Upskirt flashing pussy in public

Upskirt flashing pussy in public
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My name is Patrick, I like men, older men always have. Not real frilly, girly gay men either. Big strong men with hair on their chest and balls.

I like to have sex with real men not boys who want to be girls. Get it? Good. My story is about the first older man who I ever had sex with. I was fifteen years old never been with a girl, ever, always was attracted to cock.

Any way I had however been with three guys my own age at this point and was open to about everything. I was in my Emo phase, with jet black hair and super skinny body at that point and a lot of gay guys found me attractive and I liked that.

I never had to go far to find cock. Even recorded my sexcapades for on-line posting a few times. My best friend was a girl named Angela. She live in a big house with her parents Paul and Wendy. He was a stone mason, she was a nurse. Nice family great people made me feel welcome whenever I was there. Especially Paul. So when my parents wanted to go away on a second honeymoon they felt fine with things when Paul and Wendy said I could stay with them so they could get away, instead of leaving a teenager alone for three weeks.

The first few days were great. I got along well with it all. But several days in Paul began to seem a little uncomfortable with me around. I thought maybe I was perhaps getting on his nerves but the next evening things became clear.

Wendy was working a double at the retirement home where she worked so she would be gone all night and Angela had an overnight trip with the girls basketball team so it was just going to be Paul and I that night, awkward!

I was walking home from school with some friends when Paul pulled up in his truck. He looked so cute in his big pick up. His salt and pepper hair matted from a days work his black t shirt was sweaty and sticking to his large upper body. He told me to jump in and we drove up to his place. We having no desire to cook ordered Asian food and he took a shower while we waited for the delivery.


He came down and answered the door and paid for the food, he was in a pair of cargo shorts and a red t-shirt that looked about one size too small but it complimented his green eyes. I was still in my torn Levi's with the studded belt and long sleeve purple shirt. My hair was short and the bangs were down in front of my face then, and I had three holes pierced in each ear. I was wearing the silver chain necklace Angela gave me for my birthday.

We ate the food and after supper he went down to his workshop in the basement and I did homework. I could hear lots of banging and hammering so I got curious as to what he was doing.

I went down to see him putting together a table he was building. It was oak and quite beautiful, the man was good with his hands. He saw me and smiled and pointed to a small fridge on the far side of the room. "there is beer if you want one" "what kind?" "Corona" "I think I will" I opened a bottle for myself and handed one to him. He smiled and we toasted and he took a long drink.

He looked at me and smiled. "I admire you Patrick" "Oh why?" I was surprised. "you are living your life as an openly gay man, I admire that in my day people hid that sort of thing, even got married to hide the fact they were into dudes." "well I could never lie" "good for you, cheers" he took another sip. "do you have a boyfriend?" "no" "ever actually been with a man?" "oh hell yes.


Three actually" "all your age?" "yes" "then they weren't men they were boys, when was your first?" I was feeling a little weird about all this but it was his house so I answered. "two years ago at camp, a guy and I found some old fire fighter calendar and got excited and decided to get each other off. " "right on, good for you" He tipped his drink again and took another drink.

I finished my beer and went back up stairs, on the way back up the stairs I noticed there was a fire fighter calendar hidden behind some books. I just went back to my homework. I sat on the floor in the living room leaning against the couch when he came back in and sat on the end of the couch. "I hope I did not make you uncomfortable with my questions" he moved closer and put a hand on my shoulder.

"n no its okay, why are you wanting to know though, are my parents tryin' to get you to grill me or something?" "no not that" he moved he was sitting right behind me and began rubbing my shoulders.


" and I would not spy for them even if they asked" His strong rough hands were making me feel like I could be safe in his arms. "Its just that when I was your age I had the same feelings, and I was forced to hide them, I grew up, got married and had a beautiful daughter but I have needs that neither of them can meet. You know what I mean Patrick?" At this point his touch was melting me. " I think. I do. yes" He was older, tall, tanned, handsome and coming on to me!

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a sixteen year old and he was forty three! "mister" "Paul, tonight its Paul. okay Patrick?" he sank down to the floor and wrapped his arms around my stomach and began kissing my neck. "do you like that?" "yes but what are ya doing Paul? you could get into so much trouble, loose everything." "I know but this can be our little secret, just the two of us.

Lovers for a while. How do you feel about that ?" "but why me I am just a skinny teenager?" "I think you are very good lookin'. sexy even, and I want to be your older wiser lover, how about it, don't you like me?" He was now un-zipping my pants and fondling my balls. "god you have a nice dick, I want to play with it" I reached back and felt the growing package inside his shorts, soon it would be the point of no return for us.

It was becoming very intense. But not enough to stop me from feeling him up. He went into his pocket with the hand that was not jerking me off and pulled out a tube of lube, and put it on my book.

He then pulled my shirt off and wrapped his strong arms around me. "I want you Patrick, right here, right now" "how? how do you want me, tell me what you want to do to me" I was so fucking hard at this point. I would have done anything to please him that night. He was making me feel so good. "I want you to ride me" He sat back up on the couch and I turned to face him.

" I want to sit here and I want ya to ride my cock" He pulled his tight shirt off and I got to see he had a tattoo on each shoulder an eagle on the right and a barbed wire on his left (yes tacky I know but when you are young and horny its bad ass right?). His chest was shaped and he had a skinny tummy.

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He had thin hair all the way down his chest and into the shorts. I undid the shorts and pulled them off exposing what is to this day the biggest cock I have had. It was thick and it was at least ten inches. I knew now why the lube. He would not be my first anal but he will always be the biggest.

"take off your jeans, I wanna watch you strip" he ordered. Thats when I like it best when lovers take control. So I slowly undid the belt and the button, he had already taken care of the fly.

Gay video I continued to play with his knob with one hand during the

I pushed them down, stepped out of them and kicked them to the side. My tight purple speedo type under wear was not holding back my rock solid cock, all seven inches shot out the right leg hole. Paul sat forward on the couch and pulled them down himself and taking my cock into his mouth as he did.

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I felt his five o clock shadow tickle me as he deep throated me with firm bobs of his head. He Sat back and took in my hairy package as he handed me the lube. "coat my dick good, or you'll be sorry. I dropped to my knees and massaged in a lot of the tube, I knew this would stretch me to the limit.

But I wanted nothing more than to ride his horse cock. I then stuck the tube inside me and shot some in. "you ready cutie pie" he said in his deep voice. "I believe so" I knelt over his lap. Sinking slowly I took in all of his huge member.

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He held me at the hips as I slowly rode up and down, his cock throbbing inside me. I ran my fingers through the hair on his chest as he fucked me deep and slow. "jesus you feel so fucking good Patrick, I have missed deep dicking another man" I closed my eyes and grasped his shoulders hard as I enjoyed every second of him inside my stretching ass. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down so we could kiss as we began to intensify our pace.

As we quickened our movements he pushed my head down and I licked his hard firm nipples as he pushed and pulled my hips back and forth. "you are so fucking hot, Paul I just love the way you fuck me" "you have a beautiful cock" "jerk it Paul jerk me while you fuck me" I sat back up my hands holding his shoulders and my forehead touching his as he grasped my never been harder cock firmly with his strong builders hands and began rough fast strokes.

"god you are so forceful" I moaned. "you like it like that though don't you, makes you wanna just explode come all over me don't it" "just keep it up and you will feel it yourself" He just sat back and smiled at me and licked his lips.

"me first babe" with that he slowed his hand job and leaned his head back and filled my ass with a long throbbing orgasm that caused him to cry out in a passionate scream. "Ah ah ahgh that is ahmaizin" he groaned as he picked up the pace on my dick again. "come on Pat, come for me, come hard" As I was still feeling the throb and pulse of the last of his come entering my ass I came hard and thick all over his hairy chest and even his chin. We spent the rest of the evening in the hot tub out back, drinking beer and making out.

For the rest of the stay I made several visits to him in his work shop where he took me bent over the bench. Our affair lasted two years until I left for University. His wife and daughter never caught on, even after I went to work for him in the summers and we worked late into the evenings so much.

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I still love older men. In my second year of University I met the man I now call my husband, I was 20 he was fourty five.

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I will tell that story another time.