stopped her after three plates. "You don't need a plate," he said. "You'll be having cereal. Put some Fruit Loops in a bowl and bring them to me." He stopped her again when she reached for the milk. And that's how Devin found her when her older son entered the kitchen. On her knees, holding a bowl of Fruit Loops in front of her tits while her cousin and her youngest son jerked off over her.

"C'mon, Devin," Dustin invited, "We're just giving your slut mom some to keep her breakfast from being so dry.

She can always use more cum. Can't you whore?" Bridgette could feel her whole body blush as she kept her eyes focused on the two hard, young cocks getting ready to spray in her direction. She mumbled an answer, only to have Cody reach out and pinched her nipple.

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"Ouch," she yelped. "Yes, Sir. I can always use more cum, Sir." The boys enjoyed this so much, they made her keep up the litany of self abuse for another few minutes until all three of them had sprayed their hot, salty cum into her cereal bowl. "I'm a nasty slut mommy," she said. "I can't wait to lap my babies' cum up for breakfast. Please give your filthy, worthless slut mommy all your cum.

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I promise not to waste any. I'll even lick up any that goes on the floor and promise to lick the bowl clean. You can do anything you want to me if you'll just let me taste your cum. Whip me, beat me, hurt my tits and cunt. Anything. I belong to you.Your filthy slut mommy loves to make her babies cum." When the three boys finally blew their load, she was allowed place her bowl on the floor and get down on all fours to eat. Dustin pulled her hands behind her back and told her to keep them there, when she tried using them to steady the bowl.

Cody pressed her face down into the cum-sodden Fruit Loops. Bridgette was shocked when Devin, her oldest and usually sweetest child, hooked two fingers in her sopping pussy and tugged upwards, commanding her to "Keep her ass in the air." Bridgette tried to concentrate on eating after that as the boys laughed and joked and made plans for her further degradation as the enjoyed the breakfast she'd made for them all.