Shes totally in the mood for sex

Shes totally in the mood for sex
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Cal and Leslie Kay Smythe are truly a happily married couple. Both work, Cal in financial and L. Kay in education. Their two young children take up the rest of their together time. The older has taken up soccer, the younger is in gymnastics.

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There's always something going on. Don't get me wrong. They love their children; they are the loves of their life. But they put many restraints on Mom and Dad's love life. After school activities keeps Mom busy until after supper and the children are in bed. Dad is&hellip.Dad. He works long hours and is on the road traveling to different clients 4 out of five days a week. One day on the weekends, the family manages to do something together.

On the other day, Cal and Leslie like to role play and enjoy some fun times together. Both Cal and Leslie are the ideal neighbors in a small town; very quiet and conservative in their outward appearance. They have the usual cookouts, birthday parties and holiday gatherings with the neighbors and their kids. And yes they still manage to steal a quickie or two during the week. Weekends, however, are a different story; after the kids go to bed, Mom and Dad come out to play.

No one suspected the sexual trysts of fantasy role play that waged behind closed doors. The Smythes have totally enjoyed their first eight years of married bliss. This year for their anniversary the kids were staying at Gramma's and the Smythes were going to the Keys for a two week romantic get-away. Beside the usual drinking, dining, and dancing, L and C were always fantasizing about different romantic scenarios.

One in particular that both agreed to try during their anniversary honeymoon was for Cal to watch his sexy wife receive an erotic massage from a professional massage specialist. The thought alone of seeing his wife squirming and squealing in pleasure from a sexual massage by a strange man was a real turn on fantasy of his. Laura also liked the idea of getting her man hot and horny. Their second honeymoon would be one to remember. One difference with this fantasy from all previous ones is that there is a third member involved.

There were other difficulties in executing this fantasy. Laura never had a regular massage let alone an erotic massage. She had no clue of what to expect; although the thought of it did get her a bit more interested than just a passing notion. The more she thought about it, the less likely it was to happen. The thought of taking her clothes off in front of another man, was a difficult decision to make.

It had been many years since she had done that. Since her marriage and having children running around her all day, a moderate level of modesty and shyness had taken over. Bottom line, she doubted this fantasy would come to fruition. She had lost her ability to let herself go as she did when she was younger.

Not that she was old, but certain values seem to change as you age. I've written a few stories about my experiences but this story will be different. I will let Leslie tell you some of her most memorable moments about her second honeymoon in the Florida Keys. You may ask yourself some of the same questions of what would be going through your mind before your first massage.

What would be going through your mind when you knew ahead of time that you were going to get a sexual massage? These questions, I'm sure, would have entered any one's mind.

Try to imagine yourself in Leslie's position. What would you be thinking? What sensations would she be feeling lying down for her first massage? Would she be able to go through with her fantasy?

Imagine yourself in her fantasy and how Pierre could be working on you at the same time. Once a year I would go to meetings around the country. They usually ran for 2 or 3 days. I was figuring on an extended stay after the convention and take in some of the sights, not to mention a bit of fishing; maybe even try some scuba diving. These meetings would usually invite all types of homeopathic, natural healing, and holistic modalities to learn about new innovations in their own field as well as others healing methods.

You would receive credits which are needed for recertification in some states. Usually there were lecturers and guest speakers to talking on various subjects. There was also new equipment displayed for sale in various booths. There were plenty of trades among the members and guests; each showing off their styles and treatments. I would usually set up my table at the convention hall and offer free massages to anyone; attendees or visitors, anyone willing to take a few minutes just to see what a professional massage felt like or to answer any questions they may have concerning massage.

This year's convention I opted for was at the Hyatt-Regency in Coral Gables, Florida. I wished I could have afforded to stay there, but I decide to stay at a less expensive place than the convention center.

The Knights Inn in Florida City was a half hour to the south and closer to the keys. It was a very comfortable place (actually it was just a basic trucker's stop) with a decent outdoor pool which was all I needed at the end of the day.

Several other massage therapists decided to stay there also. At least we didn't feel stranded. Gary and his wife Louise, and Jennifer; the four of us became friends for the week and beyond. We explained to the office manager that we were here for the convention up at the Hyatt and asked her if we could set up our tables by the pool and offer free massages to the guests staying here. She thought about it for a minute and said, "Sure.

Just keep every thing decent. This is a family oriented motel. After I get off, I could sure use a massage. Maybe I'll drop by." "Please do," we all answered in unison. Leslie and Cal had just left Miami in a rental and were heading out for their second honeymoon. It's been eight years and they were returning to the Keys where it all started.

They immediately noticed signs directing the public to visit the holistic convention in Coral Gables. "L. Kay, this could be just what we're looking for. Maybe we should check it out?" said Cal. "I'm still not sure I'm up to it yet, Cal." "We're right near it and maybe it will give us a few ideas. You can actually watch someone getting a massage to see what it's all about. You may even want to give it a shot." I was not that thrilled about a massage yet and I told Cal that he was right about maybe watching would help to change my mind.

We drove to the Hyatt-Regency and toured the massage convention. There must have been several hundred people there. Before visiting the convention, Cal and I decided to visit the lounge for a cool drink to kick off our honeymoon.

Even after one drink, I felt nervous walking amongst all the massage tables with the masseuses and masseurs doing their thing with many of the visitors.

I said to myself, I don't think I can do this. Cal coaxed me onward. We had toured most of the convention before Cal finally said, "I wonder what that guy is doing over there." as he pointed to a guy demonstrating his massage technique.

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There were people two and three deep surrounding his booth. We decided to take a closer look. As I neared the crowd, I saw something familiar from my pre married past.

This massage therapist looked a lot like an old flame, Tommy Z. He was almost 6' tall, sandy colored hair, not overly muscular but a nice body. As we neared the crowd, I couldn't help notice his alluring smile and bright green bedroom eyes.

This was Tommy Z.s look-alike. It's been several years since we parted, but seeing this massage therapist, Pierre Levesque was his name, brought fond memories of Tommy and me. As he finished up on a patron, the crowd thinned and only Cal and I were left. I didn't tell Cal this guy looks hot and familiar, but after a few more coaxing words and a smiling suggestion from Pierre to give it a try, I succumbed to their words.

I kicked off my sandals and hopped up on the table; fully clothed of course. Shorts and halter top stayed on. I lay on my back and looked over at Cal, and laughing, said, "Try to control yourself." He had that look on his face that said, "I hope you go all the way with this." I closed my eyes as Pierre wrapped his strong hands around my feet.

I didn't realize they were so tired and sore from traipsing along the convention hall. He squeezed and stretched my aching bones. It felt so good. I must have dozed off. I was startled when I felt his hands leaving mine and sliding up my arms to my shoulders. I opened my eyes and caught myself looking right at his crotch. I couldn't help it. It was six inches from my face. I also couldn't help noticing a slight bulge and outline of a very thick piece of meat.

I closed my eyes again and for some strange reason I began thinking of Tommy Z. I could feel myself getting wet. I turned over and Pierre asked if he could loosen my top. Right now I was relaxed but still hesitant. I looked at Cal and he was nodding that he didn't mind if I undid my top. I put my arms down beside me, gripping the sides of the table and pressing my halter top against the side of my breasts. After all this was a public place and Cal was right here next to me.

What could possibly go wrong!

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Pierre slid his hands down each side of my spine. It felt so nice I think I might have leaked a little. As Pierre continued working on my back from the side of the table I started dozing again. I felt him knead every little tight muscle. Some muscles I didn't even know existed. I was in a twilight sleep half dreaming about Tommy and half awake. I felt something nudging my hand. I kept my eyes closed thinking it's probably Pierre's leg. Right then I regained some of my senses after napping; I thought Pierre's leg is awfully hard.

Then I knew; it wasn't his leg. Pierre was pressing his thick hard cock against the back of my hand as he slid back and forth along the edge of the table. I should have said something right then, but I didn't.

I didn't move or say peep. Feeling that hard piece of flesh on the back of my hand aroused me. I wet myself more. I was thinking, "I hope Pierre doesn't notice." Pierre finished up and I felt so relaxed and a little horny. Cal is in for a treat as soon as we get to our motel tonight. I thanked Pierre and said I might want to go for a full massage some time. Just then, Cal spoke up, "How long you going to be here, Pierre?" "Just one more day, then off for some R&R.

Probably do some fishing, diving, and whatever. My friends, Gary, Louise, Jennifer, and I are staying at a place just south of here. How about you folks; you staying here?" I said, "No. We booked a room at the Knights Inn before heading into the Keys for our second honeymoon.


This place is nice, but too expensive; it's even worse in the Keys." "What a coincidence. That's where I'm staying. Maybe I'll see you there." I was feeling that familiar stir in my tummy. Cal needed to fuck me real soon. The thought of Pierre/Tommy staying at the same motel was exciting me.

My pussy was tingling for pleasure. It was late in the afternoon and Cal decided we go for dinner. I didn't tell him I was horny and would rather have his cock.

I also didn't tell Cal until later that night that I just might be able to do the massage for him and that I would like Pierre to do it, if he is into that sort of thing. "Let's talk to him about it. Maybe you can start by getting a full body massage tomorrow and possibly mention it to him. Once you think you can get past the full body massage, it might not be that hard to go further." I was getting wet again.

I fucked Cal into oblivion. He must have been more excited than I was about Pierre and me; he came too quickly. I was hornier than before. Cal turned over and went to sleep. I was lying awake thinking of Pierre. I don't know why I felt so relaxed with him this afternoon. I thought of his cock pressing into my hand. It was twice as thick as Cal's. My hands started tracing little circles around my bare nipples as I thought of Pierre.

They stiffened under my touch, thinking Pierre was doing it. I traced a path lightly down my tummy to my still wet slit and touched my little nub and began rubbing. I swelled up quickly. Cal was already snoring as I rubbed faster and began shuddering.

My body stiffened as I climaxed within minutes. Oh! That was what the doctor ordered! Cal was still snoring; at least I didn't wake him. He never knew I masturbated; never mind doing it right after he fucked me.

It would probably shatter his male ego forever if he found out. We got up early the next morning in hopes of meting with Pierre before he left for the convention hall. We were in luck. They say timing is everything. Pierre was just sitting down at a table with a cup of coffee and we asked if we might join him. Cal and I began discussing, what else, massage. Cal asked Pierre if he might have some time to give his gorgeous wife a full body massage.

After yesterday's sample, she wants to go all the way. Pierre said, "I'm only working the convention this morning and closing up shop. I'll be back here by 12:30-12:45. Would you like a massage then? I can set up my table at my room or yours. Either one will work for me." Cal looked at me and said, "Les, I was going deep sea fishing today and you said you were just going to hang around or go shopping; so that would be fine with me." I hesitated at first and then said today would be fine with me too.

Pierre said he would ring my room when he got back if he didn't see me at poolside. It was a hot and humid morning as I lay by the pool thinking of this afternoon. Time to jump in and cool off before someone walks by and notices my wet crotch. I toweled off and trod into the nearby lounge for a light lunch and a frozen strawberry daiquiri. That hit the spot, especially the drink. I had another. Pierre was late getting back. I returned to my room and took a nice refreshing shower before Pierre returned.

I put on a pair of yellow shorts and a matching top. No bra; it was too hot by now. I strolled over to the lounge for another cool drink and waited on the outdoor patio. A few minutes later I saw Pierre pull in. He saw me also. He came over and said he was ready whenever. I told him he could set up in my room. The door is unlocked and I am ready now.

I finished my drink and lightheaded walked over to my room. He had his table set up in minutes as I pondered my full body massage. My vision was a bit foggy from the drinks and thoughts of Tommy Z. had returned. Pierre was still a stranger and it was hard for me to just rip off my clothes and lay naked in front of him. He said just take off what you felt comfortable with. I felt comfortable with all my clothes on, but if I am going to get an erotic massage, I better get used to taking every thing off.

Pete went into the bathroom to wash. I opted for plan B. I was bare ass naked under the sheet when Pierre returned. I was lying on my tummy with the sheet pulled up to my neck. I felt I was shaking even though the room was quite warm. Pete noticed as he approached me and placed both his warm hands on my back and began massaging me through the sheet.

I warmed fast and stopped shaking within seconds. As my nerves calmed down, Pierre unfolded the sheet from my bare back and began by pouring warm oil on his hands. The first stroke down each side of my spine reminded me of yesterday. It felt so nice and soothing. He slid his hands from my shoulders to my tail bone and with each return stroke he drew them up my sides over my ribs and repeated this for several minutes.

Pierre then started working on my neck and all the little muscles between my shoulders and spine. It felt so relaxing; I almost didn't care what he did next. Pierre was that good. He the moved to my lower back and again, kneaded every little muscle between my hips and my coccyx. He kneaded and rubbed in little circles. I could feel him pushing down and rocking me.

It felt so nice I almost dozed off. If it wasn't for a slight tingling from my clit rubbing the table, I might have fallen asleep. I couldn't believe it, this massage felt great. What was I ever afraid of all these years?

Just as I was getting used to Pierre's hands on lower back, he said, "Leslie, would you mind if I also massaged your butt.

I noticed you've removed all your clothes, and I usually massage anything that is not covered. Being the first time with you, I only felt it polite to ask." I didn't know what I was thinking but said, yes please do. Then I quickly rationalized it must be the drinks. I would never let a strange person touch my ass, never mind rub and squeeze it. I could feel Pierre standing beside. What was he doing? Then I felt Pierre applying some more warm fragrant oil all over my butt.

He rub and kneaded some more. He pushed deep into my cheeks as he continued to rock me. Pushing, kneading and rocking. What a combination. I began thinking how Tommy Z. came over my apartment one night. I had just gotten out of the shower.

I had nothing on but a robe. I opened the door to let him in. In one fluid motion, he undid his jeans and picked me up by my butt. I had my hands around his neck and he had his hands squeezing and spreading my cheeks as his tool entered my hot cunt. We fucked standing up right there in the kitchen. Tommy and I had many spur of the moment sexual adventures. Pierre stopped working on my ass and went to my feet.

I think I had a wet dream. Pierre was a perfect gentleman. After he did my feet and started doing the backs of my calves and thighs, I had another brazen outpouring of words with him. I was thinking about what Cal and I were discussing last night; that I should ask Pierre if he would entertain the idea of an erotic massage. I'm blaming the booze again because I don't think I would have gotten the nerve to ask for anything like that. I convinced myself it was for Cal's and my fantasy pleasures.

God his hands felt so warm and smooth gliding up the backs of my legs. I wasn't sure, but I think I tried to spread my legs. The sheet covering me prevented it. I turned on my back and Pierre began massaging my left hand, wrist, forearm, upper arm to my shoulder and neck. By the time he came around the table to do my right, I began telling him about Cal and I. Pierre; have you ever given any one an erotic massage?

He blushed; I was already red.

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"Truthfully, Leslie, I have on several occasions, but never with an audience. Would you be willing to receive a sexual massage?" I was feeling like I was floating on air already. I thought for a few seconds and knew I was going to go through with this for Cal. Maybe I should get a preview first.

I'm not at all familiar with a regular massage never mind an erotic one. Pierre finished with my shoulders and neck and proceeded to my feet. He uncovered my left leg and worked on my foot, shin, knee, and thigh. That's when I felt my legs part. Pete didn't do it, I did. I wanted him to go higher. He didn't. By the time he got to my right thigh, I could feel myself getting aroused. I started thinking about my sample massage yesterday. I remembered how he had gotten a hard on and I had felt him as he stood next to my hands gripping the side of the table.

Should I ask him now? He's almost done. I opened my big mouth once more and said, "Pierre, could you give me a sample of what an erotic massage is all about" Shit, me and my big mouth. I never should have had that third drink. Without missing a stroke, Pierre said, "I'd be honored to treat your beautiful body with my best sample of a sexual massage.

I'm just about done with your full body massage. One major difference with the erotic massage; you will have to relinquish the sheet. Your body will be in full display for maximum effect." I thought I was totally relaxed until he said that.

I could feel some tension building. In the same thought, I said to myself, I asked for it and he's already seen most of me. What the heck, it certainly can't hurt. I'm going to get my first erotic massage. I turned over on my tummy once more and Pierre began with my back but quickly moved to my butt. I could feel his warmed oiled hands on my cool cheeks. It was almost like before but I thought I felt something warm oozing between my cheeks to my slit.

He rocked me from side to side but this time it felt strangely more stimulating on my clit. Everything was slippery and sensitive. He moved to my feet and legs. This time I didn't move. Pierre did al the work. As he lifted my foot, I could feel him spread my legs. Not very wide at first, But with each stoke up the back of my leg, I could feel myself getting excited. When he got to the top of my left thigh, I felt his hand go around to my inner thigh. He had not done this before. It felt very warm and tingly.

With repeated movements of his hands on my inner thigh, it felt as if the were still going higher up. Then it was no longer a thought. His left hand was on my left cheek squeezing and rocking gently as his right had gone as far as it could; sliding up and down the edge of my left labia.

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God, it felt sooo nice. I couldn't tell him to stop and let him do this for about five minutes. He started the same treatment on my right leg. Only this time, before he reached my inner thigh, I had spread my legs wider. I actually wanted Pierre to go further. I was getting aroused. Shit, I was wet. I couldn't wait for him to gently slide his hand up and down my lips. It seemed like it was taking forever. I felt his right hand on my right cheek and knew where his left would be any second now.

Oooh, I squeaked as Pierre pushed my labia softly into my swollen clit with each downward stoke of his hand. Damn, this is great. At this point I didn't want it to stop. But all good things&hellip. Pierre had me turn over on my back to finish his sample massage. The front was nothing like before; there was no front massage.

As Pierre's hands slid from shoulders to my tummy, it seemed to send a rush of sexual energy right into my clit. It was as if he was able to ignite all my sexual nerve endings and concentrate them under his finger tips. He massaged my tummy stirring all that energy.

I could feel it building in my groin as my tummy started fluttering like butterflies. I lay motionless with my hands at my sides grabbing the edges of the table top.

I didn't look but I felt that thick cock of his pressing against my arm as he moved to my left breast. With both hands he began making circles around my breast kneading and squeezing. He finally ended by pinching and tugging on my stiffened nipple. He went around the table and did the same to my right tit. He was so gentle it felt like a new born squeezing and sucking. This time his cock was pulsing against my hand. Damn he was a lot bigger than Cal.

Hell; Pierre is even bigger than Tommy. I was so horny I wanted to grab his dick and squeeze it. Damn, I wanted to taste him. I think I had a small climax. I was shaking again, but this time from pleasure. Wow, what a sample massage. I thought Pierre was done.


He abandoned my breast and headed for my feet and legs again. What is he going to do now? It didn't take long before Pierre was working his magic between my spread legs. I was excited and my pussy was purring. Pierre was doing a similar move sliding his hands on my inner thigh and lips. Just then he looked up and me and asked, "How are you feeling?

Have you had enough or would you like more?" I said I felt fine and what you are doing feels really nice. And yes, Pierre, please do more. Pierre stopped or a few seconds and I saw him get something from his supply bag. He came back with a plastic squeeze bottle of personal lube.

He put his left hand on my mound with his fingers pressing on each side of my slit. I couldn't see to well lying on my back, but I could feel this warm liquid seeping between his fingers onto my clit and in between my lips. He moved his hand up and down my lips slowly, squeezing my slick lips against my hooded little nub.

Sparks shot through me. He kept a constant slow motion on me; up and down, side to side, around and around. It was driving me wild. There was no way I could ever tell him to stop now. He stopped for another few seconds as I watch him pour more Astroglide lubricant on his right hand.

I also noticed he had a wet spot on the front of his bulging shorts. I was thinking it would be nice to sample his cock too. I jumped out of my thoughts as Pierre attacked my clit with his left hand. He was moving his fingers and thumb on me when he said, "I think you are ready." Before I could say ready for what, I felt his thumb slip into my vagina. He squeezed up against the top of my vagina and as he gripped me he moved his hand like a piston; moving in and out an inch or so.

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His left fingers were playing my clit like a fine tuned Stradivarius. He began moving his thumb around the walls of my pussy, squeezing and pumping. I started tugging on my nipples as my chest began heaving with deep breaths. My hips were moving.

Oh fuck I was going to cum and I couldn't stop it. I didn't want to stop it. Shit, I screamed, Pierre, I'm coming. I shook and I felt my hips come up off the table. I could feel myself pumping Pierre's hand. I wanted his whole hand in me, not just his thumb. The whole room seemed to be shaking. I couldn't take any more samples.

I was spent. Pete plucked his slippery thumb from me and came to my side to give me a calming massage after what I just went through.

I wanted his cock. I glanced at it and noticed a much larger wet patch on his shorts. His cock wasn't throbbing now but it was still very swollen. I wanted to touch him and squeeze him. I still wanted to suck him and fuck him. I was satisfied, but I knew I would want more soon.

That night while Cal and I had dinner, I told Cal that I got through my full body massage today without any problems. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

I just closed my eyes and imagined it was you, Cal. I didn't want to tell Cal the whole truth. I also brought up the erotic massage fantasy with Pierre. He said had given erotic massages before but never with any one watching. He said he would be looking forward to do this tin order to make our honeymoon fantasy come true. I never told Cal I had a sample of a sexual massage.

That night I mounted Cal and gave him the fucking of his eight year marriage. I came four times. I can hardly wait for our fantasy to come true.